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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone ? I'm an international student who has been accepted in a university in the US (PhD program) with a fellowship for the first year, & then an assistantship. I'm considering also application for a scholarship in an Australian university this July, which has a research center that I'm highly interested in. However, the results of Australian apps only appear in the start of the American academic year, whence I will probably have started my PhD in the American university. I'm asking if it would be possible, or bad to leave that American university (after I started there, with a fellowship) if I get accepted in the Australian program that I prefer? I highly need your advice, please, because I'm very confused. Have anyone passed through a similar experience before?
  2. Hello everyone. I'm from Egypt, & I'm moving into Carbondale, Illinois next August to start my PhD. I'd like to ask as an international student who can't come to Carbondale until early August, would it be preferable to me to stay temporarily in the first days with someone or in a hostel while I look over studio/1-bed apartments on reality to decide which to rent (so I don't get stuck in something that turns to be bad) OR is it better that I just finish things online before I come & just go ahead & rent online so that when I come I don't find that all the good deals have been taken already?
  3. Hello everyone,,, Now I got accepted with an assistantship offer into a university in America. Still, this university is not my favorite option. So, I'm thinking about also applying to the Japanese government scholarship (next May), & to an Australian university that has a research center which I'm highly interested in its research (next July). But since I can't guarantee that I'll get accepted into any of these two scholarships, & I don't want to waste a year of my life, so I will meanwhile go to the American university, & start to prepare to travel there. & the results of the two Japanese & Australian scholarships appear after the start of the academic year in America! However I I'd like your opinion about whether to go ahead & apply also to those two scholarships, especially two questions: 1) While starting my academic year in the American university, if I find out that I got accepted in the Japanese or Australian scholarship, is it possible to leave that university to go to the other one in either Japan or Australia? 2) Is it possible to do the visa procedures for traveling to Japan or Australia inside the US, although I'm Egyptian & not American?
  4. Hi everyone... While searching for universities to apply to, I generally search professors publications through google scholar & then check which universities they are in to apply to. As I'm not familiar with supervising conditions for PhD programs in America, I'd like to ask a few questions about advisers: 1) If I apply to a certain departmental PhD programs, if I'm not able to have my supervisor from another department, is it at least easy to get a co-supervisor from another department? 2) Are "emeritus" professors eligible to supervise?
  5. I posted this in the psychology board but I'll try my luck here as well. I'm a recent psychology undergrad student who will be applying for clinical psych this year, and until recently I was only considering applying to Canadian universities. Now I'm also considering American universities as well, but I'm skeptical about what the transition would be like if I was accepted anywhere. I avoided American schools because I'm diabetic and really appreciate Canada's health care system, tuition rates in America are much higher than Canada, and I have a partner who can't travel to the U.S. I'm wondering if other Canadian students have had similar experiences or skepticisms and could tell me more about your experience going from Canada to the U.S. to study.
  6. I've been offered an excellent funding package at one of my top choice schools and I'm really excited about it! I'm just wondering what the deal is with paying taxes as an international student in the US. I'm from Canada and I have no idea how it works over there. The school is paying my tuition and giving me a stipend. What do I pay taxes on? How much do I pay in terms of taxes? Does it depend on whether I have F1 or J1 status (I am assuming I'll have F1)? Any help would be super appreciated! I may also post this in the "Bank" section.
  7. I've seen several posts on Canadians attending graduate programs in the U.S., but none for the reverse. I'm considering applying to a few PhD programs (in political science) located north of the border, but I'm wary of going through the immigration process, getting a visa, and jumping through the bureaucratic hoops. I'm from the Upper Midwest, and I speak both English and French, so Canada wouldn't be much of a culture shock to me (certainly much less than the South/West Coast/etc. Has anyone here attended, or is anyone here currently attending grad school in Canada? I guess my main questions are: 1) Do Canadian Ph.D. programs prefer to admit local students over U.S. students? 2) As an American with a PhD from a Canadian institution, how difficult is it to get an academic job at a university in Canada? Has anyone here done this?
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