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Found 16 results

  1. Creating a thread to discuss the range of masters programs for psych. Waiting to hear from: Columbia, NYU, American University, Wake Forest, Fordham. Anyone else just.... waiting...? I have been watching the PhD forums, and am thrilled to see everyone receiving interviews/admits to their programs, but I feel as though the masters programs are much, much slower. Post below any updates you have to your programs! Not sure how many prospective MA students there are out there
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been an active member of this forum for a while now. It has helped me through the application process This cycle and has tormented me with each interview results coming in that I didn’t get lol. Regardless, I made it this application cycle and after 21 applications, 4 interviews (I had 9 but went to 4) and 4 offers, I’ve made my decision!!!! Well that was two weeks ago and now I’m just sitting here waiting. Now what do I do? To my fellow admitted people, what are you doing to pass the time lol? To anyone in a clinical or counseling psychology Ph.D program, do you have any advice on what I should do to prepare myself for the doctoral grind. General or detailed answers are welcomed. thanks you guys!
  3. It would be helpful to the community for current and future applicants if students admitted in this cycle could share their experiences at the Open House events held by the departments. Admitted students should use the Open House events and other interactions with the Department (faculty, students, administrators, etc) to provide their views on the PhD program and the department. Please provide this information in this thread. Thank you for contributing to the community.
  4. I was accepted to a Master's program, but I intend to enroll in a PhD program (accepted to a few PhD programs). Thus, I will be declining the M.S. program offer. However, I was invited to an in-person visit and online (via Zoom) Q&A session. Should I decline the offer before these visit days or attend the online Q&A as a courtesy..? I'm nervous about declining schools ugh
  5. Last night I was admitted off the waitlist to my top choice program and I couldn't be more excited. I immediately emailed the two main professors I want to work with there to make sure they still actually want me in their labs since I was originally waitlisted. My second choice professor responded saying he would be happy to have me, but now the workday on Friday is ending and I still haven't heard back from the main professor I want to work for. If she doesn't still have space for me in her lab or interest in me joining, then I would go to my second choice school that has a great PI (but the location is really unideal for me on about 5 different levels). If she does still have interest in me joining her lab, then I'd go to my top choice. But I have no idea what I should do if I don't hear back from her. Does anyone have any advise about how to handle this situation?
  6. Hey everyone, I am a prospective graduate student for the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley ( Cal ). I am still waiting for an acceptance letter. I'm Speaking Acceptance Into Existence (i.e my user name ) Have you been accepted, rejected, still waiting? Any news on when your department will release decision letters? Lets Discuss! <3
  7. Hey guys! I was recently accepted to the MA in Development Studies at York University (Toronto) with a pretty decent offer of financial package (fully covered with a bit extra for other expenses). My top choice program, however, is Carleton University's MA in Political Economy. That application is still under review, but I only have a limited amount of time to respond to the offer from York. Does anyone know if it's considered really inappropriate to contact Carleton (if I don't hear soonish) saying that I'd like to go to their school but I need to know whether I'm in before I respond to York? Or if there is an appropriate way to go about this? Really appreciate any help anyone can offer! And congrats to others who have gotten acceptances!
  8. Trying to get connected with other BGSU newly admitted clinical psychology students! If a list of names was sent out, I certainly missed it sooooo. Is anyone out there?
  9. Hello M. Arch Applicants, I applied to 7 universities in Canada for Master's of Architecture for Fall 2017 and I have been rejected by 5 universities. My university is unaccredited and my grades are average. My question is should I lose hope and resort to looking for summer architecture internships and try again next year? This forum and admitted list is causing me more stress than before and I need advice and closure. ( I know I need to not look at the result list but it gives me a good idea who I am up against.) I want to know your applicant situations whether it's positive or negative and advise for what is the best way to move forward. Waitlist: U of Manitoba Rejected: Calgary, U of T, Ryerson, McGill and UBC Still waiting for offer: Carleton, Dalhousie
  10. Hey guys, I just received an acceptance to USC's MSW program for fall 2017 at their main campus (University Park). My concentration will be in children and family and I was wondering if anyone else on here will be attending as well, or has attended and can give me a little bit of info on the program!
  11. Hi there! I have an offer from IU that I would be CRAZY not to accept. Thought this would be a great place to chat with others about the preparations for IU. Maybe even share tips and tricks relating to apartment hunting and other fun (stressful) activities. GO HOOSIERS!!
  12. Hello friends, I was accepted to PSU for their 3 year, online, MSW program on 2/11 and confirmed with them on 2/12. Wow oh wow... Never in a million years thought I'd get in. So, now that that's over, who else got in too? A couple of questions I had for you: 1) What kind of school supplies are you getting? I'm almost 35, it's been many, many years since I bought supplies for anyone except little ones. I'll admit, I love to get school supplies, favorite part of the year. 2) For those of us who will be online students, do you think supplies should vary much? 3) If you are working and plan to keep doing so, are you going to tell your coworkers? If so, how? My boss was a reference so she and her bosses know, but it's been a secret from all but a few coworkers. Many don't have college degrees and there are only a couple who have an MSW. Will it change things? None of the supervisors have master's degrees that I know of, is this going to create a strange dynamic? That's a good start for now, will look forward to meeting others! Does anyone still plan to go to the informational meetings now that you're accepted?
  13. I know it's early, and if this is the wrong place for this feel free to remove it. I was wondering if anyone who has been admitted had started to get invites to open houses, and how you're deciding about which ones to attend. Is it better to go to each invitation weekend (since the price is being reimbursed) and make a decision after, or only go to the one you're most sure you want to go to? Also, what sorts of questions are good to ask at these events? And dress code?
  14. First, congratulations to all of the admits. I'd like to compile some details about your acceptances if you don't mind sharing. What were your areas of concentration/specializations? I'd like to see if there are any hot-ticket specializations. If you're feeling extra generous, let us know the institutions to which you were admitted. I think starting a living document might help others while they're applying. Thanks!
  15. Hello Everyone, I am in a bit of a quandery, and I was hoping that their might be someone on this forum who can offer me some advice. I was accepted into Florida International University's history Ph.D. program last month and was nominated for funding - I won't find out the results until sometime in April, and only after I accept their offer of admittance. There were the only program to admit me this cycle (1st time applying for doctoral programs). However, I am currently on the fence as to whether or not I should accept the offer and attend (if I receive funding), or return to my home in southwest Michigan and get a job (either full-time or part-time) to pay down part of my student loan debt. I currently have about 75k to 85k in debts, the majority paying for my M.A. degree. I figure that I would work for 2-5 years, reapplying every so often, and then continue on course for a history Ph.D. Can anyone offer some advice about this? Personal experiences, or similar situations? P.S. I am hoping to work in academia after completing the Ph.D. by the way.
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