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Found 5 results

  1. I got accepted into both ETH Zurich Mechanical Engineering Masters and TU Delft Aerospace Engineering Masters. From a practical point of view, both are almost equivalent in cost since I can stay with family in Delft. Although Delft seems to be a bit more applied than ETH, I think I would be happy academically in either program. Since my end goal is likely to be a PhD I was leaning more towards ETH, but I am unsure since Delft seems to have gained in reputation quite a bit in aerospace. Am I missing something here? I can't really find a a real reason to go for one over the other.
  2. Hi all, This year I am applying for some top universities AeroAstro graduate programs : MIT, Stanford, Caltech, ... but I don't really know if I have a competitive profile. Could you guys tell me what you think? I am currently in third Bachelor year of polytechnic engineering at the Belgian Royal Military Academy. My score average for the last two years is 15/20 (last year 15.7/20) but there's only one guy in the school who's got more than 16/20, so I am very good. I am also formed in military fields : command, management, combat, sports, etc. I skipped three grades in elementary school. Haven't taken the GRE yet : assume AW 4-5, QR 165+, but not very good VR (maybe 160). TOEFL 110. Three good letters of recommendation. However, as I am only 19 and still in Bachelor, I have never done any research, internships or publications. Do you think this is going to penalize me? My Bachelor's thesis is about the WTW efficiency of electrical cars. Thank you all for your answers, Arthur
  3. Hello everyone! I just took the GRE today and am slightly dissatisfied with my results (I performed much better on the power prep tests). I plan on taking it again as hopefully my first time can be boiled down to testing jitters. My current profile looks like this: Major: Engineering at top 20 School GPA: 4.00 GRE: 164Q, 157V ~3 years of research with regards to space resource utilization. Nothing published yet but I have done two poster sessions and was chosen to present at my state's capitol. I have multiple undergrad research fellowships, scholarships etc. VP of AIAA and President of Rocketry club (that I founded) 2 internships at NASA center Strong LOR's from acclaimed faculty and NASA employee I'm looking at MS programs in Aero Eng at: Stanford UC Berkeley MIT Cornell WashU UCLA USC Let me know what you guys think about my chances!
  4. Has anyone heard from the Aerospace Masters program at University of Maryland yet? I haven't been able to get a hold of them so I don't know if decisions have already gone out...
  5. Has anyone heard from the Aerospace Masters program at University of Maryland yet? I haven't been able to get a hold of them so I don't know if decisions have already gone out... I just wanna know haha.
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