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  1. Hey Everyone! incoming 2nd year MFA CW student here! I have decided to take the insane plunge and apply to PhD programs in Creative Writing! I wanted this forum to be a place for those of us who are beginning/ are in/ continuing the application process. 😸
  2. Hello all you creative and interesting art people and MFA hopefuls out there! I decided to kick off the 2022 MFA application season forum, this morning, October 3rd. I saw another one that had some "Post-COVID Era" kinda title, and for some reason it was posted WAY back in July. I started this thread in keeping with the traditional "MFA XXXX Freak Out Forum" format. And our world is CERTAINLY not "post-COVID," by any stretch. (I also wanted to steer it away from that person who started it because I noticed that poster created last year's thread as well, and that poster is not applying to any MFA programs at all. I don't know why he keeps posting MFA Freak Out Forum threads??? It's kind of weird. I noticed that this non-MFA applicant also seems to be trying to control the MFA conversation this year as he attempted to monopolize and belittle people last year. I'm hoping people post on this thread, instead). Anyway, keeping things POSITIVE!!!!! WHERE IS EVERYONE APPLYING? WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM? WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR B.A., B.F.A., etc? WHAT KIND OF ART DO YOU CREATE? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE WITH AN MFA? Here we are. SO... LET'S... GO!!!
  3. For those of us who plan to apply for a Creative Writing MFA in 2021 (start date 2022)
  4. Anyone hear back from this program yet or know a notification of decision date?
  5. Hello World! I was a little surprised to see that no one had started a forum for MFA Directing 2022 application season and as a long time lurker of this site, I guess it falls on me this year! Anyone else out there who applied for Fall 2022? How are your applications coming along? Where are you applying to? Any interview invites yet? Looking forward to connecting with you!
  6. HELLO TO ALL THE UCLA PHOTO MFA HOPEFULS! So I've been finding it really difficult to find info on UCLA Photo MFA applications for 2022 so I decided to make this! If you applied to UCLA Photo MFA for 2022 gather here so we can be resourceful to each other! Application Decisions/Responses - Have you heard back? (acceptance, rejection, interview....anything???) Interviews - For those who interviewed, when and how was it? what questions were asked? how long? how many interviewers??? etc. What are your other options? Is UCLA your first choice? LETS TALK!
  7. Hi! I applied to 8 MFA programs. I have been granted interviews from 4 of them so far, as a finalist. I have been accepted to two and am still waiting on the others. I have had 3 interviews so far, all skype. I am wondering how much weight does the 15 minute skype interview actually have? How much does it affect your chances? What are the most important factors in a school's decision? Is it the overall application (statement, portfolio, recommendations) or does the interview have a significant spot in determining the decision? Help! I'm freakin' out Thank you!!!
  8. Hello, I'm a non-art major international student, and I'm planning to apply for an MFA in Graphic design at Yale upcoming January. I have a BS in Genetics and I've always been passionate in Graphic design. I've been freelancing for quite a while and most of the work I've done is commercial. When it comes to my portfolio....I'm super nervous and I do not know where to start. I would really appreciate if you guys can help me out in terms of what type of work should I include (poster, book, branding projects, 3d modeling, animation, ui/ux design, typography, packaging... etc.) and the number of works you recommend submitting (up to 20 is max). I know this can be different from one person to another, but all your input will be extremely helpful to at least sort out my thoughts! Thank you all in advance and wishing all a fruitful admission season *virtual hugs*
  9. What would your dream art university look like? • Studio Space • Art Business courses • Interdisciplinary art courses
  10. What would your dream art university look like? • Studio Space • Art Business courses • Interdisciplinary art courses
  11. I'm going to be applying to Creative Writing MFA programs this fall. I currently have a list of six fully funded programs (I am not in a position to afford grad school tuition, or to go into significant debt) and I am looking for some guidance as to whether my list is a reasonable one. I know that most of the schools listed are highly competitive, and I would really appreciate some insight on some less competitive schools (which I understand is a big ask, since I am looking for full funding). Here are the schools I have listed currently: Boston University Brown University Florida State University University of Iowa Johns Hopkins University North Carolina State University I know the most important part of my application is my writing sample, but if it's helpful at all in evaluating where I might be competitive, here is a brief profile of me as an applicant: I am a current college senior, and would be going into the program straight out of undergrad. When I apply to these programs I will be 19. (I got an AS in highschool and was able to do my BA in two years. I am concerned that my age will be an issue when I am evaluated against more experienced applicants.) My BA is from UNC Chapel Hill; I am double majoring in English and Comparative Literature (Creative Writing concentration) and Linguistics. My GRE scores are 164 Verbal (94th percentile), 148 Math (32nd percentile), 4.5 Analytical Writing (80th percentile). My current undergraduate GPA is 3.79, with a 4.0 GPA within the English major. I have had one short story published in an undergraduate literary magazine.
  12. Hey Everyone, Since it's the start of summer, I wanted to reach out and see if there were any lurking MFA Creative Writing students attending University of New Hampshire in the fall! Of course everyone who has been accepted or otherwise are welcome. 💙
  13. Yo everyone! What a wild year it's been already... Who's staying optimistic and applying to schools for the Fall of 2021? This'll be my first year applying and despite everything going on, I promised myself I'd dip my toes in the water this year and I'm sticking to that promise. The good news is that the pandemic has allowed me to really focus on getting some of my materials prepped ahead of time. The bad news is that I've rewritten and rewritten and rewritten....and will probably do so again many times before I actually apply! Are people applying this year? What do you even think the future of theatre will be? The future of education? Let's start the convo!
  14. Hi! I've gotten funded offers from both Bowling Green State University and Old Dominion University. I've drawn up a list of pros and cons, but I'm still not able to choose between the two universities. Can anyone give me some input on the reputation of these two programs? I'm aware that BGSU has one of the oldest programs in the country and is quite reputed. The faculty list is pretty impressive at ODU. Please help me, I'm really confused!
  15. I got into CalArts's and SVA's MFA Photography program this year, but I'm struggling with the final decision. To me, New York seems to be a better place to study contemporary photography and has more chances to find a job, but overall CalArts has a better reputation on this program but is located in a relatively poor location (Valencia, 30mi away from center of LA) to develop photography as an art, have a lively social life and find a well-paid job after graduation (I could be wrong about CalArts, though). P.S., SVA offers me 3-year admission and CalArts is regular 2-year. And neither provides any scholarships, tuitions are quite similar but living in New York cost about 1/3 more and needs an extra half a year to a year. Any additional information or suggestion will be appreciated!
  16. Hi Guys, I have been accepted by the following school: SVA - MFA Fine Arts program Pratt - MFA Integrated Practices program CCA- MFA Fine Arts program I am an interdisciplinary artist who makes conceptual artwork. I am open to all mediums but drawing and painting would be the least interested to me. Also, I'd love to take liberal arts class. I want to work in a gallery or a museum while making my artwork after graduation. I like the curriculum of SVA which are lots of interesting and fun classes provided; however, Pratt and CCA seem to be more conceptual. Has anyone had any advice on choosing the school that would suit my artistic practice the most? Thank you in advance!
  17. Hey any thoughts/comments would be super appreciated! I got accepted into MFA Photo program 2021 at SAIC and CalArts. Does anyone have any impressions on either school in general or the photo program/faulty/student body specifically? Anything is worth sharing. Just trying to cast a wide net of opinions as I try to make this decision.
  18. hello hello! I have been trying to decide between SVA and Parsons MFA Fine Arts. I wasnt able to find a lot of information online for these fine arts programs. Has anyone attended these programs or have any info that could be helpful. Any help much appreciated since I am running out of time to register! thank you all!
  19. Hello everyone. This is a cross-post with a topic I made in the Humanities board. I'm currently a Junior in a BFA Creative Writing program; however, I studied English at my previous college. I need help deciding where to focus my academic efforts over the next 9 months so that I'm not applying to programs which are beyond my skill-set. I've considered pursing an MFA, but after speaking with my advisors I feel that a PhD program better suits my current interests. I'm much less interested in publishing creative work in literary journals than I am in understanding the rhetoric of artistic forms and the culture/experiences they encapsulate. I've been primarily looking into Comparative Literature graduate programs (the interdisciplinary potential excites me,) but I only have an intermediate level of French; I can read fluently and speak fairly fluidly, but my writing skills are comparatively poor. I'm very interested in Showa Era Japan, particularly post-war, and the cultural exports of Japan to the United States and France, but my Japanese is very rudimentary. My McNair advisor suggested I pursue the UCSC History of Consciousness program or another program rooted in Critical Theory. I really took to the whole 'liberal arts' thing and waded into every pool of the humanities (visual art, philosophy, identity, etc). My small college doesn't have much to offer me in this area so I'm researching this field on my own. I'd also be happy to focus on methodologies (Narrative and Rhetorical Theory, Marxism and Critical Social Theory, Writing Studies/Pedagogy, Cognitive Studies) so I'm open to English programs that allow me to focus on this aspect. My areas of academic knowledge are broad but very shallow. I'm not sure what level of experience in these areas I'm expected to have as an undergrad. I've only just started looking into some academic journals this year. My classes have focused more on theory and I've only written a couple of serious research papers. None of them have been in any of my areas of interest so far. The closest I've come was when I was translating Baudelaire, discussed its poetics, and mentioned its depiction in a manga/anime, Aku no Hana (this wasn't even a traditionally academic paper, more of a poetry/creative essay/academic hybrid.) Is it a bad idea to pursue academic research when I've been more trained to pursue an MFA? Would an MFA allow me to explore these academic areas without jumping ship into what's essentially another discipline? Is a bad idea to pursue interest areas in which I have only limited undergrad academic experience? Thank you for any feedback you can give me. I hope I have enough time between now and November to course-correct my time and studies towards a viable area of discipline.
  20. Hello Everyone, Not sure if this will get out there to anyone, but I am posting in hopes to gain some information or advice for the Yale School of Art MFA Photography department interview. I have an interview for their Photography Graduate program next week and I am just looking for any helpful suggestions or advice anyone is willing to give, as this is my first grad school interview and I am not quite sure what to expect or how the dynamic of the interview is orchestrated. If anyone can help or can recommend someone to talk to, I will be forever grateful. Thank you guys!
  21. Hello! I've recently accepted an offer from the University at Buffalo for their MFA in Studio Art program. Anyone else accept any grad offers from UB? I'd love to get connected!
  22. Hello Friends! Anybody else need a support group for being a waitlister? I am currently waitlisted for the acting MFA at Brown. Anybody else know if they are on a waitlist? How is the...waiting...going? I feel #manic
  23. Hi all! Unbelievably, there's no Acting MFA thread for 2020, so let's get the proverbial ball a-rolling, yes? Where is everyone in the process? I received an official offer from East 15 today, and a rejection from Brown. (Womp, womp.) It's been a rollercoaster of a day. Ha. Also, I was rejected from USC at the tail end of January. Anyone hear from USD, NYU, or ACT? I know DePaul is still auditioning!
  24. IrisR

    MFA over 50

    This is my second round applying and after the NY Portfolio Review I will be changing my application approach. It was quite an eye opener. How many fellow MFA applicants are over 50? Have you been told Universities are concerned that they don't know how to handle mature students? Worried you are to stuck in your ways and not fit into their programs? How did you convince them that you are the kind of students they desire?
  25. esa10

    Goldsmiths & RCA

    Hello, I was curious if anyone has any information regarding how the Goldsmiths MFA program compares to the RCA CAP (Critical practice program MA)? I am an international student and have not been able to visit because of the pandemic, but have been accepted into both. I am probably going to defer because of the travel limits/safety issues but need to make a decision beforehand. From what I understand goldsmiths has more space and is very conceptual, and the rca is very prestigious but the CAP program also seems to be very conceptual. I have looked through all their program specifications and professors for both, but am curious to hear other first hand info about the campus, courses, etc? Any information would be helpful! Thanks.
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