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Found 11 results

  1. I am having a very diffiecult time deciding betweent uoft MGA and graduate institute geneva (iheid) for international development major. In terms of job prospects, name value and quality of education, does anyone have insight?
  2. Hi! So I recently gained admission to both SIPA (Columbia) and IHEID (graduate institute) for their Masters in International Affairs in Fall 2018. Neither college has given financial aid. So while financials are certainly an issue, they won't dictate where I go to study. I'm hoping that someone who either knows people in both programmes or who has experience with these courses in some way, can share some insights which can help me decide. I'm definitely looking at this from an employability perspective, and am looking to do well in the course. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I got accepted into the UNIGE (University of Geneva) but would like to study at the IHEID. Does someone know whether it is possible to apply to IHEID while studying at UNIGE? Would it be bad? I really appreciate any help you can provide!
  4. Hello everyone, im currently deciding between a few options for grad school fall 2017 start and would love your opinions. I have been accepted into the following programs: LSE MSc In Global Politics Sciences Po MSc In Public policy iheid (graduate institute in Geneva) in international affairs and have also applied to the dual degree between LSE sciences po (Psia) ... haven't heard back yet but assuming I get in, which of the four options would you choose? For some background, I went to undergrad in the US and majored in comparative literature so I am a bit of a crossover case for these programs. I honestly am not sure what I want to do, so I'd love to go to a school with excellent career services and obviously high quality courses. Since I was previously studying literature and science (as I was planning to go to med school in the us) I am a bit concerned about finding work after my masters since I have no work experience. let me know your thoughts!! thanks a bunch!
  5. I have been accepted to the Mphil in development Studies at Oxford and to International History at IHEID Geneva. While i prefer the course at Oxford, I also like the internship/networking opportunities at Geneva. I am curious as to which would be a better fit if i want to work in development policy. Any advice would be much appreciated! Specially by someone who's studied at either of these schools. Thanks!
  6. Hi all So applications for the Fall 2017 for the Graduate Institute in Geneva just opened yesterday and was wondering if anyone else is applying. I'm applying for their MDEV program. Would you all mind sharing your profiles? I'd love to see how I rank up P.S. Is anyone else having trouble with the online application? As in, not able to create an account?
  7. Problem: I've been accepted into some incredible programs and now I'm having a truly difficult time deciding between them. I honestly didn't expect to get into more than one or two programs (my undergrad GPA wasn't amazing), so while I'm pleasantly surprised, I'm overwhelmed! I have been accepted at: Georgetown University - MA in Conflict Resolution, No funding University of Denver - MA in International Studies, No funding The Graduate Institute in Geneva - MA in Political Science/International Relations, No funding Here are my thoughts: I'm primarily concerned with international conflict and have particular interest in studying genocide and the implications of genocide when looking at a conflict (hope this isn't too vague). Alright so here is what I'm considering so far, U. Denver and Georgetown are basically the same price, and IHEID might be cheaper unless cost of living proves to be formidable. However, my fiancé is going to work while I'm in school (he is a teacher), so finding a job in the United States might be easier for him. (Also if anyone has any advice on getting him a work visa for Switzerland, I would appreciate more information:D) I'd like to do my PHD later on, but between that and my master's I would like to either work in field, possibly State department, UN, or another reputable large NGO (I'm a very optimistic person). Which programs would help me with this? I know technically all of them seem to have great placement records for jobs , but are there differences in the types of jobs I could get? Would going to a European school exclude me from jobs in the State department? Could going abroad for masters also impact potential future PHD programs? I'm not really sure if an MA from Europe or the States would be weighed the same. And how concerned should I be about prestige? All of these schools are highly influential in this field, but do you think one is "better" than the others?
  8. Hi everyone! This is my second post and I wanted to start a new thread because I've managed to reduce my options down to two schools. I'm deciding between: Georgetown University's Conflict Resolution Master's program (no funding) The Graduate Institute in Geneva's Master's program in Political Science/International Relations (no funding) I'm considering the cost difference, but its not a huge factor because I have a SO who will be working while I'm in school, as long as he can get a job (he is a teacher and has never had a problem finding employment). We have joked that he is my scholarship. We are US citizens so that makes Geneva a little more complicated because he would need a work visa and I believe the job market is more competitive for employers that will sponsor him. Geneva's tuition is much cheaper (8000 a year), but cost of living in Geneva is much higher, particularly if my SO can't work there. (If anyone has job leads or has gone through the work visa process in Geneva, I'd appreciate your thoughts) In general living in Geneva might be more complicated, work visa, we have two large dogs which makes getting housing hard (harder than it already is in Geneva). However, I like challenges and know Geneva would be a fantastic place to live for a number of reasons (networking in the international field, location for travel, ability to improve my french). DC is DC, networking is great, I can live just outside the area for cheaper rent (maybe even get a backyard), my SO can private tutor or get a full time job without a visa. In terms of the programs, what I'd like to know is, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each program? Are there any alumni or current students who can comment on the programs and maybe the prospects for work or PHD programs after? I'm planning on working immediately after my masters (possibly in Foreign Service) and someday getting my PHD. Would one of these programs be more ideal? Thanks for the help in advance! Also, if you have some general information that you think might be useful about the cities, living, the programs, or funding tips, I'd love to hear it!
  9. I am have applied for MA International History at IHEID. It sounded like an interesting course, and I'd give it a go if I got it, but I was curious whether or not it's been applied to in great numbers. In other words, has anyone applied to the same?
  10. Hello I am currently in my final year of my undergrad Bachelors in Economics and have been admitted for this fall 2012 batch, so basically I'll be right out of undergrad and going for my masters. I am interested in working in the International trade and development sector and policy making. International organisations like world bank, UNDP etc I have received no aid what so ever from BU while I ave a tuition scholarship from Graduate Institute, even without the scholarship it pans out to be cheaper relative to Boston. However I'd like to know is BU that good a school for economics that I should take on the financial burden and reject the Geneva Option, keeping in mind my career goal which is focussed in the International Sector. I'm leaning towards the Graduate Institute, but I'm wondering whether giving up on an American University which is quite good is the right choice? Thanks
  11. Hello I'd be grateful If people could give me their opinion regarding my current dilemma. I have recently got admitted into : 1. Graduate Institute of International and development studies (IHEID) for Masters in international Economics 2. LSE for MPA in Public and Economics policy. I am currently in my final year of my undergrad Bachelors in Economics and have been admitted for this fall 2012 batch, so basically I'll be right out of undergrad and going for my masters. I am interested in working in the International trade and development sector and policy making. International organisations like world bank, UNDP etc I really like IHEID's course since International economics is what I really what I want to do and the location couldn't be any better to network and get access in terms of internships and job opportunities with all the international organisations. Plus thinking from a financial point f view, the tuition fees are extremely cheap as compared to LSE. However LSE on the other hand has an excellent MPA programme but there are three problems I see with it: it seems to me a more of professional degree that usually people apply for after a few years of work experience and even though I feel really great in having been accepted, I really don't know whether it's the right degree to do without any work experience. Secondly it doesn't leave the possibility of an econ phd open for me. Not like I have an plans, since I definitely want to work after my masters for a few years, but I'd still want to keep that option open. Lastly it's highly expensive as compared to IHEID. So what I'd really like to know is whether if I decide to go for IHEID will I be giving up on a really good offer? Which of the two degrees are a better fit for me right now nd open up the job prospects in the field I want to work in? Thanks
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