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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am a prospective PhD applicant to public policy programs and am curious about how much calculus is expected (if any at all) from programs that do not specify any calculus prerequisites. These would include schools like CMU Heinz, Texas LBJ, Brandeiis, ASU, Cornell, etc. Is there a silent requirement that we are just expected to know? Thanks for all your help in advance.
  2. I recently graduated with a BS in a natural science and a minor in stats. I believe I have most of the prereqs needed for Statistics MS programs: I've taken Calc I and II, Linear Algebra, and 4 stats classes. Calc 3 seems like the only major prereq I need to take, though I have seen programs suggest taking courses in calc-based probability and real analysis. I took Calc I about 4 years ago and got a C. I took Calc II three years ago and got a B+. I've barely touched calc since. The options I've considered are: 1) Review Calculus principles for a couple weeks before the semester starts and begin Calc III. Try to get a good grade and drop if necessary. 2) Retake Calc 1 this spring and take Calc 3 in the fall (maybe summer). An advantage to this plan is that some programs request you have at least a B for your prereqs, which I could do for Calc 1. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello I am a prospective MPA/MPP/M.Dev student and I have applied to a couple of policy and administration programs for the Fall 2019 session. My grades in my earlier education are not good especially in Statistics and Calculus. I am not too hopeful that I will be getting admits at good colleges this session as my essays were also not upto the mark. I am ready to put in serious efforts for the next year application cycle and I want to start with the prerequisite courses (Stats and Calculus). I was wondering where can I take such courses for which credit are accepted by colleges like HKS, WWS, Chicago, Sanford etc (Coursera and eDx are not accepted as mentioned in the college websites). Although open to both online/offline, my preference remains online courses as I am located in India. Please let me know Thanks
  4. Hello, I am applying for 2017 Fall, and just got a C+ in Multivariable Calculus for this Summer session. I studied very hard, but I guess crashing a course in a month was too much for me.. Does it mean that I should give up my Master application? I would like some advice. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I am applying to M.Arch programs for the fall of 2012 and need only to fulfill the Physics and Calculus prerequisites for matriculation (not all require it, but most). There doesn't seem to be a specific requirement other than "one semester of college level physics" and the same for calculus. However, there are many different calculus and physics courses available at my community college (conceptual physics, intro to physics, elementary physics). The same is the case for calc: short calculus, calculus I, etc. There is even what seems to be a combination of the two: Intro Physics-Calculus Supplement. Not sure what qualifies here. Was wondering if anyone who has been through this could shed some light on this topic. Thanks
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