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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, everyone. So it’s looking like my second straight admission cycle shutout. I’m feeling pretty dejected because while my GRE scores aren’t amazing, I did work hard to improve my scores over the past year. I took a Kaplan course online for 2 months and was able to obtain a 160 verbal 145 quant and 6 on my writing sample. Again, not the best, but after prepping for a year and considering where I started I was feeling ok. Did my research and looked for professors with whom I shared research interests(Japanese comparative politics), obviously due to the niche nature of my field there aren’t a whole lot of options and those tend to be the higher ranked schools, sadly. I had one of my former professors from USC(applied and rejected) who works on the political science admissions board write me a letter of recommendation, got it all in early.. and still nothing. Obviously the most glaring thing I could improve would be my quant score, I really struggle with math, but I fought very hard to raise it from where it was initially. But part of me wonders with how competitive PhD spots are right now, is it even worth it. Just really lost rn. If anyone has been in a similar position or has any advice I’d appreciate it. This has been a lifelong goal of mine and it just looks bleak at the moment. Did my master’s in 2020 and it’s just been trying to get into PhD since then.. I’m only 24, but I still feel like life is passing me by. Edit: totally neglected to mention my background, was so upset I forgot. Have a M.A Linguistics from Glasgow Uni(3.6 GPA) did my master’s in international public policy and management at USC(3.5 GPA) who also rejected me today.
  2. Hi all, I am currently applying to PhD programs. I have a bachelor's in Psychology and a Master of Science in Neuroscience. These days, it is particularly hard to find a PhD in Neuroscience, as the field is becoming increasingly popular and competitive. I am applying to 5-6 different programs - there was no guarantee that I would get accepted anywhere, so of course I have no option but to create multiple options - most of them with an autumn 2022 intake. Unfortunately, the timing is not in my favour as I currently find myself in a situation where I had an interview for my second most preferred option (B), but am still waiting to hear back from my most preferred option (A) by the end of March. I got the PhD at institution B, which I am truly happy about. However, ideally, I would love to go with option A pending acceptance. Option B would require that I confirm my place by the end of March/beginning of April. So, it could be that I don't even know if I have been invited for an interview for option A around the time that I need to provide a reply to B. If I do get an interview at institution A and it goes well, I would probably reject offer B - if I could. What really bugs me is that I am already in contact with my potential supervisor at institution B. He really supported me during the whole process and I will email him on Monday with the good news - he was asking when I'd find out and he's been really engaged and sweet. It kinda breaks my heart to imagine having to cancel option B if option A becomes feasible, at the same time, a PhD is a huge investment of time, energy and effort, and I can't help it but think about what would be best for me (which is also a complicated process, like you'd all know). I am wondering: - If option A becomes a real possibility, how to gracefully reject B, especially given that I like the supervisor so much and that, for now, I will accept option B (they'd need a reply from me very soon), but in reality that won't be my most final decision? - When should I let the supervisor know that I am waiting to hear back from other institutions - when, realistically, I have been invited for other interviews, when I get another offer (if), or now on Monday when delivering the good news that I've been selected for the PhD (it was an application through a central CDT, so my supervisor still doesn't know what's happened)? - Is what I describe above common and do students often reject PhDs a bit into the application/admission process (when they do)? - The project at institution B is a fully funded CDT, so if I reject it, the project is not going to go through. I was told by the supervisor that only I have been invited for an interview (of all candidates), which breaks my heart even more (since, of course, he would love his project to be funded and the only candidate likely to make that project happen is myself). How can I best navigate this additional complexity? - Like I wrote above, I will accept the offer (for now) because there's a lot to lose, but I will still wait to hear back from the other options before I sign a contract. I fear that my email would surely make the supervisor think that I'm accepting the PhD and actually going for it, which wouldn't necessarily be the case (at least for now). Is there a lot to worry about? I am really confused and I feel bad. Any thoughts and advice would be very much appreciated though - I am really overthinking this, and I wake up and fall asleep with thoughts about all these scenarios, emails, responses... Thanks all! :)
  3. Hi everyone,,, I got accepted only in two of the universities I applied to, but got a waiting list in another two that I prefer. However, I know that I got April 15th as a deadline to accept or reject offers. So what if I accept the offer of one university, but then after April 15th (when perhaps someone rejects their offer in one of the universities I got a waiting list for), I get an offer from that university. What would I do? Is it possible for me to decline from the first university I accepted its offer before April 15th & accept the offer of my preferred one (the one that gave me an offer after April 15th, because I'm on a waiting list)? Another question is that, one of the two universities that accepted me, put me on a waiting list for its teaching assistantships (I wouldn't be able to afford studying without an assistantship). So should I accept the offer, & wait until April 15th when perhaps someone else would reject their offer of an assistantship? Is it possible that I accept the offer of the two universities (one I got an assistantship, & one I got wait-listed for an assistantship) so I wouldn't lose any of them before the deadline of April 15th? Oh my God, what a mess!!! I'm so depressed for not getting offered in my preferred university!
  4. I am trying to gauge admissions outcomes for the upcoming admissions cycle for MA programs in international development and affairs. If you could, please include the following information in your response: GPA: GRE (Verbal/Math/Writing) Applied: Accepted: Rejected: Waitlist: description of relevant work experience and other factors: Thank you!
  5. Hi, has anyone heard anything from these universities for masters of computer science? If so, can you tell me the date and whether you are international or home stydent there?
  6. I am really frustrated. I have been waiting to hear from several schools. I emailed 3 of them and was told I was rejected. I called the 4th and they said I was rejected two weeks ago. I never got an email/postal mail from any of these four schools saying I was rejected. What the heck? All of these schools say applicants will be notified. So why wasn't I notified? Has this happened to others? Frustrating.
  7. Hi Folks, I had got "Denied-Program Full" as the rejection reason for my MS CS, fall 2011 application. I would like to know if anyone can explain what exactly it implies. My immediate thinking says that my application met their requirements but admission was denied due to lack of slots. But then I have an alternative thought saying that there was no real need to evaluate the then-remaining applications (including mine) once the program became full. Now, which one would would you think as more applicable rather realistic? It will be helpful to hear, if you have been through the same and know the exact implications of "Denied-Program Full" status. Moving ahead, I have reapplied for MS CS, fall 2012 with Action-Dept. Decision Pending as the current status. How far would you feel this status is going to assure the admit? I need to mention that I had "Pre-Eval Dept. Decision Pending" when receiving the reject for fall 2011. As I have observed "Action-Dept. Decision Pending" is one step ahead of the "Pre-Eval Dept. Decision Pending". Cheers.
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