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Found 1,499 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this site so please correct me if I am doing anything wrong. I just graduated from a top 50 university last year and got into a master program immediately after graduation. My undergraduate majors are history and sociology. But the funny thing is I am studying computer science in graduate school. But after one year's study I found CS is not as fascinating and marketable as I expected before. So I am considering to come back to my original interest: history. So the question is: is it possible for persons with similar background to get a funded MA/PhD offer in history / sociology? If I decide to re-enter the field of history, should I directly apply for PhD? Finally, is there any interdisciplinary program which can let me take advantage of my CS experience? Any advises & comments are truly appreciated. P.S. I still have a valid GRE score and could probably get a few reference letters from my undergraduate professors.
  2. Hi, Here's my SoP for applying to PhD in Astriphysics mainly in European Universities. Thanks in advance for helping me out with the review. <SOP> Being an ardent lover of science, I always wondered about the underlying physical processes in the universe. I spent a considerable amount of learning about astrophysics which predisposed me to want to get into Astrophysics research. I enrolled myself in a BSc Physics program at Ramnarain Ruia College followed by the University of Mumbai for MSc in Physics. At both the institutes, I had an experience of both education and research going hand in hand creating a stimulating environment where one gets the flavour of scientific research very early in their careers. I went to two of Astronomy and Astrophysics courses outside of my curriculum which introduced me to various branches of the subject including stellar physics, planetary sciences and active high energy astrophysics. As a subject, physics continues to dazzle me. I think my interest in physics is mainly because I have a knack for understanding the basic structure of things. I am particularly intrigued by how fundamental physical laws can be used to explain the underlying physical processes behind the formation and evolution of the universe. In recent times, I have been doing research internships focused on exploring observational and computational aspects in astronomy and astrophysics. These internships have opened up for me the fascinating world of complex astrophysical phenomena and their understanding from a physicist’s point of view Here are the Astrophysics and Space Physics projects I worked on during my BSc and MSc program: ● Stellar Polarimetry (June 2018-July 2018): As a part of the research fellowship on Observational Astrophysics organised by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) and the Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS), I worked on a project involving Optical Polarimetry, where I measured distances to the molecular clouds of Taurus and Ophiuchus using polarimetry. For this, I had used data from the data release DR2 of Gaia satellite as well as Heiles 2000 catalogue. Furthermore, I also tried to point the magnetic field directions in the map of these clouds with the same data. This project was done using Python. ● Convection-diffusion Forbush Decrease (FD) study (April 2017-March 2018): In my MSc project at the University of Mumbai, I worked on a phenomenon of cosmic rays called Forbush Decrease (FD). I studied the variation of solar wind speed and magnetic field along the FD profiles using a convection-diffusion model with the help of WIND satellite data. From the results of the study, I concluded that this is the first attempt to reproduce the complete FD profile of both types of events (ICME-induced and CIR-induced) using the diffusion-convection model. The project is under review with the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS). ● Very High Energy (VHE) detection of Fermi AGNs (May 2017-June 2017): I did a project in the Astrophysical Sciences department of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The main objective was to investigate how many sources will be detectable by the Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope (MACE) situated in Hanle, Ladakh. I used the 3FGL catalogue from NASA’s Fermi satellite for the source detection. The project was done using the C language and I used two models of PowerLaw and LogParabola models. ● Radio Astronomy Research Camp (December 2014): I was selected for a Radio Astronomy research camp held in New Delhi in December 2014 in which I worked with radio images of GMRT in the FITS format and used SAO Image DS9 software for its analysis to identify which galaxies belonged to the class of radio galaxies of FRI and FRII. The Observational Astrophysics research fellowship at IIA covered a variety of Astrophysics branches via lectures from experts in the field, mainly from IIA and some from ISRO and NCRA, along with an introduction to different tools of IDL (Interactive Data Language), Spectra Cyber, powspec and HeaSoft and gave a basic idea of how spectroscopy is practically measured and how analysis of astronomical data is done. This is precisely what made me interested in various astrophysics branches, stellar astrophysics being one of them. The PhD position at the Physics of Stellar Objects (PSO) of the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies interests me because it focuses on one of the very important aspects in Astrophysics of the Mach number. How Mach number simulation for stellar evolution provides an easy way to study the entire life cycle of a star capturing its temporal evolution, which otherwise is computationally challenging, interests me the most. I have also worked with magnetic fields for my project during my MSc while studying the effects of the magnetic field and its components on Forbush Decrease. Magnetohydrodynamics was a part of my curriculum as part of my Plasma Physics course. Additionally, although it was not extensively used in my project on FDs, I needed to have a basic understanding of MHD equations, which is what makes me a suitable candidate for this project. Moreover, the position requires experience in numerical methods. Apart from my projects in Astrophysics and Space Physics that included numerical methods, like the Trapezoidal method for integration and the Lagrange method for Interpolation for my project at BARC, I have had an entire course on Numerical Methods in the third semester of my MSc which exposed me to a number of major numerical techniques useful in Physics. The PhD position at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies suits my preference as it provides an ideal climate to pursue my interests. I believe that the kind of training that I had through my course work and internships will prove an asset in pursuing my research career at the PSO group. It would be a perfect environment for me to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in summer schools and projects to the research in an area of my choice. The knowledge and skills that I would gain from this experience would go a long way to help my aim to achieve a greater understanding of astrophysical processes and equip me with the necessary ingredients to keep working in this highly exciting field. </SOP>
  3. Hi, I am a first-year Graduate Student in Chemistry at the University of Illinois Chicago. I got admitted here in Fall 2018. I basically work on MD Simulations. Now I got an offer to study Machine Learning at Cambridge for PhD with a very well-known professor. However, I am somewhat sceptical about moving to UK from USA since I am unaware of the grad life in UK. The monthly stipend at Cambridge is also quite less. Please offer me some advice. I seem clueless right now.
  4. Hi all.. I am planning to pursue my PhD in the US for fall 2020. I graduated in the year 2017 and have been working as a Research Assistant in a lab. I don't have any publications yet and my PI is stressing me so much on doing my phd here. She is not going to give me LOR for my grad studies in the US. Also she is acting so cranky these days. I was planning to join another lab for an year but then I want to complete the work in this lab which I am doing and give it off for publication. I really don't know what to do. My applications will be badly affected if she doesn't give me an LOR. Please any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  5. A PhD by publication is more common in Europe. I am expecting a few first authored publication this year in decent journals, but I am not sure of the value of this. Thanks!
  6. alfredandozzie

    Am I Being Too Ambitious?

    Hi, I'm just looking for some realistic advice. I graduated this May with a BA in Art History and Anthropology. My long term goals are to become a curator, preferably for a mid-range college museum or gallery. I am looking to apply to grad school for Fall 2020 admission. I am in the fairly early stages of exploring programs though I have a pretty good idea of what I want from a program. I am focused on modern to contemporary art (basically 1960s onward). I haven't nailed down my specific geographic focus between African and Western so I am open to programs with focuses on both regions. I am leaning towards Western art simply because I am a white woman and the African art field seems to be flooded with people like me and that gives me pause. Regardless, the programs that appeal most to me are top ten to top 20 programs, however, I think it's important that I stay realistic with my goals so I don't end up wasting a bunch of time and money on programs that I have no chance of getting into. Essentially, I went to a low-level state school (in the UNC system) and had a really crappy first year so I ended up with a 3.3 overall GPA. Luckily I didn't discover Art History until my second year so my Art History GPA is 3.85. But I haven't really done any research outside of class and I didn't graduate with any form of honors. I do have 2.5 years of experience in the museum field and I am hoping to work or intern in the field during the intermittent year before I enter school. The majority of my experience is within registration however and I have no curatorial experience as of now. I haven't taken the GRE yet but I expect I will do well as I a fairly good at standardized tests. I know I have at least two very strong recommendation letters and a third that should also be fairly strong. The programs that really appeal to me are Williams, Columbia, Bard, NYU, CUNY, Tufts, and the University of Bologna has a very interesting program taught half in English and in French. The idea of completing a terminal MA prior to a PHD appeals to me for the chance to bump myself up a bit. Basically, how ambitious can I be? Sorry for the long read, I really hope someone gets back to me. Thanks in advance!
  7. PonderingPerson400

    Harvard Divinity School MTS or Straight to PhD

    Hello, everyone. I am struggling to decide if I should go towards an MTS at schools like Harvard and Yale or go straight into a Ph.D. program. For context, I have a 3.20 cumulative GPA and have done very well in my Philosophy classes. Yet I think that if I go straight into a Ph.D. program, I would be missing out on the education that Divinity school offers. Age matters as well, since I plan to be on the tenure track. Going into a Ph.D. at 22 vs 24 could make a lot of difference in the long run. Since I want to get a Ph.D. in Philosophy, I am wary of how an MTS is seen in the eyes of the Philosophy department's admissions teams. There is the sentiment that if I decline an acceptance from HDS, I would be forfeiting a one in a lifetime opportunity. If any Philosophy PhDs or HDS alums can chime in, I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. psychgirl44

    GRE Study Recommendations

    Hello! I take the GRE in 6 days. I'd like some advice on how my remaining time would best be spent studying (specifically math). I'm using Magoosh, and while I do great on the easy/medium questions, I really struggle with the hard or very hard ones. Should I continue practicing and mastering these medium level questions or should I focus on learning the hard ones? Also, I plan on applying to Ph.D. counseling psychology programs. Does anyone know how much GRE scores matter or how much weight is given to them for these kinds of programs?
  9. My school is one of the most competitive schools in my country, and we have a really bad time with the teachers not giving us enough grades. You can place 15th/400 of the people that graduates in a year with a Gpa of 3.5, and that is keeping in mind that the faculty in itself only takes top %99.9 th percentile of the whole country. So it is really really hard to get GPA in my school. How do i make sure people abroad understand this , and which one is more important to them, the actual GPA or the standings?
  10. Hi everyone! I'm a rising senior and I am hoping to pursue a PhD in Political Science Fall 2020. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where to apply so I was hoping some people here had wisdom to share! I'm interested in development as well as democracy/citizenship with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. How much are letters and experience worth over say, the GRE? Does anyone have any schools in mind? College: Top 50 liberal arts college GPA: 3.95 Class rank: top 4% (hoping for Phi Beta Kappa) Major GPA (Political Science): 4.03 // Minor in history and certificate in International Development GRE: Haven't taken it yet LOR: 3 Tenured professors (including advisor who I co-authored with) Awards: Phi Sigma Alpha, award for junior politics major, Omicron Delta Kappa, Newman Fellow (National civic engagement fellowship), Biehl Fellow (grant to conduct research abroad in the summer); Candidate for honors (my school is weird we have to do our thesis and get distinction in the comps for honors) Experience: co-authoring publication with tenured faculty on mental health policy in Africa (Co-Presented at ISA in Toronto); RA for 1 year (2 by the time I graduate) (NVivo and SPSS work for another publication); currently doing independent research in Ghana (interviewing civil society groups and Members of Parliament on gender-related bill) Internships: USAID program in Ghana; Johns Hopkins/Makerere University HIV/AIDS program in Kampala, Uganda; Philanthropy intern Languages: Italian (native), English (Fluent), French (working on it); Twi/Akan (very basic but I am working on this too..) Thank you so so much! PS: Have taken research methods (A) and statistics (B) but I have to admit maths is not my strength (although I'm not awful at it either!) SO any programs with a more qualitative methods focus would be great!
  11. Hello everyone ! I am an international student, applying to PhD program in Biological and biomedical sciences in USA. I would like to ask about " Writing samples", what are they? I have a master degree thesis, is it suitable to post? Should I post" the introduction, aim of the work, materials and methods, results and discussion" parts? Should i include references or not? Also, can anyone provide me with "samples" of relevant "writing samples" ? Thanks a lot
  12. My US company offered me the prospect of doing my PhD (in public health, public policy, international development or something similar) at a European university while retaining my employment. They would also pay for the PhD. My thesis would be based on a research project I was already going to pursue in my work. I already have a Masters in Economics. Would a university be okay if I only worked out of the university for the first and the 2nd and 3rd year was finishing my research in the USA? Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, I wanted to ask a question about which masters I should do to prepare for a CS PhD. My options are Data science or software engineering. I am currently an RA in a top university in a cell bio lab, on my “gap years”. This school offers part time masters so I’d like to select the most appropriate masters to prepare for a PhD. My background is Biomedical engineering, with emphasis in mathematics. Thanks for the advise!
  14. Hi guys, I wanted to ask a question about which masters I should do to prepare for a CS PhD. My options are Data science or software engineering. I am currently an RA in a top university in a cell bio lab, on my “gap years”. This school offers part time masters so I’d like to select the most appropriate masters to prepare for a PhD. My background is Biomedical engineering, with emphasis in mathematics. Thanks for the advise!
  15. callmethabreeze

    2018 PhD Creative Writing

    No forum for CW PhD applicants this year, so I figured why not? Sharing anxiety is fun. I'm applying in fiction, and still waiting to hear from Albany, Ohio University, and Cincinnati. I'm assuming OU is a rejection not yet sent, but am holding out hopes with Cincinnati and Albany. Anybody have any intelligence they're willing to share? How's everybody else doing?
  16. I am applying for the ME PhD program at Penn State starting Spring 2019. I have only contacted one professor from the department. He has encouraged me to apply but has not yet set up an interview. Anyway, I'm planning to apply. I have a relatively good resume with a few years of research and teaching experiences, several published works including a textbook, some book chapters, and some journal papers and conference proceedings. I have received my master's degree in the US so the English proficiency exam will be waived for me. My GPA is 3.6. However, I'm afraid if my GRE score is not competitive enough as I've got 168, 150, and 3.5 in quant, verbal and writing respectively. I wanted to ask my friends here who just became admitted in this department for Fall 2019 or even the recent years look at my scores and let me know if it's competitive or not. Thanks in advance.
  17. coloradobeer

    Public Policy or Economics?

    Hey all, As application season is rapidly approaching, I'm feeling more pressure to refine the programs I'll be applying to this fall, and it's proven to be more of a struggle than I anticipated, and my university graduate advisors are not the best, which brings me here. A little about me: I graduated a little over two years ago with a B.A. double major in Economics and Political Science from a medium-sized regional university (a satellite campus of the University of Colorado). The academic side of my application is definitely my biggest strength: 3.9 overall GPA, 4.0 in econ classes, high distinction honors in political science, named the outstanding graduate in the department of economics. I did an internship for my city doing some cost analysis, two years of unrelated work after graduation, and I just started a year long commitment to Americorps VISTA getting work experience directly related to economic development. I've gotten pretty good letters of recommendation in the past. All that being said, as a double major I didn't have time to take pretty much any of the math requirements for graduate econ (Calc II and stats were the highest I went). I did take an advanced microeconomics course which was designed to be an intro to grad school courses and I felt like I grasped the concepts and applied math as something I could learn. I did some independent research for professors but nothing published. Also, my school is obviously not even top 30. I plan on taking the GRE in October, my diagnostic tests have put me 160+ on both sections but who knows what will happen on test day. I'm extremely interested in economics specifically as it relates to policy, development, and natural resources, but I love how the econ methodology can be applied to almost anything. However, I was most interested in the "fringe" econ courses I took in school like experimental economics and the Austrian school (seems grad programs like GMU that have faculty doing this aren't as respected, yet still require the quant background). I was also interested in the security studies side of poli sci. I'm mostly looking at PhD programs with funding, but I'm not opposed to applying to a masters program as a stepping stone. I could see myself in academia but I also would love to work for a policy think tank or something in the private sector. I'm passionate about the subject matter and have known I've wanted to go back to school for a long time but haven't due to personal circumstances. I'm really interested in studying the interactions of politics and economics. I guess my overall options I'm weighing are: 1) Go back to undergrad, take the opportunity cost of two years of catching up in math, and then apply to economics MS and phd programs which seem to have by far the best job prospects. 2) Go the public policy route this fall, I'm not sure what my prospects for getting into top schools (pretty necessary for a decent job in that field) and securing funding would be, or if I would be interested in the subject matter (I'm not at all interested in public admin). 3) Shoot for an MBA with an emphasis in econ and take it from there. I'm also still considering applying to some poli sci programs with strong faculty in political economy. I know this is pretty broad, but I'm just looking for any advice to not go into this completely blind, as it seems many people on here have regretted the decisions they've made when it comes to choosing programs. Any advice you'd have on how to approach this, school recommendations, other options I should consider etc. will definitely help me narrow this down, thanks!
  18. Moccalatte

    No acceptances 3 waitlists

    It is March 10th. I applied for a chemical engineering PhD and received 1 rejection 3 probable rejections 3 wait lists and haven't heard back from one. Do my statistics seem low? My GPA is 3.49 for current institution, however my cumulative GPA is 3.72 towards BS in chemical engineering degree. I have 1 publication, 4 conference posters including 2 international. I have another paper and another patent pending. My GRE is V/Q/W (157-158-4.0). I have a load of research experience, over 5 years, both academic and work... I applied to: Berkeley-rejection USC- interview, said to keep the second week of march open and then they said they didn't have funds... JHU-rejection, heard from prof. UMD- waitlisted, will hear within 1-2 weeks. Columbia FU-waitlisted, will hear by April 15. UCLA- waitlisted, will hear early April. CCNY, Grove- haven't heard back. Is my application way off for the schools I applied to? Why do you think I am not getting acceptances? And what are my chances to get in this round? All I want is to study and learn and do research and I am good at it as well... Why am I not in yet? Please share with me if you are on waitlists as well and what you plan to do next if it doesn't work out this round.
  19. Desperate_applicant

    Singapore NTU PhD admission 2019

    Hello! Has anyone hear back from NTU regarding their PhD application? My friend received his offer last week but it’s radio silence for me! Does it mean it’s a rejection
  20. Hi, I am a new user. I hope I am asking this in the right section, if not, please guide me to the appropriate place. I completed by Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy (5-years course) and also earned a Master's degree in Pharmacy (major: Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology). I applied to six programs in the Fall-2019 semester and got rejected by all six. My GRE score is Q162, V162 and AWA4.0. My TOEFL score is 112 (R30, L30, S23 and W29). I have no publications but worked on about six research projects. I hope to publish two works in the next 3-4 months. I applied to Universities like University of Texas at Austin, Vanderbilt University, University of Illinois at Chicago and Purdue University. I know I was too ambitious considering that my profile is not strong. So, I don't wanna make the same mistakes again and want to apply to Schools that may actually consider me for a graduate assistantship. If any of you guys have any School in mind, please share with me. The School doesn't have to be in USA but I would need some sort of assistantship or scholarship to attend the program.
  21. Hi all, Thanks in advance for helping me out. I am science graduate and hold masters in Mathematics and Economics. An online micro masters in data, economics and developmental policy. I am a trained big data analyst with 1yr of experience in Business Analytics at reputed analytics firm and 2 yr of experience in data based policy analysis with International research institute (International Water Management Institute) as a pre-doctoral fellow. I wish to do PhD from top 20 grad school in US in subject related to deveopmenral economics and public policy. On qualification side. I have GRE score 169/155/3.0 (Q, V, AW) Apart from this I have 1 paper under review for international journal, 1 Book chapter under preparation, 2 papers accepted for an international conference and 2 papers presented for international conference. Have strong recommenders. Most of research work is around policy impact analysis. It will be great if anyone can help me with following things.... 1) Shall I repeat GRE with more preparation or the score is good enough? How important is AW score?? 2) Where can I get help for good SOP? 3) Good University/Departments for PhD in developmental economics or public policy analysis that I shall consider 4) Is my profile considerable for top 10 US universities or shall I downgrade my choices?? I would appreciate any help in this regards... Thanks again
  22. Hi all! I am trying to figure out if I should take two classes per semester for two and half years or three classes per semester for the first year and two classes per semester for the second year. The problem I also have is that my lab and where I will be taking classes is about a 45 minute drive from each other, so I have to think about my time wisely. Thanks in advance!
  23. I was wondering what do people think of Liberty University in the policy world? Would this be a good school to get a PhD in Public Policy? And does anyone have experience with their public policy grad programs? Here's a link to their program: https://www.liberty.edu/online/government/doctoral/public-policy/
  24. DanielthePsych


    I have a masters in psychology. I don't really want to go for a phd however if i do, it will be in the field of I/o psychology or social psychology. But again, this is not what I really want to do. Before I started in my current position I was research and applying to job within the realm of market research. Obviously I did not find a job in this field before academia. Does anyone have any advice on how to get in the field of market research, marketing, or any related fields.
  25. At the end of March I took the GRE and got the above scores. I know I could have done better on the Quantitative and am on the fence about taking it again. Just curious if there are any success stories with a Q score this low for a stats program. Other background info: Mathematics Major w/ Stats Minor - 3.49 GPA 3 Research Projects, 2 conference presentations (JMM & IFORS) Currently a data analyst for an adtech company working with control/exposure experiments and homing internet connected devices together I had very good relationships with my professors and they have written me glowing letters in the past I am currently looking at some schools I am interested in and their avg/required scores; however, a lot of schools do not have them posted. I would hate for my low quant score to hold me back in the application process. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks!!

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