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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I'm hoping someone out there can help me make a solid decision about which graduate program to enroll in. I was recently offered admission into these two programs: University of Chicago, MA, Latin American & Caribbean Studies (Art History focus); 1 year program; ~8 students Hunter College CUNY, MA, Art History (Latin American focus); ~2 year program; ~100 students; part-time or full-time I hope to (eventually) pursue a fully-funded PhD program in Latin American art history. I have contacted professors at the schools I hope to apply to for PhD programs and they have valid points in promoting either program. This is why I'm torn between the two. They are about equal in cost (considering scholarships and living expenses in Chicago vs NY). However, I would be able to work full-time while attending Hunter. I have heard amazing things about the art history program and placements at Hunter, but I think it might also be due to the fact that they produce a greater quantity of students. The University of Chicago has a great name, but because the LACS program is small, I'm finding it difficult to speak to alumni. UofC seems incredibly supportive of its students and the campus life seems to be really rich - which I imagine to be a hard thing to achieve with a larger group of commuter students at Hunter. I'm hoping some of you veterans out there will have insight on this dilemma. Which do you think would provide better preparation for PhD applications/placements? Is a 2 year program always better than a 1 year MA? Is an MA in Latin American & Caribbean Studies (with a focus in art history) just as respected as an Art History MA? Do you recommend one school over another?
  2. I'm creating this new forum for those who applied to the Latin American Studies program at Georgetown. Please feel free if you want to introduce yourself and talk about the admissions process. Good luck!!
  3. I got accepted to the master program of Latin American Studies of the universities mentioned the one of Uchicago is a one year program and gave 1/3 fee waiver. NYU with no funding at all, 1.5 years UCSD basically the same, 2 years Tulane, 2 years, full fellowship for the first year and possibly continues to the second year really not sure about which to go, they all seem to be good schools. I was not a native English speaker and am afraid that studying in Uchi may be too stressful. NYU is also good and seems to have better reputation than tulane, but too expensive. never been to NOLA, could be a fun and brand new place for my experience so if anyone can give suggestions and help me make a decision?
  4. This is my first post so I'm a little nervous but I'm willing to get some feedback. I am a graduating senior from a small women's college, graduating with majors in Japanese Studies, Spanish and Graphic Design. I am fluent in Spanish, know some French and Japanese. I have two professional internships that I've done and volunteered with organizations to interpret in the surrounding area with Latin American families. I have a regional interest in Central America, specifically in El Salvador with research interests in immigration, indigenous people, folklore and oral traditions, gang involvement in Central American Countries, Civil war movements and their portrayal through media and propaganda. GPA: 3.7 overall (3.6 Japanese Studies and Spanish and a 3.7 in Graphic Design) GRE: taking it on Oct. 7th, so I'm not too sure how well that will be. I have one recommendation from a historian, one possibly by a Dean and another by professor I've known and worked. I’m applying to UCSD, UCLA, U of Texas-Austin, and Columbia University for a Master’s in Latin American Studies. I’m also thinking of possibly applying to the PhD program at UC Santa Cruz but I’m unsure and applying to UC Berkeley for an Asian Studies Master’s. If anyone has insight to any of these programs, schools, or suggestions, please let me know. I'm open to discussion and any helpful tips.
  5. Hello, this is my first post - I recently graduated from UC Berkeley with 3 majors: Political Science, Latin American Studies, Spanish Literature. My research interests are in post-cold war politics, theories of democracy, contemporary social movements and neoliberalism - I particularly focus on post-Pinochet Chile and the most recent waves of social mobilizations. I would be interested in studying new technologies/media (their use in social protests), subnational challenges to the neoliberal status quo and the ideological/intellectual left in Latin America. Personal Background: first generation, low-income, part indigenous. I lived in Argentina/Mexico for 13 years, studied 2 years in Chile (U of Chile, PUC), one summer in France (sociology) and I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese, some French. Worked 20-30 hours during the school year so I didn't have as much time to dedicate myself to research projects but I have solid literature reviews, observational research from Chile (I heavily participated in the 2011-12 student movement) and term papers on the subject. My overall GPA is 3.55 (a little low?) major GPA's are: 3.5 (PS), 4.0 (LAS) & 3.45 (Spanish Lit). GRE: 85th Percentile (trying to improve it up to 90th percentile) Recommendations: very great from 2 historians, one from a literature professor/director of Chile program. I don't feel like my stats are strong enough to apply directly to a top PhD program. My training in research methodologies is not as strong as I'd like it to be either - so i'm applying for MA programs to strengthen my application, gain more research experience and then apply for a PhD in either Political Science, History or Sociology at Berkeley, U of Chicago, Columbia, Yale, Stanford, NYU. My fiancé just committed to Harvard for her PhD so somewhere on the east coast is preferable. MA Choices: Latin American Studies Georgetown U of Texas Austin U of Chicago NYU UC San Diego UCLA Anyone apply to these recently? What does your funding look like? Others doing similar MA-then PhD track to strengthen their prospects? Should I take a chance and apply to PhD programs as well? Or other potential schools that may be a fit? (Anyone attend Tulane, U of North Carolina?)
  6. Now that most applications have been sent in I was wondering what your results are and what your focus is within Latin American Studies. I sent applications to: UT Austin (rejected) UCLA (No response yet) UCSB (No response yet, but I received an invitation from the program director to visit the campus in early April) UCSD (Accepted and being considered for financial assistance) University of Arizona (No response yet) University of Florida (No response yet) I will focus on the effects of globalization and neoliberal policies on the indigenous communities of Oaxaca, Mexico and its effects on immigration. I will graduate in April with a BA in English. I did live in Oaxaca for four years.
  7. Hi Everybody! I had been accepted to Spanish (Latin American Studies) PhD programs in U . Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Ohio State University (Columbus). Both with funding and great professors in my area of interest. Does anyone has any thoughts about which option could be more interesting?? It will really help! Thanks!
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