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Found 18 results

  1. My current roommate (Sydney) and I are looking at renting a 3 bed, 2.5 bath house neat the UGA Campus starting around August. Sydney and I both attended UGA for undergrad and will be continuing at UGA this fall for our Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Here is a link to the house we are planning on leasing: https://www.3treerealty.com/property/172-dans-way/ . Rent would be $473.33/month + utilities. The house requires a security deposit, so two months rent would be due upfront. If you have any questions for Sydney or for me, let me know!
  2. Does anyone know when graduate assistantships will be released for UGA MSW?
  3. Has anyone got decisions yet? Still waiting
  4. If anyone has been accepted by UGA Georgia for PhD program, maybe we could gather and interact here?
  5. I submitted my application back at the early deadline and it was confirmed that all of my supporting materials and fees had come in a couple of weeks later, but I still haven’t heard anything? I applied to the gerontology concentration and they told me it’d only be about 2 to 3 weeks to hear back about a decision, but my admissions status is still listed as pending. I’ve tried to get in contact with someone to no avail lol. So it’d be nice to hear about how long you had to wait! Also, if you have estimates for how long it took to hear back from Georgia State, that’s good too!
  6. I have been accepted to both UVA and UGA for their Microbiology PhD programs and I have no idea how I'm going to decide. I enjoyed my visits to both schools and was really impressed by the research and PIs. Logistically: UVA (Charlottesville, VA) - offering $30,500 annual stipend, it's a umbrella program within the medical school, great faculty and research going on there, facilities are really nice, I have family in the area, no TA requirement. UGA (Athens, GA) - offering $27,000 annual stipend, stand alone microbiology department within the college of arts and sciences, also really friendly/supportive PIs, facilities aren't as nice as UVA, I have friends in the area, has a TA requirement (2 semesters). I'm really torn and not sure how I'm going to begin deciding. I'm not really interested in a career in academia. I'm leaning towards staying in research perhaps in industry or government research, but I'm not super clear on my career path right now. Opinions? Pro/cons? Thank you!!
  7. Hello all, Since I'm a pretty logical and practical person, I've been trying to come up with backup plans in case I don't get into a program due to my less-than-stellar undergraduate record. In the event that I do not get accepted, I have been knocking around the idea of applying to University of Georgia's Post-Bacc program and wanted to know if anyone has had experience in this program? Not just the application process, but how the program is set up, the difficulty level of the classes, etc. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone! Since a thread has not been created yet for incoming UGA graduate students this year, I thought it would be great make one now, so we can talk with other incoming students. To introduce myself: I will be attending UGA as an international PhD student in the Department of Plant pathology. Did anyone attend the Accepted Graduate Students Day?
  9. Hey guys, anyone heard back from UGA regarding if they were accepted to the MSW program for fall 2017? Everything received by school on 1/28. If you have heard back, how were you notified? Freaking out because decisions were supposed to be made by April 1st!
  10. Hi all: I applied to the University of Georgia's MPA program back in early January (the 4th if i remember correctly) for the 2017 Fall semester. Has anyone else applied for this term and heard back? I've heard back from 2 of the other MPA programs I've applied to (one good and one bad), but nothing from UGA yet? When should I expect to hear back?? Thanks!!
  11. Hi, everyone! I don't think a thread has been created yet for incoming UGA graduate students this year. It would be great to talk with other incoming students as we begin the process of moving to Athens and enrolling in classes. To introduce myself, I will be attending UGA as a PhD student in the Department of Plant Biology. Did anyone attend the Accepted Graduate Students Day last Wednesday (April 6)? I am planning to attend the May 26 event and look at houses the day after.
  12. I'm in GIS. I've been offered funding from Penn State (RA) and UGA (TA). Do any of you guys know the strengths/weaknesses of these two departments? I'm more inclined towards Penn State since it is considered to have a better program. I know Penn State has geoVista Center but not entirely sure what it has been focusing on.
  13. Just curious if anyone has heard back from UGA about their admission status. If so, was it via email, phone, post, etc? Thanks!
  14. So I've been admitted to UGA, and also consider pursuing a master's degree outside of my field (in physics) while pursuing my Ph.D. But heard that UGA is most famous for its non-STEM programs, and has a high female to male ratio. Although I very much like my program at UGA, those are still my two major concerns. (I'm a female.) Because I usually enjoy a more balanced academic and social atmosphere. Are there a big gender gap on a day-to-day basis? And does anyone know about the physics program or the overall STEM fields on campus?
  15. Stats: Ethnicity: Filipino Major: Chemistry cGPA: 3.70 (3.31 last two years @ Georgia Tech) GRE: TBD but I had 80th percentile SAT score 6 years ago while in high school. I was a poor test-taker back then. Research: 1 semester Work Experience: I currently work at a biotech company making cancer-based immunotherapy. No research involved; purely manufacturing. I understand I lack research experience. However, looking at my profile now, what do you think are my chances at UGA, Emory, and Georgia State University's chemistry PhD programs? Thank you for your input.
  16. Hello! Anybody apply for MS in Geography at the University of Georgia, 2012 fall? I'm international. Has anybody known sth about UGA's Geography? Could you please share it with me? Many thanks!
  17. So I just got campus visit invitation from UGA next week. Anyone else going? As for travel expenses, are we supposed to buy our own ticket and the department will reimburse us?
  18. Has anyone heard back from UGA yet? I only know of one who has (which is listed on the results page) and I'm sure more than three people have applied to the program. My application was complete January 27 and I still haven't heard anything. I'm getting really impatient. I had to put my life on hold (finding housing and all that) until I find out, so I'm really anxious. So... anyone?
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