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Found 10 results

  1. Pros of OSU: - More faculty working on AI and RL. aka more potential advisors who want to do research I want to do. Pros of Duke: - Prestige (not more highly ranked in AI, but no one would know that) Any thoughts?
  2. I got accepted to Boston University's Artificial Intelligence program and Cornell Tech Master of Engineering in Computer Science this year. I am currently a full time software engineer (full stack and backend) who finished my undergrad in CS in 2019 and wish to transition into more data and ML related fields so Im pursuing a MS degree. During my masters I wish to try my best to put up a strong application package for PhD applications with more research exposure (RIP undergrad where I did not do any research). As I cannot make an immediate decision, genuinely asking which program would be a better choice for me?
  3. (Sorry for another chances thread, if anything I'm just curious what people think...) Hey everyone, I'm applying for a masters in CS and would love to know what people think are my chances at some of these places/come from any similar backgrounds. Residency: Cal Purpose/Reason for applying/Writing: I've been working as an ML engineer for a few years after graduation, but I really want to go back to get a masters in AI. I am aiming to focus on adversarial AI/robustness/correctness and secondarily programming by example/NLP. For professional (i really think formal learning in secure AI is critical for me to implement this stuff in industry) and personal (its been a dream of mine to get a masters) reasons. Writing: SOP/Personal Statements are strong cause i've been working on them for several months and gotten them edited many times. They'd be stronger if i had more experience, but i think i've done the best with what i have. Education (2013-2017): UC BerkeleyBS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)GPA: 3.525 Major GPA: 3.4 Last 2 years GPA: 3.7 Bunch of Fs/Ds on my transcript (like 4 i think). I retook everything I got an F or D in, and those gpas^ are with those taken into account, so if you use an averaging method or something my gpa is probably much worse. I'm basically just convincing myself it doesnt matter, lol, even though I know it does. Went through hell sophomore year and talked about it in my personal statements where possible. Last two years i at least managed to get As/Bs for most classes, although actually my biggest worry is that I got a C+ in Machine Learning, and that's what i'm trying to specialize in. 🙃 GRE : 169 quant 167 verbal 5.5 writing (even though most places aren't accepting it anyways) Research: Here's where it gets a tiny bit better. Name on conference paper in the digital humanities (NLP + data viz to help answer questions about a religious text) freshman year. Wasn't really a great contribution or anything but at least its there. Then, two preprints in the field i'm interested in (adversarial ML), coauthored with some PhDs in a seminar i took. Both rejected from ICLR/NIPS (were close :/), and honestly we didn't push them forward after that but are on arxiv and cited by other folks at least. I'm playing those up a bunch and hoping they get read lol.Experience:-3 years of experience at a startup. Started as a software engineer, ended up as "senior machine learning engineer", only one in company, have lots of experience building software features there. Gave a talk at 2 conferences as well -1 year of experience as a 'machine learning engineer' at a FAANG company - Github is like meh, few NLP projects I put up there but nothing of note 😕 - Volunteer crisis counselor + on board of a (religious) nonprofitLetters of Recommendation: - Undergraduate compilers professor, I did really well in his class and was a course reader the semester after. Think he likes me enough tho probably still gonna be somewhat vague cause i haven't talked to him in a while - Professor who worked with me at the startup, he's a gem of a person and we've talked a bunch. I think his letter will be positive. He's super well known, not in the ML field, but still. - My manager, who managed me for 3 years at startup + current company. His letter will be extraordinary, we're close friends and he knows me very well. Schools: UCLA Berkeley (M eng, not MS) CMU (MS AI, MS CS, MS IIS) U of I Northwestern (MS CS for now, professional MS AI later if i dont get in other places) Georgia Tech UMass Amherst U Maryland U of W Professional masters program SUNY Stony Brook NYU ETH Zurich (why not, i know some german, and can pretend i'll be able to afford it) thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I am aiming for my masters in Fall'21. Can someone please evaluate my profile and help me understand where I can improve to build a stronger application. Also, it would be really helpful if some one can tell me if I have any chance of getting an admit in the below mentioned universities.. Universities list: CMU, Masters in Computer Vision UCSD, MSCS UCLA, MSCS Waterloo, CS UBC, CS Georgia Tech, CS UC Irvine My profile details are given below: Undergraduate: One of the top-10 private university from India in Computer Science Undegrad GPA: 9/10 GRE: 164 Q 153 V 4 AWA LOR's: 2 strong LORs, 3rd one is not as great as the first 2 Projects: Have a few strong projects in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Internships: 2 internships from good companies in Machine Learning for a month each Achievements: Kaggle Competitions Expert and Kaggle Notebooks Master, have won a few hackathons Research: 2 projects in total. (1 Major Project another personal project under professor) Links that can give more details about me: My portfolio: https://nd7.me/ My resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w6I6fCkWTpuumVoiz3_Z8apsoneqHDkv/view My kaggle: https://www.kaggle.com/nitindatta My Github: https://github.com/NitinDatta8
  5. Hi guys, I am a senior in college pursuing a Bachelor's degree, and I need some advice on picking my career options. I am double majoring in computer science and psychology, and I am looking for a field where I can utilize my knowledge and skills from both of the fields. I have a lot of research experience and am currently considering going to graduate school to study fields like AI or HCI. I am not interested in becoming a professor as of right now, but I enjoy every step of research projects. However, I am still unsure of what exactly I want to do or how I can integrate two separate fields. There is no professor or staff at my college who has experience in these two fields, and the suggestions I receive from professors are usually biased towards their field. I am also struggling to decide if I should (1) find a job after graduation and keep searching for an ideal field in graduate, (2) go to master's program, or (3) go to master's & doctoral dual program. Getting scholarships is another factor that I have to consider as I will not able to financially support myself without a full scholarship and some stipend. Someone told me that if I want to go to graduate school right away, I should choose a dual program in master's & Ph.D. because they tend to have more funds for students than master's programs. As someone who needs scholarships but also unsure of what field to study, I am very conflicted with what path to take. Could you please give me some insights on this situation? Any advice is helpful. Thank you so much in advance!
  6. Hello everyone. I am currently a Psychology major/Business minor. I was always fascinated by Artificial Intelligence & cognitive psychology, so I am trying to find out if I could get into the AI field with a non-CS major. Some AI programs only accept CS majors and some others accept people from other disciplines too (including psychology) as long as they have good CS foundations and some basic programming knowledge. My psychology major covers a big part of the cognitive fundamentals and has some statistics courses and my business minor has some extra quantitative courses and a course in information systems in Business. I was thinking that I could cover my lack of knowledge in CS somewhat by adding a minor in Information Technology (IT) to increase my chances of doing well in that field and maybe meet the requirements of more AI programs. Some others have advised me that I could do something a bit closer to psychology, like the MSc in IT & Cognition in University of Copenhagen, or even a Cognitive Science masters. What are your suggestions? Is anyone of you in a similar program? Or does anyone know somebody with a psychology or social sciences background getting into the AI field eventually? Thank you all in advance!
  7. I'm applying to MS Computer Science programs this fall. Wanted some feedback on what I could consider safe and reach schools. My undergraduate degree was an unrelated field at a fairly small liberal arts school in Washington, but I've taken a lot of foundational CS coursework at my local community college (all my relevant course work has been an A and one B, but some C's from 5+ years ago that are completely outside my major at this school bring my overall GPA down). GRE Scores: GPA: My CS coursework will include Calculus 1-3, Java and C++ Programming, Discrete Math, Elementary Computer Organization and Architecture, and Data Structures and Algorithms with a a few other elective CS classes.I graduated with my BA in 2015 and have some research experience in Cognition and Learning Labs with rats and risk behavior research, but no publications. I also have a minor in Studio Art. Project-wise, I made a third person maze game for a mobile game class (group project), but don't have many other side projects. I'm involved in my community college's robotics club this year which will complete in NASA's Swarmathon in spring and I'm doing a Hackathon which I assume will give me something for a resume, but I don't have any work experience in the computer science realm and don't have any non-school related solo projects. I am a tutor this year in my school’s CS department. I have some vague interest in Human Computer Interaction fields (knowing that my art/psychology background connects), but I don't really feel like I am familiar with all of the options to rule any thing else out. I'm also vaguely interested in AI and Data Analytics if I'm a good fit, but I'm sure there are other interesting areas I could connect with. My current school list include Georgia Tech (reach?), University of Wisconsin Madison (reach?), and University of Colorado Boulder (?). I have a lot more schools I'm researching, but I would appreciate any suggestions for schools to look at more closely if I would stand a chance of getting in or could qualify it as "safe."
  8. Hola! I am having a tough time selecting universities to apply to for MS -CS (AI / ML ). Tough cause I am trying to shortlist universities that will take me and are ranked in the top 50. Profile: GRE: 169Q, 158 V, 4 AWA TOEFL: 117 GPA: 7.2 ( 65% Mumbai university) 3-4 projects 2 years work experience (software developer) Please help me shortlist universities as safe/mod/ambi. Right now I am looking at - ASU, UC Davis, UCI, Virginia Tech, Indiana bloomington.
  9. Hi I have received 2 admits for MS in CS from UCLA and Columbia University. I am very confused and unable to decide one. Any inputs on which one i should lean onto? Pros/Cons of both? I am interested in ML/AI.
  10. Hi, I have an admit from Rutgers University for masters in fall 2017 (AI/ML). I looked around on linked in and looks like the alumni network of Rutgers is not very strong in the field of computer science. How will it impact my job oppotunities after MS. Should I even go there ?
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