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Found 278 results

  1. I interviewed at Midwestern University in Glendale at the beginning of Feb and they said it takes about two weeks to hear back. We passed the two week mark last Friday, has anyone heard back?! This waiting is killing me!
  2. Hi! Recently I received an email from the reply from the program director of the applied PhD program. He said that: "We are still making decisions about admissions to the xxx. We will very likely admit you, but it is not yet official, OK? I think someone else will teach xxx next semester, but we will have plenty of time to discuss these readings :)" Does the message imply that I actually have been admitted or what he said about "very likely" meaning that I still could be rejected? Many thanks!!!
  3. For the convenience of future applicants, I have here the template of my letter of recommendation tracker for grad school. Link: This was the basic template, and each of my letter writers got a personal link with the document filled with all of the schools that would be expecting a letter from them. An additional column could be added with specific interests for each school. For instance I applied to some schools with strong Philosophy of Science programs, and other schools with strong Applied Ethics programs, and I indicated which schools fell into which categories when I thought the letter writer would find it relevant. I sent this tracker by email with the following form: Dear Professor X, Thank you for agreeing to be one of my letter writers for this coming application season. In order to make this process as easy as possible for you, I have made this google sheet that contains information on all of the programs that I would like for you to send a letter to. (Link here) This document contains how each school will contact you (So far all of them will contact you by email) and when the deadline is for letter submissions. It also indicates whether or not the school is actively accepting letters now, or if it will wait until later in the "live?" column. When I receive notice that a program has received a letter, I will indicate so in the "received?" column. Some of the schools require me to submit a phone number and an address, so if you are willing, please send over a phone number and mailing address that I can submit as part of my request for a letter of recommendation. I hope that this document makes writing on my behalf as easy as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or requests. Sincerely, TorreAttack Should you decide to use this tracker, make sure to change the name of the google doc to indicate which professor the tracker is for to avoid any mixups. Before I sent this tracker, I sent each of my letter writers a document that succinctly summarized my work in undergrad. For each letter writer, the document began with a summary of each course I took with them with a three sentence review of each paper I wrote in the course and a selection of quotes from the comments they wrote on the paper and my work on the course in general. After that I did the same with any courses that I did not take with them but were related to my interest in graduate school. I ended with a description of the extracurricular/volunteer/research work I did that was related to my interests in graduate school that they might not have known about. I might post my other application templates soon as a way to keep busy during decision season. Best of luck to you future applicants! Make sure to ask your professors to write for you well in advance!
  4. If you receive an acceptance letter into a Ph.D. program (in this case, math), including funding details, from the department chair, is there any chance you will still be denied admission by the graduate school admissions committee? The line in the letter reads: "This offer is contingent on your being accepted for regular admission into the Graduate School." Is that secondary acceptance just a formality, or do the grad schools sometimes override the particular dept/program to which you're applying? Thank you for any and all insights!
  5. Hey everyone! I got my first interview offer and I'm soooo excited!! Please feel free to post your interview offers, updates, and acceptances when they arrive! Optional info you may want to include in your post: What schools you applied to in California Schools you've received interview offers from and when they arrived Feedback on your interview and questions they asked you Any other info you want to add

    Hello everyone! I wanted to start a chat about admissions. Has anyone received information on when we are supposed to find out about if we got in or not?
  7. What should I do?

    I applied to two PhD programs and one MA program. I was accepted to the MA program, but haven't heard back from either PhD program. I know one of the institutions hasn't made their decisions but the other has already administered their acceptance/rejection letters and I haven't received anything! I don't know what is going on. Should I touch base with the faculty member I applied to work with (I was in contact with him before I applied, so he knows who I am)? I don't know what to do.
  8. UC Berkeley Prospective Graduate Students

    Hey everyone, I am a prospective graduate student for the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley ( Cal ). I am still waiting for an acceptance letter. I'm Speaking Acceptance Into Existence (i.e my user name ) Have you been accepted, rejected, still waiting? Any news on when your department will release decision letters? Lets Discuss! <3
  9. Hello! I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've been feeling extremely anxious about my application due to my less than stellar undergrad GPA. I went to a decent public university for my undergrad and graduated with a GPA of 3.05 in... , I had a very personal, traumatic experience occur to me in college which affected my ability to perform to the best of my capacity. I also was majoring in Economics, but was not interested in the topic at all. I took a few courses in the computer/information sciences, which I ended up enjoying a lot more. Eventually I became involved with research at the Information Science School at my university during undergrad, got an internship working as a user experience research intern for a student learning mobile app, and had my independent project during my senior year published in a relatively well known journal for Human-Computer Interaction as an extended abstract. All these factors, a relatively strong GRE, and a sensitively handled personal statement that disclosed the personal issue that I was confronted with, allowed me a chance to pursue a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at a pretty great school in the field. With a fresh start, I ultimately graduated from my master's program with a 3.89 GPA. I worked as a research assistant for the full two years, was a co-author in a publication produced by the lab I was assisting with, as well as a successful master's thesis which was also published in a respectable journal. I also interned as user experience researcher at a major social media company in the summer during my master's. Since graduating, I accepted a full-time offer as a UX researcher at a reputable video games company (think EA Games) and plan on working full time for two years. This means I'll be applying for my PhD next application cycle (Fall 2018). I retook my GRE and got a 163 V 163 Q and 4.5 AWA. Given this list, will my low UG GPA keep me from getting into a PhD program at a top tier school? (Indiana-Purdue University, Indiana University, UT Austin, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of California-Irvine, University of Washington, Northwestern University, Cornell University)
  10. So I received an acceptance for my PhD, but it was a generic email from the admissions office. Neither my POI or the graduate department chair emailed me with any information. Should I contact my POI?
  11. Hello everyone! Has anyone else applied to University of North Texas? My portal has said defer decision on application status since I submitted my application nearly. Does anyone know what that means?
  12. Hi, Can I ask about my graduate school prospects? I'm technically not an econ major so I'm a little concerned. I go to a Canadian school (one okay for econ, think U of T/UBC/Queen's) I'm a Business (Honours) and Math double degree student, GPA around 3.9 total and 3.95-ish for math and econ courses. Unfortunately, I have an A- in Probability I (which is the standard Calc III-requiring Probability course) and A- in Rudin real analysis. I've gotten A+ in the introductory and intermediate micro-macro sequence. Will be taking advanced of both next semester, as well as applied econometrics (I've taken an introductory econometrics course with A+). Other math include Calc I-III (AP credits for I, II, A+ in III), Linalg (A+), Differential Equations (A+), Stochastic Processes A), Game Theory (A+, under math faculty at my school), and I will be taking Probability II next semester. A+ in business statistics which is the standard undergraduate post-Calc I/II stats course. I also have a number of finance courses all with A+s, but I'm not sure how relevant that is. I also have As and A+s in a number of operations research courses. I have regrettably two B+s in mandatory business courses ('business management' and 'marketing ii'), although these have no bearing on my economics/math focus. Internships: 1 sell-side at a big 5 Canadian bank, 1 at a major management consultancy with a decently strong economics focus. ECs: Co-chair of largest economics-oriented club on campus, writer for politics magazine, chess club. A few academic awards, mostly for high class percentile (i.e highest honors). GRE: Q 170, V 160, W 4.5 Would I have a reasonable shot at getting into an MSc economics program at LSE, for instance? I'm not aiming directly for a PhD because I would like to take more courses in economics firstly, and second because I want to continue in the working world for a little while. If I were accepted I would likely defer a year.
  13. Stanford CS PhD

    Looks like Stanford admissions were a real blood bath. Just wondering if anyone can corroborate the posting from the results: PhD admissions committee member here. 110 students were accepted. Nearly all accepted applicants were from Stanford (BS/MS), MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Michigan, Texas, Washington, Tsinghua, and the other ivy leagues. About 10-20 were from non top schools. Sad. It just seems improbable that an admissions committee member would state the above, especially ending the comment with "Sad." Anyway, to all those who didn't get it in I commiserate. To those that were accepted, CONGRATS!
  14. It’s getting really hard to keep going. I’ve spent a year and almost $2,000 crafting grad school applications and in the course of a week, I’ve already been rejected from 7 of the 10 schools I applied to. I’ve even been rejected from safe schools. I took GRE classes, paid writing consultants and put everything into my volunteer work and gap year. But it still wasn’t enough. I don’t know why I thought I could do this. I don’t know why I thought I was good enough. Whenever I tell someone this, the only comforting response is “there’s always next year,” but this is actually my 2nd year applying and this will probably be the 2nd time in a row I’ve been unanimously rejected. I don’t think I can do this again. I wouldn’t say I was suicidal because that would hurt my family too much. I’ve also tried twice and neither attempt worked, hence my delimma. But I truly have nothing to live for. All my friends have gone to start thier careers but I’m still working for no pay at my family’s restaurant and caring for my chronically ill mother. I have no internships, no job prospects and nothing to do with my history and English BAs. I couldn’t even get a job at Sprint mobile. I have ruined my own life and I can’t even get admitted into programs that will let me do the one thing I’m good at, which is to say that I’m probably not good at it all. I wanted a career in academia and research but I think it’s time I just give up on this dream. It’s been made clear that I suck too much to even take the first steps in realizing this dream. If I don’t get into grad school this year, I’ll probably just keep serving pasta and living with my parents forever while wishing that I could be hit by a bus, struck by meteors and devoured by crows and a stray cat. Ive never been this discouraged before.
  15. Hi! I applied to UC Berkeley’s 2018 MSW/ Title IV-E program and had my interview on 1/25. I also applied to CSUEB’s program, but I don’t expect to hear back from them until much later. However, I’m anxiously waiting to hear back from Cal! I’m just reaching out to see who else has applied and wondering If they’ve heard back, how did your interview go? etc....
  16. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here had any insight on how admissions committees work w/r/t assigning accepted students to individual faculty members. First question I have is whether most people name a POI or several in their applications. I didn't, partly because it seemed risky to tie my fate to the choice of a single professor if others in the department I might have overlooked liked my application. What is the general opinion on this? Also, did you contact professors before applying? I didn't, also because it seemed more risky than the potential benefits: risk irritating a professor for the small chance he'd see my name on the application and fondly remember exchanging a couple of emails with me. Second question: in a situation where no POI is named in the application, do the committees still 'unofficially' associate students with advisors based on their interests? Do acceptance decisions generally depend on having a member of faculty being really taken with your application, or do they accept students on a more general 'high ability' standard where everyone agrees the student is good without anyone expressly saying they want to work with them? Thanks for any info and good luck getting through the next few weeks!
  17. Interview for MPP admissions?

    Hi, I just received a mail from UCSD GPS that they want to have a Skype interview with me in the coming week. Now I have never had an interview in my entire life, and as I am an engineer applying in public policy, I am really not sure as to what I should expect. Moreover, the admissions information on the University website doesn't indicate much either. Anyone willing to share their experience/sample questions/tips for handling these interviews? Also, any idea what the implication of the interview instead of the direct admit is?
  18. Hi all. Tired of waiting for graduate committees’ decisions I estimated decision timelines myself based on gradcafe data. For each university and program in albums below you will find three graphs: Decision timeline as a cumulative sum of decisions (accept, reject, interview, waitlist) as a function of time between Jan 1 and May 1 for the last five years combined. Boxplots of GRE Q and GRE V for people who reported both scores. Histogram of GPAs (from 2.5 to 4.0 with 0.1 step). Here is the list of programs I analyzed (some important notes below): Computer science PhD Computer Science MS Electrical Engineering PhD Electrical Engineering MS Economics PhD Economics MS Statistics PhD Statistics MS Mathematics (applied and pure) PhD Chemistry PhD Physics (applied and pure) PhD Chemical Engineering PhD Literature PhD Anthropology PhD Bioengineering PhD Philosophy PhD Biology PhD How to use the graphs? I used this data to decrease my own misery. Now that I know decision timelines of universities and programs I applied to, I can refresh gradcafe less and concentrate on more useful stuff more. Also, it is interesting to explore differences between different universities/programs. For example, some universities do gradual accepts rejects/accepts and others do it in waves. Some programs start early (chemistry) and some — later (CS). Keep in mind, that there may be errors in my analysis so use this data at your own risk. How reliable are timelines? I personally trust them (but I am biased). In general, it depends on curve shapes and available data. If there are more than 100 observations overall — I would consider that data to be pretty reliable. If there are characteristic ‘steps’ — it is a good sign because may indicate internal deadlines for waves of accepts/rejects. But the number of admissions/rejections records in the data is definitely inflated by question records (i.e. ‘to poster below: what program?”). I filtered some, but definitely not all of them. Also, bear in mind that department policies can change. How reliable are GRE/GPA? Somewhat reliable. There is noise, mistakes (i.e. switched Q/V) and self-report bias. For example, salty people with good scores may more likely report rejections and lucky people with low GPAs may less likely report accepts. But for some universities which publish admission statistics (for example, Duke), calculated GRE/GPA medians are pretty close to reported averages (I didn’t calculate means, sorry). Also, we can’t affect GPA/GRE right now, so it is mostly for entertainment. How did you do it? Scraped and parsed all gradcafe results. Selected all records from Jan 1 2013 to May 1 2017 and combined data for all years together, so all data is based on five year period. For each university and program in question I built a cumulative sum of decisions as a function of days since beginning of the year. For analysis of GRE I only chose records which included both Q and V scores. For analysis of GPA I used only 4-point scale grades and didn’t convert other scales to it (i.e. 10-point). Selection of universities/programs was done by regular expressions so there can be some noise added by incorrect parsing. For example, “University of Washington” may both mean Seattle and St. Louis. I tried to avoid it the best I could but there can be mistakes nonetheless. How did you choose universities/programs? Voluntarily, so there are a lot of omissions. Sorry, if your university/program is not there. Also, bear in mind that programs may overlap (for example ‘Computer Science’ and ‘Electrical Engineering’). Finally, I excluded uni/program from analysis if there were less than 30 observations. Will you share your code/data? I am thinking about it, but undecided yet. Hope it helps and good luck with the admissions!
  19. Phone Call from WUSTL?

    Did anyone else get a phone call from Washington University in St. Louis before they finished submitting the application? I did. I've had schools in the past call me after I'd been accepted, but never before I'd even submitted the application. My advisor thinks it's a good sign, but poking around this forum someone said they get a very "sales" vibe to WUSTL admissions, and I could see how that could be the case.
  20. Interview Invitation

    Hi guys, I applied to 10 cognitive psychology phd programs for fall 2018. I was just wondering if anyone else who has applied has gotten any interview invitations yet? I'm getting nervous that I haven't heard anything from anyone. Please, let me know!
  21. Should I be worried?

    Hello everyone,This is my first post on gradcafe. I'm trying to omit as much identifying details as I can, so I apologize in advance if this is confusing or lengthy. I got admission into the PhD program at the same university I attended for undergraduate. This was originally my "safety" option, and the mentor/adviser is someone I've worked closely with during my undegrad research years. I haven't gotten any interview offers for any of the other schools I applied to, and I'm starting to worry that I won't get in anywhere else. I could just take this admission, but I'm struggling to feel confident about this decision... for 2 reasons: 1. I'm not completely sure that I want to do this JUST this specific concentration of my discipline anymore. Basically, I've been trying to choose between 2 concentrations of my major, and my school only offers an official program for one of them. Which means there's no possibility for me to pursue the secondary interest in any capacity, whether it's through a second mentor or through applied work (as there is no dedicated department for it). The other schools I applied to have both of these concentrations as many people study an intersection of both. I was hoping to study in this intersection, or at least leave room for myself to do collaborative work that touches on both subjects.2. I feel that I wasn't well prepared to apply to grad school this cycle. I spread myself thin across many applications, and across several disciplines of my major. I think I ultimately didn't know what I wanted to research, and only realized it when I found myself in a circumstance where I couldn't have certain research topics as an option for my PhD. I feel that if I spent more time researching the programs and PIs early on, I would have been able to craft a much better application to the schools that I really wanted to go to. That, and taking the next year to do more research and applied work. I didn't contact PIs early and do the homework months ahead as many successful applicants have. I should've just narrowed down what I wanted to research and worked really hard on a handful of applications.These apprehensions are pretty fundamental to my career trajectory so I feel that I should turn it down and reapply to my dream programs next year. However, I'm concerned about turning down my adviser as I will need their recommendation letter again next year when I go through the application cycle again. Like I mentioned, I have worked with them intimately for the past years and they wrote my strongest recommendation letter. I'm sure they'll use a similar letter again, but I would still have to go through the motions of asking them whether they'd be willing to be my letter writer again. I feel like I have justified reasons for turning down the admission, but I'm scared that it will be awkward between me and them if I turn it down considering I'm not doing for another immediate acceptance. Should I be concerned, or am I worrying unnecessarily? I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what to do because I am genuinely interested in this PI's research and this concentration of my major in general. I thought I would be okay with doing this program if I had been rejected by programs with more interdisciplinary emphasis, but I guess I was wrong. I also don't want to burn any bridges or hurt any feelings. Thanks in advance, and sorry about the super long post.
  22. Hi, I have a question about the Admissions Process for Divinity Schools. My situation is a unique one (yeah, I'm sure this is the first time you've all heard that on here) anyway, I'm applying for the MTS/MaR at HDS, YDS, VDS, Union and Wake Forest Div. My undergrad GPA is 3.89/4.0 - INR My grad GPA is 3.96/4.0 - Religious Studies I battled Depression and sought treatment when I was 18 years old and right out of high school (I also had other personal and family problems going on during that time including a family member who was dying of cancer, etc.) and that coupled with immaturity was a disaster. I did not focus on school nor did I ever imagine myself continuing on to graduate school. It just wasn't on my radar. I finished my AA degree with a 3.4 and I never gave it much thought. Things began to turn around in my life, and I transferred to a state school and eventually graduated with my BA and a 3.89 UG GPA with a degree in International Relations and a concentration on Middle East and Central Asian Studies. I'm graduating with an MA in Religious Studies this May with a 3.96/4.0 from the same state university. I pursued an Abrahamic Religions Track, but the degree itself although an MA with graduate coursework was still very generalized and I did not feel specialized (enough) or prepared for the PhD application cycle which has already passed for this year. It's partly my own fault because the program was not specialized in my area of interest nor did it have any notable faculty that was (my major professor specializes in South Asian religions and my thesis was on Iraq). I did not have the opportunity to take languages in the department like Syriac, Coptic, Classical Arabic, etc. because they were simply not offered. I'm pursuing a second Masters degree with the intent that I will be more competitive for PhD Programs, to be around more faculty and other students in my area of interest(s), and improve my language skills in Arabic. I'm a female, I'm a dual national of the U.S. and Iran. I have a background in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish and French (and 1 year of Greek of the New Testament) which I hope to further build upon. Most of my language skills come from my background and personal pursuits (not academic transcripts) although I have taken up to intermediate Arabic in my Undergrad and 1 semester of Greek in my Grad transcript. I began my SoPs with my fieldwork experience in Iraq working with various minority communities (IDPs and refugees) which became the absolute highlight of my graduate career. My MA thesis explored the transformative role of ritual for the Yezidi Community in the aftermath of the Sinjar Massacre by the Islamic State. But I realized while I was in Iraq that whether I want to pursue doctoral studies or NGO work in the future that I absolutely need to improve my language skills which will be my #1 priority in future years to come. I decided to apply to an array of various programs (some of which are "better" fits than others) just to keep my options open. My real question is that I mentioned my Depression in my SoP. I wrestled with it for months and I rewrote the Sop several times. I framed it in a sort-of-way like "I've struggled with depression, but I maintained a 3.96 Grad GPA." I was hoping that it would be viewed as a positive, that I've made significant progress in my academic pursuit and personal life and I overcame my difficulties (and grew up in a sense) which I felt at the time was honest. Then after I submitted all of my applications, I started googling it and I realized that I might have made an awful mistake even mentioning it in the first place. Many forums and threads even labeled it as a "Kiss of Death" which I'm sure goes along with the fact that most people view mental illness as an excuse and it is still highly stigmatized. I've been worrying about it ever since. I only wrote a few sentences about it and I figured that divinity schools might be more forgiving and compassionate (perhaps I thought wrong and honesty is not what they want). At the same time I feel that it's human to go through these kinds of struggles, life's a journey and I have to forgive myself for what I was going through when I was 18. That's the way I see it. But then again, I'm a person with too much compassion if that's even possible? .....and, if AdCom is going to throw out my application solely because I brought up that I struggled with mental illness at one point, well that's not a place I would want to be anyway. For a job application or interview, I would see it as pointless and detrimental to bring it up because the bottom line is about being able to get the job done. But because I'm applying to Div Schools and because the academic journey should be one where you are constantly learning, re-making yourself (especially when you're so young), and progressing I feel that it's a bit different. For me, I find inspiration and courage in stories of hardships where people turn it around. After all, should higher education only cater to those who hail from highly privileged backgrounds or those who never had to overcome significant challenges in life? I'm also not framing my struggles with mental illness as an "excuse" (as if it were an excuse anyway) for a poor transcript, but I framed it more like I have good GPAs but I have improved and I hope to continue to do so. Ive already submitted all my apps. But any thoughts and (constructive) advice/comments for future reference or to simply ease my mind?
  23. Gallaudet 2018 Application

    Hi guys! Can anybody applying to Gallaudet for a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology describe to me in detail how to check if the program has received my GRE or transcripts? I've emailed them several times for more detail but they respond again and again again to check my Student Center? Is that the same as my graduate application? I'm still in the process of completing my application, but I've checked actually everywhere and I can't see where received documents show up. Can somebody please help
  24. I sure as shit am not. One round is enough. I don't want to volunteer in anyone's lab just on the off chance it will give my application any more strength. If I don't get in this round, I'm done. I'm getting a job as a lab technician for a year, attending a coding bootcamp, and then start a career as a full stack developer. This whole application process makes me hate academia and I can't stand it anymore.
  25. UMB MSW

    Can anyone speak to their experience applying to the UMaryland School of Social Work (or other schools)? I turned in the application a few weeks ago, the deadline for the program I am applying to is in two days, and the tracker still says there are items (LORS, etc; which they should have received) missing. Is this normal? Last I heard from anyone the system would have been up-to-date last week. I have tried to contact my admissions counselor a few times inquiring about the items to no response. I would love to attend this school and put a lot of effort into the application, but am interested to hear if others have had similar experiences.