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  1. I am a junior student and transferred from College A to B and, because I wanted to graduate in three years, I took summer courses at two different colleges. As a result, When I apply to grad school I will have four transcripts that make up my undergraduate degree. My transcript will look like: First year in college A and transferred to college B summer at college C Second year in college B summer at college D Third year in college B and apply to grad school By the end of third year I graduate.
  2. Hello! I have a 4.0 in finance from Iowa State University. I did a research project (15 page paper) on real estate finance for my honors project, so also graduated in the honors program. I've held two full time 8 month internships in real estate finance, and corporate accounting. I also started a real estate club at ISU, was state president of a business organization, and was highly involved in investment groups and other activities. i have been working as a broker for the past year. I'm sure I could put a positive spin on that somehow. I got a 167 verbal, and a 168 quant score on my GRE. I also got a 6 on the AWA portion. I'd love to go to either Stern or Booth for a PhD in finance, but I am concerned about applying. I have no research experience where I was working for faculty. My letters of recommendation are alright, but not from professors I have actually worked with. I'll be applying for the fall 2017 term either way. Do you think it would be best to get my masters in finance at ISU first, just to get some research experience and better letters? Or do you think I should apply straight to Stern and Booth? What else do I need to get into these competitive programs? Even with my grades and such, am I competitive?
  3. I am currently at a top 30 university and taking summer classes for credits at small local colleges not even on the ranking list. At the end, my transcript will include a lot credits from the local college, Is that going to affect my ability to apply to top graduate programs?
  4. Hi! Has anyone that apply for LSE MSc Behavioral Sciences for this year (2022) heard back from the program? Especially those that apply in late Jan 2022 Thanks!
  5. Country - US but international Chinese student Undergrad Institution: Top 10 US Major: Math; Statistics GPA : 3.88/4.00 Master’s Institution: No master GRE: 155+170 (Q) +4 Didnt take the math subject Coursework (all took in my undergrad, including master and phd level courses) Statistics- All undergraduate courses are A. Also took all first year statistics PhD courses you know in any legit phd programs. Got all A(s), except A- in probability measure theory, and a pass in time series analysis (switched to pass/fail due to covid) Mathematics- All undergraduate courses are A. PhD courses took real analysis (B+, sick for the covid semester), measure and integration (a pass for pass/fail due to covid), functional analysis (A) Research experience: Methodology paper received minor revision from JMLR (top 1st journal in ML, with a very reknowned professor "citation ~50000", 1st author: Just me and the professor, did 100% percent of the work) Submitted (under review) a theoretical statistics theory to JASA (top 1-4 journal in stats) with a super famous professor (someone that everyone knows, "citation ~60000". 1st author: Just me and the professor, did 100% percent of the work) Published A patent during a summer industry research Drafting another computational biology patent (from my startup) Drafting another computational biology research manuscript (from my startup) some other summer research that resulted in APP/Posters etc. not very serious... Professional experience: Goldman Sachs quant full time for a year Tencent research intern Deloitte research intern Co-founder of biotech startup Awards: - MCM/ICM got meritorious (6% out of 14000+) for consecutive 2 years - Best mathematical research award in college math department every year - A bunch of other stuff Research Interests : 1) Computational Bio, 2) Statistical Inference Theory, 3) Dynamical System Recommendation Letters : 1)Top 1% letter (Very strong) for the 50000 citation prof. Talked about research 2) Top 1% letter (Very strong) for the 60000 citation prof. Talked about research 3) Top 10-25% (Strong) from my academic advisor prof (~17000 citation). The score is low but the letter (to my knowledge) is pretty strong. Taked about my startup and everything other than research and academic. ALSO: prove my significant GPA drop in one of the semesters was due to sickness Programs: 1) Stanford Stats, 2) Berkeley Stats, 3) Harvard Stats, 4) UChicago Stats, 5) CMU Stats, 6) UW Stats, 7) UW CS, 😎 Princeton ORFE, 9) MIT EECS What is my chance?
  6. I applied for Technology Innovation Management (TIM) for Fall 2021 since 4/1/2021 but uptill date my status is still showing recommended for assessment, I received a mail from Tim graduate coordinator sometime in February, saying decision will be made first weeks of march, am just curious to know if anyone also applied to TIM program in Carlton university and if they have gotten any response in regards been accepted, am always stress waiting to hear from them, I keep checking Carleton portal every 15 minutes and checking my mail, is anyone together with me in this boat? has anyone gotten accepted for TIM 2021 Fall session?
  7. Hello! I am going to be applying for clinical psychology PhD programs in the Fall (hoping to start in Fall 2022). I am currently obtaining a B.A. in psychology with a minor in gender and women's studies and have a 4.0. I have been working in a research lab since my freshman year (and I am joining a 2nd one this summer) and have experience as an undergrad T.A. for two semesters. I am not too great at standardized tests and just took a GRE practice exam with a pretty bad quant score. I also have not been in very many clubs throughout my undergrad, because I was busy working and performing in my university's choral program. What are some things that I can do this semester to boost my application? Additionally, what are some things that I can do to boost my quantitative score (I am pretty bad at math and it scares me!)? I am worried that my lack of participation in student clubs/bad math score might jeopardize my admission to some schools, what are your tips? Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it!!
  8. College: IIT ( ranked among top 3 in India ) GPA: 7.8/10 ( 3.12 on a scale of 4 ) BSc in Maths ( 2021 graduate ) Minors in Machine Learning: Courses - Data structure algorithms (B grade), Intro to Machine Learning ( A grade ), Bayesian ML (A grade) Minors GPA: 9.2/10 (3.68 on a scale of 4) GPA in last three semesters (out of 8 sems) : 9.3 (3.72), 9.5 (3.8), 9.2 (3.68) I am confident that I can get a good score in GRE and TOEFL which I will give this year. I also have perfect grades in CS and Economics elective courses ( Database systems, Cryptology, Financial economics, Intro to economics) My GPA is low mostly because of compulsory abstract math courses which I hated and few stats courses offered by my maths department I don't have any publications but I have done some research projects in my courses related to machine learning. I will be starting my job as a data scientist in a startup in the next few weeks but I want to pursue higher studies abroad. What different programmes can I consider in the US and outside US (Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan)? I don't think I have any chance in any of the top 25 universities. I am searching for Data Science programmes or CS or Statistics programmes with the freedom to choose core ML electives and good career opportunities. Will my good GPA in the last few semesters or minors in ML give me an advantage in some universities? Also, none of my professors knows me personally but I might be able to get one academic LoR and one recommendation from my corporate internship.
  9. Hey all, As of today, most of the applicants for PhD studies have received an answer regarding their admissions. I hope the majority of you are satisfied and excited about next year. I know that "Advices for PhD Economics" is a subject that is all over TheGradCafe however, when browsing the different posts I realized there is not a concise and clear one (perhaps I missed it). Thus, I would like to ask you for your help. I'm a future PhD applicant (for Fall 2022) and will start a MSc in Barcelona in Economics this year (Fall 2021). I know how painful and hard the admission process for PhD is and I'd like to gather as many advices as possible. I know sometimes it might be hard to share things that took us a while to realize or even that we learnt at our cost. Maybe it seems unfair that someone just need to read this blog to find it out. However, now that you are settled in a PhD program it would be great to hear from you and to share your insights. In order to keep this subject as clear as possible, I suggest the following paragraphs presentation: 1° Describe in very few words your profile: PhD program you are enrolled in / GRE Scores / Undergrad Studies / Additional work / age (optional) / anything you feel important Ex: PHD Economics UCLA / V:170,Q:170,AW:6 / BA Cornell University / TA for 2y and RA for 1y / 23 / always wear a hat during interviews 2° Something you wish you had known before Ex: send your application files by September 3° Tips regarding application Ex: Add a personal statement / do not provide with more than 3 Rec Letters / ... 4° A strength and a weakness of your application Ex: My RA work / My GRE scores 5° Tips for statement of purpose and any other remarks (why did you choose this PhD program, ..) Ex: be concise / focus on why you are a good candidate not on why you like economics / ... A massive thank you for those that will share their insights. You know how valuable this is. Thanks !
  10. Has anyone heard back from Rutgers Newark regarding PhD admissions decision? I interviewed in early Feb and have yet to hear anything. Thank you in advance!
  11. So I have an offer that I received yesterday (March 3), and I need to respond back by March 9th. However, I haven't even heard back from any of the other universities I applied to, and I'm sure they'll come mid-end of March. Has anyone had this experience, and what did you do? Do you think it's acceptable I email the university that I received an offer from for an extension? And/Or do you think I can email the universities I haven't received an offer from to see if they can tell me their decision earlier?
  12. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has heard back from this program yet?
  13. Hi guys! I received my last rejection letter this morning. 4/5 schools that I applied to rejected me, so I don’t really have any other options here. ( I am actually quite happy with going to the school that accepted me ) My question is: Is it a bad idea to accept the admission offer before receiving my financial award package?
  14. Hello! I am currently sending in all of my graduate school applications. Most programs I am applying to are within the California State University system. I have a 3.70 GPA and been pretty involved in honor societies, club, and other organizations during my four years. I just wanted to know if a "W" (withdraw) impacts your chances of getting into graduate school? I am finding myself contemplating withdrawing myself from this one course (taking it for fun and is not a requirement) and after the professor made some discriminatory remarks and has been unfairly grading my work (my classmates and I have done the same work) I don't feel comfortable being in the class anymore as well as jeopardizing my GPA I worked hard to keep up. Just looking for some advice/to hear some stories. This would be my first (and only) withdrawal. Did you face challenges having a withdrawal on your transcript? Am I over-thinking? Thank you in advance!
  15. I deferred my admission to a public policy program last year. However, over the year I also learned about another program at the same school. If I reapply, do I lose my deferred admission?
  16. Hi, I graduated from college last year. My majors are economics and health science. My overall GPA is 2.8. I do not know if I have any chances to go to graduates school. I took a GRE test in Sep this year but I only got 299 in verbal and quantitative parts, and 3 in analytical writing. People around me most get at least a 3.0 GPA for applying for graduate school in the United States. Yes, I was an international student and moved back to my home country after I graduated. I have some friends who have the same GPA as me, but they decided to apply for graduate school in the U.K. or Australia. However, I still want to go to a graduate school in the U.S. I remember that I went to the career center and asked my advisor about how I can go to graduate school. She said I could go, but I needed to get a 320 GRE test score and tried to be a research assistant for a professor to prove that I can do research. I also heard about some master's professional studies programs. My advisor and professor suggested that I should not go there, but some of my friends think that it is a chance to go to the top 30 universities in the U.S. I feel that going to some professional studies programs can save time because it is usually short. My family thinks that my age is not competitive enough in the labor market. Yes, I am from a population-dense country, most companies or institutions have age requirements for the employee. I do not know if I should retake GRE. Now, I am a research assistant in a researching center, but some people also tell me that being a research assistant is not enough, and I should think about if I can publish a paper with my professor. That sounds too hard for me. It gives me a strike on my confidence.
  17. If you're not getting a response/ reply-back from the potential PI, are you still going to apply for that program? I'm not sure whether they're just busy, uncertain, not taking any students, or simply have no interest in my application. Are there anyone who has an experience when you didn't got a response but still got accepted?
  18. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if I could get some advice on what tiers of schools I should apply for? I am going to apply for an MS in stats OR CS (Fall 2021). Demographics: Eastern European Undergrad: McGill Major: Joint Honours Mathematics and Economics GPA: 3.72 overall, Math major GPA: 3.73, Econ major GPA: 3.65 Coursework: MATH: Calc 3, Advanced (A,A), Honours Algebra 1, 2, 3, 4 (A,A-,A,B-), Honours Analysis 1,2 (A,A-), Honours ODEs (A), Honours Probability (A-), Honours Nonlinear Dynamics (A), Honours PDEs (B), Honours Statistics (A-). ECON: Honours Econometrics I (A-), Honours Econometrics II (A-) and other Macro/Micro classes CS: Only took one Foundation of Programming class but currently I work in data science. Professional Experience: Working at a top tier consulting firm as an analyst/junior data scientist, mainly doing NLP and participating in building/deploying web apps on Azure/AWS. Doing a lot data cleaning and engineering. This mainly the reason I started considering CS or Applied Computing masters. Letters: I can get a very strong letter from a Senior Data Scientist colleague or form a DS Partner in the firm. Unfortunately, I did not do undergrad research but still can get good recommendation letters from my professors. GRE: Current GRE results V:155 Q:163. Planning to retake it. I am wondering what tiers of schools would be best to apply for? Which schools should I aim for and which should I keep as a plan B? I am mainly look for schools in the US and UK. Thank you very much for your help!
  19. Hello! I applied a week after the initial Fall 2019 deadline for the Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy program. The Dean gave her approval that it was fine. My application was under review about 8 days ago. How long do you think it would take for me to hear back from them? Also my GRE scores, were a little below the average do I still stand a good chance of getting in? This school is my first choice and I am so anxious!!
  20. Hello everyone! I’m planning to apply to PhD programs in either Pharmacology or Comparative Medicine next fall. However, I’m in a bit of a pickle. For context, I’m an upcoming third year university student and I’m currently working at a large pharmaceutical company. This is a great opportunity for me because I plan to work in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry after I obtain my PhD degree (fingers crossed). Admittedly, with my current position, I’m not as heavily involved in research as I’d like to be but I do get exposure to it. However, my company is offering to “promote” me to a study technician next summer where I will get more hands-on with their research projects. Although this is a fantastic offer, I was also debating on applying to REU programs for next summer. I have never formally presented a research poster and I’m concerned that PhD programs may favor REU experience over industry experience. I understand that REU programs are notoriously difficult to get into so I’m wondering if there’s a point in applying when I already have a wonderful opportunity at my current company. I also get paid significantly more working there than I will at any REU program. If anyone could offer any advice or thoughts. I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you in advance :)!
  21. My GPA is not that good in my major but I have cleared highest level examinations in India CSIR NET & GATE how can I get admission in PhD in nuroscience? What exams should i take GRE Genaral , GRE Subject test, TOFEL, IELTS for PhD in USA?
  22. Hello! I'm new to this forum but looking for some advice. For context, I am a Canadian graduate of a 4 year combined dual degree-diploma program which left me with an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology and a Diploma in General Arts and Science (graduated with distinction). I specialized my studies by almost exclusively doing life sciences electives, like biochemistry and cell biology, neuroscience, human anatomy and physiology, etc. This gave me a few hundred hours of laboratory experience. I did a few Research Assistantships in my undergrad, one of which lead me to a publication. My original intent was to apply to medical school right after undergrad, but I have realized that becoming a Research Coordinator/Research Scientist or Principal Investigator is really what I would rather do as a career. With this in mind, I am hoping to apply to MSc. Medical Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, as well as the MSc. Neuroscience program and the MSc. Biomedical and Molecular Science at Queen's University in Kingston, ON. With a degree in Psychology, do I have a chance of even getting my foot in the door with these more traditionally "hard science" Master's degrees? I would be grateful for any advice you may have on Statements of Interest or other components of the application to bolster my chances of getting an offer of admission. Thanks, Hannah
  23. Hello all! I'm interested in applying for an MS in Biostatistics (Fall 2021) but am having trouble finding admissions data so I was wondering what you all thought about my application profile and how much of a chance I stood at the schools I'm interested in. Here's my profile: Undergrad Institution: The College of William and Mary Undergrad Major: B.S. Self-designed major called Epidemiology & Biostatistics GPA: 3.80 Relevant Courses: Math: Calc I and II, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Prob. and Stat. for Scientist, Statistical Data Analysis Biology: 2 Semesters of intro bio, Biostatistics, and Quantitative Biology CompSci: Programming for Data Science Health Science: Foundations of Epidemiology, Public Health, Human Physiology, and Microbes in Human Disease GRE General: V/Q/A: 157/160/4 Programs Applying: Biostatistics MS at.. Emory, George Washington, Georgetown, Columbia, Brown, and Yale Research Experience: 4 years in undergraduate psychology research lab Teaching Experience: TA for Foundations of Epidemiology (1 semester), TA for Intro to Biostatistics (1 semester), and Library tutor for Calc I and II (2 semesters) Public Health Experience: 90h internship at my local health department, 70h volunteering at my local free clinic, and 30h shadowing surgeons (not sure if this is relevant enough to put on my applications) Leadership Experience (not sure if this is relevant either): Co-Fundraising Chair, Vice President, and President of my college choir in successive years Thanks! Please let me know what you think! Also, I'd love to hear any advice you have on applying in general!
  24. Hey everybody, Im looking to apply to various programs and have been doing research + getting everything ready etc etc .... I already have 3 reference letters(2 profs who taught me + 1 who supervised me for honors thesis) from last year as I applied to medical school and didnt get(yay) in and im just going to ask the referees to make some adjustments in the letter to fit grad schools if needed. Main question is how is everyone generally going through with the process of getting the letters and how many schools are you applying to. Also has anyone used interfolio ? Im thinking of putting my reference letters on there if possible as to not bother my references.. However I've also heard most schools dont accept it. * I'm just slightly worried about my referees having to upload their letters 10 different times* On that note how many programs everyone generally applying to at once, i understand this varies for everyone situation but I just want to hear some general feedback
  25. Hey there! I am graduating with a degree in Communication Disorders and a minor in Autism Studies. My question is I am graduating undergrad with 2.9 cumulative GPA and 3.5 major GPA. I have a variety of clinical experience and HUGE passion for the field. I have good letters of recommendation. I have yet to take the GRE because I did not think I was good enough for a grad program. My professor this last semester has continued to tell me how awesome I am in the clinic and I am in the right profession (she did not know I wasn't thinking about grad school). Her saying this has given me some courage. I am just wanting to know the odds of being accepted into a program like this? Best, Lauren Neighbors
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