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Found 10 results

  1. I have MS CS admits from ASU and UC Davis , I'm more inclined towards data science , which would be a better choice in terms of courses and opportunities for the same ? (I'm aware that Davis is more reputed , however there seem to be very few data science related courses and not many graduates from here seem to have taken up jobs in this domain)
  2. I have got admits from UMass Amherst for MS CS and UW Madison MS CS professional masters. I would like to work after my masters, could you please help me decide between the two based on courses and job prospects ? Please add a reason if possible as to why you would chose one over the other ?
  3. I have been admitted to the Master's in CS program at SDSU. I wanted reviews about the course, the faculty and research opportunities at SDSU CS department especially in AI which is my primary field of interest. Any responses or suggestions are deeply appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone. I got into both of these and would like to know the general perception of both of these programs. I would love to have comments on - job fairs, ease of finding internship, and overall reputation on both the coasts. My preference would lie in the program that is best revered by industry and would help me with finding internships during breaks. Thanks you!
  5. I'm applying to MS Computer Science programs this fall. Wanted some feedback on what I could consider safe and reach schools. My undergraduate degree was an unrelated field at a fairly small liberal arts school in Washington, but I've taken a lot of foundational CS coursework at my local community college (all my relevant course work has been an A and one B, but some C's from 5+ years ago that are completely outside my major at this school bring my overall GPA down). GRE Scores: GPA: My CS coursework will include Calculus 1-3, Java and C++ Programming, Discrete Math, Elementary Computer Organization and Architecture, and Data Structures and Algorithms with a a few other elective CS classes.I graduated with my BA in 2015 and have some research experience in Cognition and Learning Labs with rats and risk behavior research, but no publications. I also have a minor in Studio Art. Project-wise, I made a third person maze game for a mobile game class (group project), but don't have many other side projects. I'm involved in my community college's robotics club this year which will complete in NASA's Swarmathon in spring and I'm doing a Hackathon which I assume will give me something for a resume, but I don't have any work experience in the computer science realm and don't have any non-school related solo projects. I am a tutor this year in my school’s CS department. I have some vague interest in Human Computer Interaction fields (knowing that my art/psychology background connects), but I don't really feel like I am familiar with all of the options to rule any thing else out. I'm also vaguely interested in AI and Data Analytics if I'm a good fit, but I'm sure there are other interesting areas I could connect with. My current school list include Georgia Tech (reach?), University of Wisconsin Madison (reach?), and University of Colorado Boulder (?). I have a lot more schools I'm researching, but I would appreciate any suggestions for schools to look at more closely if I would stand a chance of getting in or could qualify it as "safe."
  6. I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2015. Since then I have been pivoting into Computer Science. My community college level coursework includes: Java and C++ Programming Data Structures and Algorithms Internet Programming (Javascript, CSS, HTML) Elementary Computer Organization -- currently enrolled Calculus I and II (III is planned) -- currently enrolled in II Discrete Mathematics (planned) My undergraduate GPA was 3.54. My current Comp Sci GPA is 4.0 (though is all undergraduate level). I'm a tutor this fall for the college's CS department, though I have no work/internship experience. I did do research in the cognition and learning labs for my psychology department in 2014-15. From my research into schools, I will be eligible to enroll in some MS CS programs. Given my background in psychology, I have some interest in Human Computer Interaction. Are there any schools that have particularly good programs for someone with that emphasis? Any recommendation for schools I should look into? Also should I pursue the MS CS with emphasis in HCI or should I be looking into MS HCI programs instead?
  7. I know some folks have received admission decisions in Computer Science, so I think it will be nice for everyone to share their profile, schools applied to, GRE score, TOEFL score(if applicable), accepts, awaiting decision and/or rejects.
  8. Hello, i got admit from WSU with no funding in form of any assistantship. I have been assigned a supervisor. The question is should i contact the supervisor for opportunities of assistantship. If yes how should i write an email?
  9. Hi guys, I joined this forum very recently (a few minutes back infact). I am looking for some specific information. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with that. I am a prospective applicant for MS CS program for fall '12. I have sent out my applications to 11 universities. I have received admission from 3 universities so far - Clemson (No aid - final decision about aid in Apr-May), RIT (USD 14k merit scholarship) and UTA (No aid - final decision about aid in Apr-May). I am however planning to apply to another university where the chances of getting funding is substantial (I read that U of Houston offered instate fees to a MS applicant from India for Spring '12). So I was wondering if you could help me with a few more names as financial aid is very critical for my MS aspirations. I don't mind doing it from a Tier-II university as I plan to do my PhD from a better place if that is the case. Here's a brief on my profile - B.Tech in CSE, 8.93 CGPA, Class of 2011, Class topper ISC - 92% ICSE - 95% Research ex - Working as software researcher in a RnD Lab Research Intern in Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Teaching ex - Part-time corporate trainer at CMC Ltd Pearson K-12 Math Tutor Projects - 8 major on-course projects on Robotics, Interactive Systems 2 live projects Awards - All-India-Rank of 101 in JEST 2011, Qualifier in Intel-sponsored National Innovation Contest, Presented paper in an IEEE conference. PLZZZZZZZZ HELP!!
  10. Hi Folks, I had got "Denied-Program Full" as the rejection reason for my MS CS, fall 2011 application. I would like to know if anyone can explain what exactly it implies. My immediate thinking says that my application met their requirements but admission was denied due to lack of slots. But then I have an alternative thought saying that there was no real need to evaluate the then-remaining applications (including mine) once the program became full. Now, which one would would you think as more applicable rather realistic? It will be helpful to hear, if you have been through the same and know the exact implications of "Denied-Program Full" status. Moving ahead, I have reapplied for MS CS, fall 2012 with Action-Dept. Decision Pending as the current status. How far would you feel this status is going to assure the admit? I need to mention that I had "Pre-Eval Dept. Decision Pending" when receiving the reject for fall 2011. As I have observed "Action-Dept. Decision Pending" is one step ahead of the "Pre-Eval Dept. Decision Pending". Cheers.
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