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Found 12 results

  1. Sorry in advance if this is posted in the wrong spot. I'm a first gen college student and I'm having trouble determining if I'm good enough to get into the schools, or if it's just a waste of money to apply to all of these right away. How did you all go about determining whether or not you have a chance to get in or not? I've talked my choices over with my former professors and they said I have a pretty good chance of getting in to most of these, but I'm not sure if they were just being nice. Is there a formula you all followed to determined which schools were reasonable for you? If you applied to any of these programs and have some insight into admissions requirements, do you think I should add more safety schools or should I be okay? For context: I'm applying for spring start at the following institutions: Georgetown (MA Security Studies) GWU (MA Security Policy) American University (MA US Foreign Policy and National Security) Johns Hopkins (MA Global Security Studies) Northeastern University (MS Global Studies and International Relations) Tufts (MA Global Affairs) More about me: My undergrad GPA was a 3.79 I had a fellowship with a political org that turned into a leadership role I volunteered regularly throughout undergrad I was a teaching assistant for a year Have three strong LORs (one from the prof I TA'd for, one from a professor who had me help with her research, and another from a prof that helped me submit work to a symposium) I'm taking my GRE tomorrow and scored between 305-310 on all of my recent practice exams
  2. Hey all, I applied to American University for a MPA and got an admission decision in November of last year. The admission decision reads "The Graduate Admission Committee of the School of Public Affairs (SPA) at American University has reviewed your application for admission to our Master of Public Administration for Fall 2022. While we see that you have strong potential as a candidate, we recommend that you join the program at this juncture as a non-degree student. This status will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your academic propensity in graduate level coursework. Students enrolled with non-degree status may take up to 12 credit hours per semester that can be transferred into the Master of Public Administration at program with solid academic performance (3.0 or above cumulative GPA) and progress. These criteria will also be applied in rendering full admission to the program for subsequent semesters. We trust that you will consider this invitation as our interest in having you in SPA coursework in the Fall 2022 class. We stand ready to offer you resources to be successful in your first semester with the intention of welcoming you to the SPA community as a fully admitted student very soon." I talked to an advisor at AU and they said that I would be taking MPA courses with other students and that after achieving a 3.0 gpa at SPA I would be able to become a fully admitted student and my progress in the curriculum would carry over. So I guess my question is...did I get accepted to the school or is this a polite rejection? Their website states that pretty much anyone can be a non-degree student. Additionally, if my other options for masters school don't pan out would this even be a smart thing to do? I would still be paying full price as a non-degree student and it just seems risky. Has anyone else gotten a letter like this? Would love to hear what y'all think.
  3. Hello! I was recently accepted to both American and GWU and am having a hard time choosing between the two schools. I am starting my MPA this fall with the hopes of pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector. Does anyone have any advice on the two schools/programs? I know that GWU is ranked a bit more highly than AU, but in terms of the MPA programs, the two schools seem pretty even. I also know that GWU is right in the heart of DC whereas AU is more in the suburbs, but that isn't a huge factor to me. If anyone has any input or advice, it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has heard back from this program yet?
  5. I'm in the process of selecting which school in the greater Washington, DC area to undertake a master's in public policy degree at. I've been working full-time here since 2016 and plan on continuing to work 9-5 for the next three years while I am completing my MPP. I've been accepted into all 5 schools I've applied and for now have them ranked as: 1) Georgetown 2) George Washington 3) George Mason 4) American 5) Maryland Georgetown and George Washington are extraordinarily expensive, but I think they have the best curricula and flexibility for part-time students. Any thoughts/experience/advice from the forum on these schools?
  6. So Guys would you help me please. I am accepted to the International Education Policy and Management in Peabody School of Education in Vanderbilt University and also the Education Policy and Leadership Program in American university. I have got merit scholarship from AU and Vanderbilt promised me the same thing too (vandy has not sent me the official announcement about the funding yet). Vandy offers Thesis or capstone project while AU offers capstone only. What do you think guys?
  7. Hi everyone - I just wanted some advice on what to do here. I'm applying for an MA in International Affairs and I got into the other three schools to which I applied (Florida State, Florida, and Syracuse). I got partial funding for both Florida State and Florida, no funding at Syracuse. My top choice is SIS at American University. Today I got my decision and it was the following: "The committee saw great potential in your application, but is not able to admit you at this time. However, the committee has recommended that you take some courses at SIS in the fall as a non-degree student and then re-apply for admission into the graduate program in the spring. I would be happy to talk through this pathway with you if that would be helpful. I wanted to personally send you this email notification since I know that you are very enthusiastic about SIS and may have some follow up questions about how to proceed. Essentially, the faculty review committee would like to see evidence of your success in some graduate level classes as another piece of information in order to better ensure your success in the program. Let me know if you would like to talk through the options in more detail." I just want to get some reactions out of it. This is basically like being admitted in a provisional status? Has anyone gone through a similar process? AU is my top choice and is a far better school than either Florida or Florida State for my given field - is it worth forgoing those admissions offers and give AU a shot? I'm just feeling a whole lot of things at the moment hahaha. I would appreciate the advice!
  8. I've been accepted to the MA National Security & Foreign policy program at American University and the MA International Security program at the Josef Korbel School. I've been trying to choose between the two and it has proven to be a very difficult process. I will be relying on loans to pay tuition, so money is serious concern. I want a program that is geared toward policy development and encourages the 'think tank' approach. Help!
  9. I was accepted into SIPA, Tufts, SAIS, SIS, and CIR. ALL of the schools have offered generous funding. SIPA offered me the most by far: over $67k in funding for the 2 years plus an International Fellowship. SAIS offered full funding for the first semester in Bologna. I'll email to ask about 2nd year funding. Tufts gave me over $40k for 2 years, SIS & CIR gave me 1/2 off tuition waiver. Any of these options would require some debt, which is fine. I'm not risk averse. I'm just trying to find the best option. I am interested in terrorism and security studies; I already speak a few languages, so language course accommodation is not a problem. I have 6+ years abroad working in public service, so I don't have to have a study abroad option. I don't really know what I want to do after school; I've thought about a PhD, working in consulting, working for the UN, Amnesty International, or a think tank. Any advise?
  10. My application status for American University is still pending. I've seen scores and scores of people getting their decisions since late February. I've been in contact with AU for about thee weeks now and every time they say "give it a few days." I'm slowly losing hope. I just don't know what else to do or say or whaaaaat. AU is my top choice but are the ones slowly crushing my soul.
  11. I just got an email from American saying a decision has been made on my application and to log in. So I logged into the applynow spot but I don't know where the decision is... Someone tell me where to look. This is eluding me.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had more info about the Development Management program at SIS. I can't seem to find much beyond what is on the SIS webpage. Nothing on alumni or anything. It seems like a very interesting program. Anyone here go attend?
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