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Found 21 results

  1. Financial generosity and aid is one of the most important factors that we consider when we apply and make our decisions. I am hoping to start a thread where we post about programs that give out generous funding. This thread will be resourceful to the future applicants who want to know about the schools and their aid policy. Let's compile it in this format - School and Program: Financial aid info: (for example, based on what you've heard about the program and what you've seen. info like only 1-2 people gets full ride, everyone gets minimum 15k, everyone gets full ride etc. of that sort) In the program/Accepted?: Yes/No (if possible with your aid info as well)
  2. Hi all! I'm currently making the decision today and tomorrow whether to accept my offer of admission to SAIS Europe w 20k yearly scholarship or wait a year to reapply for SIPA (they didn't consider me for aid as they said I didn't ask for it), apply for Kennedy, and then maybe Princeton or dual degree programs. A bit of background on me, I went to a top 3 US college and ivy for undergrad. Pulled an A range GPA with a history degree and special economics concentration. Went to work in consulting after college, but that unfortunately took me down the wrong road, and now I'm in a career I truly hate and that lacks valuable experience or prestige: tech and ops consulting. I've only been out of college since may of 2019 and love where I live in NYC and friends, but am actively depressed by my job. A policy degree has always been my goal and dream, but I decided to apply a year early in sort of a rushed manner during covid, and only applied to Columbia and JHU and was admitted to both. I'm wondering if it's worth deferring or saying no and suffering another year in a dead end job, just to have the opportunity to get my GRE score up from a V:167 Q:158 Essay: 5.5 to be able to reapply and mull over a dual degree. For reference, I'm looking to work in political risk, economic consulting, or just anything more international trade and globalization focused after Graduation in NYC. I'm also considering working in-house at a financial services firm or tech company in a more politically focused role or strategy role. Thank you all! Being tortured by this decision. I was more excited about Johns Hopkins at first, but after examining the student body, it just doesn't seem as accomplished as Harvard or SIPA.
  3. Hello! Haven't seen any other threads about Canadian applicants for international affairs grad programs. I have applied to Balsillie (BSIA) PhD and am waiting to hear back!
  4. Hi all, I've been accepted to the MSc in Global Affairs at the SPS in NYU. Super excited and happy when I got the offer. I love NY and living there has been a dream of mine so I'm very inclined to accept the offer. My goal is also to work in policy analysis and/or counter-terrorism/violent extremism in a think tank, NGO, international organization etc. But my concerns are: 1) the cost: I'll have to take a loan of $80k-100k to cover tuition, living expenses + everything. BIG deal. 2) I'd want to stay in the US to work. What would my chances be to find work in NY or anywhere in the US as a Canadian citizen with a Master's from NYU? I've spoken to 2 alumni's from the program who went from Canada and one is working in NY and the other in Washington. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. This thread is for anyone applying to the Munk School of Global Affairs program for Fall 2018.
  6. Trying to decide between1. LSE MSc International Political Economy (1 yr)2. Dual Degree with Sciences Po (International Economic Policy) and the University of Toronto (Global Affairs) (2yrs total)My background is in Investment Banking in Canada. Interested in moving towards a career at the OECD, World Bank, UN etc.Although LSE ranks higher than Sciences Po in most areas I'm concerned that I won't be as competitive without having an internship during my degree.Hoping for some help!Cheers
  7. Hi y'all. First time poster, but think it's time we have a 2018 international affairs decision thread. Me first- I work at the World Bank, and am leaning toward Fletcher's MIB or SAIS' MA. Want to work in economic development, though not necessarily for a large development organization again right after graduation. I'm trying to play the funding game- I know I'm fortunate to get anything from Fletcher or SAIS (and I'm getting ~$20K a year from both), but hope to increase that as I was fortunate enough to be accepted to every program I applied for. I would seriously consider other institutions like Yale Jackson or Georgetown if they're willing to provide a similar level of funding. I recognize I'm probably biased towards Fletcher and SAIS, but several colleagues rave about Fletcher, and at the World Bank I'm surrounded by SAIS alums. Please let me know if you think I'm overrating them, but I believe Georgetown is struggling with placement now, SIPA has a worryingly high acceptance rate (and NYC is insanely expensive), and I'm not sure Yale has the kind of ability to place that SAIS has.
  8. The title pretty much explains it. I wanted to open up a new post on the pros and cons and overall verdict of each school that is up to date. I believe the last time this was posted about was in 2015. Open to input from current applicants: Which are you choosing? and alumni: Did you love/hate your choice and why? Looking forward to this!
  9. Anyone here want to share some stats for global affairs/international relations? I am currently waiting on one more school : Yale (long shot school). I did my undergrad in the physical sciences, so I am literally swapping into a new field. Any advice! Thanks!
  10. I've applied for the MA in Global Affairs at Yale, and at the University of Notre Dame. The program at the University of Notre Dame is relatively new but, it seems promising. The wait is killing me. Anyone else who has applied to these or similar programs?
  11. I've applied for the MA in Global Affairs at Yale, and at the University of Notre Dame. The program at the University of Notre Dame is relatively new but, it seems promising. The wait is killing me. Anyone else who has applied to these or similar programs?
  12. I have 4 offers for MA in International Affairs, and I am leaning towards the NYU program(s), because NY! The schools I have been admitted to are as follows: Middelbury Institute of International Studies in Monterrey, CA; NYU - GSAS International Relations; UW-Madison; and Penn State School of International Affairs. I am currently in the process of applying to NYU MS in Global Affairs too. Here's the deal, I am hoping to join in the Spring as I am currently enrolled in a program that is entirely focused on political science although it's supposed to be an International Affairs program. What I would like to do is get into a program that is strong enough and reputable within the industry as I go back to work. The reason I am applying to NYU's MS in Global Affairs is that it is designed for professionals (it's part of the school of professional studies). Can anyone recommend this program and say that beyond doubt it is the best program for me? Is it really that different from the GSAS IR program? Also, Penn State have by far the best financial aid offer for me - the Global Affairs program does not look promising on financial aid though. I am having the hardest time deciding, and would love to have some input from you guys, especially someone who has gone to either one of these programs. Thank you
  13. Hi all, I thought I'd start a thread specifically for those of us applying to Munk and other Canadian international affairs programs for fall 2017. Topic name begins with Munk simply because that's my first choice lol Applications haven't opened yet but I figured, why not Here's last cycle's thread:
  14. Curiously, I want to know if anyone applied, stats, or heard from the Jackson Institute from Yale for Fall 2017. I thought someone would put a thread about it, but I haven't heard anything about it for this cycle, so that makes me cautious . Anyone else have a clue?
  15. Hi everybody I am applying to both Munk School of Global Affairs (U of T) and NPSIA (Carelton). I am also applying to GPSIA (U of Ottawa)...but i would say that it is my third option behind these two schools. I had a question regarding what criteria should I use to determine which program is a better overall program and why I may attend one over the other. I've already considered factors such as - My own research interest (Intelligence, Global Security) - Faculty Research (For me, Carelton wins this one) - Location - Concentrations/field designations - Tuition (20k v. 8k tuition + living expenses), - Reputation (both are stellar schools) I remain unclear on the following: - employment prospects (employment percentages) - global reputation - opportunities throughout the graduate year - co-op/internships etc. If anybody could help me out, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  16. How selective is admissions for the Doctoral program in Global Affairs at UCSB? any application advice to have a better chance at acceptance? undergrad 3.3 from division 2 school, research experience, currently doing a masters degree
  17. Hi, I'm in the process of trying to figure out which MA programme I should apply to. I'm 22 years old and Danish with my undergrad in Media Studies from an unknown Danish university (but with an exchange semester in Australia, international work experience in an IFI and a good GPA). I'm aiming for an international career within the media business or communications. As far as I can tell, a journalism qualification is super sought after within these sectors. However, I'd also like to supplement my Media Studies background with some political, legal and economic knowledge to make me more employable in either international journalism or an international organization's communications department - I'm thinking International Relations would be perfect for that. That's why I'm looking for a 2-year MA in International Relations combined with media/communications/journalism in some regard. I'm applying for the Sciences Po double degree in IR and Journalism, but I can't find a lot of other universities that do double degrees like that. There are some in Australia, but that's a bit far for me to move, and American universities are far too expensive for me. Do you know of any degrees like that in either Europe, Canada or Asia? Or can you tell me whether it's a good idea to even combine these two fields?
  18. Hello all! Looking for some advice. I´m researching programs for an International Relations Masters Degree and I want a focus on Latin America. I majored in IR and LAS at Conn College and have been working as a history teacher at a bilingual high school since then in Peru (for five years now). When I do my research, of course all the top programs pop up but I´m worried because I didn´t stay in the academic field or IR field post undergraduate I am not a highly qualified candidate. Can anyone suggest some second or third tier International relations schools that have a focus on Latin America? Thanks!
  19. Here's the situation: I have applied to NYU SCPS for the Master of Science in Global Affairs program. The cost of this degree is astronomical. I did my bachelor's with relatively little debt, but I still owe some and have no source of financial support to attend graduate school (FAFSA is my only option). I am very passionate about the IR field and I feel that pursuing a degree is the best way for me to get a job I will really love. Unfortunately, as with many careers / programs in the field, the jobs we will end up with are quite likely going to have a salary that is much lower than the cost of the degree. So what I'm trying to poll is: Is it worth it? Should I put off the degree and pursue a career in this field by other means? i.e. moving to NYC anyways- and try to volunteer or find a part time job and an internship? This would allow me to minimize my debt. Or should I go for it? Rack up the debt in hopes of finding a job in the end? Is there anyone out there that graduated recently from the NYU MSGA program that can share their experience? / Give any advice? I would be greatly appreciative! Or anyone who has pursued a degree in this field at a similar program that can give some insight? DEBT makes me CRAZY!!! Thank you!
  20. Hi, I have applied for the MSGA program at NYU for Fall of 2012. I was just emailed about a phone interview. I am curious if anyone else has applied for this program and what your application status is. Also, does anyone have advice on preparing for a phone interview? I found some threads for MSGA but they were for previous intakes.
  21. Hey Folks, I wanted to know what are the job profiles post MPA/MPP and MA in Global Affairs. Also, if the consulting firms recruit the candidates from these courses then how should one prepare for the job roles ? Moreover, I also wanted to have a comparison between US,Canadian and European MPP/Global affairs programs in terms of international mobility,salary increment post MPP/MPA and career growth in general. Thank you beforehand. Warm Regards Amit Ganguly
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