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  1. Hi Questioning, 


    I don't know if you feel a little bit better some years out - but if you feel ok responding - was this the MFA at the UO? Regardless - if you still check the thread at all how do you feel over five years later? 

  2. Hey everyone, I noticed there was no thread for this year's round of the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship competition. How is everyone feeling as we wait for April?
  3. Hello everyone!!! I want to begin this topic for this cycle... I have applied for the Blakemore Freeman Fellowship to apply to ICLP in Taiwan. I have been nervously awaiting March for THE e-mail. Any other applicants? 🙂
  4. Guest

    Los Angeles, CA

    any one there to talk about UCLA? I have an admit from UCLA and need to know about the place. It would be good to hear from someone about it - about the campus and life.
  5. Hey guys! Saw there wasn't any forum on AAUW International Fellowship 2020-21 cycle. The results were released on April 15, 2020. Did anyone here receive it? I was designated as an alternate and wondering what are my chances...
  6. At what point did you find out if you have a graduate assistantship position? I applied during the school application process which was due in December, but my school is waiting until the end of this month (July) to tell us if we got a position when they originally said they would let us know in May. This feels like a bit of scam, is it normal to not know at this point? I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the pandemic, but I feel like the decision is being delayed for one reason or another. The school and department has not been very communicative... Or am I just overthinking this and I should just wait it out?
  7. hey y'all, just wondering if anyone applied for this fellowship and/or has heard anything yet? I get the sense that in previous years decisions have gone out much earlier, so I thought I would have known something by now. I'm sure with the whole global pandemic thing operations have slowed quite a bit, but it could also be that the folks who got it have heard already and I just wasn't one of the lucky few? 🤷‍♀️anyways hope you're all well! sending good vibes to those who need them ❤️
  8. Hello all. I wasn't sure where to post this. I hope you can help. I was awarded both the NSF GRFP and the NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunity to begin in Fall 2020. NSF GRFP is for three years (34K + 12K per year) and NASA NSTGRO (80K per year which includes a yearly stipend of 36K) is for four years. I know that I can only select one (unless I am wrong - still doing the research as I just received notice from NASA). Has anyone been in this situation? I know that this is sort of a major life decision as choosing NSF may eventually lead to a potential academic career and choosing NSTGRO may lead to a career at NASA. Also, have you been in the same situation in terms of funding? Were you able to stack fellowships? I would appreciate any tips on how to deal with this. Thanks!
  9. heroh11


    FYI for all those along with me in waiting to hear back, I just noticed this text on their page: "We are endeavoring to notify students as close to the original target date of April 4, 2019, as possible. Due to impacts resulting from the partial government shutdown, a delay of up to one week is anticipated." So no fear if you haven't heard back yet.
  10. I know that internal fellowships tend not to matter much beyond the period of time in which you have them. I've been offered two rather different fellowships, however, and I'm trying to determine if the difference between them is substantive or not. The first is UNC's Royster Fellowship, which comes with about a $6,000 stipend increase. It seems rather prestigious and selective, with the fancy name, university-wide competition, and inclusion into the "Royster Society of Fellows," with lots of different networking and professional development opportunities. My guess is that all of this apparent prestige will only matter while I'm at that particular university, if at all. So, Question 1: Do people outside of UNC (in academia or industry) know about (or be impressed by) this so-called "Society of Fellows," or is it just fancy window dressing on a (more competitive) funding award? The above fellowship also includes two years without duties--one during my first year of intense coursework and the other in my fifth year during my dissertation work. (So from years 2-4 I would work as a TA/RA, but with a guarantee of the same level of funding as in years 1 and 5.) Question 2: As someone going into a STEM field, how much help is a fifth year fellowship? Everyone else in the program is already guaranteed TA/RA funding for 5 years. Would not having work duties be instrumental to finishing up my research in my fifth year, or just a convenience? (I'm sure that this will depend on the progress of my research and how early I start, but any input would still be appreciated.) Finally, my other big offer is a rather bland-sounding college-level "Dean's Fellowship" which comes with a larger funding increase--around $13,000 more than my initial offer from that department. Only the first year has no teaching duties, however--for years 2-5 I'll have to work as a TA/RA but for the same increased stipend level guaranteed. While both departments are undoubtedly trying to recruit me, my gut feeling based on the fellowships is that I would be more valued at UNC. It seems as though their STOR department has had only one other Royster fellow in the past five years, whereas I get the sense that the other department's fellowship is much more common and less of a "big deal". Question 3: Is this thinking completely illogical? Does the difference between the level of fellowships each department nominated me for give any signal as to how valued I would be by the faculty and department? Does getting a more competitive fellowship inherently mean I would be a "bigger fish" in that program, or should I just take things at face value? (Admittedly, trying to gauge how desirable I am as a candidate after I've been accepted might be a bit of a waste of time, but I'm self-aware enough to know that feeling valued by a given department is important for my productivity, self-esteem, and long-term academic success.) I would greatly appreciate anyone's thoughts on any of these questions. (Or people to tell me to quit being silly and obsessing over trivial differences, if it turns out that the answers don't really matter.)
  11. Anyone else apply for the Center for Engaged Scholarship dissertation fellowship? This award is not listed on the Wiki. It's new this year - $25,000 for social science dissertations that are relevant to "progressive values." I applied and haven't heard anything. Just wondering if anyone else had. http://cescholar.org/dissertation-fellowships/
  12. Has anyone heard back from the American Academy in Rome (AAR) about acceptance/ rejection decisions re: the 2020 Rome Prize? The interviews for the "Humanities" applicants were supposed to be on February 24 but I never heard anything. Probably bad news... Any insight would be appreciated. Even timelines from last year? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I received a full fellowship for this academic year. I was doing my taxes for 2018 and noticed that, as a dependent student, my unearned income (which my fellowship counts as) over $2100 will be taxed at up to 35% due to something called the "kiddie tax"!!! This seems extremely unreasonable for a graduate student, so I wanted to see if anyone has run into this situation before and can offer any advice. Also, after some searching online, I read that the "kiddie tax" rates have been changed started in the 2018 tax year so that they are no longer tied to your parents' tax bracket, but are instead taxed at full trust/estate rates.
  14. https://www.inf.ethz.ch/studies/summer-research-fellowship.html Hi everyone. I want to ask anyone have had the notification from the ETHZ-SSRF program, or any interview from the professors?
  15. The the few brave souls who dared to apply this cycle! Good luck everyone!
  16. I just found out that I'm admitted into the New School for its Master in Psychology. They offer me a full tuition waiver with a stipend of $20,000 per academic year. It seems like this master program is connected with their PhD programs. After completing MA for the first two years, I can apply for its PhD program. The fellowship lasts for 7 years and the stipend is provided for 5 years. I'm curious how current and past students evaluate their program, especially in terms of research opportunities and academic quality? I'm also curious what people think about their psychology department, e.g. faculty, research, support for grad students, flexibility with students' concentration etc. I'm mostly concerned with their academic quality, because a friend of mine said that although the school is associated with big names, their academics has been going downhill. However, that could totally be a biased opinion. On one hand the program's ranking doesn't seem great, and there is a limited number of faculty members to work with. On the other hand, it's a good school that offers appealing financial supports and it's in NYC. (I know the stipend is not much, but I think it covers housing. I can afford other kinds of living expenses, which I think won't amount to more than a few thousands dollars per year.) I only applied to three schools for PhD in Psychology and was not admitted into any, so I'm surprised with this offer. My other options are master programs at the University of Groningen, St. Andrews, Manchester and others, but all of them are in Europe, where I want to explore after staying in the States for college as an international student. However, none of the European programs offer scholarships. But I'm very interested in going to Netherlands for both studying and living there. I love exploring new cultures and places, and the expenses for going there is not that much - still more expensive than accepting the New School, though. I'd appreciate any kind of advice, thought and help! Thanks so much!
  17. Hi all! So, I noticed a forum hasn't been created for the GEM Fellowship 2019 applicants. I was wondering if anyone else is applying this year and/or has advice on applying for it. This is my first year applying, and I am having some trouble with the personal statement. What have you all included in your statements? Also, here we can update each other on our statuses and discuss any other questions people may have. Here are the links to a few of the past years of these discussions: GEM 2018 GEM 2017 GEM 2016 GEM 2015 GEM 2014
  18. Hi, I'm an international student and I've been given stipends for my PhD. Recently I received cash awards from a private foundation in my country for economical support because I need support to live with my wife and children. Now, the grad school requires me to submit an official letter and terms of awards which are all in Chinese. They are going to deduct an amount of award I received from the stipends I am being given. Do you think they are going to directly contact the foundation in China, or do they just need this for their administration process? I'm worried because if the foundation knows my grad school is taking the whole money, they are going to cancel it.
  19. Over the past few days I've experienced a huge slump in my graduate career. I'm a first year graduate student in the social sciences who thought it'd be a good idea to apply for the Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral fellowship...boy was I wrong. I received a rejection a few days ago despite relatively high marks from reviewers and an application that I put everything I had into. No honorable mention, no waitlist, just a flat out rejection. What's worse is someone in my cohort received the fellowship that I wanted. I know for a fact that my work is at least as good as theirs if not better, so I'm struggling to reconcile the fact that some random academics deemed my project inadequate. Any tips for not going off when fellowship committees don't know what they're doing? Clearly I've heard all of the "many qualified applicants and too few awards" and "sometimes these things just happen" clichés, but I'm looking for something more thoughtful, ideally from others who have been wronged and watch others take what they don't deserve.
  20. pasta


    Last minute just compiling everything together for submission but I thought I'd make a thread for this year's round of CSGF applications. I was wondering if any current fellows would be free to share application essays/research statements as I haven't found anything more recent online.
  21. Hello everyone, I noticed there was no thread for the Ford fellowship for 2018. Also: does anyone know if the fellowship covers the entirety of a graduate program? I couldn't find any info on this on the website. I was interested in the Daisy Soros fellowship but since it only covers 2 years I preferred not to apply because a school could limit my funding and I could need that funding later.
  22. Hello folks, I have one month before the deadline of the predoctoral Ford Fellowship. I am trying to find the successful sample. Any suggestions? Any tips? Thanks! ET
  23. Hello fellow applicants, I'm looking for examples of rejected NSF GRFP proposals from previous years. I submitted my application yesterday, and am winding down, looking for things to read to keep my mind at ease (ha!). If you have or have found an example of a rejected NSF GRFP proposal, and would be willing to link to it or PM me, I'd appreciate it. (Mulling over all the things I could have done better or may not realize I did poorly.)
  24. I was looking at the new website for the NDSEG this year when I noticed that it isn't secure. On the page to create a new application, Chrome even tells you as much in the url bar. Anyone know what's going on? I guess I'll hold off doing anything for the moment and email them if need be. On a related note, I see that ASEE is not managing the applications this year. Will that affect the process at all? Does anyone have any experience applying to fellowships handled by "STI-TEC"? Thanks!
  25. Hello fellow GEM applicants, I wanted to start a forum for the 2017 application pool, so that we can update each other on our progress of acceptance/declines/employee status for a sense of the schedule. It should help clear up any lagging notifications and hopefully answer some questions! Here is the link to a few of the past years of these discussions: GEM 2017 GEM 2016 GEM 2015 GEM 2014 By now, some applicants should have received notification via email on whether they have moved to the next round or were accepted (In the FAQs, Q10 states that "a handful of candidates have been selected already").
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