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Found 11 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate forum to post this in -- happy to relocate if needed! I'm wondering if anyone has found success with a really great travel or cash-back credit card that they'd like to recommend to another grad student. I am just starting an MA program this fall but thinking about a credit card to open now and continue with throughout my PhD (if accepted -- fingers crossed) and for the next several years. Right now, all I have is a basic secured card I opened during undergrad when I had no credit score. I am debating between a travel card and a cash-back/rewards card. Like many of you, I'm sure, I am very frugal. Other than rent and utilities, I generally only spend money on basic necessities, with most of that being groceries. Dining rewards don't appeal to me because I do my cooking and eating at home; likewise, entertainment/recreational shopping rewards don't appeal to me either. But it would be great to get free cash back on the money I do spend -- gas, groceries, the occasional pharmacy trip, maybe laundry or phone bill. But alternatively, while I don't travel much now -- and when I do, I'm used to flying with budget airlines and spending minimally -- I anticipate I'll be doing so quite a bit for conferences in the future, so I'm considering travel cards as well. The only thing is I'm not sure how useful that would be since my program will hopefully be reimbursing me for that travel anyway. Would anyone recommend one strongly over the other? I'd prefer something with no annual fee. I will be abroad for my MA program so no foreign transaction fees is a must as well. FWIW, my credit score is fairly good -- mid to upper 700s -- and I never carry a balance on my card, so low interest rate is appealing but not altogether necessary.
  2. For those of you admitted to both HKS and WWS and planning on trying to get to both visit days what's the gameplan for travelling and looking for reimbursement. I would ideally fly up to Boston then take a train to Princeton then fly back out of Newark but it looks like the timing may be cramped. I'm a PPIA Fellow and I remember being told that I'm guaranteed travel compensation for visits to PPIA consortium schools but it's impossible to find those kinds of guarantees written down online. Let me know what your plans are and maybe we can link up at some point or split a rental car. Congrats everyone!
  3. Does anyone have experience commuting to campus while in grad school? Right now, I am considering settling in a town (Ocala, FL) about 95 minutes or so away from the campus where I will attend classes (USF). This is partially because I would prefer to live with my SO (and thereby not live alone or with strangers). It also makes rent considerably cheaper as compared to attempting to settle in a large college town (Tampa, FL). The drive is about 90 miles, all highway. I'd plan on putting the money I save in rent towards gas and regular maintenance on the car to keep it in good working order. What are some concerns I should be taking into account that I may not have in mind right now? I don't really mind driving or commutes, but maybe I am not anticipating how I will feel after a year of doing this. I'm also worried that, if my car breaks down for some unforeseen reason, I will be in some hot water that I might otherwise avoid. On the other hand, it may be a good opportunity for me to develop the kind of adult discipline that comes with having a less flexible schedule; I think I could use that. While I haven't completely settled on attending USF, I'd like to try and hammer this out before I do.
  4. If you're anything like me, you're thinking "jeez I haven't heard back/gotten accepted anywhere yet....wth will I do this fall?" In my desire to have some sort of a plan (if only for being able to work towards something and remain sane), I've thought of a thousand other things I'd like to/plan to do if I don't end up going to graduate school. Some are silly (biologist-turned-celebrity-chef) and some are legitimate (gain more research experience and network), but all have the potential to be extremely valid come graduation in a few months. What about you?
  5. I recently received an acceptance to my top choice (yay!) With funding decisions coming soon. My POI asked if I would like to the funded College of Graduate Studies recruitment days. I notified them that I would. The department's admin promptly arranged a flight and sent me the confirmation. The visit is next week and I still haven't received an itinerary for the visit nor lodging/hotel reservations. Would it be appropriate to ask for them? Being that the recruitment is across all graduate studies, I'm not sure (if even appropriate) if I need to email the department or the College of Graduate Studies. Thanks!
  6. Hello there! I applied to four masters' programs to specialized in geographical applications to groundwater management. I received acceptances from three! I was planning on visiting all three (driving to SIUC tonight to visit tomorrow). I live in Tennessee. Oregon State - offered me T-A position and funds towards visiting them. Top choice San Diego State - no aid package yet, no funds toward visit. second choice Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Full scholarship, research fellowship, minimal cost to visit I'm agonizing over whether to visit San Diego State. I could technically afford to, but it's a sticker shock. How many of you visited all the schools you were accepted for, and have you ever committed to a school sight-unseen? And what kind of considerations and questions did you look out for in a post-acceptance interview? Sincerely, Courtney Vanderbilt '13 Environmental Policy
  7. I posted this in the psychology board but I'll try my luck here as well. I'm a recent psychology undergrad student who will be applying for clinical psych this year, and until recently I was only considering applying to Canadian universities. Now I'm also considering American universities as well, but I'm skeptical about what the transition would be like if I was accepted anywhere. I avoided American schools because I'm diabetic and really appreciate Canada's health care system, tuition rates in America are much higher than Canada, and I have a partner who can't travel to the U.S. I'm wondering if other Canadian students have had similar experiences or skepticisms and could tell me more about your experience going from Canada to the U.S. to study.
  8. Hello! So I have a bit of an odd question, and please forgive me if this question is answered elsewhere or does not necessarily belong to this forum of Grad Cafe, or even if it seems a bit pretentious! I recently applied for three grants, all to travel and do work at my advisor's excavation overseas, for the express benefit of my MA thesis. He's wonderful and always optimistic, but told me that out of the three, 1 and 2 were improbable and number 3, originating from the international center here, was the most likely. I told him that I just wanted to demonstrate that I can apply to grants, to get the practice in for writing proposals. Additionally, that I wanted to demonstrate to the department that I had attempted to apply to other sources before applying to some smaller, more competitive & department-specific funding that's for MA students in my program. Well, as I was mall-walking my way to the bus today, running late, I got an email that I had won the full amount requested from the least probable source (#1)!!! Regarding this grant, my advisor said he's never had anyone win it before, and that they usually pass MAs right over. Obviously I'm intensely excited, but I'm still waiting to hear back about the other two funding sources I applied to. Number 3 in particular, as it seemed the most likely for me to win, the one from the international center. Additionally, number 2 is from a very well-known institution, and it would look the best on a resume (though still highly improbable). My question is, then; what's the etiquette for accepting funding? If I do end up wining two grants (which sounds so silly to say, believe me), I don't want to be guilty of 'double-dipping' despite all of the sources being from separate places. I also don't want to take funds away from people who would really need them. I went to an info session for Grant 3 and they said that they don't expect any portion of funds to be returned if some are unused. Grant 1 & 2 I am unsure. The grant I won (#1) covers travel, food, and local transportation; Grant 2 (from fancy institution) covers anything, no budget required; Grant 3 (international center) covers international transportation ONLY. Before you ask, housing is covered by the project I'll be on. All advice and suggestions are welcomed!
  9. I know it's early, and if this is the wrong place for this feel free to remove it. I was wondering if anyone who has been admitted had started to get invites to open houses, and how you're deciding about which ones to attend. Is it better to go to each invitation weekend (since the price is being reimbursed) and make a decision after, or only go to the one you're most sure you want to go to? Also, what sorts of questions are good to ask at these events? And dress code?
  10. Hi all, I'm an MA-holding, humanities adjunct at a community college, and I was recently accepted to present a conference paper this spring. The conference is within driving distance (3-4 hours), but since my current department only offers travel funds to its tenure track faculty, I'm going to be left paying transport and lodging expenses myself. My question is this: do you happen to know of any other places I can look for funding? I will apply for grants from the conference itself, but I'm interested in whether or not you know of anywhere else -- NPOs, etc. Thanks for whatever help you can offer!
  11. Hi all, I'm an MA-holding, humanities adjunct at a community college, and I was recently accepted to present a conference paper this spring. The conference is within driving distance (3-4 hours), but since my current department only offers travel funds to its tenure track faculty, I'm going to be left paying transport and lodging expenses myself. My question is this: do you happen to know of any other places I can look for funding? I will apply for grants from the conference itself, but I'm interested in whether or not you know of anywhere else -- NPOs, etc. Thanks for whatever help you can offer! (x-post from Writing, Presenting, and Publishing)
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