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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just joined the Grad cafe, nice to meet you all! I applied to the Msc in Economics for Development at Oxford and Yale IDE program for fall 2022. The university emails, grad cafe posts and previous year timelines suggest that the result should have been out by now. Am I missing something? or did I just not get the admission? I have not received an acceptance or a rejection yet.
  2. It’s getting really hard to keep going. I’ve spent a year and almost $2,000 crafting grad school applications and in the course of a week, I’ve already been rejected from 7 of the 10 schools I applied to. I’ve even been rejected from safe schools. I took GRE classes, paid writing consultants and put everything into my volunteer work and gap year. But it still wasn’t enough. I don’t know why I thought I could do this. I don’t know why I thought I was good enough. Whenever I tell someone this, the only comforting response is “there’s always next year,” but this is actually my 2nd year applying and this will probably be the 2nd time in a row I’ve been unanimously rejected. I don’t think I can do this again. I wouldn’t say I was suicidal because that would hurt my family too much. I’ve also tried twice and neither attempt worked, hence my delimma. But I truly have nothing to live for. All my friends have gone to start thier careers but I’m still working for no pay at my family’s restaurant and caring for my chronically ill mother. I have no internships, no job prospects and nothing to do with my history and English BAs. I couldn’t even get a job at Sprint mobile. I have ruined my own life and I can’t even get admitted into programs that will let me do the one thing I’m good at, which is to say that I’m probably not good at it all. I wanted a career in academia and research but I think it’s time I just give up on this dream. It’s been made clear that I suck too much to even take the first steps in realizing this dream. If I don’t get into grad school this year, I’ll probably just keep serving pasta and living with my parents forever while wishing that I could be hit by a bus, struck by meteors and devoured by crows and a stray cat. Ive never been this discouraged before.
  3. I applied to UNC Chapel Hill Biomedical Sciences Ph. D program. I haven't heard anything yet from bbsp (neither good nor bad), yet. I am very very nervous a time passes. I thought this could be a good platform to share updates with each other. Anybody heard anything?
  4. So, I have been refreshing my Gmail page for quite some time now, waiting for any news from the schools that I applied to. Every time I came and refreshed the page on my laptop, I had new emails, which I have been praying for to be from the grad schools. Alas! The cruel card has been played and the only email I get is "You have won XXXXX". Oh, how badly I wish I could rip off the morons sending me junk emails at such anxious moments. Anyone having similar thoughts?
  5. I have been to various forums to see if there are any responses from Columbia University. Are they going to release with Penn and Rutgers on the 14th? Sincerely, Concerned Applicate
  6. Has anyone heard anything yet from the MPA program?
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