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  1. Bonjour à tous, à toutes! (Pasting this here as well, as it's my first time on GradCafé and idk which forum is more appropriate) I've applied to several PhD programs in French (some : NYU, Yale, Princeton, Brown, UVA, Cornell, etc.) and I'm most impatiently waiting to hear any news ... so far, the radio silence is starting to get to me. Has anyone heard anything ... anything at all (from anywhere - doesn't have to be the above listed schools)? Any news or information would be appreciated immensely! I'm an Early Modernist currently finishing an MA with several niche areas of research, so for the purpose of anonymity, I'm going to leave it at that. Wishing everyone good luck and an awesome 2020!
  2. Anyone applying for a PhD in social work? What is your story?
  3. Hey everyone, I saw a 2019 post for computational biology/bioinformatics/systems biology, but nothing posted yet for the 2020 cycle. I thought I'd get it started for this year because it was nice to read through a thread from last year that was separate from the biology postings. I'm curious to hear where everyone is applying to, and any news/tips anyone has as well. And of course staying updated once results start rolling in after the application deadlines. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Hello to fellow applicants! Any one else feel like they are going absolutely insane waiting? I know that there is nothing left for me to do but sit it out and hope that I'm accepted somewhere. But goodness, I just feel like I'm going nuts. I feel nauseous 90% of the time. Can't sleep. Anyone else? FYI: I've applied to 13 literature programs for Ph.D. studies.
  5. Hi all ! I recently was updated about a first author conference proceedings acceptance. This is about 2 months after submitting my PhD applications. Im looking for advice on this - I read somewhere that it might help to email the adcomm with an updated resume. Would emailing at this point be appropriate?
  6. Hi folks! My name is Brendon and I used this site a lot back in 2016 when I was applying to MSW programs. Since the site was so helpful then, I wanted to create a thread for those looking into PhD programs in Social Work to be admitted in 2020. I started looking into programs in late 2018 and began making faculty connections then. Over the past month or so, I've officially decided to apply. I haven't 100% decided on where I'm applying but I have a few programs in mind. Those include: (1) University of Michigan, (2) Wash. University in St. Louis, (3) Michigan State University, (4) University of Denver, (5) Hunter College, and lastly, (6) University of Washington. I'd like to only apply to 3-4 schools, so I'm currently trying to eliminate 2-3 from my list. My main priority is having a program that feels supportive of me, my interests, and my professional goals. I specifically want to work with LGBTQ+ people (even more specifically, trans and nonbinary folks), so finding an affirming school is also a priority. How are other folks feeling? Do you have a few schools in mind? What are your main areas of interest? I really wanted to create this thread as a way for us to support one another and possibly get answers! It's nice to know you aren't alone when going through this process and that there's an entire community of people going through something similar.
  7. How would you compare other schools to each other? For example, how would you rank the following Ph.D. in Finance programs: Carnegie Mellon, Michigan Ross, SFI Lausanne, Boston College, UBC, Washington University in St. Louis, HEC Paris, University of Texas at Austin, Ohio State, Cornell, INSEAD, University of Southern California, VGSF, and Stockholm School of Economics. It would be great if you could delineate why
  8. Hi everyone, I thought that I'd be nice to have a place where we can share information about the admission process. Any news from anyone?
  9. Hi everyone, I just received the PhD offer from CMU stats department, and I am so happy with that. However, now I am facing a difficult decision between choosing to stay at University of Toronto for my PhD (where I did my undergrad) or go to CMU for a new adventure. My current research interest is more about: 1. Applied Bayesian inferential methods. 2. Statistical Computations. 3. Machine learning and Data Science. And my future plan is to find a faculty position in statistics. The pros for UofT: 1. I am an international student, so staying at uoft makes it more possible for me to get the PR card in Canada, while the PR card in US is a bit impossible... 2. I did my undergraduate study at here, so I know the faculties at this university very well. And I have been matched with my preferred supervisors whom I have already worked with and felt good working with, while CMU currently did not match me with any supervisor yet. 3. There will be five years of full funding package which includes full-tuition plus 20k stipend per year for UofT, while CMU's offer only describe my full funding package for one year (full tuition + 3.1k stipend per month), and based on their student handbook it seems like the funding from CMU usually only lasts for four years... The pros for CMU: 1. Higher ranking in Statistics, especially in Machine learning and Data Science. 2. Based on the suggestions from my professors, if I want to continue my career in academia, it seems like it would be better for me to not go to the same place for both undergraduate and PhD... But I am not sure how important that factor is 3. Probably the winter at Petersburg will be more approachable than in Toronto... Could anyone give me some suggestion on how to make this choice? Any suggestions is appreciated! Thanks so much!
  10. Hey everyone just wanted to know if anyone has applied to any Canadian Public Health PhD programs for Fall 2020? I'm wondering if anyone has gotten an interview request yet or acceptance, etc.
  11. Does anyone know how many applicants they are accepting for sociocultural and related subfields at NYU this year? Has anyone heard back?
  12. This is an informal chat for anyone involved in the Piscopia Initiative. Our goal is to encourage competitive female applications to maths PhDs in Scotland.
  13. Hi all! As many of us may still be optimistically waiting to receive invitations to interviews, I was wondering if people could post the dates of interviews they know about for certain programs. This can help folks get an idea of if they're likely to be accepted or not. e.g. University of Utah - PhD in Psychology - 2/7/20
  14. Hi All - I'm currently a corporate paralegal that recently realized that I'd like to pivot to a career in mental health. My vision for a career is clear: I want to work towards a private practice that will mainly service the adult male population. I've also been working on a marketing business on the side, so I think I may want to split my time with these careers in the future. I'm extremely excited that I've finally developed a vision for a career that would fulfill me, but money is a huge issue I need to consider; honestly, it's making me question whether I should even pursue this new path. I'm already in about $115,000 in debt and I know people don't get into mental health for the money. I'm currently making about $80,000 for my current paralegal job, so it pains me to know that if I pursue a career in mental health, not only will I have to quit my well-paying job eventually, but I will likely be in more debt than I'm in now making less (at least at the beginning of my career). Assuming you think this path is worth pursuing (feel free to share that with me if that's the case) my question is twofold: (1) what degree should I pursue to maximize my earning potential while keeping my tuition low? I've looked at MSW programs, but I know PhD is in option especially when considering income potential. (2) Is it realistic to make six figures as a talk therapist or am I just living in fantasy land? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  15. Hi every one, I created this thread to share our results and our background and probably level of stress 😱
  16. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some insight into what my chances might be for admissions to PhD programs in organic chemistry. Any constructive criticism is much appreciated!! Undergrad Institution: UCLAMajor(s): ChemistryGPA in Major: 2.90, upper div: 3.0 (First two years were ROUGH--was between a 2.6-2.8 overall GPA. Third and fourth years were a significant improvement academically).Overall GPA: 3.20GRE Scores: Q: 163, V: 165, W: 5. Taking the Chem GRE in 2 weeks! Interests: Transition metal catalysis, organometallic chemistry, experimental and computational mechanistic study. Schools I'm Applying To: Princeton (my number one), UPenn, UMich, MIT, UC Berkeley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of MinnesotaResearch Experience: 2.5 years working in an inorganic/organic chemistry lab on boron cluster-based applications to organic synthesis. 1.5 years in a computational organic chemistry lab studying cycloadditions as well as transition metal catalysis/photoredox catalysis. Publications: First paper is inorganic/organic in Chem, authorship: 6/11. Second paper is inorganic/organic, about to submit, authorship: 2/2. Third paper is computational organic, manuscript in progress, authorship: 2/2. Fourth paper is a photoredox collaboration for which I did calculations, so I'll probably be towards the end of the authorship--manuscript in progress. Hoping to have them submitted before I apply!! Relevant Advanced Coursework: Practical and Theoretical Organic Synthesis, Organic Spectroscopic Methods, Organometallic Chemistry (grad class), Physical Organic Chemistry (grad class).Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Research fellowship for summer 2019, awarded by the department of chemistry. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for lower division organic chemistry courses (Summer 2019-present), tutor for lower division organic chemistry courses (Summer 2016-present), member of AXS, the professional chemistry fraternity (Fall 2016-present).
  17. I am going to save the whole backstory and just get into my question. I am a first-year PhD student, and I came to this university because my PI's research is a perfect fit. I came out over the summer to begin research early and get into the swing of things, but this is undoubtedly NOT the lab for me. I'm miserable and it is a horribly toxic environment. I have contacted both of my previous PI's and they agree that I need to change labs. My question is, how do I go about doing so? As soon as word gets back that I'm looking into funding available in other labs, my PI will fire me on the spot. He also would not give a good reference once he learns I am leaving. There is also no departmental staff that I can inquire to about departmental support in the case of funding lapse- there is only 1 staff member who hasn't quit, and they would tell my PI if I asked about anything. I don't know what to do.. I feel like I'm forced to make this decision blind.
  18. Please have discussions regarding Architecture admissions to UCB here.
  19. Hello everyone, I am going to apply for 2020 Fall linguistics PHD programs in US. My research interest is theoretical syntax and Chinese linguistics. I really need your advice on which universities are providing this kind of program and how competitive these universities are. My background: I obtained my B.A. in linguistics in Beihang Univerisity in China (one of China's top polytechnical universities, specializing in aeronautics and national defense technology.), which is not a traditionally-acknowledged prestigious university in Modern languages(Subject Ranking around 200 worldwide), yet the English linguistics of my university is famous in China with several principal investigators. I continue to pursue my M.A. in Linguistics in University College London (UCL). But it is only a one-year program and I will graduate at the end of August, 2019. I also applied for the second master degree in UCL and the program is named “Linguistics with a specialization in Syntax”. It is also a one-year program and I will be enrolled in September, 2019 and will graduate in August, 2020. Actually, my research focus is not always about syntax. My BA thesis is about corpus-based sociolinguistics. But my first MA thesis (I am working on it) is about theoretical syntax especially the Chinese syntax. The topic is “The structure of V-V constructions in Mandarin”. (Of course, my second MA thesis will also focus on theoretical syntax.) My advantages: 1. GPA: GPA for BA: 3.75 GPA for first MA: 67.8 (Merit) [In UK, average score above 70 is distinct. 60-69 is merit. 50-59 is pass.] 2. GRE: 151V+170Q+4.5AW IELTS: Overall: 8 ( R: 8.5, L: 8.5, W:7.5, S:6.5) 3. Honors: Received a third prize of “Fengru” cup (Fengru cup is one of famous prize in Beihang University, which encourages student to invent something. This is especially designed for the science student. As for art student, we have to submit the paper. The paper is in Chinese) Also received some other prizes. 4. Second master degree?? (I am not sure whether it is an advantage) My disadvantages: 1. No papers: I am still working with my supervisor on my thesis. I would try to publish it. 2. My verbal score of GRE is only 151. It is too bad. I don’t know whether my AW score 4.5 can make up for it. So sad. Dream Universities: UCB, the most desired school. But I know it is too competitive and I don’t think that I can succeed. But I think that I will still try to contact my dream professor. University of Southern California. Also my dream school !!! There are three professors whose research focus on Chinese linguistics and theoretical syntax.But I wish to know more about the detail of this program like whether it is so competitive that I don’t even have a chance. More advice on this program is highly suggested!]. Purdue. I also found one dream professor. But I fail to search enough information about the linguistics program in this university. So I would really appreciate if you guys can provide me with more details. Rutgers. I also found one dream professor. But like Purdue, I do not know much about the program in this university. Also, I don’t know whether this program is competitive. If you know more about the linguistics program especially with a focus on theoretical syntax and Chinese linguistics, just leave a message for me! I would really appreciate it! Thank you guys~
  20. Hello all! I was offered admission to two PhD programs. Program A is my top choice. The research is aligned very closely with my own interests, the funding is good, and I very much feel like I fit with this program. Program B is a really great program as well, however, the research is not closely aligned with my own interests and the funding wasn't as good. The interview with Program B was also not good. It felt like they were using scare tactics and manipulating me (they put a lot of pressure on me to make an early decision and told me I would never find a job unless I chose their program). All this said, I have solidified my decision to attend Program A. My concern is I told the recruitment of Program B I would attend the visit weekend, and nothing has been planned yet. Is it okay to go ahead and tell them I have narrowed my selection down? Also, what are your opinions on accepting an offer before you visit a program?
  21. Hello everyone, I'm starting this topic to exchange questions and help each other regarding the DAAD "Research Grants - Doctoral Programmes in Germany, 2020/21" (N° 57440921). Also to let us know our application progress. Best of luck to all of us!
  22. Hi all! Is there anyone else that has applied for Biomedical Science/Biology/anything similar PhD courses for 2020 entry? I've applied to the following: NYU Sackler Institute (US) Johns Hopkins (US) ICR (UK) Imperial (UK) Where has everyone else applied??
  23. Hey all, I'm a Fall 2020 Genetics PhD applicant for the University of Cambridge. I've had a Skype interview with a POI 2 weeks ago, and I realized that my status on the portal changed from "under review by the Department" to "under review by the Degree Committee" just yesterday. Anyone know what this means? Thanks in advance!
  24. Type of Undergrad Institution: #77 in US News, top 10 in IR (my undergrad major) Major(s)/Minor(s): Major in IR, minor in Spanish Undergrad GPA: 3.91 MA GPA: They don't give GPAs, but earned a Distinction at LSE and won the prize for "best overall performance" in my MA class GRE: 166 V, 160 Q, 6.0 W (second time), 166 V, 154 Q, 6.0 W (first time) Languages: Spanish, French (basic proficiency) Teaching: TA for intro world politics course, tutor and supplemental instructor for college-level ESL program, volunteer tutor for high school Spanish LOR: 2 glowing letters, 2 pretty good letters Research Experience: 2 years RA experience after undergrad at 2 think tanks (Hoover Institution and Grantham Research Institute) on topics directly related to my proposed research, 2 (funded) undergrad research fellowships, undergrad thesis, MA thesis, 3 "real" conferences, 4 undergrad conferences, have published in GEP, Millennium, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 1 book chapter, and in a few undergrad journals Relevant Experience: Internships at State Department and World Affairs Journal, Editor-in-Chief of undergrad journal, EB member for grad student journal, Commissioning Editor for E-IR Would greatly appreciate anyone who could offer a profile eval for 6 PhD applications (3 top 10, 1 top 40, 1 top 60, 1 international). I felt confident going into the application cycle, but with everyone getting accepted and me hearing nothing back so far, I'm quickly losing hope. Thanks in advance, and a huge congratulations to all those already admitted--you will do incredible things!
  25. Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for those applying to MSW/PhD programs. I am currently considering applying to a ton of programs to increase my chances of acceptance. I already have an MPP. It looks like most programs want you to already have a masters prior to applying. I have also worked in healthcare and health policy for about 8 years. Stats, if interested: - BS from Cornell. GPA: 3.4, but I was pre-med and took a ton of life science courses. Excellent grades in social science courses. - MPP from Brown. They do not do GPA and only give whole letter grades (no +/-). - GRE: V 162/ Q 157/ W 5.5 (V+Q 319)
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