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Found 5 results

  1. I'm trying to decide between schools for a PhD in Education and Oregon State University is the only one I won't be able to visit. I would love to hear from anyone who's taken classes at the College of Education at Oregon State. What do you think of the professors? What are the classes are like, especially if you took any online Education classes? What about the College of Ed. as a whole - is it supportive of its students? Any advice, criticism, praise, etc. that you may have would be great! Doesn't matter if you took classes as an undergrad, Masters, or PhD student. I really just want to know whether you feel you received a quality education and whether you have any complaints. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys! Anyone heading to tech town Corvallis this fall? I am going for a PhD in Computer Science. Just give a holler if you are heading there too! Let the NOOB BEAVERS unite!
  3. So yeah, I have received only one call from the 6 schools that I applied to. My POI asked for a Skype meeting on the 4th of March, 2016. Tested the whole night on the 3rd of March 2016 to find a suitable camera for the Skype interview (Webcam is hideous). But during the interview, the POI asked me to turn off my cam, so that she can see the whole screen properly. Interview began on 4th at 4.00 PM PST. She talked to me about the weather at Oregon State University and asked about how it was at my place. I replied accordingly and I was asked to start off with my presentations. She asked me to prepare 2 presentations - one on a known topic and another on an unknown topic beforehand. I presented via screen share quite confidently. Upon completing the first presentation, she said that she really liked my presentation. She asked me to take a break if I wanted. I said that I wanted to continue. So off with the next topic and upon completion, she said that she liked the presentation of the second topic as well. Her voice sounded like she was impressed. After the presentations got over, she asked me 2 questions related to the project. The first was - "Did you enjoy preparing the presentations?", to which I replied "Yes". The second was - "Can you implement what you learnt in the form of a computer program?". I replied "Yes" again and then she went on to ask me questions about my transcript. My first 2 years were really bad during undergraduate studies. So she asked in a laughing tone - "What happened in the first 2 years? The later part of your undergraduate was really good. Were you enjoying too much?" I replied to her questions accordingly with a light mood at the same time. Then she went on to ask about if I worked anywhere and also went on to ask - "If you don't get admitted to grad school, then what are your future plans?". Once again I answered accordingly. She also asked me that if I was not working at a job, then how I would be financially supporting myself. And as usual, I answered. Upon completing the interview, which in my opinion turned out to be way better than what I was expecting, she said that once I submit my programs, she would let me know of the decision. It was more like she was asking me if it would be alright to let me know of the admission result after I have submitted the programs. So, I have submitted what she asked for and now I am waiting to hear from her. What do you guys think? Do I have any possible chance of getting an admit?
  4. Hello, I have applied for PhD in Oregon State University and on Feb 16th I was contacted by a professor who was not in my list of POI. The professor said that she is looking for a graduate student in her lab and if I am interested, I need to let her know of my research interests. I responded with my research interests on machine learning and cancer research and she immediately responded by asking for my CV/Resume and inquiring if I am interested in graph theory. When I agreed with her on that, she talked about her own current research work and said that since her project goals and my intended research goals were in sync, although our work had different approaches, she would like my help with the project, esp. with graph theory. She said that I also needed to "teach" her students on machine learning and she thinks that I am interested in joining her group. I am very much interested in working with her in her research group and I have responded accordingly by letting her know that I am interested in working with her research group. Upon this, she said that she is currently evaluating other applications and will get back to me as soon as I can. What should I expect of this? Is it a good sign? I am still unaware if our email correspondence was an informal interview or was it the actual interview. Can someone enlighten me on this?
  5. I have two admission offers and I can`t decide between them. Oregon State University or University of Connecticut? Both are fully funded, both Pharmaceutical Science PhD, Medicinal Chemistry track, researches are the same. Oregon has better living conditions , UConn has better reputation and ranking. Any comments?
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