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  1. I got an admission offer on April 15. Before I received the offer, I got a mail from the program coordinator; " While the decisions for admissions have not been completed, I wanted to see if you were interested in applying for a graduate assistantship. If you are interested, please complete the attached application for GA and submit the completed form by Wednesday, April 13" But I didn't hear anything about funding after that. I sent inquire mail for two times to the program coordinator. No answer.. What should I do?
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XNJR4IhOJ56zd7zLuVSUK7h054dBRNvyiC7iStCOsxo/ Last year, I started the process of making an updated version of funding packages with the help of students accepted into programs. The list isn't complete but I hope it provides a more complete version of what universities expect in exchange for their funding. It is open-access so edits are welcome.
  3. I applied for Technology Innovation Management (TIM) for Fall 2021 since 4/1/2021 but uptill date my status is still showing recommended for assessment, I received a mail from Tim graduate coordinator sometime in February, saying decision will be made first weeks of march, am just curious to know if anyone also applied to TIM program in Carlton university and if they have gotten any response in regards been accepted, am always stress waiting to hear from them, I keep checking Carleton portal every 15 minutes and checking my mail, is anyone together with me in this boat? has anyone gotten accepted for TIM 2021 Fall session?
  4. Hello! I applied for a Research MPhil to Cambridge in December, as per the funding deadline. I have received an offer and I was wondering whether it makes sense to accept my offer while I am waiting to hear about funding. Would accepting my offer work in favour or against me in terms of funding? What I wouldn't want is for me to accept the offer and discourage funding committee from offering me funding because accepting the offer might indicate to them that I would attend regardless of funding. The opposite is also possible: accepting the offer encourages the funding committee to offer me funding because they would know for sure that I would attend and that the funding offer won't go to waste. I am confused about what to do because even though I want to attend Cambridge I do not want to discourage the funding committee from offering me funding. What should I do? (the deadline to accept/decline the offer is end of July this year)
  5. Hey! To all those (masters and Ph.D. applicants) who have been accepted to the BME program at JHU, have you all received the welcome/funding letter? I am waiting for mine. I applied to the MSE program and desperately hope to get some financial aid.
  6. Hi all, I have been admitted to 2 PhD programs. My top choice doesn't adhere to the 4/15 deadline and won't be announcing scholarships/assistantships until "early May". My second choice has the 4/15 deadline but has offered a guaranteed TAship with full scholarship. I thought about asking for an extension from my second choice, but I worry about negatively impacting the relationship with them and don't even have a precise date to ask for. Would an extension even be an option in your opinion? I feel like the best approach is to email my top choice, explain the situation, and ask if they're able to offer an assistantship before 4/15. Thoughts? Any advice on wording this or other approaches? Thanks!!
  7. hi all! I was recently given an admissions offer in march. It was my understanding that this program gives funding to most admitted people, and that offers are given in a second email. anyway, my admissions offer did not mention anything of funding besides a generic statement along the lines of: "financial decisions are a secondary step in the admission process. notification of funding will arrive in a separate communication." following this offer, an email was sent to all applicants regarding the status of admissions for April (every month, the school gave updates). the update had THIS statement regarding funding: "Below we provide a summary of the types of emails that have been sent. Your email (and the information in it) will be specific to you. 1. Admission and Funding offer (funding offer sent in a separate email). If you receive an accept with funding email prior to April 15, you have until April 15 to make your decision. All schools should be using this April 15 deadline [refer to the Council of Graduate SchoolsÔÇÖ Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees and Assistants renewed October 2014: http://www.cgsnet.org/april-15-resolution]. 2. Admission offer (funding offer pending). If you receive an accept with funding pending email, you also have until April 15 to make your decision. HOWEVER, if you know your plans earlier also, please let us know ASAP so we can continue to make offers as soon as possible." so naturally, I assumed I was pending funding, but my admissions offer did not mention "admission with funding pending" - just admission. So I emailed the coordinator and asked what my status was due to the confusion, citing that the April update email they sent had those two types of emails accepted applicants could have received and I did not receive a funding NOR a funding pending statement, they asked me to forward my offer email, and then they sent back: "Disregard that message. We still do not know if funding is available. We will know more in the next week." I guess my question is, how would you interpret this? I didn't want to push further as I know they are incredibly busy and they said they'll know more in the next week, but I took it as they meant one of two things: 1. don't know if funding is available for ME, or 2. don't know if funding is available in general thanks! I know I'm kinda overthinking, but knowing whether or not I have funding really makes this decision easier for me, and I know I can be patient and wait a week but I also like to know ALLLL my options to make an informed decision ahead of time haha
  8. I am from Uzbekistan and I'm a female, so I might qualify for underrepresented nation/sex in science. I can't find any open calls
  9. Hey all! I was accepted into Penn GSE and was awarded a scholarship, but really not that much... and Penn's master's programs' tuition is quite high. Was just curious to hear from previously admitted Penn GSE students (and other master's students in general!), how you funded your tuition and made it work? I know some of my options, but just wanted to hear from you all personally! Also open to hearing currently accepted students too and how you are planning to fund your tuition. ­čÖé
  10. I've heard from 2/5 schools I applied to. Is it me shouldn't I have heard from the others by now? The schools I've heard from have not offered any funding so far, which is also concerning. I'm trying to be patient and not panic, but it's hard.
  11. Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone received admission from UCLA for the Epi PhD program? I got acceptance letter with no words about the funding packages, they just said the results for fellowships/scholarships will be notified by the department. But since I am an international students, I don't think I am able to apply for most of the fellowships there...I talked to one current PhD student there, she told me that funding in the department is pretty unstable and most of the students got funding outside the department, but there is no link she could provide me about that...This drives me upset since I really like UCLA and this is also the only acceptance I got so far...What should I do? Any advice or experience with this situation?
  12. Hi, I don't have much experience and academic and I have no idea how this works. I got a couple of acceptances where the portal was updated but I did not receive an email from anyone. They also do not mention much about funding. They are generic acceptances from the broader department, and not even from sociology. What are the next steps? Do I reach out to the DGS? How do I inquire about funding? When do I have to make a decision by? Is this typical? Thanks!
  13. Hello, I have been accepted to a few sociology phd programs so far. I am so excited! For all the programs that I have been accepted to, I have been guaranteed full funding for 5 years. According to the programs, they cover tuition and health insurance. I just have a question about this. For whatever reason, back when I was applying, I thought "full funding" would cover other expenses such as rent? But, I guess not. Is this the norm in sociology or in other related fields as well?
  14. Hello everyone. I was admitted to a Ph.D. program in applied math in early January, but my offer did not include any funding. However, it states that they might offer it later, depending on their budget development. On Thursday, I have reached out to the program coordinator, with whom I've had prior contact, inquiring about the funding situation and explaining that cost of attendance is an overriding concern for me; I haven't got any replies. In a prior discussion three weeks ago, my POI advised me to reach out and mentioned that my application is considered strong, so there are good chances of obtaining the funding. I do not want to sound pushy or desperate, and I'm wondering how to handle this situation. Should I wait a little more and follow up? Reach out again to my POI explaining the situation? This has been a rough admissions cycle and, being an international first-gen college student, I would appreciate any advice/insight you might provide on this.
  15. Hello, I went through the DrPH 2019 thread and I found it quite informative. I will be applying for DrPH in Fall 2020 and thought to open this forum so others who will also be applying can join in. Looking forward to connecting to the others interested in this program.
  16. Dear all, How can international students fund their studies? What options are available? I am talking about MA's. Even if I am granted a stipend it looks like it won't cover my living costs. I can't work (legally) wil a student visa. I know only about loans for international students from companies like MPower etc. Any information will be very much appreciated!­čží
  17. Is there a list that can be shared of fully funded English PhD programs? Does anyone know which programs are fully funded? Any info would help! Thanks, The Maritime Scholar
  18. Hi! I've looked at quite a few threads for fully funded and partially funded psychology master's degree programs. Does anyone know of any fully or partially funded clinical psychology programs? A lot of the threads had responses of people who did not want to disclose their institution because they didn't want to be identified. If you feel comfortable, feel free to message me, or I can message you. I got into a great clinical psychology master's program in a past cycle. While they did offer a small assistantship, the program did not have tuition waivers or scholarships (tuition was quite expensive and the cost of living was veryyyyy expensive).
  19. Hello, Is there anyone who's still waiting for TA appointment result for 2020-21 from Rutgers like me? I'm a new student. I'm so exhausted from waiting. It's been months. I don't know if they're just leaving me hanging or it's really because of COVID that everything is slowed down. Please share your experience and situation as you feel comfortable. I just really need to get distracted from frustration. Thanks
  20. At what point did you find out if you have a graduate assistantship position? I applied during the school application process which was due in December, but my school is waiting until the end of this month (July) to tell us if we got a position when they originally said they would let us know in May. This feels like a bit of scam, is it normal to not know at this point? I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the pandemic, but I feel like the decision is being delayed for one reason or another. The school and department has not been very communicative... Or am I just overthinking this and I should just wait it out?
  21. I'm going to be starting my MSc in Social Data Science at the OII this fall. I was wondering if any other OII students (MSc, DPhil, SDS, Social Science of the Internet... doesn't matter) have heard back from Oxford, the OII or their college about funding. The department has been pretty tight lipped when I've asked about the process of allocating scholarships/departmental awards. Is there something I'm missing here? I'm interested to hear other's experiences; especially from incoming/present OII students.
  22. Hello everyone, I hope corona do not find you :) . I want to know the funding program for international student accepted into neuroscience PhD at Harvard. Based on the website, the PhD student receive scholarship but still I donot understand the plan for this. I sent an e-mail to the funding officer but no response. As I understand from the website, it is a tiered tuition structure that reduces tuition over time as students progress through their degree programs. Another plan is the fully funded option. Which plan is available for international students? Best regards
  23. Hello everyone. My course of PhD starts in Fall 2019. The university´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ is offering me a tuition´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ waiver and TA of $12,400 for 9 months. The total estimated cost is $42,000 and they are providing with almost´╗┐$39,500 including the tuition fee. The rest has been covered by my family and a bit extra. I have already received the I20 which says the funding for a year has been covered . I am worried that I will have to show proof of funding for 5 years of the course, as I have seen in mo´╗┐st of the forums for MS students. So my question is - is it mandatory for PhD students to show documents of funding for ´╗┐5 y´╗┐ears of your course ?
  24. I am now feeling discouraged about the whole grad school process. I received acceptance to my top two programs (yay) and visited both. I liked both of them but option A is definitely a better fit for me. My would-be mentor at B is shifting her research focus away from my core area of focus. My would-be mentor at A has many projects I would enjoy working on. I also didn't like the location of B. I could definitely adjust to it if I needed to but option A is a much better option for me. A is also rated better and seems to have more prestige. Everything else is pretty much the same between the two. Obviously, I was very much planning on going to A all things considered, and getting very excited about it. However, April came around and I still hadn't received any funding information at A. I reached out to the program head to check on what the timeline might be. During the interview, he promised all students get funding. In his email reply, however, he said that they were trying to figure out funding and couldn't make me any promises. So now I'm feeling pretty sketched out by the program with being promised one thing months ago and now being told there's no promise of anything. All the grad students I've talked to have said that they have received funding all five years and that the stipend is enough to live on. Option B has given me funding information (guaranteed for all five years) but all students have a part time job on top of their schooling responsibilities. Any insight on what I should do? Do I take the promised offer at a worse fit or do I risk needing to take out loans, work, and likely drop out from the stress at the better option?
  25. I am looking for advice from anyone who has tried/succeeded in negotiating your aid package. I would appreciate strategies and feedback from anyone who has done this, regardless of their program. However, my admission is to DU Korbel for IDEV. I received scholarships for 39% of tuition and an offer for an hourly "aide" position.
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