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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone hear back from NYU Steinhardt for the Food Studies MA? Can't seem to find much info on it anywhere
  2. Hey everyone, For current, past and future graduate students, I am looking for insight on what people do, or plan to do, about evening meals. Whether you are in class for hours, or studying for hours in the library, I am interested to know what other people do and what they eat. If you had an evening class, did you eat before class? After class? Between class? What did you eat? Did you find yourself eating out a lot? Do you just snack throughout the evenings? Tips on snacks and recipes are welcome. Thanks! -Amy
  3. The 1st International conference on Food Technology and Nutritional Science (Food & Nutrition-2017) will be hosted by Global cognitio group. This conference provides a platform to share the new innovations and advancements in Food technology and Nutrition field. This conference will focus on vital, innovative concepts and new approaches. The Food & Nutrition-2017 conference would be attended by eminent scholars and professors around the globe. During the conference, the participants can discuss on theoretical and practical methods. We are excited to bring experts together to one platform. Our aim is to promote the collaboration between experts in these areas and gleam new ideas that will further advance this field. The venue is ideal for promoting interaction between speakers and attendees. TENTATIVE THEMES Food processing technology Food and Nutrition Food industry Food waste management Food ingredients and additives Functional, traditional, novel foods Food chemistry and biochemistry Food biotechnology Nutrition and health Food packaging technologies and food storage Food microbiology Food safety and legislation Food technologies and processing Food engineering Nutrition, Food Processing & Food Management (Food products and Nutritional value) Abstract submission deadline: April 10, 2017 Registration deadline: May 20, 2017 Conference: June 09-11, 2017 For more details: http://www.gcconferences.com/food-nutrition-2017/
  4. I thought I would start a thread for anyone who gardens or is interested in gardening while attending graduate school. I know a lot of us are in urban settings (myself included) who don't have access to lot of space for growing flowers or veggies. So perhaps we could trade some tips and tricks for what works. My apartment happens to have a small enclosed yard that I can plant in. I have a space that is roughly 3 ft. x 20 ft. I also purchased a small greenhouse from Amazon that I keep inside. It has four shelves and a plastic cover which keeps the heat in (http://www.amazon.com/Gardman-R687-4-Tier-Mini-Greenhouse/dp/B000NCTGQE/), and I have two grow lights in it. Right now, I only have two pepper plants and a tomato plant in my greenhouse, plus several pots with ungerminated plants. I started 8 tomatoes and 8 peppers a while ago in those jiffy peat pellets that swell up when you put them in water. However, my plants outgrew them and they can't go outside until May. So I transplanted them into pots and added a bit of fertilizer, and I successfully killed 6 of each species. I now only have one tomato because my cats managed to get into the greenhouse at ate one. The tomato that's left doesn't look so good. I'm hoping the seeds I just planted will be more successful! I'm not worried about the peppers too much - they fruit fairly quickly so I won't have to wait too long for peppers. It's the tomatoes I'm concerned about. I also plan to plant corn and zucchini. I'm a little concerned about the corn - I've read that you need a minimum of 4 rows for proper pollination, but I only have space for 3 rows (and even then it's a little tight). I found a few posts on internet message boards where people have planted 3 rows and been successful, so I'm hoping for the best. I'll probably plant the corn next week. I wish I had a little bit wider of a space - I'd like to try planting the zucchini and corn together... the zucchini (or other squashes) are supposed to suppress weed growth by shading. However, I think the corn needs to be a little further apart for that.
  5. Dear All, Does anybody know of either: Studies conducted surrounding the role of food in social gatherings? Analysis of small social groups of loosely connected individuals? Small group = 4-20 individuals Loosely connected individuals = Friends of friends (or 'randoms') who on the whole have not met before "Analysis of" might include how frequently people participate in such gatherings, the types of relationships that are formed as a result, could be in public or private spaces – although my particular application will be to restaurants A nudge in the right direction for places to look would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Matthew @mattslight
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