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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! Does anyone know anything about Rutgers American studies program? I can't find much information on their webpage and there seems to be very few entries on the results page... Is this a strong program? Is the funding good (the DGS never wrote me back when I asked what it entailed)? Also, why would there be so few entires in the results page?
  2. Hi there, After contemplating graduate school for many years, with much consideration for my area of study, I finally decided that I would like to pursue a Master's in American Studies. I plan to apply to graduate school in two years. My question is whether to stay at my current place of employment or move onto a more intellectually challenging position that will most likely pay me less. Current Position Pros: a highly prestigious academic institute that could potentially bolster my CV friendships with faculty, and staff world-class speakers and programming that I sometimes have access to solid compensation and matching pension lively discussions on diversity and inclusion Cons: the position itself is considered entry level - which I didn't know when I accepted it I also thought I would gain grant writing experience in the role but there doesn't seem to be any possibility for that development my responsibilities are pretty menial and incredibly boring an incredible amount of office drama and low morale among staff little opportunities for professional growth Before I was absolutely sure about the course of study I wanted to pursue, I became interested in Foundation Relations, which I am still interested in. Thus far, I've taken a course in grant writing and work on a friend's Board of Directors as a grant writer. After recently becoming more frustrated in my current role, I began applying for positions directly related to grant writing and am starting to hear back from a few. However, on average, they pay about 20% less than my current position. I imagine that it will be a similar story for other positions I come upon given that my current organization has the privilege to compensate us fairly well. I don't want to make any fast and hard decisions but I also don't want to miss out on potential opportunities. Should I make the leap into one of these roles that would provide some intellectual stimulation and also help me maintain my writing skills? Or should I continue building connections at the job I am at now? Other ideas are to look for research jobs or to use the experience at one of these other organizations to move into a position at a better organization. That's also a lot of jumping around prior to graduate school. I'd appreciate any thoughts you'd like to share. Thanks!
  3. I am new to this forum so please let me know if I am being redundant or if these questions have already been answered in another thread! I'm having trouble narrowing down my list of English PhD programs to apply to, and am wonder if others who've done this before might have any insight or techniques in doing so. My advising professor told me to choose numerous backups (dependent, of course, upon fit), but her suggestion of applying to 20+ schools is not monetarily feasible for me. I want to be deliberate and smart about which programs I apply to, and while I'm tempted to apply to numerous 'reach' schools (i.e. top 15 programs), I'm not sure if it'll be worth it considering their low acceptance rates. I'm really just unsure of how competitive of an applicant I am, so any advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated. My current list includes a few American Studies and Performance Studies programs in addition to traditional English programs. I am still figuring out my project, but I'm fascinated by Afro-American and Asian American literature and autobiography (contemporary archives/repertoire are especially interesting to me, think Tina Campt). I will likely be applying to some of the bigger names in Black Studies; still determining if Asian American Studies is right for me. My questions, then, are as follows: - Is it worth it to apply to the top 15-20 programs when they have only a handful of spots? Of course, I will only apply to programs that are relevant to my research interests, but I'm not sure if it's worth spending so much time/money if I'm extremely unlikely to be admitted, especially since I don't have an MA and I would assume many (more qualified) applicants do. - How many 'reach' and 'backup' programs do most people apply to? To what extent does program 'pedigree' matter in overall PhD experience and eventual job placement? Some background about me: - Graduated a few years ago with a BA in English (minors in Creative Writing and Black Studies) from a small liberal arts school. - Undergraduate GPA was ~3.87; I wrote a thesis. I have a few profs who know me well and will (hopefully) write decent letters of rec. - My GRE general test scores are horrendous to middling at best (~311 combined score, 164V, 147Q, 4.5 writing, will probably retake) - I have yet to take the GRE Lit Subject test, so that may improve my overall competitiveness, though I know that might not matter much. - No conferences or publications under my belt. Thank you!
  4. Bemoaning GRE scores is its own form social discourse. I get that. However, my faculty mentor recently told me that GRE scores (at any rate, in their department) are used as a preliminary tool to get the applicant pool down to a manageable size. This was shocking. I am putting together a thoughtful, careful and, (to me) exciting application but the reality that none of it may even be looked at due to the preliminary round of cuts is disheartening. I'm wondering if there is anyone with experience in administration or admissions that can confirm or deny that this is in fact how GRE scores are used in departments, in particular in American Studies. I'm not really looking for a pile-on of despair: rather, I'm wondering if anyone knows that this is factually the case.
  5. Has anyone heard anything from the MA program in American Studies at the University of Maryland?? I know there have been people on here talking about the PhD program there, but I'm getting antsy about hearing back for MA. I e-mailed the administrative assistant a few weeks ago and her only information was that the committee said they would reach a decision "sometime in March." Any other news?
  6. Has anyone here applied, and heard anything, from Harvard's History of American Civ program this year? The results survey shows a scant two replies, and I'm taking to the forums in a feeble attempt to make myself feel like there's something I can do to have a slight modicum of control over the decision. So, anyone heard anything?
  7. Hi! This is my first post on this site! I graduated with an honors BA in film studies (minored in gender studies) in May of 2010. I am currently looking at MFAs and PhDs for the 2012-2013 school year. Right now, I am struggling to decide whether or not I should only apply to MFAs, PhDs, or a mixture of the programs. In the end, I'd like to get a PhD, but I have a really strong interest in film production (which isn't offered in all PhD programs). I'll also only be 24 (if accepted) when I start graduate school and have concerns about being too young for both of the program types. Advice? Some of the programs I'm interested in are listed below in my signature (I know, I know...I need to think of some safety schools). If anyone has applied to or is currently going to these schools, I'd love to know more about their admission requirements. As well as there median GRE scores (for the schools that don't release that info), average age of accepted students, overall program and advisor feel, etc. Oh, and just for background, I went to a seven sisters school and was very involved in the film and radio community there. I graduated with an honors thesis on queer southern gothic film and fiction and a 3.43 GPA (I know...on the lower end for a lot of these programs). I make experimental films and am interested in bodiliness, the grotesque, the uncanny, witches, queer theory, masculinity in 1950s science-fiction, war cinema, genre cinema, early american literature, violence and incest in films and literature, women's cinema, queer cinema, the american avant-garde, feminist film theory, and second-wave feminism. (and that's just the beginning!) Thank you!
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