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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! Created this thread where we can share admission decisions from Canadian universities for Master's and PhD.
  2. After a discussion over email, a professor encouraged me to apply and I've submitted the application by the priority deadline (15th Dec) at the UC Merced, EECS PhD program. After application submission, he interviewed me on the 2nd week of January 2021. At the end of the interview, he was positive to accept me in his lab and told me the offer will be sent by February 2nd week. However, still, I didn't receive any decision and the professor not replying my emails. What should I do in this situation? Should I approach another professor? Any suggestion?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm an International Student. I applied to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts MFA Dramatic Writing Program from December 19th and I was told that notifications are sent out ANYTIME between MARCH 1st and APRIL frickin 15th! I am going crazy!!! It's almost the end of March and I haven't seen ANY applicants on this site with a decision for this program. In fact, I think one of the key committee members has been out of office for 1 week or so, with no "return date" in his automated email reply, so I don't know when he's expected back. I don't want to keep emailing admissions to annoy anyone, but this is ROUGH! At least with Brown University, they stuck to the date they gave (although it was just as long of a wait). At least they stuck to their date. Tisch, I don't know what's taking them so long... I mean... they have 1 month AND 15 days and I haven't seen ONE decision on the Results Search page... sigh... I'm also waiting on Boston U's MA Journalism which I was told would be out by next week.... but Tisch.... what is going on in that dept? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Any response from UBC English department yet? The wait is becoming unbearable!
  5. Let's share the admission decision and a little on your profile!
  6. Hey Y'all, For those of you who applied to Brown University's Watson Institute of Public Affairs' MPA program 2018 Have you heard anything back with regards to admission status and funding? I applied during the regular decision deadline (February 23, 2018) and I have yet to hear back from them. This despite that the program stating admission decisions would be sent out in Mid March. Should I attempt to contact the department regarding the status of my application or should I wait it out? I believe the website states April 15th is the commitment to accept admission deadline (THIS SUNDAY) Is this a bad sign that I have not heard back yet? Any insight would be appreciated Thanks!
  7. Hi, Admission Decisions!! Aim: To work in the field of international development with global agencies Current Location: India Schools admitted to: SIPA MPA-DP, USC Price MPP, NYU MPA in PNP & LSE MPA Funding: Half Tuition Scholarship from USC Price Need to make the right decision at the earliest in terms of the following parameters: Future Job Market Prospects, Financial Burden, Overall Brand Name Any advice would be really appreciated!
  8. Did anyone got their acceptance/rejection for UMD Phd (pharmacy school?) please respond thanks!
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