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  1. I noticed that the thread for audiology applications haven't been created yet. Feel free to post questions or any concerns!
  2. Hey everyone. I had trouble finding an Audiology forum for Canadian universities so I decided to make one myself! I am from Newfoundland and originally I was only going to apply to SLP programs, but I figured out that I had all the pre-reqs for Western's AUDI program so I thought I would apply there Ideally, I would like to become an SLP, but an audiologist is tied for first as well so either one I would be quite please about! Good luck to everyone!!
  3. I'm really uncertain of where my application falls. I was hoping I could get advice on which schools (e.g. rank wise) I should target, and which schools are likely to be a safety or reach. TIA I'm interested in applying to professional Masters in Data Science Programs (online and in person), with a focus in spatial analytics if possible. If your application is similar, feel free to share where you're applying to. GPA: Overall ~3.4-3.5 (1.98 first year, transferred & changed majors, 4.00 2nd - 4th year). Major GPA is 4.0. I had to overcome a lot of personal issues in 1st year which contributed to the low GPA. Major: Data Science (1/2 computer science, 1/2 statistics) Research work 1.5 years in self-directed research supervised by business faculty member. Not very technical, focus on managing implementations of data driven tech in government. I'm the first author, faculty member is the other author. Manuscript in publication, highly renowned journal. 2nd research project supervised by geography faculty member & is conference paper. 3 months work exp. so far, will be 6 months total. Curated and led a workshops about my research topic for an upper level class, with a few more scheduled until the end of the year. Other info: Canadian, first-gen immigrant, female Undergrad description: 3rd tier, low/medium research output, Canadian University GRE: taking my first exam this August, predicted scores are: low/mid 160s quant, high 150s Verbal, 4.5-5.5 Analytical. Really gunning for mid/high 160s for quant but we'll see. Other work experience: 2yrs construction project management, emergency flood restoration. I was working part time before and during first year. Upcoming job placement: (Jan 2022 - Sept 2022) hired as a Data Science/Data Analytics intern (fortune 500, not very well known though) Extracurriculars: professionally accredited classical pianist, volunteered 3x a week 2 years, contracted for a variety of events I've heard people say that you can jump 1 rank at most based on the ranking of your school (e.g. 3rd tier to 2nd tier) - how accurate is this rule of thumb?
  4. Hi all, I wanted to make a thread for students applying to geography programs in Canada. I'm currently waiting to hear back on admission decisions and would love to hear where everyone has applied/what you're hoping for!
  5. Let's share the pressure and stress during the long wait of admission decision 2020 MSW Canadian MSW
  6. Hi everyone! I know there's a 2018 SLP thread that's supposed to be for Canadians already, but it was really convoluted with posts from other countries, so I thought I would make a thread that's explicitly Canadian so that we don't have to worry about sifting through everyone's posts to find what's relevant for us! Applications open up really soon and I'm sure we're all super nervous! It's really nice to have this community to be able to talk about everything SLP-related! Happy applying, friends! For myself, this is my first time applying. I'm thinking of only applying to the University of Alberta and Dalhousie, though UBC would definitely be at the top of my list if I had the prerequisites. I'm sitting at a GPA of 3.92 (3.89 for ORPAS), with a prereq GPA of 3.84. It's not perfect, but I'm hoping it'll be enough! I also have a couple years worth of heavy research experience for a developmental psycholinguist. In the other 2018 SLP thread I had mentioned that I don't have a lot of related experience to SLPs, but I'm happy to say that since posting there I've put in over 50 hours (so far) in a couple different speech clinics, working with a variety of age groups. It's been really cool!
  7. Who is applying to counselling psychology programs in Canada this fall? What can I do prepare my application? If anyone here has applied before, what are you tips? I am going into 4th year and will graduate in April 2020. My cumulative average is a 83.8% and my 3rd year average is a 68% (76% if you count the 3rd year courses I took in 2nd year summer) but I expect to bring it up by next year. I have close to 300 hours of paid/volunteer experience and will be doing a thesis. What can do to improve my application? I realize my stats are pretty weak so realistically I may not get an offer this intake period but what can I do to improve my chances in the future? I didn't see a thread on this already so I thought I would start one.
  8. Hi everyone, This might be early to ask given that I am just finishing second year of undergrad but I just want to know if there is anything I should do now or soon to strengthen my grad application to Oxford and Cambridge for their MSt and MPhil in history. I also have a bunch of questions as well! So I currently study history and minor in political science at a highly reputable Canadian university (if that matters). I have a 3.8 GPA right now and I expect I can maintain this if not raise it a bit by the time I graduate. I don't really have an history related ECs or work experience. In terms of awards, I have been on the Dean's List every year so far and received a huge entrance scholarship to the university I am currently at. Also got a few small monetary scholarships thanks to my GPA. Although it isn't related closely to my historical period of study, I also do have some training in ancient languages (Latin and Greek). I haven't really narrowed my historical interests just yet. I am mostly interested in British history from the 1800s to the 1990s. I plan on using the summer of my 4th year to apply so that I have lots of time. I have some questions below! 1. Do I need research experience to be a competitive applicant? By that I mean publications or to work under a prof and help them with their research. 2. How important is it to do a senior thesis? Okay so I have been told that in giving their conditional offers, Oxford often specifies a grade you have to get on the dissertation. But what if I did not or cannot do one (for any reason)? A related question is, how "original" does this senior thesis have to be? Brand new perspectives/research? 3. What would you say is the most important part of the application? LOR? GPA? Personal Statement/Research Proposal? Writing samples? 4. Do they heavily consider the GPA in your history major or do they care way more about your cGPA? 5. Given my research interests are still very wide, is it a dumb idea to look at some of the history faculty at Oxbridge and tailor my interests to theirs? Like, you probably don't want to get heavily invested in studying medieval depictions of the Black Death if there are no faculty with similar research interests. That's it for now I think. Thanks!
  9. Hey there! I am a Second Year student currently studying in Western, and I have a specialization in Psychology and a minor in Linguistics. I would really like to start building up a strong extracurricular experience, and I was thinking about volunteering at a speech clinic over the summer. I was wondering if any current SLP students/applicants can give me any tips on looking for volunteer experience of this kind? What are some other extracurricular activities that may be helpful? Thanks a ton!
  10. Does anyone here understand the process of admission by canadian universities that require the two last years GPA? My CGPA is a mess, about 3.4/4, but a have nearly "straight As" in the last two years (3.9/4). On the application process, do they consider look at the rest of the grades as well? Since I am an international student, I have converted my grades.
  11. I just wanted to start this thread off, since it was so helpful last year! Any Canadian applicants out there?
  12. Hi All, If a topic for this has already been started please forgive (and redirect) me! Are there any Canadians out there who want to stress / commiserate about the fact we won't know about funding through the CGS Master's until April 1st. I'm not a current grad student and applied for CGS (SSHRC) funding for three schools- 2 of which I have already been admitted two, the other I should hear from either today or early next week. It's a significant factor in my decision and the waiting process is killing me . . .
  13. Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. I am asking if anyone has anymore information on where to seek financial aid for the MDes in Real Estate and the Built Environment at Harvard's Graduate School of Design (GSD)? I have recently been admitted but unfortunately have not received any aid. It is my top choice school so I'd hate to see it slip out of my hands for lack of financial aid. I am African, Canadian & Female.
  14. Hi all, There's a very useful thread here for Canadian students in the US with income from both Canada and US: My situation is somehow different from what is discussed in that one. The main difference is that I am Canadian citizen working in US as a "postdoc", and since postdocs don't pay tuition fees, almost all their incomes are taxable in Canada. In fact, only $500 of a postdoc scholarships is tax-free (https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/personal-income/line-130-other-income.html). I am in the US on a J1 visa since January 2016. I received an FRQNT postdoctoral scholarship from Quebec over a twenty-month period. I've also received some funding from the US university. I just finished my second year of stay in the US, while the Quebec scholarship ended on August 2017, and since then I am fully paid by the US university. The Quebec scholarship required me to keep my Quebec health insurance during the validity period of the scholarship (until august 2017). For 2016, I was considered as non-resident in the US, so I filed my Canadian return as a resident of Canada, with world income and I got some foreign tax credit for the tax I paid in the US. For the US return, I didn't report my Canadian income. For this year, I'm considered as a "resident for tax purposes" in the US. Very likely, due to my Quebec health insurance, I'm also considered as a resident of Quebec and Canada for the first 8 months of 2017 and I have to report both salaries for both countries. I should normally be eligible for a foreign tax credit in the US for the tax I pay to Canada and vice versa. Now, the question is what should be the order of filing returns? I can prepare a "tentative" US tax return based on my US and Canada income. Then, I can use the tentative US tax to determine my Canadian tax. Then, based on the Canadian tax, I will adjust the US return by taking into account the tax credit that I receive in the US for the tax that I paid to Canada. My only concern is that after doing so, due to the foreign tax credit, I might end up paying less tax in the US than the amount that what was used to produce the Canadian return (based on the tentative US return). This seems to be a never-ending loop. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? Am I missing something? Is any of my assumptions wrong? Thanks for any help...
  15. I guess I'm getting pretty desperate for information, but has anyone out in the wider Grad Cafe community heard of any PhD English acceptances to McGill? I'm still waiting on my application decision and am fully going crazy. Ugh I just want this to be over!!!! Good luck to all. May we come out of this sane.
  16. I figured I would start this thread off for Canadian clinical psychology applicants for Fall 2017. There was a good thread going last year that I think helped a lot of people out. Might as well get it started before the applications are due! Good luck to everyone this year!
  17. Hello, I am wondering if there are any Canadian students out there that have applied to Masters programs at the University of Victoria, OISE, UOttawa, McGill, or any other universities that offer this program. I am currently an undergrad student finishing my last year, doing my honours thesis, and would like to gain insight on what applicants experiences have with applying, attending these schools, what professors they would recommend, any other universities they would recommend, etc. Personal details such as GPA, honours thesis, references, etc would be great to hear about so I can judge my chances! Just a little bit of guidance throughout the process would be great!!! I appreciate the time!
  18. It is time for a new thread! Old and new Canadian SLP applicants are welcome! I've seen harsh rejections here (long-time lurker) and in real life. Always looking out for tips from my #SLPtobe friends. It is a mystery how the admission committee chooses who is best suited in the field....*sigh* Now that grad applications are fast approaching (5 months), I'm trying to remain strategic so I can achieve everything - marks, references (both academic and clinical), research experience... and it is driving me insane! Probably dealing with a bad case of spotlight effect (in a popular lab in my campus..my PI knows ALL the professors in psychology and linguistics department so I feel like he asks ALL of my profs about my academic performance/observations -____-) ANYWAY, stats. - specialized honours in cognitive science (psych & ling focus); will end up on the dean's list - subGPA: most likely 3.7 - 3.8 (Fast track ASL killed my mark!) - Prerequisites: All As except Stats! ugh. Stats. - volunteer: 6 placements, 450+ hours, children - older adults - experience in speech & voice therapy, hospital (swallowing disorders/stroke rehab unit), school board, aphasia centre - lab: research assistant - paediatrics & cognitive neuroscience Focusing on quality VS quantity is HARD! We're humans...not robots. *Sigh* Just gotta push through until we get in! ahahahaha
  19. Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a thread for those applying to urban / regional / community planning masters programs for Fall 2017. We can share thoughts on programs, application stats, acceptance/rejection dates, funding, etc. I don't know too much about all the planning programs, but right now I'm thinking I'll apply to the programs at Queen's (SURP), UofT (MScPl), Waterloo (MA/MES), and Ryerson (MPl). Let me know your thoughts!
  20. Hey, I am a Canadian looking to apply to (Bio)statistics programs for the Fall 2018 term. I think my profile would do pretty well at some Canadian universities, but I have no clue what my chances are at US universities and I don't want to spend too much money on a bunch of schools that will likely reject me. So here's my profile. Please let me know what you (honestly) think. Undergrad Institution: One of the big Math/Statistics schools in Canada (one of U of T, U of Waterloo, UBC) Major(s): Statistics and Math Minor(s): GPA: Cumulative: 3.89/4.0, Major: 3.93/4.0 Type of Student: Canadian Male Calculus 1-3 (A+, A, A-). Linear Algebra 1-2: (A, A-). Advanced calculus / introductory real analysis (A+). Abstract Algebra 1-2 (A+, A+). Mathematical Logic (A+). Mathematical Statistics (a la Bain/Engelhardt, A+). Regression (A+). Computational methods in Statistics (A+). Introductory stochastic processes (A+). I haven't taken the GREs yet. GRE General Test: N/A Q: V: W: Programs Applying: Statistics and Biostatistics Research Experience: One part time RA with a Statistics professor. One full time RA with a different Statistics professor. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: NSERC USRA (I believe this is similar to REUs in the US) Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Worked as a Software Engineer at a couple tech companies and as a Junior Statistician at a medical institution. Letters of Recommendation: Probably 4. Did research in some capacity with all 4. At least two of them should be very good. Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Dropped a math course to make time for part-time research. This might be seen as a bad thing. Also, I am currently working on a paper but it likely won't be published until after I submit my application. However, one of my letters of rec will likely speak about it. Applying to Where: Have not decided yet. I'm looking for input here. I am heavily biased towards universities in (or close to) larger cities and schools that accept many applicants. As such, I've currently thought of: (All Statistics and/or Biostatistics PhD) Columbia Harvard UWashington-Seattle University of Minnesota - twin cities UCLA Boston University Emory North Carolina State University UChicago UPenn I'll also apply to a few Canadian schools. Thanks for your help!
  21. I'm a Canadian entering my fourth year of undergrad and I think I'll get into any school I desire in Canada. I'm looking at top US schools that are in cities I'd enjoy living in, and have research interests matching mine. For instance, my one supervisor is close with some people at Cornell and would like me to go there for OR but I'm not living in Ithaca for 5 years. I know from looking at past profiles I seem like a strong candidate but it's hard to say since I'm Canadian, so any thoughts you guys have would be much appreciated. Undergrad Institution: One of the top 5 math schools in Canada Major: Financial Mathematics (offered in the statistics department here) Cumulative GPA: 3.96/4.00 Major GPA: 4.00/4.00 Type of Student: White Male Upper Division Courses: Math: Multivariable Calc (A+), Advanced Linear Algebra (A+), ODE (A+), PDE (A+), Numerical Analysis (A+), Probability Theory (A+), Statistical Theory (A+), Real Analysis (A+), Optimization (A+) CS: Algorithms (A+) I will have a Measure Theory course and a graduate course in Stochastic Processes by the time I graduate, along with the usual fourth year stats courses. Lowest mark in my entire degree is an A- (took a film course for breadth requirements). GRE: 167Q, 163V, 4.5W Not writing the subject test. Research Experience: Summer research project in Queuing theory and simulation Awards/Honors/Recognitions: NSERC USRA (same idea as an REU in the states) Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Insurance Analyst intern, Telecommunications Data Analyst intern Letters of Recommendation: -Two statistics professors (both were supervisors for me during my USRA) -Analysis professor (knows me quite well, is also the chair of the math department here) Plan to apply to (Phd Statistics Programs): Toronto, Chicago, Columbia, Penn, MIT (Operations Research), and Waterloo (MMath first)
  22. Hey! I'm a Canadian student looking at applying to American graduate programs for school psychology. In Canada, pretty much all grad schools calculate your GPA based on your last 60 credits. I was wondering if American grad schools were that way as well? Only a few websites specify and all the ones I've seen say that they do but I guess I was wondering if that was the standard. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello M. Arch Applicants, I applied to 7 universities in Canada for Master's of Architecture for Fall 2017 and I have been rejected by 5 universities. My university is unaccredited and my grades are average. My question is should I lose hope and resort to looking for summer architecture internships and try again next year? This forum and admitted list is causing me more stress than before and I need advice and closure. ( I know I need to not look at the result list but it gives me a good idea who I am up against.) I want to know your applicant situations whether it's positive or negative and advise for what is the best way to move forward. Waitlist: U of Manitoba Rejected: Calgary, U of T, Ryerson, McGill and UBC Still waiting for offer: Carleton, Dalhousie
  24. I am just wondering... how likely is a doctorate in school psychology paves the first step to becoming neuropsychologist? As far as I know, one has to have relevant neuropsy pre-doc and post-doc experiences, before you can take the board exam for certification. However, multiple broad certification websites and prospectus from psychology graduate schools enlist that the candidates must obtain PhD in clinical or counselling psychology... does that mean it is almost no hope for school psychologist? Besides, there is one association who calls School Neuropsychology, which apparently recognized by APA for Continuing Education credits (https://www.schoolneuropsych.com/index.php?id=1). However, they note that there is no licensing body for accreditation as School Neuropsychologist. Lastly, how likely is it for a School Psychology PhD candidate to obtain pediatric neuropsychology pre- and/or post-doc internships (if they prefer clinical psy. candidates, or is that true?)? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!!!
  25. A thread for those applying to Canadian schools! I've applied to UofT, Alberta, Western, and McMaster myself, as well as the Cognitive Science of Language program at McMaster (my top choice!), anyone hear anything back yet? I am still pending for UofT, Alberta, and both programs at Mac. I have been rejected from Western. From what I can tell, decisions for CogSci of Language will not be released for awhile yet. Any information anyone would like to contribute, its hard to plan where I am going to live and work this summer when things are so up in the air, I am very nervous. I hope applications are going well for everyone! I was interviewed for Toronto in December, and I emailed and met with a supervisor from Mac (as well as had email communication with another Mac professor in December who is on Sabbatical)
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