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  1. Hey! To all those (masters and Ph.D. applicants) who have been accepted to the BME program at JHU, have you all received the welcome/funding letter? I am waiting for mine. I applied to the MSE program and desperately hope to get some financial aid.
  2. First time applying for graduate schools in the USA so do not judge me if the question sounds silly 😃 I got accepted in few universities already and most of them ask me to inform them about my decision by mid March. Meanwhile, I have not yet received a letter about my application status from the university I truly want to attend and their website states that the decisions will be sent by the end of April (But last year they sent decision letters at the beginning of March). Does it sound sensible to send an email to the university I am still waiting for and explain my situation and ask them if
  3. Hi all, My pedigree is not great. I did a BA Biblical Studies and am currently enrolled at Talbot Seminary (Biola Univ.) in Southern California for the MA Philosophy. They've managed to have really good placement over the last few years so I'm aiming for a PhD after this. However, in the event that my seminary background shoots me in the foot, would it be a bad idea to just do a second masters degree into a PhD somewhere more prestigious? Thanks!
  4. What are people's thoughts on contacting admissions to check on your status or to ask if all acceptance decisions have been extended post interview? If you know some people have already recieved acceptances, is it okay to ask or could that possibly "red flag" you?
  5. Hello. I submitted all my applications on the 31st of November last year and i have received a decision response from only one school. unfortunately, i was rejected. I also found out that majority of the schools in the US state April 15th as their deadline for accepting/rejecting admission however I am yet to receive any response from the remaining schools I applied to. should i be worried?
  6. Hi soooo I have applied to 12 PhD Clinical Psychology programs. Yes 12! And now I am worried even that isn't enough because I literally haven't heard a thing from any of them. I haven't received any rejection emails, but I haven't received any interviews/acceptance emails. I check the results page and for a lot of schools, other people seem to have received interviews sooooo does this mean I'm out? I am new to this. I am also really discouraged. I thought I was a competitive applicant with the exception of my GRE scores but I am just in limbo and worried that I didn't even get into any program
  7. Good morning everyone! new in this forum. I'm an undergraduate at the university of Manitoba hoping to apply for the slp program in Western University. Just wondering how they actually calculate the subGPA? I was confused with the "10 full year" courses where they will base off the calculation of the GPA. Thank you! and if there is anyone here who is applying or got accepted at Western I would like to ask for tips and insights in what made you a successful candidate. I am also trying out other universities but western is my dream. Thank you!
  8. I got accepted into a Speech Pathology Grad Program in AL (Auburn Univ.) and for some reason they were missing my GRE scores and couldn't send my official acceptance letter until they had them (I had a different last name when I sent them in vs my application name) I fixed all the things I needed to fix and resent them. I emailed the Grad Admissions office AND the Speech Path program office and have not received any follow up or even a response for almost 2 weeks. Not only am I getting concerned about the organization/friendliness of the university but at this point my acceptance into the prog
  9. Trying to see if anyone has heard from St. Augustine! I had my interview two weeks ago and was told I should expect an update between 2-3 weeks from the admissions board via email. I thought that was a little odd due to the fact that the deadline is dec 15th. Wanted to see if anyone else is waiting to hear if they got in!
  10. Hello everyone, It is midnight and I can not rest until I have some feedback that may shine some light on my chances for getting into a graduate program Fall 2020. I would greatly like to know of others with low or average GPA to share their experience. I will be graduating this May. I hope to raise my GPA with this semesters coursework and gain more experience during my gap year. I reside in California and will most likely be applying to graduate programs in the state. Here are my current specs. Overall GPA: 3.42 GPA in last 2 years: 3.68 Psyc GPA: 3.48 2 years workin
  11. Hi everyone! I recently have been accepted to my top choice clinical psychology PhD program (yay!!!), and my POI informed me over the phone that a formal email would follow within the next week. Is this normally the case? I guess I'm just in such shock, I want to see my offer written out on paper. This has been a long road for me, so I'm so excited to be accepted into my top program. Thank you all in advance!
  12. Hey y'all, anyone feel like they won't get accepted anywhere this cycle? For me this cycle has been 3 rejections, one unfunded offer (which I can't take, am broke AF), and two waitlists. A very small part of me is still holding out hope that those waitlists will turn into something, but I am moving forward and have an interview with a great job next week and have already began preparing for next cycle.
  13. If you have been blessed/had the good fortune of being accepted somewhere, please tell us what you were doing when you first found out the good news...and what you did RIGHT AFTER. (I have seen some people share this info in other forums, but thought it would be fun to have all psychology ones together in one place.)
  14. Hi all, I have a pretty low undergrad GPA of about 3.3 in communication disorders but want to get into a masters for SLP somewhere. I have yet to take the GRE but most likely won't be doing too stellar on that either. I will be taking a gap year and then applying for the Fall 2020 cohort at schools. I have a lot of experience with a lot of observation/shadowing hours, being a paraprofessional, a direct care professional, and volunteering abroad. I'm wondering if I even have a chance of getting into any schools with this low GPA? Also willing to go anywhere for grad school so if you know anywhe
  15. Hey all! So I got the most awaited acceptance letter from my dream school today, that is, Johns Hopkins University. I am super excited about it. However, I received the letter from the Vice Dean of Graduate Education and not from the department and it included the following statement: Please see the welcome letter from your department for more detailed information regarding any individualized funding support, program specifics and options, advisor arrangements, and program orientation requirements. I haven't received the welcome letter yet. Should I wait for the letter or start
  16. I know this is unethical. I’m just broke and following what is best for my wallet. I recently received an invite to a Masters program (I’ll call this Program A) that I found to be my favorite in terms of my interests. However, it was still going to cost me a bit and funding for students was limited for this program. I figured I was not going to get funded for any other Masters program I applied to anyway, so I should accept the school that is of my best interests: Program A. Well, a week after accepting this offer, the same degree but at another institution, Program B, offers me ac
  17. Hello everyone, It is midnight and I can not rest until I have some feedback that may shine some light on my chances for getting into a graduate program Fall 2020. I would greatly like to know of others with low or average GPA to share their experience. I will be graduating this May. I hope to raise my GPA with this semesters coursework and gain more experience during my gap year. I reside in California and will most likely be applying to graduate programs in the state. Here are my current specs. Overall GPA: 3.42 GPA in last 2 years: 3.68 Psyc GPA: 3.48 2 years workin
  18. Hey Everyone, I don't think there is a topic like this yet. I'm from New York and only applied to SLP grad programs in the NY are (LIU Post and Brooklyn, Adelphi, Hofstra, Iona, St. Johns, and Molloy). Did everyone send out their applications yet? When anyone hears back from a school or gets an interview let us know!
  19. Hi all, I am waiting on pins and needles to hear back from my MFA programs and I'm trying to put my energy into something worthwhile, so here I am. What schools have ya'll applied to? What are your top schools? What's your genre? How many times have you applied before? Has anyone heard back from anywhere yet? I know it's early in the game but I've had so much nervous energy just thinking about it. Anyone else? How's everybody feeling? Good luck on your acceptances!
  20. Hi guys, I'm just gonna give this a shot even though I have no idea if I'll get helpful responses. Just a bit of background. I am a 22 y/o recent college grad who applied for the MPH program and got into the Boston University School of Public Health with a merit scholarship of about ~20k for this Fall 2019. However, because of some compelling circumstances, I am also currently in the middle of a job search (I had to resign from my previous job). I applied for an MPH with an intention of studying Mental Health Policy. However, I also got a job offer at a pharmaceutical company. I am d
  21. Hello! I am looking for current/former/denied/accepted counseling students from these universities: University of South Carolina University of Utah Vanderbilt University University of Arkansas University of Vermont University of Texas at Tyler Regis University (Denver/Thornton) Texas Christian University Tarleton State University University of Texas at San Antonio I would like to know how long it took you to get accepted and what your GPA/GRE scores were? If you've been rejected from these programs, what were your GRE scores
  22. Hi all. I am really quite confused about PhD admissions. I've heard various things from various people--everyone has their own theory on what AdComms are looking for. Do any decent PhD programs accept applicants with limited language training (1 yr Latin/1 yr German)? No B.S.: What GRE scores are "safe" for top programs in theology/religion? I have a 164V/156Q/4.5. Should I retake, or is this a waste of time? Obviously my MA theology gpa is stellar (because prettymuch everyone applying for PhD programs has stellar grades...3.95ish). I have a TAship this semester, but no publication
  23. Hey y'all. Worried about my chances of acceptance into philosophy MA programs. As of right now, I know I am for sure applying to San Francisco State, California State Los Angeles, London School of Economics (MSc in Philosophy & Public Policy/Philosophy of the Social Sciences), Wayne State University (I'm already accepted into the AGRADE program there, so this is my backup), and the University of Missouri St. Louis. Possibly also applying to Georgia State University and Northern Illinois University (depending on if I can take the GRE in time). Here are my stats: GPA: 3.75 Philosop
  24. Hey, just wondering if anyone has heard back from Brock University for their M.A. of Social Justice and Equity Studies? Or for any of their grad programs for that matter? I'm having a hard time finding this information online and wanted to hear some previous experiences! Thanks.
  25. Has anyone heard from Columbia about the Human Rights Masters? I'm dying!
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