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Found 8 results

  1. Hey! Has anyone heard anything yet about their admissions decision for Advanced Standing at UNC Chapel Hill? I'm getting more and more anxious everyday!
  2. Who's applying to University of Chicago SSA for Fall 2018? Anyone applying to the new advanced standing program? Any acceptances, funding info? Good luck everyone!
  3. I hope this isn't a silly question. I am an undergraduate BSW student applying for Advanced Standing at a few programs for my MSW. I have had a decent amount of exposure to the field through internships and volunteer work, and have thus far received A's in all of my undergraduate classes but one. For my undergraduate field placement, although my supervisor highly recommended an A for the course, the way the evaluation was filled out (their final field evaluations are vastly confusing and overcomplicated) caused me to get a final grade of a B in the class. Do you think it would be a red flag for an admissions committee in such programs? Is a B a bad grade to get in field when applying for advanced standing?
  4. Does anyone know how financial aid in grad school works? I went all through undergrad with not having to take out loans because financial aid covered all of it (i attend sac state). I was wondering if the same can happen for grad school? Is anyone in the advanced standing msw program that can tell me how financial aid goes for them? Or anyone in the regular 2 yr msw program. I've noticed that advanced standing programs are roughly 17,000 for the one year. Is it possible for financial aid to cover all of that with just grants??
  5. I am an undergraduate BSW student applying to graduate school for advanced standing. One of the schools I am applying to requires that applicants have a "recommendation for advanced standing" form filled out by the chair of their undergraduate program. Not a letter, a form. It is listed separately from the LOR section. As a satellite student, I have only met the chair of the program once but we have not crossed paths since then. They are almost 3 hours away at the main campus. I am not sure if I should email the chair directly, introducing myself and explaining the situation or if I'm supposed to just straight up put their information in since it's a form and they would probably need to reach out to my site coordinator to fill out anyway. Any comments on how to address this or format the email?
  6. I'm applying for an MSW program and they require a direct practice example in the application, and I'm not sure if I have the right idea. I need to have an assessment (basic case data), case plan (the plan and how it relates to the evaluation), interventions (the practice interventions and how they are related), and the evaluation (strengths and limitations of the intervention). So far what I have without getting into too much detail is: * assessment (the student, his disability codes, and his target behaviors) * case plan (the goals as written in his BIP, my job as his 1:1) * interventions (what I would do when he was exhibiting his target behaviors, including a recent example) * evaluation (what I saw happened and what I could have done differently) Is that all I need to do? I feel like it's too easy and it needs to be more detailed. I do have 200 words left so I can beef it up a little bit. I can post the actual prompt with what I have if it helps, too.
  7. There are old threads concerning this topic but I figured I would start a new one. I am sooo stressed over this decision. Columbia is significantly more expensive and requires a statistics course as well as a summer session but I love the campus and of course the Columbia name. I have not yet visited NYU but it is cheaper and only requires Fall and Spring. I am doing advanced standing and will be going the clinical route. Any input would be greatly appreciated. It would be awesome if current students or past students could comment on their experience as well. If I go with Columbia I want an experience that will be worth the extra money. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey, So i'm looking at applying to UNC, Columbia, and LSU and could use some feedback. I'm from LA and am using LSU as my back-up choice but i'm really struggling on UNC and Columbia.. and I don't know which program to apply for. I've recently heard that if you do the Advanced Standing program you will miss out on some experience and internships and i'm not sure if that's wise anymore. These are my questions: -What would you pick, UNC or Columbia (magically assuming they both accept you)? -What would you suggest AS, 16 month, or 2yr? - What other schools would you suggest? If you go to UNC or got into UNC or happen to have any knowledge ABOUT UNC... PLEASE inform me of what their GRE requirements are because I took it last week and it did NOT go well . Also, how much do they base the GRE off of because I have a solid GPA but I don't foresee myself magically kicking ass when I retake it!? I would love any feedback because i'm driving myself crazy with trying to figure these things out. I can't be the only one stressing about these things right? Thanks in advance for you comments (please leave some), Cheltze
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