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Found 327 results

  1. NCSU Plant Biology PhD Acceptance?

    Has anyone received an acceptance and or rejection letter yet from North Carolina State University (NCSU) for the Plant Biology PhD Program starting Fall 2018? I heard the tentative date was mid-late Feb and as it gets later in the month I'm beginning to get nervous. I've read some other threads saying candidates for the program have been asked to do email interviews and come for a visitation weekend this month. If anyone has been accepted or rejected, could you please tell me what date you found out and any other info you are comfortable sharing (such as what you were offered exactly as far as funding/assistantships). Thanks!
  2. Waiting for News

    Hey y’all ☺️ I am sure I am not alone on this, but I’m dying to know if schools are starting to reach out for interviews! My list is: Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, Western Washington University, CSU Chico, University of Utah, and Minot State university. I’ve heard from WSU and CSU Chico, but not the others. Has anyone else heard from the other schools listed?
  3. Duke MEM. Any progress yet?

    I'm an international applicant for MEM in Duke. It seems that an interview is needed to be admitted, but I haven't heard anything from that. I don't think I'm not competitive enough to get the chance for interviewing anyway... They once mismatched my TOEFL and GRE official transcript, so I'm not sure if they missed my name on email list this time... Any information would be appreciated
  4. Declining a program before they've accepted you?

    I applied for a large handful of graduate programs this cycle (mostly Master's programs)--15 to be precise. My last choice school (15 out of 15) keeps losing parts of my application and asking me to re-send them over and over. Now they say they never received my GRE scores from ETS, even though I've provided documentation showing the date when ETS sent the scores to the department. The school is asking me to pay to re-send the GRE scores to them a second time. At this point, since I already have several offers from much better programs, and not wanting to pay $29 to re-send my GRE scores a second time to a program I no longer have any intention of attending, is it okay for me to email them and withdraw my application before they've notified me of a decision? I would hate for them to waste any more time on reviewing my application if I'm definitely not going to be attending their Master's program. What is the nicest and most professional way to communicate this to them?
  5. Hey, just wondering if anyone has heard back from Brock University for their M.A. of Social Justice and Equity Studies? Or for any of their grad programs for that matter? I'm having a hard time finding this information online and wanted to hear some previous experiences! Thanks.
  6. Languages Comparative Literature

    Hey all--I could use your advice. I was just waitlisted from a comparative literature program. The graduate director informed me that the committee loved my application but was a bit hesitant about the fact that i've never done any graduate work in non English languages (even though I am trilingual). I've already graduated so it's a little late for me to enroll in any non-English classes. In the event I do not get into any school and must reapply next year, does anyone have any suggestions for things I can do that might demonstrate my language abilities for my applications? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Application Post-Mortem Evaluation

    As I await responses and assume the worst, I find myself evaluating and second guessing various elements of my application and other aspects of the application process. I'd love to glean from the wisdom of the rest of you as I consider the possibility of applying for a second time next year What would you do differently if you were preparing your applications now (or what have you done differently if you didn't get in in the first cycle that you applied), in terms of: where you applied? how you communicated with programs before applying? asking/disabling social media and other online presence? elements of your application -- writing sample, personal statement, etc.? seeking opportunities to publish/present? other things I might not be thinking of? Though I'm new to the forum, I'm betting participation drops off significantly by the end of the admissions cycle, and I would love to glean from your collective wisdom here before everyone disappears!
  8. UC Berkeley Prospective Graduate Students

    Hey everyone, I am a prospective graduate student for the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley ( Cal ). I am still waiting for an acceptance letter. I'm Speaking Acceptance Into Existence (i.e my user name ) Have you been accepted, rejected, still waiting? Any news on when your department will release decision letters? Lets Discuss! <3
  9. Hey all! I just joined GradCafe, and I am so stoked but also nervous about the fact that applying for grad schools is just around the corner. Right now I am feeling so nervous because I know my credentials are not where they need to be. I'm graduating early in December, but since most grad schools don't do spring start and heading straight to grad school with no break would be INSANE, I am planning on finishing out my lease here. Then I'll be applying for summer and fall start dates at multiple schools. I have a few school ideas, which I'll state down below. I plan to earn a Masters in Social Work, potentially with a concentration in mental health. First, I wanted to give you an idea of my stats (no judgment--from the threads I have read so many of you have intensive experience and stellar GPAs :/ ): Undergraduate Degree @ University of South Carolina -- Experimental Psychology major with two minors: Social Work; Counselor Education GPA - 3.0 overall, should be closer to a 3.1 by the time I graduate (Yes, I know, it's's not horrible, but if college had been a little less rocky I could have done super well ) Member of Psi Chi, International Honors Society in Psychology Member of a panhellenic sorority through which I have volunteered and participated in philanthropy events Was in charge of a philanthropy within my sorority where sisters help a local blind man with every day tasks This is it so far, however I have a few plans under my belt that I am almost positive I can follow through with: This semester I will be completing at least 45 service hours with a local organization that provides lower-income individuals with housing (definitely happening, it's a part of a practicum I'm taking) If all goes well, I plan to intern in Rome for 8 weeks with a social service organization this summer. I should be working about 20 hours a week. I plan to join Delta Alpha Pi, an Honors Society for people with disabilities (I have severe depression which has contributed to my mediocre GPA). I plan to get involved with the Undergraduate Social Work Student Association at my school. I haven't taken the GRE yet, so it could definitely still be a factor in boosting the impressiveness of my application. I am a strong reader and writer. If anyone has specific tips about the GRE, please let me know! ^^^So this is what I plan to achieve before I have to do applications (in the fall for the summer 2019 start, and in the winter for the fall 2019 start I suppose). For some reason, I have had a hard time finding paid opportunities/internships in the city of Columbia that are geared towards psychology or social work. I am going to keep looking, but the opportunities seem few and far between. That being said...what do you all think? What are some things you suggest I do, between now and the time I apply, to make my application as impressive as possible? I know I can't take back my GPA, but I can try to make up for it in other respects. From what I have read on here, those with low GPAs have been able to impress graduate schools in other ways. Again, if yo've got tips, let me know! Lastly, I wanted to list some schools that I am considering. I am going to rank them in order of my interest right now. If any of you know anything about these school's admission rates or have any specific insider info about a school, PLEASE contact me. I would love to get in touch with some of you and potentially ease my fears about applying for grad school! Here's my list: 1. University of Denver 2. San Diego State University 3. University of Southern California (the other USC...hehe) 4. Arizona State University 5. Florida International University and some maybes: Cal State - Long Beach; San Jose State University; Metropolitan State University of Denver As you can see, I really want to go far away and preferably out west (I've lived in SC my entire life). I am not sure about the admission rates of these schools, though I have heard that SDSU and USC are more competitive. I would love to hear thoughts on your experience with applying (especially to any of the schools above), selectiveness of these schools, my potential chances of getting in, and their quality of education. Thank you for anyone who actually took the time to read all of this!!! Any help at all would be so appreciated, even if it is constructive criticism. ~PeaceLoveSocialWork~
  10. Hello Guys, I've graduated with a PhD in experimental psychology. I'm currently working as a research associate. But I'm not interested in pursuing a post-doc or stay in academia. I want to do another Phd in Clinical Psychology as I really want to be a clinical psychologist and do some practical work. I have one first author and one 2nd author publication. I've got a lot of conference presentations. My GPA was high overall. Do you guys think I have a good chance of getting in some clinical psychology programs in Canada? Thank you!
  11. Hi All, Anyone applying for the NCSU Master of Analytics program this year (2018). How long does it take to get an update after we submit the application?
  12. Applyweb Portal

    For those of you who had to apply via the Applyweb portal: When a decision was made, where did you have to navigate to in order to view the decision? Was it in the checklist? Or did the little green submitted bar next to the form change to something else?
  13. Transcript Questions

    Hi All, Hoping some of you can help me! Some of the schools I'm applying to required a statistics class, so I took it online. However, I didn't do too hot. My question is, the schools that didn't require it, do I have to send them that transcript since it was an online class? I took it for credit, not sure if that's relevant or not. Thanks in advance!
  14. I currently am graduating with a B.S. in Computational and applied mathematics. I concentrated in statistics and have a minor in it, but am only also a class different from a Statistics B.S. as well. I took a class in mathematics of large data and it concentrated in Laplace and Fourier transformations of data, such as signals within pictures, voice and speaker recognition, and wavelets JPEG. I absolutely loved it. I was wondering what I should do now? I have heard that mathematicians can go to grad school for electrical engineering and not be behind if they are going to focus on signals and processing, which is what I would be doing, but am wondering how feasible it is? I know for a fact that mathematicians transition into systems engineering flawlessly since graduate school of systems engineering is mathematics of processes. However, I know a masters in applied mathematics would also open doors to different worlds, but normally lead to different kinds of jobs than my dream job. Other than that, should I just finish a bachelors degree in electrical engineering? I do not think would be more beneficial but I thought I would ask that as well. any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Tom
  15. This is a general rant/reflection as the application season is nearing an end and the waiting is happened. I know a lot of us have started considering what we wish we did better, but I'd love to know- what do you wish programs did differently. Also, I'm sure this goes without saying- but I'm not bashing, just recognizing how stressful this process is and the places that schools could improve. I'll start us off. Just take the unofficial transcripts dammit. Don't make me pay $10+ dollars for each transcript that I have to send. Don't make me send paper copies. If you accept me, I'll happily go through the trouble. Quit with this community college bullshit. I just received an email from a program saying that once they receive an official transcript from a community college that gave me credit for a math class I took in highschool then my application will be complete. It was a dual credit class! It's listed on all my other transcripts and wasn't even taken at the college. Do you really care what I made in calculous 7 years ago? Do you really need that to review? Just give us the projected acceptance dates. Please don't make me crawl through the results page. Please don't give me anxiety checking the portals, email, mailbox... We're expected to turn in everything by a certain date and time. If our application is late, many schools won't even consider it. So I ask, why is this a one way street? We paid you the money, can't we at least know when we'll find out. What are your top 3 pet peeves of this application season?
  16. Hi, is anyone here applying a degree at the history faculty? I sent in my application in early November and it's still under review by the department..soooo anxious!!
  17. Genetic Counseling: Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! I am an applicant for Genetic Counseling at the University of Pittsburgh. My application is officially being reviewed as of a few weeks/a month ago and I'm basically just playing the waiting game. A few stats about me: 26 years old, graduating with a BS in Biology April 2018, 3.34 GPA, 5 years pharmacy experience, GC shadowing experience, bereavement counseling volunteer, research experience, and personal GC experience. I only applied to UPitt -- kind of scary, but hoping for the best. Anyone else applying to GC programs for Fall 2018?
  18. Phone Call from WUSTL?

    Did anyone else get a phone call from Washington University in St. Louis before they finished submitting the application? I did. I've had schools in the past call me after I'd been accepted, but never before I'd even submitted the application. My advisor thinks it's a good sign, but poking around this forum someone said they get a very "sales" vibe to WUSTL admissions, and I could see how that could be the case.
  19. This came up in another thread, and I realized that I could make it available for people who are applying in the future. So, my gift to you is: The ability to compare universities, Apples-to-Apples. This spreadsheet allows you to determine the characteristics of a university that are important to you and how important each individual characteristic is. Then, it allows you to put in the various rankings, make them all apples-to-apples comparable, and spits out a ranking. I only used six criteria, but you may very well have more, so I created 20 columns so that anyone who was really particular had enough space to work. Of course, it'll work with more, you'll just have to add them on your own. Remember, this is only a start. Ultimately, if you discover that your top ranked school is someplace you really dislike, your happiness for your graduate program will also affect your once you have the quantitative number, apply your qualitative brain. If you use this (even if it's many years from now), let me know. :-)
  20. I want to leave my PhD program and am in the process of looking for jobs. I am wondering how to report the "future graduation" date, while trying to avoid confusion and having my application outright rejected by recruiters.
  21. I sure as shit am not. One round is enough. I don't want to volunteer in anyone's lab just on the off chance it will give my application any more strength. If I don't get in this round, I'm done. I'm getting a job as a lab technician for a year, attending a coding bootcamp, and then start a career as a full stack developer. This whole application process makes me hate academia and I can't stand it anymore.
  22. UMB MSW

    Can anyone speak to their experience applying to the UMaryland School of Social Work (or other schools)? I turned in the application a few weeks ago, the deadline for the program I am applying to is in two days, and the tracker still says there are items (LORS, etc; which they should have received) missing. Is this normal? Last I heard from anyone the system would have been up-to-date last week. I have tried to contact my admissions counselor a few times inquiring about the items to no response. I would love to attend this school and put a lot of effort into the application, but am interested to hear if others have had similar experiences.
  23. Reapplying to schools,1 yr later--- thoughts?

    Question: Let's say I apply to school A, B, C, and D. A is my top choice; B, C, and D are my safety schools. If I'm rejected from A but accepted to B, C, and D, but I choose to take a year off in order to gain more experience and then reapply to all 4 schools, will my previous acceptance but non-attendance to B, C, and D hurt my chances of being accepted in the future? Basically, should I go ahead and submit applications to my safety schools even though I'm strongly considering taking a gap year if rejected from my top choice? Or would it be best to only submit applications to my top choice and one safety school this time around? I think I have a decent chance of being accepted to my top choice school, but it's definitely not guaranteed. Please let me know your thoughts!
  24. URGENT: Fee Payment Anomaly

    Just wanted to make sure the fee payment has to be made before the deadline? The application is in the submitted phase but the fee has yet to be paid as there was confusion over the waiver status. I'm still waiting out for reply. Asking if I should pay the fee before the deadline tonight or wait it out? P.S. It's the Vanderbilt University application and the interface is the standard where boxes are checked for the materials submitted and the option to add additional docs etc.
  25. Would it be inappropriate for me to reach out to a POI about something unrelated to my application? I had a Skype call with a POI at UC Santa Barbara back in November and email contact in the time since then (though not in the last month over the holidays.) She's my top choice for a lab/program and I think she was interested in me as well. I haven't heard anything about admissions yet but I'm not concerned at this point. However, I've seen in the news all the crazy stuff that has been happening there - the wildfires, mudslides, and winter storms. I kinda wanted to send an email to her and her research tech (whom I also had a fair amount of email contact with). Something like, "Hey, I've been reading the news about all of the things happening in SB right now, just wanted to reach out and pass along my concerns. Hope you are both doing well and staying safe if any of that is affecting you." or along those lines. Is this crossing a boundary? I'm not interested in asking her about my application status. I mean, of course I'm interested in it in general, but I don't want this email to be read as an inquiry into that. I'm genuinely concerned that they might have been affected. I'm just not sure if this is something I should reach out about.