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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone! I haven't seen a thread about Wisconsin-Madison for people starting this fall, so I wanted to start one. I personally have a ton of questions for other people (housing options, relocation tips, what you've heard about Madison, etc...), and I also want to get to know other people starting programs the same time as me. Just for background, I am starting my PhD in Political Science. My subfields are American and Methods, and my expertise is in media, political communication, Congress, and elections. I am coming straight out of undergrad (graduating in a month!), and I am a first generation student. Looking forward to meeting more of you!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently an Undergraduate student at UW Madison and I would like to apply to the UW Madison La Follette school. I looked on the website for average GPA, GRE scores and etc for acceptance into the program but there was nothing on the website. Can anyone tell me what you got for GPA and on the GRE to get into the La Follette school? Or where I could find more info? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I would love to have a conversation with people who are going to be attending UW Madison this Fall. Let me know.
  4. Hi all, As the decision making date is approaching, I am becoming ever so anxious. I have received admission offer from JHU (MS in Applied Economics), Umich (MAE) and University of Wisconsin, Madison(MA in Economics). I am unable to make my selection. I understand there's much debate and controversy over JHU program, but being in DC does indicate much better internship opportunity. Besides, words out saying that this program is going to be a STEM program in the coming fall. Umich, on the other hand, has a good reputation for its economics department for a long time. But it seems that the placement of the students isn't very good. The MA economics at Madison is known for PhD preparation. Initially, I would love to go on pursue a PhD degree, but I just received an F for Developmental Psychology class, which makes it seem very unlikely. Advice needed!!!! Other admitted programs: Georgetown (applied economics), BU(MA economics), UIUC (MA economics)
  5. Hi, I wanted to get in touch with other students who have gotten an admit from Wisc for MS/PhD in CS Thanks, Pratyush
  6. Hi all, here types a nervous applicant who has not heard anything from all the five schools he applied for. I've been consoling myself saying maybe theoretical chemistry positions are not offered yet. Is there anyone from MIT, Caltech, Stanford Urbana or Madison who has been offered positions for theoretical chemistry for the Fall 2017 intake?
  7. Hi everyone, here's my story: I got into UW-Madison's research MA program(2 yrs), and was happy to go. To my huge surprise, Columbia gave me an admission yesterday in data journalism(1 yr). I definitely haven't thought of this, and my worry is that I would prefer to have a PhD and a research career after my MA, so would it be a waste of time to go to Columbia in my case? My friends and professors are telling me to go to Columbia (I major in journalism in undergrad) because of all the connections and opportunities, but I feel like doing research fits me better, and applying for Columbia at the first place seems a "because it's Columbia" choice. Is it good to apply for a PhD after I graduate from Columbia (with professional journalistic trainings but hardly any academic ones)? Or I should go to Madison? PLEASE HELP!! THANKS!!
  8. I will be visiting the University of Wisconsin, Madison for a school visit (not an interview). I have never really been in the cold or the snow so I don't really know how to dress for it. I assume that long johns are necessary but I don't really know what else. The email I was sent says to dress casual and comfortable. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hey Boyz& Girlz , My name is Musin Almutairi i'm a filmmaker from KSA I'm coming to "Madison wi" beginning of September 2011 , Interested in film making? Are you an actor, camera person, script writer, makeup artist, or otherwise interested in being involved with film creation? Do you live in MADISON, WI? so lets meet to talk about it Abd btw I am an independent filmmaker, so don't expect any budget in our films, we want movies fans and volunteers to work with us and we will ensure that your name well be site imdb.com , and if our films participated in the festivals you can walk with us in the red carpet, and watch our movie with your friends at festivals we plan to shoot some short films to documentaries to feature films , and everything in between. So let's create something together! Muhsin http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3539853/ Some photos from the film-locations , Red carpets , Discussion sessions
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