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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I had my interview at UT Health San Antonio on March 28th over Skype (very short notice and I am currently not in the USA), and the committee told me that- after the interview, if I am accepted, they would want to run a criminal. Shortly after the interview the department coordinator sent me a form which I had to fill out and send back to run said background check (which, according to the interview means I was accepted, as per their words). It has been two weeks and I am kind of anxious that they did not send me an official acceptance letter yet. Should I be worried? and more importantly does anyone know how long this process takes? I am getting a little paranoid since I have my heart set on this program. Any information would be much appreciated, Thanks
  2. In anticipation of the receipt of application decisions, I have a question concerning how to regard the prestige of a school versus the value of research fit. To begin, I think that I am a fairly strong candidate for most doctoral statistics programs. To determine the schools to which I applied, I searched for schools where at least three or four faculty members were engaged in a line of research that I would be interested in pursuing. Accordingly, the list of schools to which I applied included a number of schools not ranked in the top tier of schools—at least according to comments that I have seen on people’s applicant profile evaluation posts—although they are, by virtue of my selection process, schools that are a solid match for the research that I would like to do. While I have been told that once you enter a program, you can attempt to dictate the course of your research even if your research interests are not exactly concordant with those of faculty at the school, I am nonetheless skeptical of this advice; however, when I read comments on this board saying that a certain school should be beneath the consideration of an applicant given the strength of the applicant's profile, I wonder whether it would behoove one to prioritize the reputation of an institution above all. Has anyone else experienced this dilemma? If so, assuming you were admitted to both, which did you choose—the more prestigious school with a weaker research fit or the less prestigious school with a stronger research fit?
  3. This is sort of a long story so thanks in advance to anyone willing to read/help. I graduated from PSU in 2015 with a BS in Communication Sciences & disorders, decided to take a break and work before applying for my Masters. Unfortunately, my mom was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage iv cancer and I ended up having to quit my job to be a full-time caregiver. She has since passed away and it's time for me to get moving again but at this point, I don't really know where to start. I feel like getting a letter of recommendation from a professor I had 3 years ago (at such a large school) is going to pretty much be useless, despite how well I did in their classes. My GRE scores are average so I'm considering re-taking. I'm extremely hesitant to apply without feeling competitive but I guess I'm unsure of even where to start to give myself a fighting chance. As of now, I've started reaching out for either shadowing or SLP Aide opportunities just to get my foot in the door with something related. What would you do?
  4. Starting Fall '19, applications to Texas A&M University's graduate courses will have to sent through a third party portal named EngineeringCAS. The part which confuses me is that EngineeringCAS has its own codes for GRE and TOEFL scores. So do we need to report the scores again even if we have already sent them to TAMU? Also, there's this part about WES evaluation. Is it compulsorily required to apply to all schools or only to certain majors like Material Science and Engineering? Do we need to do the WES evaluation even if we have official transcripts from our undergraduate colleges? I would appreciate any and all comments. Feel free to comment if you have applied to TAMU for next fall. Cheers!
  5. Hello all! I usually am pretty passive when it comes to this site, but I am really in need of some input from anyone I can get it from. I am planning to apply (second round) for PhD Clinical Psych programs this fall and am really trying to decide if a) I should retake my GRE and b) if I have a chance of getting in. Some background information about me is that I am currently getting an MS in Clinical Psychology and am in a fully funded program. I have done a practicum with Arkansas Children's Hospital that was 4 months long, another 4 months at Head Start, and will currently be in a practicum setting for a year with St. Louis University in their Neurology and Psychiatry department. I have done two independent research projects (presented both), am currently working on research with a faculty member in my program (will be doing a poster presentation), and am starting on my thesis (plan to propose before applications are due). I also have a 4.0 from my BA in Psychology and currently a 4.0 in my MS. My GRE scores aren't stellar (154V, 152Q, and 5.5AW), but I feel like I have a lot of other things going for me. I also was an undergrad teaching assistant for stats and am now a MS teaching assistant for cognitive assessment. I feel like I will have some good letters of recommendation and plan to really work on my SOPs. Any input y'all can give me? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I've been reading the threads from past years for those applying to School Psychology Ph.D. programs and they've been so helpful so I thought I'd make one for fall 2018 applicants! Hopefully we can all go through this process together Where is everyone applying?
  7. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if someone could inform me of the day of the week most Ph.D. Interview days are on (if there is a consistent one). I'm guessing most are on Fridays but if anyone could provide some insight it would be really helpful because I'm trying to plan my work schedule for the new year. (Also if it helps I'm applying to School Psychology Ph.D. Programs). Thanks so much!
  8. I am currently applying to programs and wondered if mentioning my lower gpa (3.47) is worth it, particularly for Berkeley. I graduated seven years ago and have since gone on to work both overseas and locally with underserved populations in positions that I believe will help my application stand out (local government agencies, schools, and the Peace Corps + volunteer work). I also have a fairly unique future career interest and language skill that I hope will work for me in the application reading process. However, my undergrad (a double major in education and theology) is fairly spotty--bouncing from a semester high of 4.0 to a low of 2.7. At the time I was deep into an eating disorder and my grades were a bit uneven (though generally in the 3.4-3.7 range) with the 2.7 coming the summer semester my father was diagnosed with cancer. I've been in recovery for five+ years and can definitely spin it as a success story, but I'd rather not mention it if it would be drawing unnecessary attention to something they wouldn't even be concerned about since I'm already going to have to mention withdrawing my first semester due to medical issues. Recommendations?
  9. I am planning on applying to 8-10 Statistics Ph.D. programs, but one school is definitely my first choice. I am trying to keep this question pretty general because I am sure that other people are in a similar situation. The program has everything I want: research in my specific field (applied Bayesian statistics), great funding, departmental focus on Ph.D. program, ideal funding, weather, you name it. It's a program that I have a fairly good shot at getting into, but there is still a chance I will get rejected. I want to make sure the admission committee at this school understands that I really want to go there. I also can easily travel for a visit when ever I want. I am thinking about applying in September/October (the deadline is December) and also making a visit in the fall to attempt to show my strong interest. I also want to mention that the program is my first choice in my SOP. I am worried that I will come off either as desperate or as a brown noser that probably told every other school they were her first choice. I am also worried that I may not get the best funding package (tuition waivers and a stipend of $23k are standard with this program but there are enhancements) because I gave the impression that I would attend no matter what they gave me. How do I effectively show interest in a program and up my chances of an admittance and a good funding package? Will an early visit in the fall and mentioning that this program is my first choice help or hurt me?
  10. Hello. I am looking forward to apply for PhD in behavioural neuroscience for the fall 2018 batch. I have a BA in JPE ( journalism, psychology and English) where I scored 69.43%, and have pursued masters in psychology( MSc Psychology) with a CGPA of 7.14, both from India. I have a master's dissertation which i wrote during my final semester. I worked for a year for an IB school. I am taking the GRE in September mid. I am really confused about several things. I don't really know how strong my profile is. I did find a few universities which aligned with my interests but i want to know whether i have a chance to get into those universities. Some of those universities are Stony brook university, Northeastern university, Arizona state university and Boston university. it would be helpful if you could rate my profile and suggest me a few universities in the US. THANK YOU
  11. Hi, I'm interested in applying this December for a PhD Clinical Psychology program for Fall 2018. I have a few questions regarding how to know what schools to apply to and determining what schools are schools I would be able to get into. My background: Behavioral Neuroscience major and computer science minor at Northeastern University graduating in May 2018, 3.5 overall GPA, 3.67 behavioral neuroscience GPA, and 3.75 Psychology GPA. I have 4 publications (first author of 2, one pertaining to autism research). I have done 2 six month coops working 40 hr/week in a Newborn Medicine Lab at Boston Children's Hospital and in a Pharmacology and Physiology Lab at The George Washington University, researching autism at both labs. I will be doing another six month coop at the Yale Early Social Cognition Lab at Yale University, doing research on with kids with autism. I am specifically interested in autism (as seen by my background), yet at a lot of schools there aren't professors in the clinical psychology program doing autism research. I'm wondering if its absolutely necessary that I do my PhD with a professor doing autism research? Or should I only be applying to programs with professors doing autism research? Also based on my research background/gpa, how can I figure out what schools to apply to? A lot of schools don't put gpa info on their websites it seems (and I understand because its a holistic process), but how can I know where I am in the range of applying to? Thanks!
  12. I am not a very good student over all, GRE scores were in the mid 140's and got a 4 in writing. My cumulative GPA is 3.48 but in my speech courses it's only a 3.0. I am desperately trying to find Speech Pathology masters programs that are not ridiculous to get into. I'm asking about NYU because I spoke to an advisor there who was VERY optimistic about my getting in. Compared to everyone else I've spoken to, this was a major relief and is even making me consider paying the stunning $76,000 for the degree!! Anyways, this advisor told me that NYU does not have a cap on how many students they accept into the online program, and do not even list their GPA and GRE requirements online because they want to encourage all students to apply even if they do not think they have very good scores. I would like to hear from someone who has gotten into the program or knows any information about it whether or not this is true. I am strongly considering the online option, but would also like to know whether the in person MS program is more difficult/competitive?
  13. So, I'm sure a large portion of everyone here is experiencing this horrible anxiety regarding their applications. I've never had problems like this with other applications (for REUs, undergrad, etc) before but honestly every day is torture. I was initially confident about my application as I really did everything that I could during undergrad to prepare for a doctoral program (I graduate w/ a degree in Biology with Honors in June 2017), but upon looking at the selectivity of the schools I applied to and just spending an undue amount of time on this sight, I can't help but deeply worry that I won't get accepted anywhere. My only option really, if I don't get in, is to apply for some type of NIH PREP program to give another year of research experience to get ready for another application cycle. I would actually apply to more schools before the Dec 15th common deadline of a lot of programs, but my 2 of my most important LOR writers are very hard to get in contact with (we are on trimesters and currently on vacation from Thanksgiving to New Years) so that option is kind of moot at this point. Anyway, my real question is what are your strategies for chilling out more during this application process and not succumbing to an insurmountable amount of dread/worry?
  14. i'm about to give gre at the end of this month and i'm so much confused and tensed. still i haven't selected colleges yet. please help me through the process that should i have to select colleges before appearing for gre or i can select later. Please please help.
  15. Hi all, I've been turning in my applications pretty close to the due date. This is because I was under the impression that for MPP programs it's not really rolling admissions/application date doesn't really matter much as long as it's before the due date. But now I'm seeing that some people on here have already received some decisions because they applied earlier. Do you think my application date matters? Thank you!
  16. Hello everyone! I am new to The Grad Cafe. I am an undergraduate student from Michigan currently pursuing a degree in Sociology. I will graduate in April 2017 (1 year away)! I plan to attend an MSW program straight out of undergrad and am curious to get some insight from those who have already gone through the process. I have been researching for a few months and right now I am most interested in: University of Michigan University of Washington University of Denver Portland State University UC Berkeley Smith College My path would be clinical. I am most interested in working with Children/youth but am interested in a variety of settings (schools, hospitals, nonprofits) at home and even abroad. For those that have been accepted to one or more of these programs, what are your stats? What type of experiences did you have? What do you think made you stand out? When did you start applying to MSW programs? Do you have any tips? How far in advance of application deadlines did you start preparing? Did anyone else go straight out of undergrad? Do you think that this put you at an advantage or disadvantage? Is applying as an out of state applicant an advantage or disadvantage to most of these programs? My current stats: GPA: 3.6 America Reads Corp Member - (reading tutor in public elementary school) Substitute teacher in Detroit Public Schools Alternative Spring Break Volunteer (2 years in a row) Vice President of Student Organization - Have been involved in lots of event planning, volunteering/ and volunteer project creation, professional development, fundraising, etc. WHAT ARE MY CHANCES? WHAT CAN I DO IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS TO MAKE MYSELF A STRONGER APPLICANT COME WINTER? WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR EXPERIENCES IN THESE PROGRAMS? Thanks so much for any information you can share with me! I am so excited for my future in this field and to speak with some of you who share similar aspirations! Thanks everyone
  17. I am going to be applying to PhD programs in Finance for the 2017-2018 school year and am currently in the process of researching programs. I'm specifically looking to study banking and am choosing programs that have strong faculty and/or research centers in this area. I'm somewhat stumped by the etiquette of whether or not to contact professors who are conducting similar research to my own/potential advisors prior to the application process. One part of me thinks that it could be beneficial to have a conversation about what research is being done on the topic in the department, develop a contact, etc. However, on the other hand, I also feel like this could come off as just mining for information or 'schmoozing' in order to potentially get noticed by a possible advisor. What do you guys think? If anyone has had firsthand experience or a strong opinion on this, I would love to hear it. As someone who loves networking and research-related conversations, it is in my nature to want to reach out; I do understand, however, how this could be viewed considering my status as a future applicant. Thank you in advance for your advice and opinions.
  18. Hi all... I imagine that I'm not the only one applying to doctoral programs this year. I figured that this forum might be a decent place to share our experience, strength, hopes, and let-downs this year. Best of luck to you all...
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