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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, first of all pardon me for anypresumptuous remarks. I am trying to understand the process for graduate school admission. Will an undergraduate student be in disadvantage with above-average/good (not extraordinary) credentials to get into Caltech, MIT, or Stanford for Grad school, if he/she completes Bachelor's from a school that's Top<10 in aerospace-ranking(usnews) for Undergraduate and Graduate, but a Top<=30 in overall-engineering graduate school ranking, and 110 in National College ranking by UsNews? I know that a high GPA, an internship/research experience here and there may look good, but the competition to get into these top graduate programs are so cutthroat on a global scale that I here students always say you need a bit of luck as well. How much does quality of peers where the student completed the bachelor's degree matter to the Aerospace department/academics that evaluate applications for their respective graduate schools in Caltech, Stanford, MIT? I see a lot of incoming grad students are from the Undergraduate student body of their (MIT, Stanford, Caltech) own. I assume a valedictorian with an national fellowship like Goldwater, Fullbright, or NSF from a unbeknownst engibeering program will have better shots at those programs at CMS(Caltech, MIT, and Stanford), but I want to know the average of that bell curve, not the exceptions. It would really hurt to see a mere chance of competing being mitigated from the get-go because of the ranking as it shows the quality of students academic credentials. Thank you for any advice and insights.
  2. I am an international applicant (Indian). Mechanical engineering undergrad and I wanna apply for aerospace engineering masters. I have solid research experience. I am working on a journal paper. But I will not know anything regarding acceptance/rejection before the application deadlines. Which means I probably can't fill it in my application. My GPA is 8.53/10.0. I am in the top 20 of my class of 132. And an institute academic merit scholar. (i.e. full scholarship based on academic performance) Test scores: GRE general test 330/340 (164q (87th percentile); 166v (98th percentile); 5awa) TOEFL 118/120 LoRs: I will have very strong LoRs from two research project guides and one faculty adviser for non-academic research/ projects. But the lack of publications is really stressing me out. School list: For M.S. in Aerospace. All schools have been selected based on availability of profs/ labs in my research area of interest. Reach: Stanford, M.I.T, Princeton, CalTech ( Is this borderline stupid on my part? Do I have any chance at all? Am I just wasting ~400 USD on these applications in total?) Hopefuls: UMich, GeorgiaTech Safeties: UCLA, Penn State, UToronto Is this feasible at all? If not can you suggest a few realistic options?
  3. I am having a hard time making this final decision. I am interested in Computational side of research in Aeroelasticity of Rotorcrafts (eVTOL, Wind Turbine). Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Higher stipend but only for 1 year PI is a distinguished professor with a large group and works on exactly the research I want. Supports internships. Most importantly, gives personal time and attention (I require that kind of advising style as I am coming straight from undergrad). PI mentioned that he will be able to extend my funding offer to RA after a semester or two. A better location in terms of the city, food, and groceries. It has an international airport close by plus 2 hrs from NYC, but too cold of the weather. Lower ranked but has great respect in the industry (looking for industrial career) Virginia Tech Good enough stipend for 3 years PI is a distinguished professor with a large group and works on exactly the research I want. Supports internships. But does not give lot of personal time and attention. PI mentioned that he will be able to extend my funding offer to RA after a semester or two. The campus is beautiful, but the city very small and middle of nowhere. The closest airport is a regional airport, and Wash DC is like 4/5 hrs drive. Moderate cold weather. Higher ranked I would really appreciate if anyone could provide me with their feedback. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't seen any discussion of Aerospace Engineering applications (MS and PhD) for Fall 2019 so I thought I could get us started. Excited to hear from you all! :)
  5. Hello everybody, Can someone please suggest me universities for Masters in aerospace/ Aeronautical engineering for my profile- GRE- 310 (q-159, v-151) IELTS-7 CGPA- 8.01 1 paper published in non scopus journal 8 weeks project work at HAL 6 months work experience in Aeronautical related startup company.
  6. Hello all, I am wondering if anyone received an acceptance for a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder for Fall - 18? I had an interview with the POI before the prospective visit day and I was told that the decision is typically made at the end of March. Is this true? Has anyone received the offer yet?
  7. I have been accepted to two schools(UCLA and University of Washington) in Aerospace PhD program without funding. Both are good enough for me in terms of the research interest but both of them didn't get me any funding. Is it a good idea to enroll and look for funding after or should I just reapply next year?
  8. Hello everyone, anyone applying for aero M.S. or Ph.D for next fall? Let's meet!
  9. Hello all! I'm new to this forum and this is my first post here. I'm in a bit of a dilemma so I thought I'd ask you guys because I've been going over the posts on this forum and you all give some great advice! Basically, I've applied to about 8 schools for my Master's in Aerospace Engineering (Aerodynamics in particular) and I've gotten accepted to 2 of them. I'm still waiting to hear from the rest. I've received admits from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft, Netherlands) and University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign (unofficial, but still). Both great schools but I have not received funding offers from either of them. The cost of attending TU Delft (incl. living) is about half of that of UIUC, but I'm pretty sure chances of getting an RA/TA in UIUC would be much higher as TU Delft requires their RAs/TAs to speak Dutch, which I do not. Assuming I get no funding from the remaining offers as well (keeping my expectations low so as to not be disappointed), it really boils down to a US vs. Netherlands debate. Most of the schools I have applied to in the US have around the same cost, so I can safely say that I'll be paying half of what I would in the US, at TU Delft. However, I am also sure that my chances of getting an RA/TA would be much higher in the US, than in the Netherlands. What do you all think I should do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. - Class standing: Soon to be senior- My Undergraduate school: Second best engineering school in Florida- Current Overall GPA: 3.76 (Top 10% of engineers at my school)- Current Aerospace Major GPA: 3.78- Research Experience: Currently doing research, nothing special though- Work Experience: Intern at best/second best rocket company in the United States- GRE: Haven't taken yet- L.O.R: They will be standard letters, nothing specialOne caveat; I just received a C in a Fundamentals of Aerodynamics class. This, along with a C in Calculus 1, are the only Cs on my transcript. However, a C in a major course (Fundamentals of Aerodynamics) will destroy my application, correct??What are my honest chances of getting into the following schools for MS in Aerospace (or Mechanical for group X)?Group 1: MIT, StanfordGroup 2: Ga Tech, UMich, Purdue, UIUCGroup X: UC Berkley, Harvard, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, CornellIf I applied to all of these schools, would I get into at least one? Which ones possibly?What about schools like UT Austin or really any other Top 20? Thank you so so so much for any insight that can be provided!!!
  11. Hi, I wanted to know what schools I have good chances at with my current accomplishments. I am a senior and will graduate this coming December, so I don't have time to change anything. Undergraduate studying aerospace at an undistinguished state university GPA: 3.75 GRE: 167 Quant 164 Verb 5.0 writing Research: 3 Summers at my University, 1 Journal Paper Other things of note: 1 semester long internship , vice president of UAV club I have a list of schools I am currently thinking about, but am open to changing it after considering my chances
  12. Hi my fellow gradcafedrinkers, I received admission with no funding from University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign , MS (non-thesis) Aerospace program in Fall 2016. Having not known any friend from UIUC, I want to hear from you about: 1) Should I take the offer and go to UIUC? 2) What is the current funding situation in the Aerospace Dept at UIUC for MS students? Will I be able to secure any funding at the end of one year, after converting from Non-thesis MS to thesis MS? 3) How hard is it to get converted from non-thesis MS to thesis MS? Do international students do this frequently? Thank you very much, Cheers
  13. I've been accepted to MS Aerospace (non-thesis) at UIUC and also MS Aerospace (thesis) at University of Cincinnati. Which is better? The program at UIUC is self funded & for 1 year duration (~ $25k for tuition), however at UCinn, I 'll have to pay only $8k per year for tuition (waiver for rest of the amount) . Is UIUC worth spending the extra money? Which of these schools has better job prospects after graduation? (International student)
  14. My status on applyweb has changed from 'To Dept. for Review' to 'Dept. Decision Made' since 1st April. I haven't received any communication from the department. Does anyone know what's going on? Have I been rejected?
  15. Hello, I got a decision letter to Purdue's Graduate School. I applied for the PhD program at Purdue, but my decision letter states that my degree objective is MS in Aeronautics & Astronautics (MSAA). Does that mean I was rejected for the PhD program?
  16. So I have received all of my admits and have narrowed my selection down to two schools for a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering. 1. University of Texas Austin 2. University of Washington I know Austin is a better school (and cheaper), but I know there is a lot of aerospace companies in the Seattle area (several of which I would love to work for). I was hoping to get some opinions on which may be a better option based on name vs. industry in the area. Thanks!
  17. Hey all! I'm not sure how many people on this site are in the same situation as me, but I think this topic may be general enough to warrant discussion. I'm a UK/US dual citizen, and I've been studying physics for the last 4 years in the UK. I've applied to schools in both countries (masters in aerospace engineering), and I need help weighing the pros and cons. US Pros: 2 year Masters program gives me more time to learn, and may be viewed as 'more legitimate' Aerospace industry is much better in the States After 4 years in the UK I think I'd like to spend some time in the US (also, I think I want to eventually end up living/working in the US long term) Easier to enter US aerospace industry from US school UK Pros: 1 year Masters program will allow me to enter the industry much earlier UK schools are fantastic at putting graduates directly into jobs with grad placements- I would be able to quickly find a job and gain experience (I suspect) my current qualifications would be seen as 'more legitimate' in the UK, and I would have an easier time finding a job here. MUCH MUCH Cheaper I don't believe that my top school in the US would give me a better education than my top school in the UK, or vice versa. Luckily, as a dual citizen, I don't need to worry about Visas, but if anyone would like to extend this discussion to international applicants, feel free. Any thoughts?
  18. I have narrowed my decision down to the following schools: University of Colorado - Boulder University of Washington - Seattle Iowa State University Georgia Tech Texas A&M Virginia Tech UC - Davis Which program is the overall best decision for an MS degree? Which school looks the best to employers? Which school is the most respected? Which program has the best job prospects? . Thanks!
  19. Hey all Did any of you got an acceptance letter from MIT Aero-Astro yet ? I see two PHD admit and one Masters admit on the result section. If you got an acceptance, please post your stats here. It will be useful for future applicants also. Thanks
  20. Has anyone heard from the Aerospace Masters program at University of Maryland yet? I haven't been able to get a hold of them so I don't know if decisions have already gone out...
  21. Has anyone heard from the Aerospace Masters program at University of Maryland yet? I haven't been able to get a hold of them so I don't know if decisions have already gone out... I just wanna know haha.
  22. I go to MIT and I was recently rejected from Georgia Tech. I suspect that this is because my GPA is a bit on a lower side. I am a solid B student. My GPA was hurt a lot by my HASS classes and the required Biology class in Junior year. I got mostly A's in my junior and senior aerospace classes. I was somewhat expecting to get into Georgia Tech, but when I didn't get in, it was defiantly a wake up call. I applied to University of Michigan and now I'm worried that I won't get into Michigan's Aerospace program in Gas Dynamics. Has anyone run into this kind of situation? I know at this point it's mid February and I can't do anything but wait, but I would like to know of other people's experience and if anyone on this forum thinks that getting into U Mich is still a possibility for me. Thank you for reading this. Any thoughts/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.
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