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  1. Hey everyone! Anyone thinking of applying to MPH programs in Canada for 2021? Share what schools you are interested in, your stats + experiences! And we can discuss!!!
  2. Me: MPH for health policy and management concentration. Submitted my application on sophas around Jan.26. Find that GPH has extended its ddl to Mar.15. Can't stop checking my email these days as my anxiety intensified. Anyway, wish me and everyone good luck.
  3. Hi! So I applied for a bunch of mph programs in Canada for 2022 and one of my references was taking forever to send me his professional email address so I submitted his personal email address as that’s our primary mode of communication and he claims not to check his professional email as often, he has since submitted the references and now i’m starting to panic because I noticed that some programs state that references from personal email addresses are not acceptable. I’m wondering what to do now, do I send an email to the program or have my reference email the program using his professional email to let them know he’s a legitimate person??
  4. This is june , so application for 2022 would be open by October. What schools are you applying to?
  5. I can't decide between UTHSC, TAMU, and UAB for an online MPH program. If anyone has more information on these schools I would greatly appreciate it, I am finding very little to mixed info online. Which school is more competitive and has the better program?
  6. Need grad school advice please! I got accepted into Columbia's MPH in the Sociomedical Sciences department & Oxford's MSc in International health and tropical medicine and need to pick one. For context, I've done Sociology from the Uni of Edinburgh, and am now a health editor in India. I want to study public health, specifically women's health and look at the structural inequalities in healthcare. I'm still waiting on my funding and scholarships but for now: Columbia is more expensive (big con) but I am excited with the course content and can dabble in many courses, and NYC is a more dynamic vibrant city. Plus I want to experience the US education system and hope to work there for at least 1 year. Oxford has more prestige in my home country (India) where I want to come back, is 1 year shorter and cheaper. But I have done the UK system and the course content seems more rigid and slightly dated. Has anyone done either of the courses? Any advice on what factors I should focus on? TLDR: Just got exciting offers but am confused between Oxford and Columbia
  7. Hi everyone! So I was in the PhD/DrPH 2021 Application thread and we started talking about pursuing doctorate studies while balancing family responsibilities, raising kids, and/or planning to start a family. It was very comforting to realize that so many of us on this forum were on the same boat as me, and to know that I was not crazy thinking perhaps I can work, raise a kid (and plan for more) and do doctorate all at the same time! 😅 Since it helped me feel a lot more positive and confident about my decision to keep chasing my dream, I thought I should start a thread in hopes that others may also feel empowered and encouraged to continue pursuing their academic endeavour whilst having a loving family at the same time. ☺️ I want this thread to be a friendly and supportive environment where we can help each other! 😊 To start, here is my experience so far with being a parent and schooling. My daughter was not planned and I had her two weeks before my final year of master's program started. I studied and worked on my assignments whenever she was sleeping. My days and nights were flipped, and my sleeps were no more than 3 hours at a time. I honestly don't know how I survived that year lol! It was super difficult but what helped me get through it was my daughter ☺️ I am so in love with her! I am so happy to be her mom. 💖 My daughter is 3.5 years old now and I am back at work part time. She loves her daycare so I am really grateful for that. I am so proud of my accomplishments so far but I really hope I can continue studying this coming academic year as a doctorate student!! Now if I can get the schools to give me ANYTHING at this point.... that would be great!! I am not good with the waiting games and schools being radio silent is not helping whatsoever!!
  8. Like many others, I'm weighing the options of various grad degrees that culminate in a public health career - among them, the MPH. While the MPH seems to be "the degree" for public health, I can't help but feel like it won't satisfy my ambitions to make a serious impact or fulfill my love of knowledge and science. I've been trying to read job ads to get a feel for what is out there, and so far it seems that many of the MPH jobs out there are 'managerial'. Glorified paper-pushing. I guess I don't even know what the possibilities are, but it'd be nice to think I could do more than sit at a desk 40 hours a week, making sure my team plugs in their Time and Attendance correctly, attending webinars, and applying for grants. So, I charge you, forum readers, to tell me what you think the best (most interesting/coolest/most fun and rewarding) job you can do with an MPH is, or to tell me what you do/hope to do with your degree.
  9. Has anyone else applied for the fall 2019 admissions at the School of public health, University of Alberta? Any progress on the applications? Any feedbacks you've heard from them or got any decisions yet?
  10. I just wanted to create a space specifically for people that are applying or have been accepted to epidemiology programs so we can chat.
  11. Hello all! I'm an undergrad interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Biostatistics but I'm unsure if I should apply for MS or MPH programs. At this point, I'm planning to pursue a PhD afterward getting my master's and am wondering if I'll be at a disadvantage if I get an MPH. I know that an MS will better help prepare me for a PhD because it'll be more research-oriented than an MPH, but does it really make a big difference to admission committees?
  12. Hi guys! I’m entering the fall of my senior year and I’ve just decided to no longer pursue medicine and get an MPH. Because of this I’ve taken all of the hard chem and bio classes and it’s really done a number on my GPA... my first question is 1) where can I find some statistics on MPH admissions? I’m curious on my chances of getting accepted into the programs I’m looking at and at most I’ve seen a few programs state their average GPA. And 2) what are some good ideas for work experience to get in between undergrad and the MPH? I’m very open minded but I am interested in epidemiology. I live in VA so should I pursue opportunities at organizations in DC? CDC/WHO? Thank you! Anything helps!
  13. Hi all! Title about says it all, I'm trying to decide today and I've narrowed 5 choices down to a final 2 -- Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and University of Michigan. I'm interested in human behavior and health education, with a specialty in sexual and reproductive health. Here are some factors: Emory + I went to a visit day and was really impressed - Have both a HBHE program and a concentration for sexual reproductive health under global health concentration - Expensive! I feel the material they've sent about how much the school costs esp in comparison to others has been misleading + offered me a 20k scholarship (split between both years) yesterday - but would likely be $100,000 in debt unless other funding comes through (tuition + living expenses) + my favorite school + connections to CDC, other public health orgs Michigan - missed the visit day because of COVID, have had spotty experience connecting with faculty +/- Have HBHE program, sexual health classes but not defined track or concentration +++ Offered me a 50% tuition scholarship, would likely need to take out little to no graduate plus loans for tuition and living expenses - my admission is contingent on taking and passing a math class this summer + high name recognition across fields of study Other info: I was also accepted to UIC, UCLA, and Boston. I officially declined UIC yesterday. Cost of living appears to be similar for both areas
  14. Hi, I am a physiotherapist (India) with an MPH (UK) living in Canada. I want to pursue a career in Epidemiology. Although I have a masters degree in public health from the University of Brighton (UK), I m unable to find jobs in epidemiology. I reckon its because of the lack of experience in the field. I would like to do a course in epidemiology to advance my career. Could anybody who's already in the field, shed some light on this? Also, are online courses from reputed universities as good as on campus degrees? Thank you in advance.
  15. Hello, I am a recent graduate. I am planning on starting my Master's in Fall 2020 however, I am not sure of which field to focus on. In the future I want to work for an NGO, and focus on program implementation and evaluation. I'm also interested in healthcare administration. What would be the best concentration to focus on for my masters? Also, if anyone did a general MPH, what were your career options? Any comment will be appreciated!
  16. I am preparing to apply to MPH and/or MHA programs for this upcoming Fall 2019 cohort. I have made my list of top schools, but after taking a step back I am worried my list is setting unrealistic expectations for myself. I am not sure how strong of an applicant I am on paper, and I don't want to set myself up for failure. I would really appreciate any advice about the likelihood of getting into my top choices (list below), so I can know if I should reevaluate my list. I graduated with my BS in May of 2018 from a state university in the southeast with a 3.72 GPA. During my time in undergrad I had an internship with a nonprofit public health organization, I was a research assistant in the PH graduate school Health Promotion and Behavior lab, I also worked multiple jobs on and off campus, and held numerous leadership positions in organizations. After graduation I completed a one-year practice administration fellowship in a hospital in the capitol city of the state. After my fellowship I was promoted to a supervisor in a physician practice. I have not taken my GRE yet, but I plan to take a prep class to hopefully get a decent score. I will have 2 years of work experience post undergrad in health care management experience. Here is my current list of schools I am considering (please let me know if you recommend any others) Boston University School of Public Health Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Emory University Rollins School of Public Health George Washington University Milken Institue School of Public Health Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health University of Michigan- Ann Arbor University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health Yale School of Public Health
  17. Hi all,I am hoping to apply for an MPH program for Fall 2020, and would like some advice on pros and cons of different Canadian schools/programs. I am hoping to:-Do a project (not thesis) based program-Do an in-person (not online) degree-Focus in Global Health, with a practicum abroadGiven this, it seems that UofA and SFU MPH Global Health programs would be the best fit for me.I am wondering if anyone has insight into pros and cons of these programs, or insight into any other programs that might suit my interests?Thanks!
  18. Hi all, I am hoping to apply for an MPH program for Fall 2020, and would like some advice on pros and cons of different Canadian schools/programs. I am hoping to: -Do a project (not thesis) based program -Do an in-person (not online) degree -Focus in Global Health, with a practicum abroad Given this, it seems that UofA and SFU MPH Global Health programs would be the best fit for me. I am wondering if anyone has insight into pros and cons of these programs, or insight into any other programs that might suit my interests? Thanks!
  19. Hello! I’m a Nursing Home Administrator and am in my decision process of choosing the right masters program for the Fall. UCLA eMPH and CSULB MSHCA-AP both accepted me, however, I’m not sure which school/ program is best for me. I’ve evaluated the course schedule, faculty, alumni, cost, time, and distance. UCLA has always been my dream school due to its prestige. Conversely, choosing UCLA would mean commuting to LA from OC every other week, taking Fridays off for classes, and hopefully crashing the night at an apartment so I don’t have to drive back the following day. CSULB has it’s pros and cons as well- it’s a hybrid program, so I would only need to commute every Saturday and the other half of the program is online. The drive is only about 20 mins to CSULB vs an hour to UCLA. CSULB is also a third of the cost compared to UCLA. So now the question is- which school and program should I choose and that it would be most applicable to my career in working with older adults as a Nursing Home Administrator? All thoughts are appreciated!
  20. Hi all, I’ve been accepted to two online MPH programs — Michigan and Dartmouth — and am having a lot of trouble deciding between the two. Both will cost me about the same. I plan to work full time during the program and use the degree to move up within my current field (management consulting). I understand Michigan has an actual School of Public Health, whereas Dartmouth’s program is housed within the medical school. Does this matter? Which will look better to employers (should I decide to move firms)? Both programs look fascinating but focus on different areas of public health. Dartmouth’s program is hybrid (requires 3 campus visits a year) and has a heavy emphasis on quality improvement, policy, and data analysis. Michigan’s program is completely online and more of a traditional MPH. I have one week to make a decision! Any feedback/input would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi- Wanted to start a topic for those accepted to UPitt for this upcoming fall. I was accepted to the PhD in Behavioral And Community Health Sciences. Anyone else accepted and considering this school?
  22. What factors should I consider when choosing which MPH program to attend? Or straight up tell me where you think I should go lol. I would be pursuing MPH in Epidemiology with a global health/social determinants of health concentration. I've narrowed down 3 schools: UMich-AA, University of Washington, and Columbia (Mailman).
  23. Did anyone apply to USF’s MPH or plan to go? Also, anyone already attending their MPH? I am looking for outside advice from others about the program. Any helpful info would be great. Thank you!
  24. Hello Friends, As this academic year is coming to a close, and MPH applications will be opening in just 6ish (months depending on where you're applying to of course!), I thought a thread for us to discuss, share our thoughts, feelings, fears, and the trials and tribulations of MPH applications would be helpful. I also find it helpful to know who's applying where I'm excited to start this journey and I'm hoping we all see acceptance letters/emails in under a year! Schools/programs I plan to apply to: UBC MPH UBC MSc in PPH (still need to start looking for a supervisor, how soon is too soon?) SFU MPH
  25. I am trying to decide between the following programs: Emory MPH, Boston University MPH, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor MPH, and Duke MsGH. I have been accepted into all four and need to make a decision soon! I am ultimately deciding between Emory and Duke, but I do not want to completely eliminate BU or Michigan yet. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a significant difference in the way a MPH or a MsGH (Masters of Global Health) is viewed in the job market or in academia. I am coming straight out of my undergrad and I ultimately want to continue my education after grad school (either get a PhD or possibly MD). I am interested in infectious diseases and outbreak preparedness. I was also hoping someone could tell me some general pros/cons of these programs or of their own experience. I am from North Carolina, so I know what life is like in Durham and at Duke, but I have never been to Ann Arbor and I have only spent a short amount of time in Boston and Atlanta.
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