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Found 7 results

  1. Please share this. We are just launching and reaching out to programs that may need studio facilities this fall and to teaching grads that may want to praticipate. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, NY July 14, 2020 // -- Working to address the critical need for remote learning options, a group of artists and educators with unique remotely accessible studios are stepping up to help universities. The Digital Studio Project will work to help schools retool for the pandemic crisis by providing remarkable online studio learning facilities to universities this fall. According to Mathieu Victor, the project founder, “Students will be able to robotically carve marble in the mountains of Tuscany and work to 3D print coral restoration structures in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. With an optimistic view, remote learning offers an opportunity to connect students with rare and remote experiences.” The project works to collect the most remarkable studios in the world that can provide live, interactive participation to participants. The project is structured so that once Covid restrictions are lifted students can continue to work with the studios in more advanced and hands-on opportunities. The project will also offer programming in addition to facilities. “Artist collaborations and cooperative projects help students think creatively about the use of these technologies. Our goal is to inspire students with meaningful and fulfilling projects. We are hoping to offer much more than a technical resource, our goal is to keep students engaged.” adds Marshall Birnbaum, the project art strategist. Inspired by an experience this spring bringing together a remote studio for the University of Pennsylvania school of architecture, the project helps schools provide critical practical experiences for programs in fine arts, design, and architecture. The Digital Studio Project does not offer courses direct to students but works to provide resources to established universities. “We work with participating schools and studios to design remote projects that provide students with remote learning experiences that are truly exceptional, as opposed to stop-gap solutions. We want to help motivate students to stay enrolled, give them crucial working skills, and engage them with real-world projects they can follow on to as life returns to normal.” Many of the changes made necessary by the crisis may very well become permanent. Online collaboration has quickly become an essential professional skill. “Our studios address a short-lived crisis, but also form the model by which our students may conduct the rest of their professional careers,” says Victor. The project will launch July 15th and will be adding new studio offerings to the roster in the coming weeks. Schools or Studio facilities that may like to participate should contact the Digital Studio Project directly. Contact@digitalstudioproject.com Photos and addition material here: https://www.digitalstudioproject.com/post/the-digital-studio-project-initiative-announcement Digital Studio Project Press Release.pdf
  2. Hello all! Has anyone heard anything about the University of Montana's online SLP program? I am interested in it but can not find any info on it? Is anyone in the program? Is anyone planning to apply this fall? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Has anyone been waitlisted to this particular program(CSUN Pre-SLP program) ? I just saw my admission letter and it seems that it was highly competitive this year and that the school had to waitlist many qualified individuals. So, I guess I don't feel too bad??? ://// I am ranked #8 on the waiting list. Should I apply again next year? Thanks in advance.
  4. Are there any good distance education MA programs in History ? Even ones that require you to come down to the host university to actually write the exams ?
  5. I need guidance on distance learning programs in E-Commerce or E-Business. It is ok if they are from anywhere in the world, they just have to be good. I also need reviews on International Career Institute (http://www.ici.net.au/). How is their curriculum on e-commerce? Is it any useful?
  6. Hi! I'm a biotech student from India. Does someone around here know about universities, or know a place where I can find out about them, that offer online learning courses to students in India. I am looking for very specialized courses and so not very hopeful on this front. Again, What? : Online Learning Courses by Univs FOR? : Grad Level, MEMS/Comp Science/Nanosciences/Syn Bio (I realized how impossible it is just as I listed these topics out.) Available to: Students in India Alternatively: Any POST GRAD courses in Biotech and fields that have an interface with Biotech?
  7. Hi All, I have recently joined this forum, but have browsed through lot of queries and the great answers provided to those queries. I would like to take up distance learning course in topics related to "Distributed Computing" and "Machine Learning". I am choosing distance learning over full time course is due to my commitment with the company where I am currently working. As I don't have much idea, I want you guys to help me in deciding the Pro's and Con's of taking up distance learning course and also its effect if taken online or by physically attending the course at the respective university. Some of the universities which I have selected for the same are 1) Georgia Tech 2) Illinois University 3) Technion University (On campus) Thanks.
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