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  1. Hey All, In a return to times of old, I'm resurrecting the monthly top posters. Here's the story: biosci 176 biochemgirl67 132 rising_star 102 fuzzylogician 91 TakeruK 90 Bioenchilada 79 bicsy 72 Microburritology 65 peachypie 64 Extra Espresso 60 And as a bit of motivation, as of today here's where things stand in Jan '16 .. Yav Friendly 111 piglet33 61 Pink Fuzzy Bunny 60 peachypie 57 onceinalifetim
  2. I have been admitted to the statistics departments at both Harvard and Berkeley. I applied to 24 schools, so I've also been accepted to virtually all of the top 20 stats programs, excluding Stanford. My academic interests are pretty broad, but I'd like my research to be more theoretical and in the realm of probability or machine learning/deep learning, if possible. I'm also not sure if I will try to go into academia or into a research team at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. I am mainly considering these two because Berkeley is so good at ML, but Harvar
  3. I am currently a senior DS at a FAANG company but my passion lies in academia. I have 2 publications, 3.5 GPA from large top 20 public school in Statistics, but my GRE general and subject test dates were cancelled last year due to COVID (I took them over 5 years ago and got 99% in GRE Quant, 85% in GRE Verbal, and 73% on math subject test). I applied to 12 top 30 ranked programs. Perhaps my concerns are premature but so far, I have only been admitted to one lower ranked program. The Berkeley faculty I interviewed with gave me the feedback that my coursework could be stronger (ie. Real An
  4. Hello! I'm currently a rising sophomore with a tentative goal to do graduate studies in Statistics or Data Science. I was wondering what pure/applied math or stats upper division courses you would recommend that would give me a firm foundation? Here is the math course browser: https://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/courses/MATH.html I was thinking about taking one of the Algebra classes with Intro to Numerical Analysis, but I am not sure. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi guys!! I know for those applying to a speech-language pathology graduate program, ASHA requires you to have the 4 pre-reqs, one of which is Stats. Would anyone know if it can be any Stats, for instance Stats for Psych, or it must be plain Stats. Thank you guys in advance!
  6. I'm going to be a senior in the Fall and am interested in applying for Statistics PhD (most likely 2020 cycle but a few questions on that). Undergrad: UC Berkeley Major: Math + Computer Science GPA: 3.96 Student Type: Domestic, Asian Male GRE and Math GRE haven't been taken yet Courses: Math: Honors Linear Algebra (A+), Honors Abstract Algebra (A), Honors Real Analysis (A-), Honors Complex Analysis (A+), Numerical Analysis (A+), Grad Analysis I and II (A, A) Statistics: Probability Theory (A+), Mathematical Statistics (A+), Theoretical Statistics I, II (
  7. I'm honestly just curious to see if you think that with my credentials I could get into any PhD program. I'm at an odd point in my career--the original plan was to go for an Econ PhD, but I realized pretty quickly into my current job that I'm not interested enough in Economics for that. I still want to learn enough math to be able to answer interesting questions about the world, though. My current plan is to enter a statistics masters program with the hope to later apply for PhD spots, though if it's possible to just enter a statistics MS/PhD program now that would be great to know. I am NOT l
  8. Any recommendations for schools I should go for would be great, not really sure if I’m reaching too far with my current choices considering my lack of research experience. Undergrad Institution: Top 50 Public School Major: Math – Minors in Business, Computer Science, Statistical Modeling GPA: 3.94 Student Type: White Female GRE General Test: 165 Verbal, 170 Quant, 4 Analytical Courses: Linear Algebra Honors (A-), Probability (A), Calc 2 (B+), Diff Eq (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Decision Analytics (A), Predictive Analytics (A), Applied Regression and Time Series (A), Intro to Stocha
  9. Currently applying for Statistics Phd programs after having graduated this past May, would like to know where I stand/how import GREs will be for me. Undergrad: Top 50 according to US News. Major: Math GPA: 3.88 Student Type: Domestic, White Hispanic Male Math Courses: Real Analysis I,II (A,A), Complex Analysis (Grad) (A), Measure Theory (Grad) (A), Calc I-III (A,A,A), Probability (Grad) (A), Dif Eq (A), Dif Geometry (A), Linear Models (A), Math Stats (A), Algebraic Topology (Grad) (A-), Algebra (Grad) (A), Functional Analysis (Grad) (A), Linear Algebra (A), To
  10. I’m applying to Csudh Msw fall 2019 program, if you have applied what are your stats and when did you or when are you turning in your application. Do you know when they start sending out acceptance or denials? Why did you choose CSUDH?
  11. Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide between statistics doctoral programs. My top choices at this point are Duke, the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (with a fellowship that exempts me from teaching/service obligations for my first year and two additional semesters of my choice), and NC State (with a fellowship for the first year). Duke and Michigan offered comparable stipends. NC State's stipend was slightly lower, but they suggested that they could try to match other offers. I'm interested in the research at all three schools, even though there are major differences. I am finishing my Bachel
  12. Hi and thanks for taking a look! I’m finishing up my senior year of undergrad and I’m planning to apply to Stat PhD programs for Fall 2019. I would appreciate any opinions on my chances at the schools I have already started my applications to and any advice on picking more schools to apply to. Undergrad Institution: Large state school with a big statistics department (~200 majors) Major: Mathematics & Statistics, Analytics GPA: 3.9 Cumulative, 3.86 Major (4.0 Scale) Applicant Demographics: Domestic White Male GRE General Scores: 163v/164q (Unofficial since
  13. Undergrad Institution: An American liberal arts university in Europe Major: Mathematics Minor: Economics GPA: 3.97/4.0 Type of Student: International Relevant Courses: Calculus1,2(A,A), Multivariate Calculus(A), Linear Algebra(A), Abstract Algebra (A), Complex Analysis(A), Numerical Analysis(A), Mathematical Statistics(A), Elementary Statistics(A), Financial Mathematics(A), ODE(A-), Dynamical System(Withdraw - was also taking Complex Analysis and Mult. Calculus that semester and I simply overestimated myself), Intro to Comp. Science(A), Databases (B+) Micro,Macro Economy(A,A), Eco
  14. I'm an international student looking for advice on which schools to apply. I would really appreciate your insight, recommendations and criticism. Bs Degrees: Mathematics, Economics, Statistics. GPA: 3.28 Msc Degree: Mathematics. GPA: 3.39 Type of student: Latin male. Program desired: PhD in Statistics Research Experience: coauthor of one published chapter for Springer's Contributions to Statistics. Teaching: 5+ years as an adjunct teacher. Teaching calculus and statistics for engineering and social sciences. Programming: Proficient at R, MATLAB. Basic knowledge
  15. Going into my 3rd year and I've been thinking about graduating a year early (i.e., in 2019). Should I even consider graduating early and applying to PhD programs with the following profile? Undergrad Institution: US Top-5 in Statistics Major: Statistics GPA: 3.95 Major GPA: 4.0 Type of Student: Asian Canadian Male Courses: Real Analysis (A), Probability Theory (A+), Statistics Theory (A+), Linear Algebra 1-2 (A+, A), Data Computing (A+), Discrete Math (A+), Calculus 1-3 (all A+), Data Science (A) Courses for Next Year: Real Analysis II, Stochastic Processes, Abstract A
  16. Hi guys, I'll be applying for a 2019 PhD program. I greatly appreciate your time and advice! Below is my profile: Undergrad: Smaller state school in PA Major: Mathematics Minor: Statistics, Actuarial Science GPA: 3.9 (Only 1 B from Abstract Algebra) Type of student: Domestic White Male Program desired: PhD in statistics Research Experience: 1 published paper, 2 large projects in sports analytics. I've presented them at IFORS and SAS Global Forum (Oral presentations, not poster). Both accepted for presentation at INFORMs 2018 annual meeting. 1st was done entir
  17. Hi everyone, I was accepted into an excellent PhD program in Statistics in 2015 and I completed a full year of the program. At the end of the year, first years take a basic exam which determines their eligibility to continue on in the program. I took the exam and passed at the Master's level, not the PhD level. I was then informed I would have to retake several courses and needless to say I was depressed. I wasn't in the best place in my life during this time anyway and I made a poor decision to leave and search for a career as I had a great resume already from my undergrad in math. Well,
  18. Hello, I am apply for mostly phD programs in statistics for fall 2018, and I would love to hear your thoughts on my profile. Undergraduate Institution: Top 40 USnews, public school; no statistics department, but math department is top 20 major: statistics GPA:3.732 in general, major GPA is 3.76 Ethnicity: International Asian Male (what I have heard is that my actual competition will be the applicants from my country, as opposed to applicants that went to undergraduate schools in the US ) GRE: 161 verbal, 166 quant, 4.5 writing Math GRE: did not take it TOEFL:
  19. Hello, I am apply for mostly phD programs in statistics for fall 2018, and I would love to hear your thoughts on my profile. Undergraduate Institution: Top 40 USnews, public school; no statistics department, but math department is top 20 major: statistics GPA:3.732 in general, major GPA is 3.76 Ethnicity: International Asian Male (what I have heard is that my actual competition will be the applicants from my country, as opposed to applicants that went to undergraduate schools in the US ) GRE: 161 verbal, 166 quant, 4.5 writing Math GRE: did not take it TOEFL:
  20. Undergrad Institution: Small Private Liberal Arts College Major(s): BS in Biostatistics GPA: 3.514 overall (Biostats major (math,bio,chem): 3.29, math classes only: 3.63) Type of Student: Domestic Male GRE General Test: Q: 156 (63%) V: 167 (98%) W: 4.0 (59%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: N/A Research Experience: 1) Summer doing research with Mathematics Department, focusing on developing a model of migratory species. Used Matlab. 2) Summer REU in Pittsburgh doing data analysis of enhancer sequences. Used R. Courses: C
  21. I will be applying for Masters (and possibly some PhDs) in Statistics for Fall of 2018. I was hoping to hear how competitive my profile is at some of my target schools. Stanford (MS) is my dream school, so I'm most interested in feedback there. I'm concerned about whether to retake the GRE, since the average listed score at Stanford is a perfect score (97%). Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Public Ivy (Ranking: ~top 30-35 nationally overall, roughly top 20 in stats) Cum GPA: 3.89 Major: Statistics (3.84*), Psychology (4.0*), both B.S. *Only explicitly includes stats/psych depar
  22. Hello. Cynics preferred, be honest, hold nothing back. I want to study economics, stats, computational finance or something similar and hopefully connected to data science or predictive analytics. I’m graduating a year early, for what it’s worth. I want to offset the year I’m graduating by getting a better school appended to my name so I have some good long-term CEO potential. Honestly, I’m considering so many options because I’m desperate to get a better school attached to my name. I’ll be entirely up-front about that. I’ve gone to a shit undergrad school because I became homel
  23. Undergrad: Nankai University (top 5 maths in China)Major: MathematicsGPA: 3.4 Classes:real analysis (B+) Probability theory (B+) Masters: Columbia UniversityMajor: StatisticsGPA: 4 Type of Student: international male gre: v:151 q:170 aw:3 I don't know if my maths background is good . As a maths major,I have taken almost all maths classes but my gpa is not high. In my master years, I got all As in stats classes. Unfortunately, I don's have any research experience in statistics, my only research is in number theory. I plan to apply for top 50 stat PhD
  24. I work for a company in Michigan and we're looking for a statistics course that members of the company could take remotely or have a representative come on site and teach for a certain number of hours a week. I'd love some recommendations for good reputable programs or institutions that can help us. Thanks!
  25. Need some help, thought I'd make an account an ask...Do I have any chance of getting into a decent Stats PhD? I'm a junior attending an "elite" US institution (top 15), but don't have a solid GPA (3.54). I'm majoring in Stats and Economics, and my major GPA is around a 3.6. I've taken calculus and linear algebra, but have no advanced math classes, although I do plan on taking real analysis in the Fall. I have no research experience. I don't have a great relationship with any of my professors. ...All that said, how screwed am I? I literally never considered a PhD before this mo
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