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Found 22 results

  1. Hey everyone, I noticed there was no thread for this year's round of the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship competition. How is everyone feeling as we wait for April?
  2. Hi! I hold a 2 year SSHRC that pays me well in T4A income. Along with T4 income and my wife's income our household income is large enough for a mortgage. However, I'm aware that most banks etc aren't familiar with SSHRC or guaranteed funding. Have any Canadian grads had success obtaining a mortgage that takes into account SSHRC or other T4A scholarship income? Thanks in advance!
  3. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship competition 2020, applying for year 2021-2022
  4. Hi everyone. I am looking for some guidance re: SSHRC extensions in the time of COVID, particularly whether or not it would be okay to work 35 hrs/wk at my dream job while also having accepted the single term extension that was recently announced. Please try to reserve judgment. For context: I was fortunate enough to win a 36-month SSHRC CGS-D in September 2017. It was set to expire August 2020, but I and many others with that deadline are getting a one-term extension due to COVID-related research disruptions. Basically, those of us whose grants were supposed to expire anytime between March and August 2020 will be getting one additional instalment of funding in September. What a relief, right?! Anyway, I recently interviewed for my dream job with a nonprofit that does really meaningful work, and I was wondering if you all had any idea how this might affect my eligibility for the SSHRC extension. If I do get the job, I would still work to complete my PhD in my off time. I am mostly in the writing stage, with just a bit more archival data to collect once the archives have reopened. Plus, with my ADHD and severe back problems (thanks, grad school!), I really don't have it in me to be writing more than 15 - 20 hours per week anyway. I know the expectation is that SSHRC award holders be working on their research full time, but at this point in my degree I am so burnt out that there's no way I would be able to do that, with or without my dream job. (I will always be jealous of those who did not have to sacrifice their mental health for the PhD.) The SSHRC website indicates that working while holding the CGS-D is fine, as long as you can still be doing your research "full time." Honestly though, of the many SSHRC award holders I know personally, only one has the stamina to be researching on what is truly a full-time schedule. Plus, with him being in second year, this could very well change. It seems that most of us with SSHRC are kind of flouting the rules, and I have yet to learn of anyone getting into trouble for this. I know it is also a rule at my institution, though I can't find anything specific online. That said, I am curious to know if you've ever heard of a SSHRC award holder having to pay the money back for employment-related or similar reasons. I am trying to find out if there would be any major risk in my accepting the final instalment in September if I do get this job. I understand that my inquiry may come off as selfish, but I really could use the money to pay off my student loans. It's not like the nonprofit job is going to be paying the big bucks, but it is exactly the kind of job I would hope to get post-PhD so I would have been silly not to apply. Plus, the money has already been allocated for COVID-related extensions. It was part of the federal government's ~$19 million COVID support package for grad students, so I doubt it could later go to a new applicant with an even greater need. Alternatively, I could put in a request for a one-year "Interruption of Award," with the plan to re-enrol if the job doesn't work out after a year and I want to go back to school full time. I just feel like this request would probably be denied, since I would essentially be requesting an extension on an extension that's being given solely because of the very unique circumstances we are in now. The government is far less likely to agree to provide such financial support 12 months down the road, even if the economic impacts of COVID will be felt for years to come. Of course, I haven't been able to find anything about this possible option on the SSHRC website. I also hesitate to ask my department's administrator just yet for fear of being flagged as a potential rule breaker. If I'm going to try to get away with accepting the additional instalment of funding, it's probably best to feign ignorance. Again, I know this probably sounds shady as hell, but as someone who has lived in economic precarity for so long, it kills me to think about declining an $11k instalment that could literally change my life by finally getting me out of debt. Or worse, declining the instalment and later being fired/laid off from the nonprofit job, with no funding to fall back on were I to go back to school full time. What would you do if you were me? Again, please try to be kind in your replies. In all likelihood I won't get the job and this inquiry will be moot. Or, if I do get the job, my conscience will get the best of me and I will end up declining the extension. I just want to know if there would be any way for me to take advantage of the additional support, either in September 2020 or later down the line. Thanks so much!
  5. This is a long shot as there never seem to be a lot of us, but is there anyone else out there who applied to the SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship competition this time around?? Hopefully letters should go out next month, so wondering if anyone is in the same waiting boat as I am. This is my second time applying to the postdoc competition, I was unsuccessful last year so fingers crossed this time!
  6. Hey everyone! I saw one for the doctoral level but not one for the MA level. Didn't know whether to include the other agencies (CIHR and NSERC)? Feel free to join in or start your own thread. Let's all wait it out together
  7. Hi All, If a topic for this has already been started please forgive (and redirect) me! Are there any Canadians out there who want to stress / commiserate about the fact we won't know about funding through the CGS Master's until April 1st. I'm not a current grad student and applied for CGS (SSHRC) funding for three schools- 2 of which I have already been admitted two, the other I should hear from either today or early next week. It's a significant factor in my decision and the waiting process is killing me . . .
  8. Has anyone heard anything about the results of the SSHRC Storytellers competition for this year? I submitted a video, have not heard anything, but every other year they have announced the finalists in the first week of April.
  9. Hello everyone! I thought to start this SSHRC-M thread for UofT. Feel free to join and let's wait it out together...!
  10. Hi all, I am creating a discussion topic for SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants. Today is the deadline to apply, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to ask questions, share our experiences, and wait together for the competition results!
  11. Hey! I just submitted my application to the SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship competition for next fall. So I thought I would start this thread in case anyone else is in the same impatient boat until February... Anyone out there?
  12. I have agreed to work on a project that is part of a Mitacs grant as a Mitacs Accelerate intern. These internships are supposed to come with a minimum of $10k stipend and involve 4 months of work for an industry partner. I have also applied for a SSHRC for this year. My final research project will be based on the work I will do for my Mitacs internship. I was under the impression that I could hold both a Mitacs and SSHRC and receive both sources of funding. As far as I know, neither limits what other kinds of funding you can receive. However I was just informed today by a fellow student that it is my programs unofficial (?) policy that if you have a Mitacs and win a SSHRC, you won't be able to get your Mitacs funding. Has anyone else run into this? Nothing I have signed or read so far has mentioned this so called policy. I do not know yet if I won a SSHRC, but I had a good shot so I want to prepare for the chance that I do. Do you think I should fight for the Mitacs stipend? I feel as if I should, as I am doing work and generating a report FOR the company and I should be paid for me time. Should I contact my grad studies office and ask them about any policies they now of? Should I ask my supervisor to show me a written policy that shows that I can't hold both sources of funding at the same time? Thanks!
  13. Hi folks! I'm starting this thread for us to commiserate with each other as we wait for the results. If anyone has insight into when they will send the letters please share! Best of luck to everyone!
  14. The final portion of the SSHRC application to be printed is the Application Checklist form. The website says that it should print automatically after I print the online application form but that is not happening for me. Does anybody know how I can access the Application Checklist form (for a direct applicant)? Thanks!
  15. Would anybody be able to tell me where conference presentations belong under in the categories for research contributions? SSHRC's website indicates that conference presentations are an example of referred research contributions. The caveat is that they also state that to be considered peer reviewed, research contributions must have been reviewed in it's entirety, not just in abstract form. Most academic conferences just look at abstracts. Am I the only one who is stuck with this problem? Thanks to anyone who can help
  16. Hello Canadians! I am having trouble deciding what to include in the Credentials section. These are the instructions: List up to six (6) scholarships, fellowships, prizes, and other academic awards you have received and think would be most pertinent to the adjudication of your application. Specify the source for each (e.g., international, federal, provincial or territorial government department, university, private sector or community organization, etc.), year, value and duration, as applicable. Do not include teaching assistantships in this section. Note: You may not append an additional page. I guess I should only include scholarships based on academic merit. So, for example, an Explore scholarship is not pertinent... But is financial aid based on gpa + financial need relevant? Or, for example, for Qu├ębec residents, does the "bourse" percentage awarded by AFE count?
  17. I think schools have to forward their nominations for doctoral scholarships to SSHRC by Jan. 9th. At least at my school, it's Jan 9th -- "received by SSHRC by Jan. 9th" is what the notice says, actually. That's Monday! I'm surprised I haven't heard yet. It's bound to be any day. The decisions MUST be made by now. I've checked my email a zillion times. Has anyone heard from their schools about whether or not their application has been forwarded to SSHRC?
  18. Hello out there, As far as I can tell, no one has started a thread for the current (i.e. awarded in 2012) Vanier CGS competition. I thought it would be great for people to join and share when they hear the word about the Vanier and how they hear (i.e. by mail, email, through their university). From past years it looks like we have about six weeks to go, the results seem to come out mostly in early April. Good luck!
  19. Starting to get a little frustrated about not hearing anything regarding the waitlist... I was placed on the waitlist for a doctoral fellowship and have been told to sit by the mailbox every time I inquire about movement etc, has anyone else been able to squeeze any information from SSHRC about their placement on the list or happenings in general??
  20. So I had applied to the SSHRC Joseph Bombardier bursary in October through my university. I got a call today from SSHRC saying that I didn't qualify for the bursary because my GPA did not hit the 8.0 mark. Anyone else got this unfortunate call?
  21. Hi all, I am applying for a CGS award, but I am also intending to start grad school in Sept 2012. Is there anyone who is familiar with writing proposals while not enrolled in any particular grad program? I understand the general structure of the proposal when enrolled in a specific program; but how does this differ for my situation? Any help would be great! Cheers, Nick
  22. Hiya, I have been trying to write my PhD SoP and think I have managed to finally explode my brain. I have never written an SSHRC proposal, am not Canadian and I am not affiliated with any Universities. In short, I have almost no resources to 'go to' to get guidance. A proof reader, new set of eyes and any suggestions would be so very welcome. I can PM what I have written so far. I would be happy to trade/exchange. I should add: it seems very difficult to write a SoP for an arts PhD - I have no statistics or figures to justify this research - when writing about 'political consciousness' I cannot state (as I might be able to in Education for example) a hard fact (such as 65% of aboriginals cannot read - I am making this up to prove a point) How you substantiate research need within the arts!? Answer on a postcard [or a PM] please! Thank you!
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