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Found 6 results

  1. I want to apply to Ph.D. programs this fall. For better or worse, I have two fairly disparate research interests, either of which I would be very happy to explore further, but which seem like they would be classified in two different departments (Sociology, and Political Science). I found a university that offers strong programs in both disciplines, either of which I think might be a good fit. Is there any reason I should not apply to both the programs? I don't think the faculty who read applications are on both committees, but I don't know if this is taboo, since I would need to write two fairly different statements of purpose for each program and have my letter writers tailor their letters for the individual programs. I hope that make sense - happy to clarify. Thanks!
  2. I got an offer from the Uni of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ph.D in Educational Research. It comes with an assistantship funding. Tuition fully waived plus monthly stipend. Received offers from Ivy League schools as well (but ! they are so expensive!). Alabama is the most generous one. The assistantship is very tempting. I haven't decided yet. Is there anyone in the same shoes? Has anyone accepted the offer from Alabama? Maybe we could have a chat or something. Thanks.
  3. Did anyone receive the acceptance/rejection notification of Vanderbilt ECE Ph.D. for Fall 2021 ?
  4. Hello everyone, I received an acceptance offer to a Ph.D. program that I may attend (still waiting for answers from others). I am an older applicant, so I'm trying to understand how my life will look like in the next 5–7 years. I will most likely have a child during that time, so I sent a question to the admissions office re leave of absence, specifically maternity leave. Their answer included a referral to the standard medical leave of absence form (that does not mention the length of a possible leave), as well as a referral to speak with my advisor and professors, and: "Although absence is understandable, professor can penalize your grade or fail you after two absences in one course. If you must take a prolonged leave of absence, your plan of study must be adjusted and your year of graduation changes." So what I would like to know is if the school even considers a maternity leave during the Ph.D. program as an option. There are Title IX rights, of course, but I would like to go through the process peacefully, if possible, when it comes to it. Should I reach out to my potential advisor with this question? Should I ask her for referrals to students who have become parents during the degree (if they know of such students at all)? I appreciate any and all advice. Just trying to understand if this program is willing to work with me while I complete my degree. Thanks!
  5. I have been accepted to The New School for Social Research's MA program with a planned concentration in Mental Health and Substance abuse, and it is a step toward acceptance into their Ph.D. program after the two-year MA, however I have been accepted to Adelphi University's clinical Ph.D. program and I was wondering if anyone had some advice in which way to lean. I am interested in becoming a Clinician and utilizing CBT and interested in anxiety and emotion regulation. Thank you for any advice you have or proving any factors I should consider!
  6. Hi guys, I am graduating this spring as a double major in International Economics and Latin. As a double major I havent been able to take too many quantitative classes. I have taken Calc I, Statistics, econometrics, and Linear Algebra. I got all A's in those classes. I skipped Calc II. My current cumulative GPA is a 3.97. I am a certified Stats, Economics, and Latin tutor. I also have been notified that I am winning my schools outstanding Economics award and am a finalist for a Fulbright Grant for next year. I am also part of our schools economics and Latin academic fraternities. I haven't taken my GRE's as I am going to take a year off but will be planning on applying for a Ph.D. program in the fall. I am just afraid that my lack of quant classes will disqualify me. I would like to apply to the Ivies, and Vanderbilt's Law and Economics program, but I know all of these are long shots. What are some other schools that I could realistically have a shot at? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks guys!
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