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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! I thought I would make a thread for those of us who have applied for MA/ME.d Counselling Psychology programs in Canada for Fall 2017! I applied to six BC schools for Counselling Psychology: UBC, UVIC, UNBC, TRU, SFU, and Adler. Haven't heard back from any yet :(. Did anyone else apply to these schools? Thanks 0
  2. Meili

    Master of Economics SFU

    How competitive is Master of Economics at SFU?
  3. SophieFujii

    Still no answers...

    The deadline for my UBC application was December 15th (around there) and my SFU one was around January 15th and it's been radio silence! I am getting so anxious. Has anyone heard anything regarding rejections from either? Particularly for social sciences (I applied for MA in Sociology).
  4. Hi everyone, I'm considering applying into the University of Alberta for Environmental and Occupational Health. For those who were admitted into the program what was your GPA? I'm just trying to understand what the competitive average is. Also, did you come straight from undergrad or did you work for a few years?
  5. , 2017 (edited) Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out I know it's still early days for admits and rejects but here goes my applied list: UBC, Toronto, Alberta, Western, McMaster, Ottawa, Carletom, Windsor, Lakehead Course: Computer Science Masters in Science/ MscAC/MAC
  6. I go to SFU in Canada and it's looking like my last semester's going to be a summer semester, ending in August 2018. The unfortunate thing is that most grad programs start in the Fall / early September. Anyone else been in the same situation? Is that too little time to finish up all the admin/paperwork I need to graduate from my undergrad so I can go to grad school right after (literally a couple weeks after I sit my finals probably)? Or is this impossible and should I just not bother and apply for the following year instead? I'm planning to apply for the MDEI program at Waterloo, btw.
  7. I am fixed between deciding between the two 1. Research Masters in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology with a full funding guarantee 2. Unfunded Masters of Information in the UX Concentration I am considering factors like - How big are university rankings as a factor when it comes to employability - Lesser financial liability will allow me to have a lesser headache in the masters learning experience, I could probably even spend money to enjoy the BC life - Toronto and VC look similar when it comes to living expenses. Any suggestions and advice regarding this would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  8. I was wondering if anyone is waiting for University of British Columbia (UBC) or Simon Fraser University (SFU). Some people have already been contacted by their POI's, anyone with official admits?
  9. Hi All, I posted the following questions in another location but I figured this would be a more fitting place (i'm new here). In addition maybe we could all post our stats so we know what our future cohort is looking like! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello! Im currently just in my last year, finishing my undergrad. Once I graduate I hope to attend a school in western Canada to get my MPH or MSc with a public health/health focus. I've heard that MPH programs in Canada are insanely competitive and i'm getting concerned at my chances of getting in. My choice school is UBC followed by SFU and lastly U of A. I've talked to UBC and SFU about average ages and GPAs/average grades of the most recent cohorts (an A- and 3.66 respectively) so i'm curious how these programs can be SO competitive with rather meh (if I can say that) average grades, how much do they consider grades... can my GPA make up for my lack of experience? My stats are as follows: -Bachelor of Nursing, GPA 3.90 (i've done a lot of my practicum in community settings with focuses on immigrant/ community health) -Various Research Assistantships with areas of research focusing on health experiences/nursing/health care utilization focuses -I volunteer in the hospital -Worked consistently throughout my undergrad (in an unrelated field albeit, however its brought some concerns regarding social inequity to light for me) -Member of the undergrad nursing committee at my school I feel like I would be able to get fairly good letters of reference and could write a pretty great LOI but i'm so concerned with my chances! If anyone has some insight that has been accepted or is in the process I would greatly appreciate it. Additionally if anyone has insight into UBC's MASTER OF SCIENCE IN POPULATION AND PUBLIC HEALTH (MSC) vs. their MPH as far as how competitive it is pros/cons I would greatly appreciate it! If anyone had advice to up my chances of getting in I would really appreciate that as well Thanks in advance Cheers!
  10. Anyone coming to Vancouver for their grad studies? I will be starting my PhD this fall.
  11. I have been accepting to two programs (my first choice rejected me) which are very different and I am having a very difficult time deciding which is the best choice. Simon Fraser and Calgary have both accepted me and offered me similar funding. I'll outline the main differences below..SFU - Master of Resource Management (Planning)-$6500 funding plus opportunity for SSHRC and TAship money which would entirely cover tuition and more-accredited planning program-co-op option-Focus is on environmental planning and resource management-research opportunities for pipeline benefit sharing agreements with First Nations, implications of Great Bear Rainforest Agreement, etc-supervisor is head of the program and has done some extremely prominent research-only 1 elective-allows me to pursue a PhD in the future if I choose to-no studios-very little emphasis on urban and community planning- no GIS or computer modelling course required-in Vancouver (I would like to work in southern BC and I am from the Lower Mainland)-more job opportunities in provincial govCalgary - Master of Planning-$6000 funding which covers half of tuition. I do not think there are opportunities for SSHRC or TAships (I will email and confirm)-accredited planning program-no internship or co-op option, but i can always find my own summer student job-VERY well rounded curriculum with a focus on environmental design and community planning-4 studios and major project-mandatory technology elective plus 2 others-could not do a PhD after-in Calgary (which is not where I would like to settle)-more job opportunities in local govAbout me:I have a degree in forestry and have a summer of experience working in forestry and living in a very small town. I am taking part in a legislative internship program with the government for 6 months currently. I am interested in natural resource management, parks and regional planning, and community planning and development.If you are familiar with BC, I would ideally like to work in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley/Island/Sunshine Coast/Okanagan. These are all areas with small urban centres and usually surrounded by forest and farmland and very much influenced by natural resource development and extraction. Ideally, I would like to work for a local government and they often would like you to be very familiar with municipal policies and community planning. I believe my 'dream' job would be to be a Parks Planner or Land Use Planner in one of these areas and also have broad enough experience to have input into community plans and development.SO my question is... Do you think it would be better to go to a school which places more emphasis on 'community planning' rather than resource management if I would like to work for a municipality? Or should I take all the experiences I would get with SFU, in a city I would like to live in, and cross my fingers I can find a co-op in a municipality? One other option I have been considering is going to SFU and if I have a hard time breaking into the municipalities, then take a graduate diploma in urban studies or applied planning... though that is more time and money..Thoughts??
  12. Hi, I have applied to quite a few Masters and PhD in Economics, and so far I have only received two responses, both which were somewhat positive, an admission offer from SFU with a $21,000 scholarship and an admission offer from Bocconi. Now, my problem is that Bocconi expect an answer before March 11th and SFU by then end of the month. I am still waiting for Cornell, UBC, and the University of Zurich (I sent that one very late, like 2-3 weeks ago). I honestly don't know what to do. Should I email them and let them know of my other deadlines (and offers?), and see if they can give me an idea of where my application is at? What about those two offers, how do these two universities compare? I heard bad things about Milan, how does the quality of life of those two places compare? I should add that I plan on pursuing a Ph.D after I am done with my Masters.
  13. e8180kimo

    SFU Education Tec PhD

    Just got admitted in this program, education technology and learning design, but the letter doesn't mention any funding, which is weird for doctoral study. Their website does mention PhD student may be eligible for 18k per year and up to 2 years. I'm an international student btw. Anyone is also got the admission?
  14. lovedeep

    CS PhD at UBC or SFU

    Has anyone heard from UBC or SFU for CS PhD admissions? Not interviews, accept letters. How normal is it for UBC and SFU to conduct interviews for admission? Are the interviews for international students mainly?
  15. Hi All Im applying for an MPH at the following universities: 1. population health at UBC 2. health promotion at UofT 3. Health policy at UofA 4. mph at SFU My specs: I graduated form Queen's University in biology with a 3.7 GPA in the last two years and overal cGPA of a 3.0. I have some volunteer experience in health but no professional designation. I took a year off but worked in a bank, so completely unrelated. Im wondering what people are applying for and what their specs are. Lets get this thread going!

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