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  1. 1) I have a high gpa (4.0), some research experience, and what i hope are going to be positive recommendation letters. Let's assume I have a concrete SoP, and my research interests/methods are in line with a respective department. Will a low gre (V157 Q150) really keep an applicant out of top programs (Harvard, Columbia, NYU, etc?) 2) If you scan the results page, I find reports here and there of acceptances at these programs with similar GRE scores. What do you make of this? 3) In response to asking for a letter of rec, a professor has asked me to send along "what I would like the
  2. Hey everyone, I´m currently analyzing my research data and am a bit confused about the diagrams based on my multiple-choice questions results. I´ve attached an example, where you can see my group "Acrobats". When I add all of the % together, they exceed 100%. Is it supposed to be like this? Or is there any way to somehow convert them in a way, so that when you add the % all together they don´t exceed 100%? Thanks in advance!
  3. Just thought a separate forum area should be made for when the cycle is over for us each individually. Just like in previous years, we can post about our profiles, the various decisions we received, and any advice or insight we have regarding the application process! My cycle won’t be over until April likely, so I have quite a wait The following format is what has been used before regarding the profile: PROFILE:Type of Undergrad Institution: Major(s)/Minor(s):Undergrad GPA: Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: Any Special Courses:Letters of Recommendation:Teaching Experience:Other:
  4. Hi all, Just wanted to plug this app by Martin Devaux (https://martindevaux.com/2020/11/political-science-phd-admission-decisions/) where you can check past admissions decisions over the years in a more organized fashion, so you can have an idea of when to expect releases for this year, COVID disruptions notwithstanding. Good luck and don't stress too much!
  5. Hi, I correlated all my study variables, and some of the demographic variables, with each other, to see if there were any significant associations. I found significant correlations between some study variables with demographic variables. For example, let's say I analyzed which type of candy participants like eating the most; and the amount of candy XY eaten correlated with participant's educational status. This would seem like a "spurious" association, as in there would be no obvious explanation why participant's education should be associated to how much of candy XY they eat. My quest
  6. Hi everyone! I noticed that threads like this don't include information about whether or not people were accepted, waitlisted, and/or rejected. If you applied during any year before 2020 and have results, please post below. 😀 I noticed math/physics have similar threads which DO include acceptance and rejection results from people. Wanted to start something similar for biology! Undergrad Institution: (School or type of school, such as big state, lib arts, ivy, technical, foreign (what country?)... Overall Reputation in Biology?)Major(s):Minor(s):GPA in Major:Overall GPA:Type of Studen
  7. Past years: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Here's the thread to submit your profile and results for stat and biostat programs for Fall 2019. You only have an hour after you post to edit, so it is best to post only when you have all of your results or have made a decision. Give as much detail as you feel comfortable with! Below is the template: Undergrad Institution: (School or type of school (such as Big state/Lib Arts/Ivy/Technical/Foreign (Country?)) Major(s): Minor(s): GPA: Type of Student: (Domestic/International (Country?), Male/Female?, Minority?) GRE General Tes
  8. Does anyone know if UPenn has send out all interview invites for linguistics graduate admissions yet? Do they notify students of rejection too?
  9. Let's share the admission decision and a little on your profile!
  10. Calling all neuro applicants for Fall 2019 matriculation! I figured it was time to make a post specifically for us to comment, ask for feedback, and post interview dates and results!
  11. Past years: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 As someone who read and used the past results a lot during the process please contribute even if you don't want to fill out all the information. You will only be allowed to edit for an hour so you might want to wait until you have all your results. Below is the template: Undergrad Institution: (School or type of school (such as Big state/Lib Arts/Ivy/Technical/Foreign (Country?)) Major(s): Minor(s): GPA: Type of Student: (Domestic/International (Country?), Male/Female?, Minority?) GRE General Test: Q: xxx (xx%) V: xxx (xx%
  12. Hi! It is 15th February 2018 and I have not received the email about the resolution of my application... Does anyone receive something? Thanks!
  13. Hello folks, I have applied to the Biomedical Engineering PhD program in Ohio State University. They had emailed me to expect decisions by Mid-March. I have heard that OSU is usually pretty much on time. But I haven't heard anything from them yet. I emailed then this week and did not get any reply. I cannot find any posts of any applicants having got interview calls. What does this mean? Does OSU send acceptances without interviews ? Other department decisions seems to be out but nothing from Biomedical Engineering. The website reads "pending". How do I interpret this ? The wait is freak
  14. A place to check on decisions, share excitement, and commiserate on bad news.
  15. Hello Please, I received this email from a professor concerning my admission results: "Dear John, Thank you for your e-mail. You are being recommended for admissions into our MS program; we do not directly admit students into our PhD program from the bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you an assistantship at this time, but if one becomes available, you will be very competitive for it. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best regards, Russell Green" What is the best line of action for me, please?
  16. Hi all- I've seen a few posts on people receiving emails saying to "check the graduate portal". Anyone know if they mean ApplyWeb? Two of my schools use that and I have only found the status of receiving information from myself, recommenders, etc. I'm particularly looking for information regarding the University of Cincinnati and Miami University of Ohio. If not, what portals are they referring to. I can't find the names of any graduate school portals for these schools that do not require you to be a student. Cheers
  17. For those who are admitted, could you guys please share info on the dates of campus visits? I think it will be very informative for applicants who are currently on waitlists.
  18. I have applied to several graduate programs 10+, and so far I've only been wait-listed by one program. I haven't heard ANYTHING from the other programs. I am a little nervous because I see people posting acceptance/rejection results, and I have not heard anything. Do graduate programs wait to make decisions on certain applicants?
  19. Hello, I was wondering if anybody has some information on a phenomena I have been experiencing in the application process. After interviewing at several schools and being waitlisted, more than one school has told me that I can expect an answer on admission in mid-March. I was wondering if this was just coincidental or if there is significance to the mid-March time? Given that the schools are publicly funded, I believed that students had until April 15 to give an admission decision if given an offer. Could it be that these schools are waiting for funding to take an additional student (me)? Or
  20. Has anyone heard back from Sarah Lawrence regarding their MFA Creative Writing fall 2018 application ?? I was told late Feb is results time, but still no word. Lemme know! if you're waiting too! we can wait together! -y
  21. I guess I'm getting pretty desperate for information, but has anyone out in the wider Grad Cafe community heard of any PhD English acceptances to McGill? I'm still waiting on my application decision and am fully going crazy. Ugh I just want this to be over!!!! Good luck to all. May we come out of this sane.
  22. Hello everybody, The time is approaching when the admission results for Fall 2018 are starting to roll out. As far as I know Ohio State University is the first one in announcing admission results. One of my friends has already received academic from OSU Economics. Let's use this thread and share our admission results for Fall 2018 Economics PhD.
  23. Honestly, I've never wanted anything more, and the past few months have been pretty hellish. Anxiety about applications was one thing, but health issues last semester kept me from giving a 100% on the most important bit of all, the writing sample. I'm applying to top programs (BPhil at Oxford, top-40 PGR programs, etc.) with the following: -3.98/4.00 -170 (verbal) / 158 (quant) / 5.5 (writing) -Good letters from people working in my AOI, but from a private liberal arts university that is unranked and lacks a PhD program -A good writing sample, but nowhere near what it
  24. Hi everyone! Does anyone happen to know if UC Berkeley already sent out all interview invitations for Linguistics (PhD, 2018)? I'm guessing by now I'll be rejected, so I'd rather find out soon enough. If anyone reading this got an invite, what's your subfield? Also, when should we hear from UCLA, UMASS Amherst and Michigan Ann Arbor (same programme)? Thanks and best of luck to everyone!
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