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Found 27 results

  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to start this nerve-wracking thread! The first interview for the HSS @ U Penn came in today! Post results here, should you feel inclined, and this can be general discussion on Acceptances/Rejections/interviews as well. Good luck to everyone & may the odds be always in our favor!
  2. I know we're still early in the game, but I'm wondering if any GradCafe vets have any tools or tricks they used to pick between schools. If anyone had a spreadsheet they used to weigh offers, I'd love to see it, but any other help is really appreciated! I'm thinking of making something like this anyway, but I know I'll forget basic things like...summer funding, lol. Thanks!
  3. So... my ultimate goal is to attend a PhD program in Creative Writing. This year, I applied to various MFA programs because although I have a Master's degree already it is in Clinical Counseling. So far, I've been accepted to 5 programs, my two favorites being North Carolina Wilmington and the Stonecoast Program in Maine. Former is a full residency program that is considered one of the most innovative programs in the country (but otherwise, I believe it is only a mid-tier program), Stonecoast at Southern Maine U is a top ten low residency program. My questions is this: would it hurt my chances of getting into a decent PhD Creative Writing program that my MFA is from a (well respected) low residency program? I have to choose between these two programs soon and the PhD suitability is an important factor for me to consider. Thank you for the insight!
  4. Hello everyone, I thought I would start a forum for people to ask and answer questions regarding the MIRHR graduate program at The University of Toronto for 2018. Good luck to everyone who is applying!
  5. A place to check on decisions, share excitement, and commiserate on bad news.
  6. Well, last year, I saw that a thread was put up on this topic. It enabled followers to keep abreast of acceptances, rejections and waitlists from Canadian MA programs. As for me, I applied to both York Uni and SFU for 2018 fall. Still waiting on a positive response with fingers crossed. What of you?
  7. SLPLiz

    UNT and OLLU

    I've been accepted to a few schools so far. One is where I did my undergrad, and the other two are OLLU and UNT. I like all of the schools for different reasons. OLLU and UNT are closer to home, but I'm not sure how to pick the right one. OLLU doesn't do research, but I'm not sure if that is even something I want to continue doing in my graduate program. Does anyone have any advice or know something about these programs that may help me make a choice?
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm curious if anyone has been offered admissions to a school and then heard at a later date about funding or assistantships. I was accepted back in February. The acceptance letter said they are making decisions about it within the next month. So far, I haven't seen anyone accept or get offered any funding. But I feel like I just want to know now and I'm sick of waiting. So I'm looking for advice, do you think it would be bad if I call and as if they gave them out yet? Need help because I'm going crazy waiting haha! Anyways, I am talking about UNH. However, this may apply to other schools as well! Send me in your thoughts and advice!
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm curious if anyone has been offered admissions to a school and then heard at a later date about funding or assistantships. I was accepted back in February. The acceptance letter said they are making decisions about it within the next month. So far, I haven't seen anyone accept or get offered any funding. But I feel like I just want to know now and I'm sick of waiting. So I'm looking for advice, do you think it would be bad if I call and as if they gave them out yet? Need help because I'm going crazy waiting haha! Anyways, I am talking about UNH. However, this may apply to other schools as well! Send me in your thoughts and advice!
  10. Hello! So I've been fortunate enough to be accepted into three different MA programs this cycle, and I'm still waiting on one more school before I hunker down and start making my decision. During the application process, I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up, and so now I'm at a loss as to what I'm supposed to do now, because quite frankly I wasn't sure that I would get this far. Currently, I've sent emails to my POI at each school I've been accepted at thanking them for the offer and letting them know that I am very excited about possibly attending their program, that I hope to make my decision in the next few weeks, and plan to reach out to them if I have any questions. Is there anything else that I should be doing in order to keep lines of communication going and to follow appropriate etiquette guidelines? I've had a really great support system of undergraduate professors and graduate students that have given me some advice, but I would also love to hear what everybody else is doing post-acceptance to ensure that professional relationships stay open and friendly even after decisions are all made! If anybody else is running into any other etiquette dilemmas or has any need to vent about navigating this limbo period between acceptance and final decision making, feel free to use this thread as well!
  11. I am in the very fortunate position of having received an acceptance to a PhD program this year (last year was not so successful, if you look at my signature!). However, the program that first accepted me did so very early in the general process, from what I can tell, and is now asking me very pointed questions like "What is the likelihood that you will accept our offer?" and "When can we get an acceptance from you?" (I'm not kidding, more or less that exact wording in emails and on phone calls). I know that I'm under no strict obligation to reply until April 15th, but also want to tell programs 'yes' or 'no' as soon as possible so as not to lock up funding for others. They are an excellent program with fantastic researchers, but I simply don't have enough information yet from all my other applications. They're my top choice right now, but I don't know what will happen in two weeks! I'm trying to figure out how to say "insufficient data at this time" in a polite way. There are other programs that I am also very interested in that frankly haven't even interviewed anyone yet (if my contacts in the programs and the results posted here are to be believed). Based on job availability for my wife and funding offered, several of my other applications could reasonably 'beat' the program pressuring me for a response. I want to be respectful to this program, and I am extremely grateful and honored by the admittance, but I cannot also make any guarantee of my acceptance at this time barring input from other programs. Any suggestions on how to communicate that tactfully?
  12. Hi. Just wanted to start a conversation about the universities that have finished sending acceptances and invitations for interview for Chemistry PhD. Feel free to add to the conversation what you know.
  13. For those who applied to schools in NY, when do we usually hear from the schools? About everyone I know who applied has heard something from a school (interviews, waitlists, rejections, etc) and I have yet to hear from any school about anything. I know NYU recently sent out their first batch of acceptances and someone I know just got rejected. Also, Adelphi has notified some people already. The wait is killing me! Does anyone know when the first wave of decisions are usually sent out and the second wave and so on? I'm feeling more anxious that I haven't heard from any of the 9 schools I applied to yet.
  14. Has anyone received waitlist status or a rejection from UCSC's lit program? Any sort of speculation on why this program is taking such an excruciatingly long time to release rejections? I'm assuming since it has been this long that it doesn't mean good news, but my god, having students wait this long (to hear about a rejection) is painful. Why are they doing this !
  15. Has anyone else not heard back from any of the programs they applied to? I've been checking the results page on GradCafe, and some programs I applied to have sent out acceptances and waitlists, and even some rejections, but I haven't heard anyyyyything, which is driving me insane and increasing my levels of stress. is anyone else experiencing this? What does this mean?! what do we do!
  16. Dulcinea11

    Spanish Literature Phd - 2016

    Hello everybody! Has anyone started to hear back from their applications yet? I applied to 17 programs and have only heard back from five thus far.
  17. darlingviolet

    Waiting List 2016

    With most of our applications submitted, and people hearing back from schools right and left, I thought it would be nice to start a thread for those of us who are still waiting to hear or stuck on a waiting list. List where you're waiting to hear back from and your waiting list woes! If you're one of the lucky ones who has been accepted to multiple schools, list where you won't be going! This can also be a place to ask questions about waiting list etiquette, deadlines, how to choose, etc! I've been accepted to MAT programs at Tufts and WashU, still haven't heard back from University of Illinois at UC, and I'm first on the waiting list for my top choice program at UMass Amherst. And the waiting is driving me crazy!!!
  18. Hello. I am new to the forum (American) and hold an MPA. I am waiting for admission status on a second graduate program that is more specialized. I am truly stunned by the volume of comments on the main roster that celebrate Acceptance, and then ask for advice on which school, or whether the applicant should even do the program. Not to mention those that ask for more details on the program they have just been accepted to! Ie., paraphrasing, "Received acceptance 3/31, how good is this program?" I realize a "shotgun" approach may be more common in some fields...but, come on! Is anyone else bewildered by this?
  19. JoHarrison


    Hey guys!! I called FAU yesterday asking for an updated status on my application. Since I just moved due to getting married, some of my mail has gone missing. I was curious if they mailed anything and I missed it. Based on what they told me, some letters of acceptance have been sent out. The lady on the phone told me based on those replies they would send out more letters within 2 weeks. Has anyone received notice yet?? I got in to FIU's program but I think I'm leaning more towards FAU due to distance. If I get in anyways!
  20. roxyshoe

    U Mich!

    Hey all, Wondering a few things! 1) If you have heard from Michigan, what are your stats, etc. and when did you apply? (Whatever you don't mind answering, of course!) 2) Have you received any merit aid? 3) I am concerned because even though I submitted my application on 12/01, it was not listed as "complete" until three weeks ago. Does this mean I am still considered early action? I figure I'll call the office but ask here first. 4) Anything else UMich MSW related you want to discuss I feel like I won't hear from Michigan until, like, April even though I submitted in December =[ The wait is gnawing at me!
  21. Has anyone applying to US art history PhD programs had any news? I saw on the survey board that UCSB and Emory requested interviews last week. Just curious if anyone else has heard anything from other programs.
  22. bounce

    SDSU applicants

    So..... I emailed admissions at SDSU and today the admissions person told me that the first round of acceptance/rejection letters will be mailed out in two weeks!!! YAY!! I thought they had already started so I am relieved to learn that this isn't the case. She told me my review had been completed, so hopefully I will hear in the first round. (I submitted my apps before the priority deadline on Jan. 10th, Jan. 15 being the priority deadline.) I'm getting so excited!! Anyone else apply here?
  23. deltapost

    Acceptance Policies

    Is anyone familiar with the policy regarding the April 15th deadline? I was told even if you accept an offer from a school, you can renege as long as it is before April 15th. No hard feelings. Is this true? Long story short I have been accepted to my number 2 school and am waiting on my top choice. The longer the wait, then more I lose hope. I'd like to accept #2's offer so that I may get a head start on housing applications and what-not but If get into my #1, well... What does everyone think? Any thoughts?
  24. I received an offer from U of A yesterday for a place in their MA English program, with an RAship — after sleeping on it, I accepted this afternoon. (Although Alberta was more or less my top choice of all the programs I applied to, I felt a little impulsive accepting my first offer so soon in the process. But now that I have, what a relief.) My areas of interest are rhetoric and composition and medieval studies. Any takers for the other Alberta acceptances that have been posted? Other applicants to Canadian programs? Any alumni? Best of luck to everyone on their applications.
  25. bounce


    I see many people are getting responses back from big private schools but not so much from state schools, specifically CSU's. I know, I know, state schools get crazy amounts of apps (Long Beach got over 1200 last year) but I'm wondering if anybody has heard anything or contacted the CSU's. I called about a week ago and didn't get any new information... Anyone else just dying to hear from a CSU? I know some people got into CSUDH and CSULA but I had no interest in applying there. I'm interested if anyone heard from CSULB or CSUN or SDSU. I just need to hear from some fellow comrades applying to the same schools as me!! ugh The wait is killing me........

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