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Found 2 results

  1. To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position. ============================================================================================================================= A society is formed by urban, sub-urban and rural areas. Each of these have there own contributions towards the society. The characteristics of a society can never be measured only from urban areas because the various characteristics of a society are distributed differently among different areas. To understand the important aspect of the culture of a society one often needs to find it in rural areas as in urban areas their will be a amalgam of cultures as people from different societies come and live there. To know the population index of a society, the overall population of the society and density in each area best justifies the study instead of studying just its major cities where it is densely populated. Lifestyle of a society is also an important characteristic of a society. To understand the lifestyle of a society one needs to study all the areas to understand the changes in lifestyle. But there are certain important aspects of a society which can be studied from its major cities. For example, economy of a society can best be studied from its major cities. Even then if the societies main economy is agriculture this condition holds false. An important characteristic of a society can best be studied by considering all the areas of the society as each and every area of a society plays its unique role in forming a society. The result of the study of a characteristic should give idea of an entire society rather than just its urban areas.
  2. Maitrayee


    ARGUMENT ESSAY TOPIC The following editorial appeared in the Broomall County Times-Picayune: "The Gordon Act, which established a wildlife refuge in the Big Dark Swamp, is currently up for reauthorization. The act prohibits the building of roads or cutting of old growth trees in the swamp, though it permits hunting. Many blamed logging activities for the decline of the bird population, especially that of the dappled grackle. The grackle population has continued to decline since the passage of the law, demonstrating that the Gordon Act has not been sufficient to protect the species. Another nearby refuge, the Wayne County Marsh Habitat, bans all mining, logging, and hunting. Wayne County officials have not reported a decline in the grackle population there. This proves that hunting, not logging, was responsible for the population drop in Broomall County. Thus, Broomall County should not reauthorize the Gordon Act unless it is amended to include the same provisions as those in Wayne County." Answer : The argument states that the Gordon Act has been insufficient and futile in saving the wildlife. In order to prove his stand, the author has demonstrated two examples: the gradual decline of wildlife in Big Dark Swamp and also comparing with Wayne County Marsh Habitat. However in my opinion, the argument presented stands on some assumptions that have not been examined properly. If these assumptions are carefully taken into account, the argument may be strengthened or weakened. So in the first place, the unstated assumptions must be examined thoroughly. The very first thing that is missing in the argument provided is that it does not state all the clauses and sub clauses of the Gordon Act. It is assumed that all is aware of even the smallest details of the Act. This is not necessarily true. Unless the minute details of the Act are provided and investigated deeply, it cannot be said that the said Act is useless. Next the author has said that the Gordon Act prohibits the cutting of trees but it permits hunting. But he does not present any proof of his claim that the Act permits hunting. If it at all gives such a permission,then where is the written clause? Nothing has been mentioned in this regard. Also it does not mention what are the animals that are allowed to hunt. The author also states that there is a decline of the bird population in the swamp especially that of the dappled grackle. However the author does not present any statistical record of the number of birds previously in the swamp and presently in the swamp. Had these data been presented to mathematically focus on the declining bird population with special thrust on the case of dappled grackle, the argument would have stood on a more firm footing. The author compares that the grackle population has not declined in Wayne County Marsh Habitat as mining, logging and hunting are banned. However the lack of data showing the past and present number of the grackle population in Wayne County Marsh Habitat and juxtaposing with the data of the Big Dark Swamp has not been presented. Had this comparison been given, the argument would have been solidified. Thus the claim that reauthorisation of the Gordon Act should not be done unless newer provisions be included does not stand on firm basis as it lacks suitable evidences and data. So to make the argument more logical, the author must include the present details of the Gordon Act and the records of bird population in both the counties in present and past years (that is, before the implementation of the Act). Only then the argument would sound more justified and plausible.
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