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Found 69 results

  1. I've been accepted into UIUC's Clinical/Community Psychology PhD program, but am afraid I don't have enough insight on the experience from a grad student's POV. This is a desperate cry for help---Anyone out there know about UIUC's psychology department (i.e. the feel of it, rigor, culture, etc.) in general? Also, any helpful replies about the broader Urbana/Champaign area, the professors, the psych department, or the stipend are all welcome! Thank you
  2. Hey, I got an email from the CS department saying they have recommended me for admissions last Monday (1/13). I waited 5 working days but still haven't gotten the official letter from the graduate college yet. Can other ppl share how long it took for them, for those admitted around this time in January or so? Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, I graduate this Friday (well I'm walking the stage and I have 2 online summer classes to go) and I'm so nervous and scared for my future. I really want to go to grad school to get my MSW but I am so burnt out from undergrad that I am taking a gap year. Also it was so expensive to apply to grad school. My bachelors of science is in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Latino/a Studies. My dream grad school is University of Chicago but I am too afraid to apply or even apply to other schools. I'm so afraid of failure and rejection. I just wanted to know how and why you think you got accepted into those SW programs? I have done a lot of service and social justice activism/work in my undergrad, as well as being apart of many different orgs and having leadership positions. I just think my grades espeically senior year grades are not the best. I don't know my final grades but I'm hoping my GPA would stand at 3.0 or higher at the end.
  4. I got accepted to NU and UIUC for a fully funded PhD in Mechanical engineering plus stipend. I was first accepted to UIUC and attended the visit day. I have had a great time, met amazing people and faculty, and in general, liked the department. Moreover, I went on another visit day at Madison Wisconsin a week later and immediately knew that Champaign was a better fit for me and I almost committed. However, I hated Champaign (the town) and was hoping to get into another school in a better location. Finally, four days before I need to make a decision, I got into Northwestern which is in Chicago and I thought that this is it, I will go there. But now I have second doubts. UIUC is ranked higher and has more research that I am interested in but I cannot stop thinking about my life over there and how much I will hate it honestly.. What do you think?
  5. So I was admitted to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC) and that was my only admission so my decision was made for me based on circumstances; however, from the 3 schools, I was waitlisted for I have been admitted to my undergrad institution. I just heard back yesterday and I have a tough choice to make in such little time with the deadline coming up. Coming From Undergrad at California State University, Chico but I am originally from Southern California. Deciding between... CSU, Chico (undergrad institution) and UIUC Factors I am keeping in mind I would have to pay out-of-state tuition for UIUC. CSU, Chico is substantially cheaper (I am getting only loans for both programs). I may potentially get an assistantship for a tuition waiver and stipend for UIUC; however, this is not guaranteed. I have already met with students and faculty as well as seeing the clinic at UIUC and I do like the program more than I do CSU, Chico. I am in a long-term 5-year relationship and my partner will still be attending CSU, Chico. I love the atmosphere of UIUC and CSU, Chico seems to be much more competitive in nature. Not having to go through the hassle of moving to a different state is convenient.
  6. Hi everyone,I shortlisted the schools down to UIUC and CMU but can't decide on which to attend. My future plans is to stay in academia with postdocs at top schools (perhaps at MIT or Stanford) but I don't want closed doors to the industry. Here are the good vs bad things about both of these schoolsUIUCGood: The PI is highly reputed very famous in contro&gamel theory. The school is also ranked higher in ECE (US News). Very strong faculty members. In addition, I will be working on multi-agent reinforcement learning which I am quite interested in.Bad: I am not quite sure if this would be a criterion when choosing grad schools but Urbana-Champaign is in the middle of nowhere, isolated by cornfields in every direction. I am coming from a big city so I am not sure if I can get used to such a small and isolated place. Another drawback is that the PI's research is very theoretical which I am fine with but students in the lab told me that I will be closing my chances of working in the industry. Finally, PI is very senior so that means I will be doing most of the work.CMUGood: Compared to UC, Pittsburgh is a more vivid and bigger city. CMU is also very great for its school of CS and PI(s) there are also affiliated to the ML department. Being private school can also be regarded as something positive. The stipend is also much better. I will be doing machine learning, optimization, and signal processing if I attend CMU.Bad: PI(s) are assist/assoc professors and they are way less reputed compared to the PI in UIUC. Rankings CMU ECE is lower compared to UIUC. Final remarks: I like the research and the academic environment in UIUC but I have concerns about living in Urbana-Champaign. CMU is very good at CS but I am tempted to work with a famous yet senior professor. I am open to any comments/views/ideas about these schools.Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  7. Hi everyone!! I've been accepted to my dream school, UTD, with in-state tuition, but I've also been offered a graduate assistantship at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) that offers full tuition and a monthly stipend. I am still considering the other schools I've been accepted to, but these two schools are my top choices especially because of funding. I'm an out-of-field applicant, and at UIUC I would need to be in school for 3 years instead of 2 years at UTD. Even with in-state tuition for UTD, I'll have to take out many loans to pay for tuition and my living expenses (Dallas is so much more expensive than Urbana-Champaign). But still, UTD is my dream school and I really, really want to go there. I'm also already in a long-distance relationship and don't want that distance to be any longer than it needs to be, which makes UTD look that much nicer (3 years total of long distance vs. 4 years). I've already met the students and faculty at UIUC; I feel like I would fit in really well there and the funding is SO good. I know this is a really good spot to be in, but I just don't know what to do. Is anyone else in this position? Thoughts? Will I kick myself in the foot later for not taking the best financial offer? Will graduate school go by so fast that it won't even feel like another year of long distance? H E L P All advice is welcome
  8. Hi! I was accepted to University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and I was wondering if there were any current graduate students attending UIUC that I could message and talk to about the program.
  9. Hello everyone, So for now I'v got offer letters from McGill CS and Columbia EE, and still waiting for U of T and UIUC. Applied for both ECE and CS at the latter two. All are MSc programs or something similar. I'm an international student and my goal is to work in the industry (machine learning R&D that kind of stuff) and stay permanently in North America. Considering the odds of getting permanent residency I would say Canada is more ideal for staying after graduation. I could really use some advice on following questions: I heard Toronto has more job opportunities than Montreal, is that true? And if it is, by what margin? How would Canadian companies rate graduates from US schools? i.e. how competitive are Columbia and UIUC compared to U of T and McGill, in Canada? Many thanks!
  10. Hey everyone! I thought I'd create a thread for people who are headed to UIUC this Fall. I will be joining the Chemistry PhD program. I am also looking for flatmates (hopefully in Champaign, close to the campus/department) for the first year.
  11. Anyone else going to UIUC in the autumn? What are you studying? M.A. or Ph.D? Feel free to introduce yourself! Spanish Literature M.A. here..
  12. Hello guys, I got accepted into ECE MEng at UIUC and CS MS at UCSD. I wonder which programs will help me more in my future career. I have good background in CS and already got an internship in big company this summer. Could you please share your suggestions and reasons? Many thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, So I am evaluating Macro programs. I am a current BSW student at UIUC, which has an advanced standing Leadership and Social Change Program. From what I understand, UIUC has a good program, I like the setting and instructors. My main hesitation is that the Macro program is much smaller, and I am concerned about the amount of field placement for Macro that might be interesting to me. I am also looking at UChicago. UChicago is much more expensive, but I feel like the city of Chicago is a great place to get set up for Macro work, The SSA is ranked #3 nationally in Social Work, and I think that the field placement opportunities would be much more in line with my career goals and I think UChicago would allow me a better opportunity to network with people. UChicago also has some dual law classes that I think would help with my interest in the intersection of social work and law, but not require the intensity of a dual MSW/JD program. I used to live in Chicago and love the city, as well. One of my main hesitations is the degree is an AM rather than MSW, and I worry a little about how this is perceived. Both of these programs would take about a year with advanced standing. I'm also thinking about Boston and Columbia, but they don't really make me super excited. Can anyone share experiences with these programs, and offer some wisdom?
  14. Hello guys, Iam a 2018 MS in Data Science aspirant, and have received admission offer from UIUC and Duke University. Based on the following points, can you share your thoughts on which university should I finalize: The program at UIUC is "MS in Statistics with a concentration in Analytics", offered by the Department of Statistics, and the Duke program is "MS in interdisciplinary Data Science", offered by Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) and Information Initiative at Duke (IID). Curriculum wise, I like both the programs equally well. The only difference is that the Duke's program offers greater flexibility and includes a capstone project during second year of Masters. The UIUC program is an established, old program. On the other hand, Duke's program would have it's inaugural class in Fall 2018. Both the programs are 2 years long. The total tuition fees for UIUC would be $55000, whereas at Duke it would be $94300. The class size at Duke would be 30-35 students, compared to 60-70 students at UIUC.
  15. Hi I have received funded admissions to the Civil Engineering Master's program at UVa, UIUC, and Virginia Tech. In terms of research interest match between me and the supporting faculty, I would rank them like this: UVa(Best), VT, UIUC (Good match but not great). The faculty member who has chosen to support my admission at UIUC wasn't my top pick at the department so it has become a bit challenging for me to choose UIUC. In terms department reputation usually, UIUC is the most reputable and UVa the least. Given this is a master's program, I might do my Ph.D. studies at another university based on where my research would lead me, so I want to consider the impact of choosing a well-respected program on opening up my options for my Ph.D. Simply put, my question is: How much weight should I give to University vs. the match in research interest with the supporting faculty for choosing the program that I will attend? Sincerely,
  16. I recently received three ECE PhD offers from UCLA, Gatech and UIUC. It is really hard to make a decision. Could anyone give me some suggestions. I want to find an industry job after my PhD (Prefer Silicon Valley). UCLA pros: 1. High reputation 2. Good location. 3. Prestigious adviser Cons: 1. Large research group, very few attention from adviser 2. High living expenses Gatech Pros: 1. High reputation for ECE program 2. Interesting research project Cons: 1. Location (Less tech jobs in Atlanta than Los Angeles?) 2. Security UIUC Pros: 1. High reputation for ECE program Cons: 1. Location 2. Cold
  17. I got an admission for MS in Electrical Engineering programs from UCLA, UIUC and UT Austin. I am not sure which one should I go for. I am interested in VLSI circuits and systems. I want this decision to be made considering the following factors: 1. Reputation of school in the field of electrical engineering 2. Future job prospects 3. Quality and level of research and professors 4. Financial aid easiness in the university 5. University's inclination to Electrical Engineering, especially VLSI, Power Electronics and machine learning (and the extent of inter disciplinary encouragement of different engineering departments) Please help in selecting. Thank You
  18. Excited to get to know everyone else who's been admitted into the Political Science PhD program! Anyone going to visit the campus April 2-4?
  19. Hey Guys, I'm getting a stipend, tuition waiver and partial fee waiver for a PhD program at UIUC. Does anyone have any idea about the sort of money I'll have to pay for the remaining fees? They've also mentioned something about assessed fees. I mailed the office, but they directed me to a link which didn't elaborate much. I also wanted to ask what's with the 50% assistantship offered by UIUC for the PhD program? I'll be pleased to hear back from anyone.
  20. Hey Guys, Just wanted to get opinions from someone about both of these universities for MS&E. Supposing I have found faculty I would love to work with in both of the universities, which one would be the better choice? In terms of facilities, connectivity, etc? Any advice would be really useful.
  21. Hi guys! So I am filling out the pre application form for the school of molecular and cellular biology Ph.D program at UIUC and I keep getting random error like these The issues are the following: Undergradute Graduation Date is required or is invalid GRE Test Date is required TOEFL Test Date is required I have entered the valid dates in the format specified: mm/dd/yyyy. For example, my undergraduate graduation date was 29th of July, 2017. I entered 07/29/2017. I have yyyy/mm/dd And the error still persists. But when I tried with dd/mm/yyyy format, the page proceeded to another error dialogue box which says: We're sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information. I do not understand what I am doing wrong. If anyone has applied for the same, please help me proceed with the application. Thank you so much!
  22. Hi, I'm a class of 2017 grad from UIUC's CS program. What type of schools would be a good fit for a MS in CS or Math or Stats? 3.00/4.00 GPA 170 Verbal 170 Quant 5 Writing - Internship at one of [Google, Apple, Facebook] - Full-time job in algorithmic trading starting soon at one of [Citadel, Jump Trading, Optiver] - 3 years of research done within U of I in the CS department, and at the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) in HPC. I have one strong letter of rec I can get from a UIUC CS professor, and I could get more from my other research positions at school, but none that I feel were that great. What tier of schools should I be applying to for my MS? Open to and interested in CS, Applied Math, or Stats. May be able to join the professor I was doing research with at UIUC as a MS student in CS. Really quite interested in programming languages and compilers as a research topic - something U of I is very strong in. My strong letter of rec is from a UIUC compilers research professor. Thanks!
  23. Hey fellas, How's it goin' for ya? I'm still waiting for a single admission. no answer up to now. ucsd, uci, northeastern -> chemical engineering ucr, uic ,uiuc -> bioengineering all phd. is there anybody heard from these programs at these univs? should I have hope for any admission letter? ------------------------------profile------------------------------------ TOEFL:104-IELTS:7-GRE GENERAL:146(v)168(q)-GPA:3.60 with a year or two related research exprience.
  24. I have narrowed the schools I have received offers from down to these three. I was wondering what your guys opinions are on the resulting job opportunities and overall benefits of each program, considering that I am 90% sure that I do not plan on pursuing a PhD in EE. My main concern is with UIUC. The relatively new program is all coursework, and I would like to know exactly how good this program is, especially from someone who knows something more about the program.
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