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  1. Hi everyone! I am currently working on my applications for counselling psychology programs this Fall. Hoping for a Fall 2023 start! It is super early but I figured these forums were so helpful last year that I'd start one for this season. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. I am wondering what institutions offer MAs in the Old Testament/Semitic languages, that have extensive amounts of Hebrew exegesis, ancient near eastern backgrounds, and even cognate languages (Ugaritic, Akkadian, etc)? I have found very few programs that offer this kind of rigor/coursework on a master's level. It seems like that you can't get to this level unless its on a PhD. Here's the ones I've found/am aware of. Any others? I'm giving a list of what I've found, but many may not meet what I am looking at (a pre-doctoral program you could go into straight from undergraduate; with possibly some Hebrew coursework in between). https://www.tiu.edu/divinity/programs/master-old-testament-semitic-languages/ - Probably the best one I've found, but the financial troubles at school concern me. https://semitics.catholic.edu/academics/graduate-programs/master-of-arts/index.html https://www.sebts.edu/academics/masters/MA_Research/MA-old-testament.aspx (not considered "prestigious" or "reputable" far as I'm aware). https://nelc.sas.upenn.edu/index.php/hebrew-judaic-studies Think they have an MA, not just a PhD? https://www.gordonconwell.edu/degrees/mats/ I think this degree would fit the academic rigor/reputation requirements? Believe that this previously offered program was folded into it? https://divinity.yale.edu/academics/degree-and-certificate-requirements/concentrated-master-arts-religion-mar/hebrew-bible https://www.brandeis.edu/near-eastern-judaic/graduate/masters/index.html https://catalog.wheaton.edu/graduate/biblical-theological-studies/biblical-exegesis-ma/#requirementstext Trying to focus on schools that would give education to prepare for academia, not necessarily pastoral ministry. Feedback on these programs I've found? Any reputable programs that I've missed? Any of these not what I think they are? Also interested/willing to hear about PhD programs that have a master's degree en route (as long as one could go directly from undergraduate). Sorry for dumping all of this. Don't expect detailed review of all of these links. I'm just trying to see if I am looking at the right places/thinking about the right kind of programs and any of them stand out as good options or bad choices.
  3. Hi, just want to start a thread for the program~ Has anyone also applied for it? I have submitted all the official documents but the status is still "Submitted" instead of "Under Review". Does anyone have the same issues? BTW I just got an update email on 2/10 saying the processing times have been slightly delayed due to COVID-19 and staffing shortages. So let's be patient and hope for the best~😬
  4. Hi everyone,This is my first post ever so I apologize in advance if I mess something up.I am currently applying to a couple of online MSW programs and I was given a full-ride scholarship at a place called Northcentral University. For background context I have a bachelors degree in linguistics, and I am currently working on a federally funded research project with a rather big researcher from the National Academy of Medicine (a colleague of my dad's) funded by the NIH. I also am a CASAC in NYS.I wanted to know if anyone has heard of Northcentral University. I checked and their program is CSWE accredited, and they are a non-profit regionally accredited university by WASC. I am interested in pursuing doctoral studies after my MSW, so I don't know if Northcentral University would be looked down upon, or prevent me from applying to PhD programs afterwards. Accreditations Thank you!
  5. Help please!! I was accepted into Johns Hopkins Master of Bioethics at the Bloomberg school of public health and Emory's Master of Arts in Bioethics at the Rollins school of public health. Both are one year programs and pretty similar costs after scholarships. I'm having a very hard time figuring out what my priorities should be when making this decision. I am from New Jersey, so Johns Hopkins is much closer and would be more convenient. But Atlanta is my dream city especially with the CDC right there. But Johns Hopkins is the better program so maybe I'll end up in Atlanta anyways just a year later but with more opportunities. I also spent 4 years of undergrad suffering in a very cold snowy city, so Atlanta is much more appealing for my mental health. Basically my head wants Johns Hopkins but my heart wants Emory and I don't know if my reasons are stupid. I am connecting with students at both universities to talk about campus climate, I definitely want to go to a supportive school where I don't feel extreme competition and isolation from my peers. I just feel like I don't know enough. Any tips or advice or insight is much welcome. Thank you in advance!!
  6. Hi everyone! Is anyone else applying to master's programs in area/regional studies in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia? Any past applicants or people currently in these programs? Also, I have a 10 min interview with the REECA program at the Davis Center this friday and was just wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should expect, how I should prep for it etc.
  7. Hi everyone! Good luck with your applications! Anybody on here applying to the above program? If so, which others are you applying to, and where are you applying from? I only know one other person applying to regional studies, and I'm looking for others to swap experiences and ideas I'm applying from McGill, and I've submitted other applications to the REECA MA at Harvard's Davis Center and the MPhil in Slavonic Studies at Oxford.
  8. Hi I have a master's degree in computer science from a while ago. Been working for the past decade or so. I am interested in studying psychology out of interest and to switch careers. I believe that I can do master's degree to get some subject matter foundation before applying for PhD (I already have the basic prerequisites for master's covered such as introduction to psychology, intro stats). I'm looking for universities in New York City area that have a master's program which can be a stepping stone to get into a good University for PhD later. I am concerned that NYU is hard to get in given my background (no research or psych related experience). How about teacher's college? Does it have good faculty/research/reputation? Also, considering master's in CUNY but I am not sure how much of a stepping stone it is in terms of quality of education and research experience and reputation when it comes to admission for PhD in a good Uni later on. Any advice/direction is much appreciated!
  9. Hey, has anyone heard back from Concordia's MA Creative Art Therapies department yet (Art/Drama/Music Therapy)? My application status still says "Your file is being assessed and we will notify you when a decision has been made." The interviews were at the end of Feb but they didn't tell us when to expect a decision and I was hoping someone on here could help provide more clarity!
  10. Hi everyone, I just want to know is MSECE program in UM specialization in communications worth doing? is there good research options and professors? or I should prefer MENG in ECE. Which course is better and has better job options later. Thanks, Daksh
  11. I believe many received MS Artificial Intelligence And Innovation admits and waitlist decisions last Friday, the 28th of Jan. I haven't heard back, does this translate into a reject? I had previously received two views on my video essay.
  12. Hello all, I applied in October 2021 a DAAD EPOS scholarship at the University of Göttingen (M.Sc. Development Economics) for the 2022-2023 winter term. I received a confirmation email back then that I successfully submitted my application on the university's online application portal. Since then, I didn't receive any other email or or hear from them any update regarding my application (on the university's portal it only says application received). Let's share over here our updates for those who have applied to this scholarship, and preferably to this masters programme.
  13. Has anyone heard back from Sciences Po yet? I had applied in the early round. Wondering if anyone has heard back from them since the date for decision is closing in.
  14. So I know its not the most popular program but anyone else applying to Masters programs in ABA? Where did you guys apply? Have you heard back? I applied to CSULA, CSUN, UC. Had one interview, have one interview coming up, and nothing from the other. Excited to know if others are applying to similar programs.
  15. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  16. Hello everyone, I have received an offer from Rhode island school of Design (Masters in Furniture Design) and from Royal College of Arts (Masters in Design Product). Both the college are well known for their quality of education in respective courses. Which one is better for an international student wanting to pursue a practical and exploratory course for masters and also intending to find a job in the city. Exposure wise I think the city of London would be better but RISD is also know for its workshop based curriculum. I would appreciate any kind of input or insight regarding the courses and the universities.
  17. Hi all, I have recently finished my GRE and got 165Q and 168V. I want to do a master’s degree in economics in the UK, preferably at the LSE or Oxford, and plan to do a PhD, maybe in the US, afterwards. Since the quant score is very important in economics, I consider a retake. My score is above what these universities expect for international students (164 in Oxford and 161 everywhere else), but I fear that I might not look like a competitive applicant with it. My grades are good, and I don’t know whether I should just focus on other parts of my application or on the GRE. In practice tests, I received quant scores from 163 to 170, but I am not sure if I could do better next time if I were to retake the test. I hope that someone has some experience with the admissions process in the UK and could help me with that.
  18. Hi everyone, I am changing career paths from dental to speech pathology. I applied to GA State and unsurprisingly, didn't get in. I have a 3.2 undergraduate GPA from Salem College (private women's college-rigorous) and my degree is a BS in Biology. I graduated in 2019. I have a lot of volunteer work under my belt, including: crisis center pharmacy tech, advanced genetics lab TA in college, Salvation Army donation collector, research and writing volunteer for a domestic violence shelter, "big buddy" at child bereavement camp. I have about 30 hours of observation hours at SLP clinics. I also have been a child caretaker (nanny) for over 2 years. What advice would you have for someone like me to increase my chances at getting into a grad program? I really do not wish to take CSD undergrad pre-reqs outside of the masters program itself (mostly for financial reasons). **Also, if you do highly recommend taking the CSD courses, do you know any online programs? Thank you SO much!!
  19. Hey all! I am applying for master's in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich. The guidelines for the CV dictate that there must be no chronological gaps in it even if one hasn't been in an educational program or gainful employment during the period. In such a case, say I am working on my "work experience" section in the CV and there is a one year gap during which I was taking a break. Then, it doesn't fit in the work experience section, right? Do I then place this under a separate section even though the timeline in the work experience section is now broken? And if so, what do I call this separate section? Anybody been in a similar boat? Please let me know. Appreciate your help a lot, thanks in advance!
  20. Creating a thread to discuss the range of masters programs for psych. Waiting to hear from: Columbia, NYU, American University, Wake Forest, Fordham. Anyone else just.... waiting...? I have been watching the PhD forums, and am thrilled to see everyone receiving interviews/admits to their programs, but I feel as though the masters programs are much, much slower. Post below any updates you have to your programs! Not sure how many prospective MA students there are out there
  21. Hi everyone! I am looking to apply for History of Art MA at the Courtauld, Beijing and Beyond: Art and Empire in Early Modern China option for September 2022 and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips for the application or just insight into how the MA is? Anything will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  22. Dear all, (sorry for the long message, but seriously - I am STRESSING BIG TIME!) I need your guys help and expertise. As we all have been in these situations before, and I am yet again in it again. I got a slight luxury problem, I got accepted to two master's I have applied to. One it the IMBRsea program, which is a mobility program, which used to be part of the ERAMUS+ programmes. It is really cool, I have been placed in Italy, Algarve and Italy again for the three semesters. I will be studying fisheries and marine habitat restauration and conservation (which are my main interests). However, I also got accepted to the Masters Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. It is a really great masters, really well known around the world, it's got the name. Unfortunately, it is really aquaculture focused, but with the specialization of marine governance I could make it more my own. Especially with the internship and thesis topic, you can really focus on where you want to work in after you've completed the masters. I've got two great options, but I do not know which one to choose. The IMBRsea programme, is great, might be of less quality, however, I am not sure about that. But it is a mobility programme, which shows that people who have followed the program are able to adapt and work in different circumstances in no problem. On the other hand, I got an Aquaculture masters in Wageningen, the name of the university might result in a faster acceptance of a potential job after graduation. Two options, one programme (IMBRsea) you will get a broader education on different varying (chosen) topics over the course of 1,5 years. And the other (Wageningen) is a well structed applied masters where you will study in depth one year, do an internship for a semester and write your thesis. I just need your guys opinion and wise words. What are your experiences in the two programmes, or other mobility Masters programs? What is your advice to me on how to make a decision, cause I have got a week to decide as I will have to make my first enrolment payment for the IMBRsea programme.
  23. College: IIT ( ranked among top 3 in India ) GPA: 7.8/10 ( 3.12 on a scale of 4 ) BSc in Maths ( 2021 graduate ) Minors in Machine Learning: Courses - Data structure algorithms (B grade), Intro to Machine Learning ( A grade ), Bayesian ML (A grade) Minors GPA: 9.2/10 (3.68 on a scale of 4) GPA in last three semesters (out of 8 sems) : 9.3 (3.72), 9.5 (3.8), 9.2 (3.68) I am confident that I can get a good score in GRE and TOEFL which I will give this year. I also have perfect grades in CS and Economics elective courses ( Database systems, Cryptology, Financial economics, Intro to economics) My GPA is low mostly because of compulsory abstract math courses which I hated and few stats courses offered by my maths department I don't have any publications but I have done some research projects in my courses related to machine learning. I will be starting my job as a data scientist in a startup in the next few weeks but I want to pursue higher studies abroad. What different programmes can I consider in the US and outside US (Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan)? I don't think I have any chance in any of the top 25 universities. I am searching for Data Science programmes or CS or Statistics programmes with the freedom to choose core ML electives and good career opportunities. Will my good GPA in the last few semesters or minors in ML give me an advantage in some universities? Also, none of my professors knows me personally but I might be able to get one academic LoR and one recommendation from my corporate internship.
  24. Hi, everyone. So, pretty much what the title says – I'm a current grad student in Taiwan on a Fulbright grant, and I have been absolutely miserable here basically since I arrived last August. The thought of leaving has always been on my mind, but with Taiwan's recent (and first) Covid lockdown starting, my depression has gotten way worse, and I don't know how seriously I should consider going back home, if at all. I have existing mental health concerns and can definitely tell when I'm going down a dark path. I've started therapy, but I don't think it'll be enough to truly help me get back on track since I've felt like this for so long. A bit of background. I completed undergrad last summer and came pretty much straight here. My bachelor's degrees are in journalism and international studies, and I'm getting an MA in international communications now. I really thought this experience would be my "academic awakening" where I discover my true passion and throw myself entirely into academia, which is really something I've always wanted. Instead, my program is full of busywork and seemingly pointless term paper assignments. Also, I'm not sure if this is normal for an MA program, but most of our time is spent making PPT presentations on assigned readings to teach the rest of the class. The professors hardly do any actual lecturing, and it's the same thing every week for almost every one of my courses. All in all, I'm just miserable here academically, socially, and personally. Sadly, though, I don't have much of an opportunity waiting for me back home because I have nowhere to live and no job lined up. I have a support network, but I'd definitely have to take out loans and take on a much more unstable lifestyle until I get things in order. I have good connections too, so I'd like to think getting some sort of job wouldn't be too difficult if I do commit. I'm 23 and realize that holding out one more year to finish this degree is the logical thing to do, but I'm finding it harder to justify every week. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I've looked around and haven't found many posts about dropping a study grant, so I'd love any advice because I really am spiraling and sitting down to weigh the pros and cons just isn't helping anymore. Thank you!
  25. I’m an RF Engineer with 5 years experience with defense contractors, working mostly with antennas recently. I want to pursue a MSEE to stay competitive and I wanted to hear about experiences anyone has with online MSEE programs, and recommendations for programs that do RF and antennas well. Some I’ve come across are Johns Hopkins EP, NCSU, ASU, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Purdue, but some feel like reaches to me. Can anyone recommend reputable online MSEE programs for RF? I’m a bit concerned with my chances getting accepted to any program, since I have a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering (ABET accredited program) with a 3.2 GPA, not a BSEE. Thank you for any info you can send my way!
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