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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone! I saw posts from previous where people started a thread of where they are applying and created some camaraderie within the education circle. Where is everyone applying? Share results/thoughts/comments if you'd like. I have applied to the Education Policy Masters programs at American and Johns Hopkins.
  2. In short: I didn't do very well in undergrad (it was like a 2.9 I think, with the worst grades highly concentrated in my second year). I tried to make that better by applying to an MA program in philosophy, where I got a 3.96. I applied to PhD programs last cycle, and I was actually high on a few waitlists (e.g. UVA, Amherst,and I was actually first on the waitlist at Iowa), but I didn't get in (in at least two cases, I was explicitly told they had to drop their waitlist because of COVID). However, I did get into a second-tier law school, and decided to attend, thinking that if I couldn't get a PhD in philosophy I could be a lawyer and/or try again next cycle. So I figured I could bide my time in law school, fix up my application, and reapply . I got a lot of very helpful advice on my application from committee insiders, and I decided to try again this time. Unfortunately, something I never expected happened: I got destroyed in law school. Like, the worst grades I have ever gotten in anything ever I got in law school. I'm in my second semester, and I'm considering dropping out because I'm afraid of what my final transcript is going to look like. My first semester was one B+ and the rest Cs and C-s. This is literally the worst I've ever done in anything. I studied hard, I genuinely tried to do well, but I just got eviscerated. I'm now terrified that I've just completely screwed up my chances of ever getting into a PhD because I made a really stupid decision to go to law school, and I'm frustrated and angry at myself both for not being better at law than I am, and for making the foolish decision to go to law school in the first place. I'm sitting here, waiting on 15 applications (putting special hope on those that I sent in before I got my first semester grades, terrified that this one decision to go to law school may have cost me any future opportunity at getting into a PhD program. How do committees look at stuff like this?
  3. Has anyone else applied for the fall 2019 admissions at the School of public health, University of Alberta? Any progress on the applications? Any feedbacks you've heard from them or got any decisions yet?
  4. So there’s not a thread for Fall 2020 applicants yet and I wanted to start one! I’m a philosophy and classical studies dual major applying to MA programs in classics for the Fall of 2020. My interests primarily lie in the reception of Greek literature in the German academy of the 18th and 19th.
  5. Hey, so I'm applying for a PhD in Complit for Arabic and Chinese literature for the Fall 2020 season. I'm wondering if anyone else here is applying for a PhD in non-European languages. If so, what languages? What's your research topic? Finally, has anyone landed any interviews or acceptances?
  6. I just wanted to make a thread for Masters applicants for Fall 2018. I see a lot of posts are for PhD applicants but not really Masters! Where did you guys apply? What kind of programs did you guys apply for? Have you heard back from any of them yet? Let's talk while waiting for the results =] Here's a little bits of how I'm doing: Field/Program: Biomedical Engineering, M.S. and M.S.E. Schools: UCLA, UCSD, UC-Irvine, Duke, Rutgers, Boston, Johns Hopkins Status? Haven't heard anything back yet... Although I was contacted by one of the professors from UCLA.
  7. Alright alright, where my Clinical Psychology PhD peeps at? Probably checking their emails 300 times a day like I am. Goodness me, 2018 cannot come any sooner.
  8. Poking my head out of the waiting bubble to see if anyone else has applied this year for any of the masters programs in Medical Illustration? I applied to Augusta, UIC, Toronto and Hopkins and have heard back from UIC and Hopkins so far (interviews in Feb), still waiting on the others. It'd be nice to chat about the programs!
  9. Dear Gradcafe community, As an international student, I can not afford to study at the US on my own funds. So I looked towards other means of funding and I have secured the Fulright award in a second tier policy program for 2018. HOWEVER, there is a big downside to Fulbright - grantees have (and I've made it bold to show that staying in the US is simply not an option legally) to return immediately to their home country right after the program ends. This means the US job market is off for me. Because of this (I really, really want to gain professional work experience in the US), I was considering applying to graduate policy programs that are known to give aid, for 2018, and then compare them as alternative options to my Fulbright. The most well known of these, of course, is Princeton's WWS and the fully funded program if offers, the MPA. Now, what I want to know is what kind of people WWS admits, and whether I have a shot at it or not, no matter how small. You see, if you look at the MPA statistics on the WWS "Graduate Admissions Viewbook", you see some pretty intimidating numbers. Like, really, off the chart numbers, on a whole different league compared to other programs. 65% of applicants have 4 or greater years of work experience. Only 15% have less than 3 years of work experience. 76% have GPA above 3.7, and the highest percentiles on the GRE are also pretty average for the WWS MPA applicant. Now, what would really help me out is if someone already enrolled in the WWS MPA program or a graduate of the program could tell me about the class profiles at WWS. Of course, I would also appreciate advice from the rest of the Gradcafe community. If the WWS seems like a bit too competitive for my profile, what would you guys recommend I do? Take the Fulbright and just do the second-tier program and then return to my home country, squashing my dream of working in the US (and keep in mind that there is not much use of my MPA degree in my home country)? Or forfeit the award this year and try my luck next year by improving my profile for WWS? Please keep in mind that I just can not afford self-financed programs and am certainly not going to take debt for any unless they are solid return-on-investment options (which are those by the way? HKS? SAIS? Or do none exist - its a gamble with all of them?) And of course, also keep in mind the H1B visa issue - is it true that even if one is a top profile candidate, a WWS MPA graduate or HKS MPP graduate with a job or two already secured, the H1B lottery and simply send him home despite all his achievements? In other words, is studying the US to look for work afterwards in the country just not possible anymore? Especially after a policy degree? Thanks, Fulbright award grantee who wants to spend some years working in the US PS One last thing, what programs other than WWS MPA are know to give substantial amounts of aid?
  10. This is precisely what the title suggests. Invite everyone planning to apply for a master's course in the field of Music to share concerns, updates here. And I request everyone already enrolled in such programmes to help us out. @Musicologist I am personally confused between Musicology and Ethnomusicology and want to find out more about Music therapy as a programme. Any disussion around it is much appreciated!
  11. Hello everyone! If you are planning on applying to ENMU for their CDIS graduate program, you may or may not already be aware that you will have to be on-campus for your first semester. With that being said, if you are looking for on-campus housing for the Spring 2017 semester, I am looking for someone to take over my lease for the Spring 2017 semester. I am staying at San Juan Villages, an apartment community right across the street from the speech clinic! Super convenient and close by- and rent is only $480 a month including utilities, gas, electric, EVERYTHING! If you are interested, or would like more information, feel free to send me a message.
  12. Hey Has anyone applying to MRes in oncology heard from Oxford about the interviews yet?
  13. Please help! I am currently trying to decide between an MSW program at either CSUN or SDSU. There are a lot of pros and cons to both, but I am interested to see what those here on the forum could tell me about these programs. What should I be placing most emphasis on when deciding? What are the reputations for these schools? How are both schools in regards to preparing students for licensing? CSUN: Pros: close to home (could potentially save money by living at home); an urban generalist approach (will maybe give me a more well-rounded experience); capstone project in final year; Los Angeles is a booming city for social work Cons: maybe the "safe" or boring option because it is close to home; maybe not ranked as high as SDSU (I am not sure about the reputations) SDSU: Pros: move to San Diego would be new and exciting; concentrations might allow me to become more of an expert in one topic Cons: Might cost most with living expenses Tuition is about the same. I have received some aid from SDSU, but I have not gotten my financial aid package from CSUN yet so it is hard to say what the final numbers will be. I would really appreciate any tips or insight that anyone could give me on CSUN and/or SDSU's programs, San Diego and Northridge in general, and simply the entire deciding process. It is a big decision, but such a hard one to make! Thank you!!
  14. Howdy folks, awfully nice to find this place. Checking the results search for applicant acceptances and rejections has become somewhat of an obsession during this wait period. As such, I've noticed a few peculiarities, and I was hoping to ask about them and maybe start a discussion or two. 1) There really aren't that many geology/geoscience/geophysics applicants who frequent this site (or at least there are few who have posted their results). Why do you think this is? Much like our beloved stratigraphic record, I'm sure there are some artifacts and preservational biases, so how reliable and representative do you think this site's data is? Do geologists just not find this place? Do a lot of us just not apply for graduate degrees compared to other fields? 2) It seems like the majority of applicants for geo degrees apply to doctorate programs rather than for a master's degree. Is this likewise representative of our geo graduate degree seekers, or is this again an artifact or bias? Why are there seemingly so few master's degree applicants posting? If the signal is representative of a real pattern, why do so many applicants seek a doctorate over a master's, even when it is the applicant's first graduate program? 3) I noticed a distinct lack of graduate applicant results from big name universities like Penn State University and Arizona. PSU is currently ranked first in geology for the U.S.A, and they've had a great record for years. Surely there cannot be so few applicants to such excellent programs, yes? Or are there real reasons for the lack of application results for such a big name school? How many applicants do you think programs like these (based solely ranking) actually receive from students with a legitimate interest in the programs (rather than just applying based on rank)? Well, that's the extent of what I've wasted my waiting periods pondering. Anyone want to join in? Cheers, -ScrewLeucite
  15. Hi, I'm planning to apply to HGSE TIE for Fall 2012 and wondering if someone can help me determine if this is the right time. I am an international applicant with a B.S(home country) and M.S(tier-2 school, U.S) in Computer Science Engineering and close to 4 years experience in IT development. The 2008 recession caused my "position to be eliminated" and visa issues have prevented me from working since then. I now have a 2 year gap in my resume. During this time I volunteered actively in various service organizations and discovered my love for education through Sunday school teaching and ESL tutoring. My undergrad GPA is 3.5 and grad GPA is 3.7. GRE scores: 690(V), 740(Q) and 4.5(A). Do I stand a chance with my profile and a 2 year gap in my resume? Should I gain more experience in education before applying? I really like the idea of combining my love/education/experience in technology with education, so TIE is the program that best fits my interests.
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