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Found 6 results

  1. I got an assignment to write an essay about society...and I wrote this...should I send it...or will the professor stab me ? WHAT NO ONE SHOULDN’T DO Prologue 1)I have to: People have needs People’s needs have to be met or else! When the fun people have, covers their needs, they don’t need to go further. 2)What people do: People organize actions to meet their needs. People deal with problems that appear on the way…well…on the way, and try to stay on target with meeting their needs. In the end, their needs will have been met, or their needs won’t have been met, and they find this out…well…in the end. 3)What society does: Problems in a society… in the end, become everyone’s or no one’s problem. Society tries as an end to turn problems from, everyone’s problem… to no one’s problem. When society reaches this end, problems on their way to become everyone’s problems… would in the end become no one’s problem, and society needs to go no further. The end is coming: BOOM!: Oh my god we are sinking as a society! Observation: Did anyone stop wanting to have fun and act accordingly? No. The mystery begins: What happened? 1. It’s the ECONOMY stupid! KABOOM!: The system can’t be motivated, there is no money in the economy. Observation: Did anyone burn the money? No. The mystery unfolds: Where is the money Lebowski? Money? Oh…it’s complicated: You can trade some chickens for a haircut or you can trade some money for a haircut. Chickens are uncomfortable to carry compared with money. Money reduces the time and effort needed to trade. Money! Is it the end, or is it the beginning for people? Why can time and effort needed to trade, be a problem to some people, so that they need it (time and effort to trade) reduced by introducing money to society? Because people may want to do something else, instead of spending the needed time and effort to trade. But…for some people…time and effort spend to trade…is what they do for fun! The jokers People who spend time and effort to trade, because it is fun to them, in the end… learn how to do this efficiently(= spend less time and effort to trade). Because they become good in trading efficiently, they become good with money(= spend less time and effort to trade)! Because being efficient in trading, which is what these people do, is what money’s end also is (Money reduces the time and effort needed to trade), Jokers are divided into funny Jokers and SAD JOKERS. The GREAT DIVIDE : funny jokers and SAD JOKERS Funny Jokers: Funny Jokers, in the end… want to have fun, and becoming good (=less time and effort spend) in trading, is their way of having fun. Because their end is to have fun, when the fun Funny Jokers have, covers their needs, they don’t need to go further. But because they are becoming good (=less time and effort spend) in trading, if they become more efficient in trading, than money in society is at the time, they end up with more money. Since when this happens, Funny Jokers are more efficient in trading than money in society is at the time, keeping these money is useless to them, because there are more efficient at trading, than the money they hold. And, because more money doesn’t give them more fun at that point, Funny Jokers end up trading these money for nothing, plus put time and effort to do that, so that they are spend efficiently, because helping society does give them more fun! Sad Jokers Sad Jokers spend time and effort to trade, but they are not having fun. Because others spend time and effort to trade, plus have fun doing this , Sad Jokers need to become good at something else to make money. So they spend their time and effort on something else, on which they become efficient… Because they become good at something else, their actions are not reducing the time and effort spend to trade, as… they spend their time and effort on something else. So, the money they make, is more efficient in reducing the time and effort spend on trading, than they are, and…the more money they make…the more time and effort needs to be spend on trading in society, and money in the end becomes inefficient for society…cause… Because of this, what is no one’s problem in society…becomes everyone’s problem in society. Why? Because some Jokers are sad and this is funny. Why? Cause others aren’t and they are useful to society. 2.Oh, no it isn’t the economy then, it is FATE! No one should get a coin, choose a side, and flip it. No one should repeat this experiment, until… no one gets the side which the coin faces no one right, all the time. After that happens, what does no one do, does no one do that (=choose a side and flip the coin), or does no one do something else? If so… The HOLLY Holly people are the ones who are good by default (= as a given). Because they are good by default, if they do something, it can’t be bad. Because they can’t be bad, anything they say or do is fun in the end… And…as anything they say or do is fun in the end, and people want to have fun, the holly people end up saying what happens next…cause… And…because what happens next, happens…well…next regardless…what is no one’s problem in society, becomes everyone’s problem in society. Why? Because some jokers are sad and this is funny. Why? Cause others aren’t and they are useful to society. 3.Hmm…no no fate is fate, it was lack of STRENGHT! No one should choose a wall and punch it. No one should repeat this experiment until nothing stands in no one’s way. After that happens, what does no one do, does no one do “nothing standing in no one’s way”, or does no one do something else? If so… The POWERFUL Powerful people are good at having others believe they are powerful. If others stop believing that, then powerful people become less powerful …quite quickly… If powerful people lose all their powers…then…they don’t have any powers, and can’t have fun. When something else is happening, and others start forgetting how powerful, powerful people are, then…powerful people quickly try to remind them before everyone forgets…cause… Because of this, what is no one’s problem in society…becomes everyone’s problem in society. Why? Because some Jokers are sad and this is funny. Why? Cause others aren’t and they are useful to society. 4. NO,POWER is alive and strong! Then, it surely is no one’s fault! No one has fun just like that, and ends having fun just like that. Why? Cause mama in the end puts order. Some people think they say what happens next. No one says, what happens next…happens…next. Cause…if it happened any other time, what would no one do next? Other say no it’s not this or that, it’s something else. No one says, it is me, it is the rest, and when you have fun with the rest, then it is something else! No one: In the end, it seems that because of the SAD JOKERS=THE HOLLY=THE POWERFUL, what is no one’s problem in society…becomes everyone’s problem in society. Why? Because some Jokers are sad and this is funny. Why? Cause others aren’t and they are useful to society. And no one can tell the SAD JOKERS nothing. But no one might show them. What? WHAT NO ONE SHOULDN’T DO. And no one thought…no one should warn the SAD JOKERS, cause…why are they sad, they could be funny if they tried! Why? Cause then they would start having fun again and be funny to society! So…how can no one help the SAD JOKERS from no one who might do, WHAT NO ONE SHOULDN’T DO? By using part of society to turn everyone’s problems, into no one’s problem. Which part? THE FORGOTTEN ONES SAD JOKERS, by spending their time end effort in something else to have fun, are neglecting two parts of society which are endless fun. GIRLS and FAMILY. But…how can THE FORGOTTEN ONES help? GIRLS, who just want to have fun, cause… Sindy Loper: “Girls just want to have fun”, and in the end…are the ones getting hurt by the SAD JOKERS, do what GIRLS do. They talk about it, and, in the end, start pointing the SAD JOKERS, so that all society can see them. Then, their FAMILIES deal with them, even if they need to do WHAT NO ONE SHOULDN’T DO. Why? Cause no ones may come from nowhere and do WHAT NO ONE SHOULDN’T DO to them, until they turn the SAD JOKERS to FUNNY JOKERS. Even if to do this, they have to do WHAT NO ONE SHOULDN’T DO. Why in the end… Cause why should no one do, what no one shouldn’t do, if no one else may do it instead? And why should no one write down what no one shouldn’t do? Cause if no one doesn’t write it down, no one else may forget the funny jokers, and then the problem that no one else faces is: “I am having fun with the rest, another no one like me also had fun with the rest, but…that no one…was hurt in the end. By the rest? Not at all! Only by the rest of you.” And that would be the only problem that no one else faces: “The rest is good baby! And the rest of you need to go…” Farewell to the SAD JOKERS You want the rest from the rest… Ask the rest, for the rest, and you will get the rest. Why are you bothering, the rest of us?
  2. Hi guys, I think we could go with some entertainment mixed in with some good advice. Therefore, I made this thread. I'm thinking everyone should identify their "best" backup and their "craziest" backup plans (doesn't have to be feasible in the slightest; in fact, it is probably better if it isn't) for if this application season is a bust. Hopefully, some of the crazy will be amusing, and some of the best will be helpful. Best: Take a position I've been informally offered as a predoctoral fellow for a health research center that my advisor's husband is employed at. Crazy: You know that movie where the guy gets rejected from universities as an undergraduate and he makes his own school, I'm just saying...
  3. Some Haiku's about Grad Cafe: (If you find any enjoyment out of these create your own. If you find absolutely no enjoyment sorry I added to this tread for a class project) Tall Skinny Mocha This Forum tells me I am Decaf oh hell no Whispers on the bus Say goodbye to my stipend I uber to class Twenty three I am Studying for my M.A. Still eating ramen
  4. hi could someone or multiple people give feedback on my recent gre practice essays; it would be much appreciated. as an fyi i turned off the spell check so things might get a bit sloppy.
  5. Hi All, Have you come across any inspiring quotes (famous, in your real life, etc.) regarding making a decision on which graduate program to attend? If so, please share! I'll start: "To thine ownself be true." - Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), English poet and Playwright
  6. 'SUP, PEEPS! Okay, so, I've been sitting on this idea, but I thought now might be a nice time. I dunno, just went with my gut or something. I propose...superlatives! What are our favorite Poli Sci GradCafe-ers most likely to do? Where will they go in the future? What do they do now? What sorts of fashion trends are they mostly likely to start? What mythological beast would they keep as a pet? These can be serious...they can be humorous...they shouldn't be malicious...they should be FUN! For example: grantman is most likely to moonlight as a motivational speaker Users can get more than one superlative; we have different aspects to our [perceived] personalities! I hope that everyone gets a few! Let's have fun while we can, since we're desperate to sign our lives away to the vortex of misery known as academia!
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