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Found 19 results

  1. Hey all! I saw a few threads for the Information masters at the U of T iSchool, but nothing for the Museum Studies masters specifically. Are you guys out there??? I submitted my application in mid-December and my application is still showing as "submitted". I've reached a point where I'm checking my application 10 times a day and I need a crumb of reassurance that others are still waiting to hear, or have gotten an acceptance!! Has anyone received any news?
  2. I know there’s art history forum but there really isn’t a forum for just museum studies applicants this year and I thought This would be the best place for it. I have applied to like 6 places, accepted to IUPUI, University of Tulsa, and Texas Tech. I was waitlisted at University of Washington. I haven’t completed my application for Johns Hopkins but I’m submitting that as well. Anyone else stuck in waitlist limbo?
  3. HI there! I wanted to start this forum regarding Museum Studies graduate program applicants for fall 2020! I searched and couldn't find ANY forums about museum studies/museology programs or topics. Why not start here? What schools and programs did you apply for? What are some of your top schools? Has anyone heard back from the schools they were hoping for? I personally applied to the Museum and Field Studies at UC-Boulder, and then I applied to the Public History w/ Museum Specialization at Colorado State.
  4. I am deciding between Hunter college in NY, University of Glasgow and GW University. I am in the process of making decisions about grad school, and I have some questions about the pros and cons of studying in Europe vs. USA. I applied to art history grad programs with the plan of studying Medieval and Renaissance art. I intend to pursue a career in the museum world, and was wondering on opinions about the benefits of studying in Europe, where there will be much more primary source material in my specialization, or studying in a place such as New York where there will be internship opportunities for my field. Hunter has an excellent scholar in the field I intend to work in. I was drawn to both programs due to their reputation for art history programs, as well as an emphasis on work study. Hunter emphasizes internships (they only hold class in the afternoons/evenings so students can hold jobs). My reservation is that the exhibition spaces associated with Hunter are for modern and contemporary art, so I think there is probably more of an emphasis on that in the program. Glasgow does offer a work study option for their postgrads. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I am looking to apply to MA programs in the museums studies realm, but the funding has been pretty lacking thus far. I know there are programs out there with assistantships, fellowships, or other sources of funding, but I have not been able to dig any up. I am flexible to travel anywhere really, so that is not a barrier. If anyone could point me in the right direction or give their opinion that would be wonderful. I have found amazing topics on Grad Cafe regarding schools with funding for other programs, but I have not found any great topics on museum studies.
  6. I am looking to apply to MA programs in the museums studies realm, but the funding has been pretty lacking thus far. I know there are programs out there with assistantships, fellowships, or other sources of funding, but I have not been able to dig any up. I am flexible to travel anywhere really, so that is not a barrier. If anyone could point me in the right direction or give their opinion that would be wonderful. I have found amazing topics on Grad Cafe regarding schools with funding for other programs, but I have not found any great topics on museum studies.
  7. Hi everyone, I have recently been looking into becoming an Art Conservator / Restorer however I can't seem to find very much information pertaining to my current situation. I am hoping someone here is able to help me. I have an undergraduate degree in a non-related field (psychology) and would like to know what I need to do in order to become an art conservator. The only post baccalaureate program that I can find is the one year program at SACI in Florence, Italy but I am wondering if there are any other options for me other than this one route. It seems very unlikely that I would be able to enter directly into a masters program but at the same time it seems to be overkill to have to obtain another undergraduate degree. Any direction would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much, Sincerely, Kadin Goldberg
  8. I've been accepted by both Christie's Education and Georgetown art and museum program. I'm debating which one to go. Anyone have any experience with the two schools? I read somewhere saying that both are not very "academic" which is exactly what I'm looking for (yes I need a job). I also see a huge overlap in the future career of the two. I would love to hear any kind of advice!! Thanks!
  9. Hi! Has anyone gone for their Masters at the Ecole du Louvre? Especially for Americans/English-speaking students, what was your experience like? Thank you.
  10. I'm an American who wants to work in museum/cultural heritage/historic preservation and could use some input in finding the right program. My focus is history, not art. I want to study abroad in another country, but haven't found many programs that seem to fit OR I'm unfamiliar with how those Masters would work. A lot seem to be only 1 year? Do those have any weight? I do not intend to get a PhD and only want a MA. I also need funding if I can get it to avoid student loans, which seem unavoidable. I want to work with new methods of engagement and be someone that brings people into an institution, especially those that say museums are boring. I've spent the last few years aggressively traveling and seeking out non-traditional museum spaces and am inspired by the innovative ways things can be presented. I find myself being more interested in the presentation rather than the objects lately. I've also got a Latino background and see myself engaging with this large, untapped demographic in the US and figure out ways to have them included in more ways than they are now. I know the Smithsonian has the Latino Center, and I want to eventually be a part of it or something similar OR see a Latino Heritage Museum in DC one day. I can see myself collecting stories, but also love the history behind buildings and places. I would rather go to a historic house than a big box museum type because I like the personal touch and the history of the people that once lived in those kinds of places. I've got a BA in Journalism from 2011 and professional experience in the field, along with a writing project that's all about museums and history. I am currently volunteering for a local historic society since deciding I wanted to attend graduate school. Should I be pursuing a Museum Studies degree, or should I be looking into some other sort of program or field? Public History is also a big contender, and I want to incorporate my Journalism experience with a future position in any way I can. Is there a hybrid somewhere I don't know about, or a program that lets me shape my own MA around an already existing program? I REALLY want to study in another country, am I being realistic? Currently I've singled out: In the USA: Northeastern: Public History George Washington: Museum Studies Drexel: Museum Management Abroad: Marist: Museum Studies program in Florence (Which I wonder if it's even legit since it seems like it's catering to a certain crowd) Brandenburg: This joint archaeology thing that also takes place in Cairo Courtauld in the UK seems to be more art focused.
  11. I have been accepted to my top two choices for graduate study in museums. I originally mainly applied to programs with specific focus in museum education as that is the general direction I want to go in. I got into my top choice for museum education at George Washington University. I also ended up applying to a museum studies program that I came across later in the application season that is a newer program. I ended up getting accepted to the program. It is through Marist College but it takes place at their branch campus in Florence, Italy. It provides a lot of opportunity to learn onsite at the museums in Florence and learn from professionals working in those museums. Also it gives the experience of living abroad which I never got the opportunity to do in my undergraduate years. It is a more general program showing all aspects of museum work with one elective class in museum education. It also has a thesis component which I have already come up with topic for. The topic I have chosen deals with those with dementia and there are some interesting things being done in Europe relating to my area of study and being in Florence would provide the chance to see some of those programs in person. However I worry that long term, George Washington would provide me with better contacts and a clearer path to career in museum education. The program through Marist was started in 2010, so there have only been five previous cohorts. This is making it difficult to find opinions on the program. Does anyone have any insight into either programs you can provide to help make my decision? What is difficult is the pros for each program are very different from each other so it makes it difficult to make a direct comparison.
  12. Hello! First of all, I need to decide between a masters in museum studies and arts management! I applied to both types of programs and I have already been accepted into each. I am not really sure how I am going to make this decision for the fall. I have some really good schools and programs to decide between and if anyone has any information about them, I would love to hear it. I went to UCSC for undergrad but I would like to move to Washington D.C. for graduate school because I really like the art history museums there. I am not exactly sure what career I am pursuing but I think I am interested in development or public relations for a museum. These are the programs I'm deciding between so any input would be greatly appreciated! Georgetown University Master's in Art and Museum Studies American University Master's in Arts Management Johns Hopkins University Master's in Museum Studies (Online) George Washington University Master's in Museum Studies George Mason University Master's in Arts Management John F. Kennedy University Master's in Museum Studies and MBA Combined Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!
  13. Does anyone have any information or opinions on Seton Hall's Museum Professions Program? Also, where is a good/affordable/safe place to live that would be in between South Orange and NYC?
  14. What are some good MA Art History fellowships in the Boston area?
  15. Hello! I am applying to Public History and Archives programs for fall 2016. Where can I find some good scholarships and/or grants? Also, should I even start applying for the scholarships if I have not been accepted by the schools yet? Thanks!
  16. Advice Please! Trying to choose between two museum focused programs. The first is the museum anthropology program at Denver University which offered me a significant amount of funding and the second is the University of Washington's Museum studies program- no funding but the program is horribly expensive. Both are M.As and the University of Denver doesn't offer an Phd In Anthropology. I have a background in both Art History and Anthropology with experience researching and doing administrative work in museums. I ultimately want to work in collections management in a museum and depending on that possibly get a phd in cultural anthropology with a focus on museums as a cultural institution. I don't know which program to choose as both have their drawbacks and advantages and I need to decide by March 30th. I am visting both programs at the end of March I would love some help and feedback Thanks!
  17. Hey, new to this forum and my naivete on the topic is going to come across really quickly. I'm in the very early stages of considering a masters after working for several years in journalism and now, due to lack of job stability and progress, needing to get out. (Not that I think grad school is an answer to the job stability thing, but I want a new direction.) Through my work I've written about several museum exhibits, talking to curators and other professionals in the field, and I've always been very intrigued by this world. Recently I was in touch with a fascinating woman who had been an editor and writer for various Smithsonian museums over the years. I've also helped a good friend work on a few projects for her Museum Studies grad program, including a "digital museum," and really enjoyed myself. I've asked this friend and others how I could go about breaking into the business of museum-related writing and editing work. No one has a pat answer but several have suggested that a masters would be helpful. It seems like an Art History or Museum Studies degree would be most relevant. I'm just now starting to look into programs. Initial Questions: 1) I'm specifically interested in writing/editing/publishing work for museums. Are there any programs out there that cater toward this? 2) Is a masters degree necessarily the way for me to go, given these career aspirations? Would I be just as well off doing a couple of internships to try to break into the field, rather than spending the time and money on a masters? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Okay, so I posted this in the GRE topics before I realized there was a whole section on gradcafe devoted to art history! My question: for people who have applied/have gotten in/currently go to Museum Studies MA programs, what did your GRE scores look like? I just took mine today, and I'm wondering if they are anywhere on par for programs such as NYU and Columbia. I'm assuming math will not be as important for Museum Studies, but what would a "good" verbal score be? Thanks!!
  19. Can anyone speak to the kinds of GRE scores one might need to get into grad school for an MA in Museum Studies? Specifically NYU or Columbia if possible? I just took the GRE today and I'm wondering if my verbal score is adjacent to others who have gotten in in the past.... Thanks!!
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