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Found 22 results

  1. Hey everyone! I just submitted my MSW apps to the following schools: SDSU CSULB CSUN Has anyone been accepted/rejected from any of the CSU's yet? If so, how long did it take you to hear back? What method was it? (email, snail mail, etc.) And when did you submit your apps? I'm looking forward to hearing back from the schools! (hopefully before April 15th, I'll go crazy if it takes that long) Cheers and good luck to everyone, Tracey
  2. Hi All Im applying for an MPH at the following universities: 1. population health at UBC 2. health promotion at UofT 3. Health policy at UofA 4. mph at SFU My specs: I graduated form Queen's University in biology with a 3.7 GPA in the last two years and overal cGPA of a 3.0. I have some volunteer experience in health but no professional designation. I took a year off but worked in a bank, so completely unrelated. Im wondering what people are applying for and what their specs are. Lets get this thread going!
  3. Hey all! Anyone else out there applying for Communication Studies or Media Studies Ph.D programs for Fall of 2012? What are you doing while you wait it out, and where have you applied? I applied to UNC-CH, UT-Austin (RTF), and Georgia State University (Moving Image Studies) for my communication schools, and then a variety of other programs in other disciplines. Just wondering if there's anyone else out there waiting for decisions. Also, what kind of research do you want to do?
  4. Anyone else out there applying to an AfAm Ph.D program for Fall of 2012? Which programs did you apply to, and how are you surviving the wait? I applied to Northwestern, Yale and Brown AfAm, and then a bunch of interdisciplinary programs, most of which seemed like a good fit (I use "good" loosely! ). I don't think my chances are so high at the Ivy's but I figured it was worth a try!
  5. So it's April and it's time to get down to business. I've gotten over the grueling process of getting in, but now I'm having a hard time choosing a program between CSULA, CSUF and CSULB. I'm more interested in the more medical/neurology aspect of speech and I eventually want to complete my Ph.D. WHERE where, oh where??
  6. We all know this waiting process is though, so let's support each other in it. We don't have to face it alone! Any structural applicant out there?? Whee did u apply? Have u heard back from them? What are your stats?
  7. Hello! I was hoping to connect with other accepted students for Northern Arizona Universities Communication Disorders/SLP Master's program. I'm coming from Portland State University as a Post-Bac student with my Bachelor's in English. Still waiting to hear from four other schools, but beyond thrilled with an acceptance to NAU! Anyone else out there considering offers from NAU?
  8. Any other students admitted and enrolling into the University of Washington- Seattle School of Social Work for Fall 2012? I'm very excited!
  9. I am applying to three MSW programs for Fall 2012. 1) SDSU 2) CSULB 3) CSUN I unfortunately won't be submitting my applications until late December/possibly early January because my professors that I am getting LOR's from are too busy to write them for me until late December. My question is: Does it matter WHEN you submit your apps as long as it isn't late? Do you have a better chance of being accepted if you submitted your application early, like when the application period opened up? Does anyone know if they just wait for all the applications to come in and then review them? I'
  10. Hi All, I got PHD admissions for Fall 2012 (CS) from the following universities: Purdue West Lafayette University of Central Florida Both are without funding but UCF seems to have more opportunities for being funded. Also, Purdue has some last minute TAship offers but I have to leave my country taking the risk of not being funded (in that case, I will not be able to pay the tuition). Would you please give me your input regarding going to Purdue without a guaranteed funding? Also, what do you think about UCF? I am interested in data management and information retrieval. Thanks,
  11. To anyone who has applied to TPP for fall 2012: any idea when applicants are notified for interviews? (i.e. I figure if an applicant doesn't received an notification to schedule an interview, his/her application hasn't made it through to the interview stage...) From past forums, it looks like decisions are made in early-mid March... Any other observations or thoughts on the process and/or the expected schedule? Good luck to all
  12. Hi, I got a totally unexpected call from a professor from a top 10 school. I was in the middle of some simulations, and I could not concentrate on the gravity of the conversation. The professor basically said I have to be 100% committed to join her group, then she will ask the department to send me an acceptance letter. I said I am 100% sure and that she was the first professor to call me and that I have applied to some other universities too (she knew already, had to put that in the application form). However, I think my tone was not 100% sure - as I said I just got an unexpected call. She s
  13. Hi guys! I am a PhD applicant at MIT EECS, Area 1(Communication) for Fall 2012. So who else is waiting for the big day , I guess it would be around 10th Feb, any updates about the interviews or any other info you happen to have, go ahead ans share.. GPA 3.9/4 2 conference papers very strong lors....
  14. Hi all, I have a few programs I'm applying to that don't fit neatly into any other category so I made one up. They include Emory's ILA program, UC-Irvine's Visual Studies program, Berkeley's Performance Studies, and Duke's Literature Program (I know, I know, check Literature. But I think Duke's program is a little bit unique). Anyone else applying to interdisciplinary programs for Fall 2012 and waiting to hear back?
  15. A new thread to share information about the applications for the PhD in Finance (Fall 2012). I understand that the only program in Finance that made a movement so far was HBS (Bus.Ec.). They seemed to have invited 10 people for interviews. Not a word whether they will open a "2nd round" of interviews. Any more news? Anything from other schools so far? Share your thoughts and info...!!!
  16. Kill me now? How long does it take? This rolling admissions thing is brutal. Anybody got a clue how long this panic attack that grad schools are forcing me to go through will last? (What I really mean is whats the typical wait time to hear from these schools?) Also, if anyone who has been accepted, also applied, and/or went to these schools what your stats were like? GPA, extra-curicular, work experience, etc. I'm going bat shit here.
  17. Okay, I got the first rejection for this season of applications.....:-(. Just checked my KU profile and saw a rejection letter posted. Wow...so early....I don't know what to say..... Well, I guess, this is the start!?!
  18. Hi, I'm planning to apply to HGSE TIE for Fall 2012 and wondering if someone can help me determine if this is the right time. I am an international applicant with a B.S(home country) and M.S(tier-2 school, U.S) in Computer Science Engineering and close to 4 years experience in IT development. The 2008 recession caused my "position to be eliminated" and visa issues have prevented me from working since then. I now have a 2 year gap in my resume. During this time I volunteered actively in various service organizations and discovered my love for education through Sunday school teaching an
  19. hello everyone, i am applying this round for an MFA in sculpture and/or interdisciplinary studies at a sweeping range of schools. i'm swinging high in regards to the traditional top ranking (whatever that means) schools across the nation. my question is regarding the personal essay: i was surprised how brief the requested lengths of the statement tended to be (~ 500-750 words). i can understand the logic on the institution's part, but that doesn't make it any easier on us to meet the requested criteria. i am wondering what are the key topical points that you should include in your essay
  20. Hi, I am an Undergraduate student applying for MS in Electrical Engineering for Fall 2012 at UMich, USC, CMU, Cornell and Arizona State University. I have finished my online application part couple of days ago. I have also asked ETS to send the universities my GRE and TOEFL Scores. The letters of recommendation have been submitted by the professors. Now the only remaining part is the supplementary document submission. But I was wondering what exactly is meant by supplementary document. Should I be sending only my undergraduate transcripts to the university or should I include another cop
  21. Hi guys, I joined this forum very recently (a few minutes back infact). I am looking for some specific information. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with that. I am a prospective applicant for MS CS program for fall '12. I have sent out my applications to 11 universities. I have received admission from 3 universities so far - Clemson (No aid - final decision about aid in Apr-May), RIT (USD 14k merit scholarship) and UTA (No aid - final decision about aid in Apr-May). I am however planning to apply to another university where the chances of getting funding is substant
  22. Hi Folks, I had got "Denied-Program Full" as the rejection reason for my MS CS, fall 2011 application. I would like to know if anyone can explain what exactly it implies. My immediate thinking says that my application met their requirements but admission was denied due to lack of slots. But then I have an alternative thought saying that there was no real need to evaluate the then-remaining applications (including mine) once the program became full. Now, which one would would you think as more applicable rather realistic? It will be helpful to hear, if you have been through the sam
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