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Found 128 results

  1. Hi, This is more of a question than discussion. on 28th Feb, 2018 i had a skype interview with Faculties of University of New Hampshire's economics department. After that I have not heard anything from them. Have anyone got any call? How was the interview? I mean, what was their approach? Can anyone give me any first hand Idea about thier program? So, far my knowledge is restricted within the info obtained from web page. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I'm a student applying for a masters degree in United States. I've been accepted to 2 masters in statistics(Columbia, Uchicago) so far where I have 8 more schools pending for ms in stat/data science/machine learning. I haven't decided if I will directly head to the industry or pursue a phD after graduation. But definitely I would prefer taking challenging courses during my semester since I've already took a few grad school stat/math courses. Which school would be a better choice between Uchicago and Columbia? It seems that Columbia is well known to general people, although Uchicago seems to be a top tier in Statistics. Even if I get a phD, I will work in the industry. And considering that I'm a international student and many in my country thinks Columbia is a better school, I would like to here your opinions if there is anyone currently attending one of these schools or know well about the alumni placement & reputation in the industry.
  3. I wanted to crowd-source some reasons for how people are making their final decisions. I realize this is a convenient spot for a lot of us to be in, but it is also a very difficult one. I know my pre-submission impressions were that I would not be in this predicament; I wholeheartedly expected to be accepted at just one place. But, here we are. Any advice helps! All the best,
  4. I applied to USC to do an MSW online last week and the waiting has been killing me! I completed my undergraduate in 2015 as a Child and Family Studies major. I didn't really have a ton of work experience, just a work-study job, so my CV is kind of dull. I'm really concerned about my GPA as maybe it was a 2.7 when I graduated. I did write an addendum to further explain the reasoning behind my low GPA (sexual trauma). I have had a time of healing and know that I am fully ready to be a fantastic student again. A few months after I graduated, I moved to Tanzania to work for a non-profit for 15 months. Which is why I am wanting to pursue a masters in social work. I'm really passionate about working with refugees and hope to live and work in the East African region working with those refugees. My professor wrote a strong recommendation letter for me and the founder of the organization I worked for wrote my letter as well. I'm also nervous about my personal statement. I'm not the best writer and I answered each question, I'm just scared I didn't answer up to their standards. Do I have a shot or should I kiss my dream school goodbye?
  5. BC School of Social Work

    Hi, Has anyone heard back yet? Is it true that they email you their decision if you were accepted and then send an official letter after? Thanks!
  6. I've just gotten a Financial Aid email from one of my schools, complete with an ID number of some sort and a request for me to set up my financial aid profile. The kicker is-- I haven't gotten an admission decision from them yet. Has anyone had this happen to them or have a guess what it means? I'm trying not to get my hopes up!
  7. Hello everyone, I thought I would start a forum for people to ask and answer questions regarding the MIRHR graduate program at The University of Toronto for 2018. Good luck to everyone who is applying!
  8. Hello everyone, here I have a question about the Ph.D. admission without funding. When I was applying graduate schools this year, I found that a lot of programs on their website saying that"If you want to be considered for funding, you should submit your application materials by xxx; If you do not consider the funding, your application deadline is xxx. " Usually, if you do not consider the funding or scholarship, then the deadline is much later than the deadline for the funding offer. I am applying for the History major Ph.D. programs this year, and I have some questions for the above "two deadlines". First, if I want the department to consider me for both the offer and admission, do I need to email them to let them know? I submitted my application package by the offer deadline (the earlier one), and If I was turned down by them for the scholarship, do you think they will consider me for the admission without funding? Do I need to submit my application package for two times by the two deadlines to let the department to consider me for both the offer and the admission without funding? Second, I want to know, based on the general situation, are there many schools giving Ph.D. admissions without funding? If I do not consider any funding, scholarship, or assistantship from the department, will my admission potential increase? Thank you so much for your help!!!
  9. Hello everyone, I currently a third-year undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in biochemistry with around a 3.0 GPA and the intent of obtaining a doctorate degree in the biological sciences upon graduation. What are my chances of entering a great graduate program? Science Activities: Three years of research experience (1.75 years at a top-20 institution and 1.25 years at an ivy league known to be a STEM superpower). One research course focused on advanced functional genetics. Honors including McNair E. Scholar, several Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and the Best Poster award from several conferences. Given a poster presentation at six conferences, as well as an oral presentation at one conference. Held an Undergraduate Teaching Assisting position for a Functional Genetics lab for three semesters. Will potentially complete a Senior Thesis. Have two publications (First Author + Third Author papers) Non-Science Activities: Drumline Founder and Instructor of a public middle school Website Developer of a public city park Note Taker at top-20 institution Additionally, I am a First-Generation, Hispanic, Low-Income student.
  10. For agricultural econ/ applied econ.
  11. Fall 2018 Admissions

    Hello everybody, The time is approaching when the admission results for Fall 2018 are starting to roll out. As far as I know Ohio State University is the first one in announcing admission results. One of my friends has already received academic from OSU Economics. Let's use this thread and share our admission results for Fall 2018 Economics PhD.
  12. Low undergrad GPA but high MPH GPA

    I've been thinking about applying to PhD programs but my undergrad GPA still haunts me. I graduated with a whopping 2.8. I honestly don't have a good excuse other than the fact that I wasn't focused and didn't really figure out what I was truly passionate about until the end of my junior year. Luckily, I was able to get into a respectable MPH program and graduated that with a 3.8 GPA. I worked in health services research as a research coordinator throughout my MPH, and I currently work in health policy research at a top consulting firm. My GREs were decent (158 Q, 152 V) but I could retake those if needed. I have a decent amount of publications under my name as well. I'm looking into DrPH and PhD programs both...I'm still undecided. I would like to go into Health Policy and some of the schools I have looked at include GW, UMD, and Hopkins (which is probably way out of my reach but worth trying...?). Am I completely unrealistic for thinking I even have a shot due to my low undergrad GPA?
  13. Anthropology Acceptance Stats

    For those of you looking for something to do, here is a link to Peterson's that have most of the PhD schools for anthropology. Most of the schools include the number of applications they received, along with how many people they accepted. Granted, the top schools may be admitting a lot of the same people, but the statistics could be worse! How do your schools fare? A lot of mine hovered right around 20% to 25%. 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 isn't TOO terrible. Just terrifying.;12-degreeTypes:doctorate
  14. I want to ask how should I best address this question in the application form? "In your view, what strengths will you bring to the program? "
  15. Hi all, I've seen threads for interviews and I thought I would start one for all of us that aren't applying to clinical programs! Feel free to share, ask questions, and vent! School: Track and/or specialization within psychology program: Interview type: Date: Good luck everyone!
  16. Regarding Transcripts

    Hi everyone, I had a semi-specific question regarding what transcripts to send to schools. I graduated in 2016 with a BA in International Studies-Political Science from UCSD. I will definitely be sending that transcript and don't have any concerns about that. But, after graduating, I wanted to take a language course at a community college for fun. I unfortunately had to withdraw from the language course due to a busy work schedule. Do I need to send a transcript from the community college if it's just one course that I took for fun and is unrelated to any sort of degree? Thanks!
  17. MSW two degree GPA

    I am an international student from Canada studying in the USA. I completed a BA in psychology about 4 years ago in Canada and had a terribly low GPA (2.0). Following that I did a social service worker diploma ( equivalent to an AA level degree) in Canada and graduated with a 3.6. I am now living in the United States and will be completing a BSW with a predicted overall GPA of 3.8 and a concentration GPA of 4.0. I was only required to complete 48 credit hours to complete this degree of which 36 are letter grades and 12 are pass fail (for my internship). My cumulative GPA would likely not meet the entrance requirements, because I do not believe my AA degree will be counted toward my overall cumulative GPA. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this type of situation before, and whether or not they were successful in obtaining admittance. I am 100% a different student then I was when I was younger. I was in a much different place in my life and my grades from then are not indicative of my ability. I require an on campus program which I know due to limited space can be more difficult to gain admittance so I really am just searching for some information as to how to be successful in being admitted.
  18. I am an international student that wants to study conflict or peace studies and psychology.I applied to Arcadia University and brandies university. I need advice on schools especially those with scholarships!
  19. Hello everyone, I will start applying to PhD programs this month but I am not confident that my SOP is good enough. As an international student, I have little knowledge on this since writing SOP for graduate schools is not common my country (if existent). Can someone review my SOP and tell me what could be changed to improve it? Any advice is welcome ps.: I have ommited the university and faculty members names for an ethical reason. Thanks Raul L. L. Carmo I am writing on behalf of my application for the Doctoral program in Chemistry at X University. I have earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil) in 2015 and the strong research on catalysis and new synthetic methodologies conducted in your institution made me very interested in pursuing graduate studies at your department. Since sophomore year in college, I have been involved in research projects in the interface between organic and inorganic chemistry, studying new ways to transform abundant and cheap substances into valuable compounds using less toxic reagents and generating less waste. In my senior thesis I managed to transform compounds extracted from pine trees into biologically-active amines in a one-pot procedure using ethanol instead of toluene as a solvent, a greener approach to the synthesis of amines that led to higher yields and selectivities than the traditional systems already used. In addition, I had the opportunity to take graduate-level courses at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) about group theory, advanced mass spectrometry and experimental nuclear magnetic resonance which contributed to my understanding of important concepts of my research area. I have also spent the 2012-2013 academic year in the U.S studying chemistry at Allegheny College and University of California Davis as a recipient of the Science Without Borders scholarship. Studying abroad has introduced me to state-of-the-art science and allowed me to operate new instruments and learn new techniques not available in my home institution. In 2016, the American Chemical Society awarded me with a scholarship to travel to Panama, where I received intensive training on scientific outreach and communication. This opportunity has impacted the way I think chemistry can serve our society and made me realize I can do more for my country than I ever expected through science. Brazil has numerous economic and social inequality problems,and I think one of the most powerful ways to overcome them is through international scientific cooperation and knowledge exchange. Research experience combined with extensive theoretical and practical training received during the baccalaureate and graduate-level courses encouraged me to take a step further in my career as a scientist. My professional goal is to become highly qualified in the field of catalysis and teach at an institution committed to social, economic, environmental and scientific development in my country. The PhD program in Chemistry at X University is a very good fit for me since it has a structure with all the resources I need to advance in my research, with Dr. Y and Dr. Z groups being very active and relevant to my field. It is also a medium-sized program in a small city, in that way I would feel more at home than I would in a big city where I would only be seen as a number. I am confident that the aforementioned characteristics make me a viable candidate for this graduate program. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with the department faculty and provide further information. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  20. Hi, First post here. I am currently having low GPA but strong work experience. I have seen from my colleagues and fellow applicants that having job experience would count to next to nothing while applying for universities. I have given up on ambitious universities and some of the safe universities as well for now. It has been twice that I've applied and have got zero acceptance till now. Going through different forums and after a lot of google searches, I am seeing the only way to strengthen my application is to start communicating with a professor and try to show them that I'm worthy of selection. But how do I kick-off a conversation is my question? Do I dive into the topic which they are working (and interests me) or is it a necessity to have a paper published on that topic by me? Thanks
  21. Also I'd like to know what universities I can apply to so I can feel 'safe'..
  22. Hello, I am an international student but currently staying in the USA. I pursued my Masters Program here in USA. I am in the process of applying for a PhD program in Statistics or BioStatistics. Undergrad Institution: International University (Outside USA) Major(s): Economics and Mathematics GPA: 3.57 Grad Institution: US University Major(s): Mathematics GPA: 3.8 GRE General Test: Q: 157 V: 139 W: 3.5 Program Applying: PhD in Biostatistics or Statistics Research Experience: None Awards/Honors/Recognitions: TA Assistantship for Master's Program Courses at Grad Level: Partial Differential Equations (A), Abstract Algebra (A), Advanced Differential Equations (A), Combinatorics and Graph Theory (B), Theory of Statistics (A), Introduction to Numerical Analysis (A), Analysis I&II (A-), Applied Statistics (A), Statistical Computing (B+), Discrete Modeling and Optimization (A), Actuarial Science (A), Complex Analysis (A-), Experimental Design (A), Assistant : Teaching Assistant for two years Letters of Recommendation: -Assistant Professor in Statistics (Strong) -Professor in Applied Mathematics (Strong) -Associate Professor in Mathematics (Strong) I am aware that my GRE score isn't the best and I have no research experience (but let's overlook that). I am interested in universities based in Atlanta Georgia. Based on my profile, what are my chances of getting admission into the following universities? I need your suggestions and advice. Thank you. Schools: University of Georgia (PhD in Statistics) Georgia State University (PhD in Biostatistics) Augusta University (PhD in Biostatistics)
  23. is it worth it?

    So I want to apply to grad school for speech path this upcoming year. My main concern is my horrible mark that I got in Phonetics - C+. It is my lowest mark and I know that a lot of schools look at prereqs in which case Phonetics is typically one. I have a B+ average and hoping to get more A's this year to at least bring up my GPA. I am also a French minor (fluent in French) and wanted to apply to either Université d'Ottawa, Université du Québec, Université de Laval and Université de Montréal. Anyone who has applied to these schools or attended them? Or any advice at all in terms of getting in? Thanks!
  24. is stanford GRE dates strict?

    hello, i was wondering if anyone knows about the gre scores at stanford(gse) i'm going to take the test in october but i want to take it again in november. is it ok to take it in november when they say taking it until october is recommended?(on the website) not sure if this is really strict or it might be ok to take it one more time in november
  25. Hello, this is my first post here:) I am an international applicant and planning to apply for the 2018 Fall Statistics program. I am currently browsing each school website for some information which could be helpful for my school list. I have a question here: Though ranking is the most important aspect when deciding which school to apply, just in terms of admission strategy/possibility, will it be helpful or meaningful to apply for schools whose faculty and research fit me well and strongly emphasize that point in my SOP or CV? I heard stat/math phd admission process cares more about quantitative record(GRE, gap, etc.) than SOP/CV. Also there is possibility that my research interests may change over time and the information I get from websites seems somewhat uncertain and glimpse. I just don't know what would be a suitable strategy deciding schools. I need some advice and help from here.. Thank you.