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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all! So I have been accepted to UCLA and UC Irvine's Spanish programs as a PhD student. I visited both programs last month, and was really impressed by UC Irvine, and slightly less impressed by UCLA. UC Irvine's faculty made a huge effort to get to know us and answer our concerns. The DGS spent the whole entire day with us, even driving us to the beach to ensure those of us who traveled far would still be able to touch the Pacific. We spent lots of time with current grad students who were SO friendly, giving us a tour around campus, showing us their grad housing apartments, and inviting us to a barbecue that they were having with both faculty and grad students. The vibe seems extremely collaborative, supportive and with a work-life balance all around. UCLA on the other hand, was more of a mixed bag people-wise. The DGS only spent an hour with us and read a prepared statement about the program. Some of the other faculty were really lovely to me, and I had a nice time chatting with current grad students as well. I met with two potential advisors and clicked with both, but later on heard that one of them is unreliable as an advisor. The real kicker for me was that UCLA paid a few grad students to go out to dinner with us, and they spent nearly the whole time chatting amongst themselves. I know this is just a first impression, but it makes sense to me that at a larger program more people are going to be focused on their own work and less on each other. So, all in all, I would say I am leaning toward Irvine. However, UCLA has offered me a significantly larger package. $31k my first year, and two years of fellowship funding (my first year of course and my fourth year, which would be huge at the time I begin dissertation work). They also have offered $6k in my first summer, and have lots of opportunity for summer TAships etc. UC Irvine was able to up their package slightly, offering $26k my first year and $3k in my first summer. They have fewer summer opportunities for TAships. Worth noting that apart from my first year the annual stipends between UCLA and UC Irvine are nearly identical. Additionally, when it comes to department fit in my research areas they are fairly close to even. I have four days left to decide, where do I pick?? Any advice appreciated.
  2. Hola a tod@s! I noticed that there was not a forum for this year's Spanish applicants to discuss their experiences for the 2022 application cycle, so I decided to make one. A quick introduction to me; I am applying for PhDs literature side of things, focusing specifically on migration, transnational memory, trauma, and nationhood in contemporary Latin American literature. I am submitting applications to 8 programs in hopes that I will end up in the same region as my fiancé: UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, Cornell, Brown, NYU, WASHU St. Louis, University of Boston, and the University of Michigan. Hopefully, this forum can serve as a place where Spanish PhD and master's hopefuls can support each other as we all go through this harrowing journey. From what I have heard, this year will be especially challenging given that funding is still limited and many of these programs did not accept new students last year. Many programs will be accepting fewer people (i.e, Cornell will only be accepting 3 students rather than 5-6), but have an extra influx of applicants that did not want to apply during the pandemic. With all of that said, I hope that I am not writing to the void and that there are others out there. If so, what are you applying for and where are you applying to?
  3. Hello all, I just had a question. I currently have a BA and would love to go to grad school, but I can't figure out what sort of career path I would want to pursue. The reason for that is this: I am immensely passionate about and good at languages, and I love helping people learn them and walking them through grammar and conversation. I know I would love teaching at the university level (absolutely not high school though), but I have absolutely no interest in research or publishing. I don't mean that in a "lazy" sort of way; my interests simply lie in teaching rather than publishing. The languages that I would consider teaching would be Latin, German, Spanish, or a Scandinavian language(s) (or any combination of those). The problem is that all of the jobs for languages seem to be either tenure-track faculty positions (which require publishing and research) or adjunct positions that pay like $7000/year. Is there any place for people like me at the university level, or should I try to find something else? Thanks all!
  4. Does anyone know an affordable school I can take an online intro to Spanish (Spanish 100) class at? My program is requiring a language class and I prefer to take it at a community college for it to be cheaper. I prefer to pay less than $200 per unit if possible!
  5. Hello all, I have applied to 8 programs and still didn't get any acceptance. I only got a rejection and it came because I directly asked a POI about it. I'm really worried/nervios. My GPA is 4.0. I'm native speaker of Spanish, but I'm still insecure. I had one interview that went bad and another come in. Anyone in my boat. Any advice?
  6. I’m a bilingual SLPA applying to Florida schools, so I focused on the field’s need for bilingual and bicultural therapists as the theme of my application. My question is: are second languages significant in applications for slp grad programs in general, or only for programs that specialize in bilingual and multicultural therapy?
  7. I have my bachelor's degree in Spanish and speech pathology (double major). I was accepted to grad school for slp, and I attended a year, however, I was going through a really difficult period in my life and I ended up not being able to continue in the program because after re-taking a class, I got a C. I know that I was completely unfocused, and if I could take it all back and start it over, of course I would. I then took some special education classes after that, and did a semester of student teaching, which stands as an Incomplete on my transcript. I did fine in my teaching and I had all my assignments turned in, except the final project was not uploaded to the internet. I am going to contact the school about getting credit for the student teaching, but needless to say, there is a sufficient amount that I am not too proud of on my record. My GPA cumulative is 3.3 and my GPA in speech is 3.1. My GRE is 147 Q and 153 V and 4 AW. I have been working as an English language learner paraprofessional in an elementary school where I do small 40 minute reading groups (that focus on phonics, decoding, or comprehension) with kids who's primary language is Spanish. I have also been volunteering at a Conductive Learning Center in a classroom with students that have cerebral palsy. I also do tutoring, and I am going to volunteer at the local Hispanic Center. I am going to apply to grad school again and I am wondering what my chances are of getting in? Any tips on where to apply or what I could do to get in? I applied to one school a couple years ago, and did not get accepted. And since I already have tons in loans, I can't really afford to go anywhere in the country where I would pay DOUBLE. I already owe an astronomical amount, so I am mainly looking at schools that are all online, or the ones in my state. The funny thing is, I have read so much about how Spanish bilingual speech pathologists are in SUCH GREAT NEED- and HERE I AM, yet I feel I BARELY have a chance! I must say, I really don't get that. If they are in such HIGH NEED, you would think the field would WANT to scoop me up- that they almost have a DUTY TO DO SO, even if my marks aren't stellar. Is it hopeless? And this will probably have to be my last shot at being an SLP. I will have to move on, and choose something else that I don't completely want to do, so I can get a real paycheck.
  8. Hello all: This may be a bit late (or a bit early) for some of you, but I think it could help people in the next application cycle (Fall 2018). I read that some people were accepted to the UVA Spanish Program and were asking if it would be a good option. UVA used to have a good program and reputation, but I think that is no longer true. I was advised by my professors against applying there due to their outdated system/program, (I also asked one of the current students and based on their answer it sounds like their examination process is extreme and their teaching responsibility is a lot), their lack of interdisciplinary options and the limited number of professors working on contemporary Lat. Am.. If you look at the profiles of the faculty on their website you will see what I mean (their strong area really is Iberian Studies, not very good for Latin Americanists or Caribbean Studies). Their teaching load is also pretty high (the graduate students have to teach 3 classes per year which is a lot if you factor in the classes they require for the graduate program) in comparison to other universities like UNC (I was accepted to UNC), Berkley, Princeton, Chicago, Columbia. Finally, I was also told that some professors, are about to retire or have already retired, which may affect you directly if you are planning to apply. So, the best thing to do would be to be straightforward and ask if the professor you would like to work with will be there for your entire tenure before you even apply. If you, like me, are doing Latin American and Caribbean Studies you would probably like UT Austin, Pittsburgh, UCLA, Berkley, UNC, etc. Find programs where at least two professors work on the topic that interests you. Good luck!
  9. Hello everyone I wanted to know about the atmosphere of the PhD in Spanish at these universities: Ohio State, Brown, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Berkeley, Texas at Austin, Miami and Georgetown. I want to know how are the professor and how is work with them, the classes and the environment outside the campus. I also want to know how was your experience and if you recommend me reconsider apply to any of them.
  10. Hello everybody! Has anyone started to hear back from their applications yet? I applied to 17 programs and have only heard back from five thus far.
  11. Hello everyone, I am starting to freak out since today is Feb 23rd and I haven't heard from Cornell since the application - Romace Studies (Spanish) PhD. I saw there's one person accepted in the program (decision date: Jan 31st). What are my chances? Should I contact the POI? Do you know how many students are admitted per year? If you have any information, I will appreciate it! THANKS!
  12. Hey guys! Hopefully someone can help me out with this. I'm currently researching PhD programs in Spanish & Portuguese (or Romance Languages, as the case may be), since my main interest is postmodern Spanish American lit. However, I am also really interested in the relationship between film and literature (and film in general), so I've been looking at Comparative Literature programs as well. So far I know that Yale has a concentration in Film Studies, as does Cornell, which can be done in conjunction with either Comp Lit or Spanish. Aside from those two schools however, I haven't been able to find any other programs that would allow me to combine both things. Considering that my interest is mainly Spanish American Lit (especially detective fiction, which I wrote about in my senior thesis), would you recommend I apply to Spanish & Port programs? Or should I search for Comp Lit programs that allow me to take classes in the school's Spanish department? Also, if anyone knows of any literature programs that either have a film component or can be combined with film studies, please let me know. A little background info: Graduated May 2010 from NYU. B.A. Latin American Studies (Highest Honors), Spanish & Port Honors program (senior thesis, High honors). Will be moving to Madrid in September for a year to gain teaching experience, and will also be doing a master's there in Estudios Literarios (basically comp lit, mostly to pick up literary theory classes that I didn't take in college). I don't mean to sound overly confident (trust me, I'm not at all!) but the only thing I'm really nervous about in regards to the application is my lack of published material. Aside from that I think I have a fair chance of getting admitted somewhere. Any suggestions are welcome!
  13. Hello!! Has anyone here applied or heard back from NYU's Creative Writing in Spanish program?
  14. Hi Everybody! I had been accepted to Spanish (Latin American Studies) PhD programs in U . Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Ohio State University (Columbus). Both with funding and great professors in my area of interest. Does anyone has any thoughts about which option could be more interesting?? It will really help! Thanks!
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