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Found 284 results

  1. Hello, it appears that most people on this forum are pursuing MSWs but does anyone here is pursuing a Ph.D. in social work in Canada (or want to apply to Ph.D. programs in social work)?
  2. My list (not necessarily in this order: University of Chicago (submitted) Northwestern University (in progress) University of Wisconsin, Madison (in progress) Indiana University, Bloomington (in progress) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (in progress) University of Pennsylvania (in progress) What about you guys?
  3. Vanderbilt Peabody Online

    Hey all! I've applied for the EdD in Leadership and Learning in Organization program at Vanderbilt's Peabody Online. Has anyone else applied to this program? Has anyone else heard a response for May 2018? I know this program and the online format is new for Vanderbilt. The anticipation / wait is absolutely killing me! Patience is not a virtue I was graced with...
  4. Am I doomed?

    Hey all So I'm applying to phd programs in political science and generally think my profile is pretty good, my only concern is with one letter of recommendation. I've been out of school for nearly a decade and kept in touch with and have fabulous letters from two professors but my third LOR is from my employer. I know it's also a great, and very supportive, letter but am concerned that because it isn't from a university faculty member that I will be at a disadvantage. Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks!
  5. I submitted my application to the University of Washington - Department of Biology PhD program a week ago. About halfway through when the application was open, they swapped their application format and required those with an application open to start a new application that had the correct questions. I already had all of my LOR requests sent out from the old application, but only one had been submitted at that point. I was told that it would be easiest if I just left my old application open, and the admissions team would transfer the letters over to my new application once they had all been submitted. All of them were submitted before the deadline and I let the graduate office know, they said that they would transfer the letters to my new app (and let me know when they did), even if the app had already been submitted. I submitted my new application, but it's been over a week and the letters still haven't been transferred yet. I am getting a bit worried as I have two very strong letters and one good letter and do not want to be left behind by the application reviewers due to not having all of my LORs in the correct application. Should I be worried or will they not even be looking at applications yet? At what point should I ask for an update?
  6. Hi. I'm new to this so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong. I'm applying to Harvard this semester and the application form asks me to "Give full course titles, the number of semesters (sem.) or quarters (qtr.) for each course, and grades received". Coming from a non-American University, what does "the number of semesters for each course" mean? Does it mean how many semester it took to complete the course or at what semester I took the course? For instance, if I took an introduction to philosophy class in my third semester, do I write 1 or 3?
  7. Here is my story: I am an international student in the U.S. with a bachelor degree in a good school and currently a first-year master student in an institute that does not focus on research and not very competitive between students. The reasons I picked this school for my master because I want to keep my F1 status active and this school's tuition fit my pocket. About my application, I have okay GPA in undergrad (3.3), excellent GPA at the current master school (4.0, but the school is not famous), good Q. GRE score (164), but not get V. and writing. I have one published publication in U.S. conference as the 2nd author. Can anyone give me some suggestion what I should do now? I really don't want to finish my master in the current school because it does not provide me anything for my research career. Thanks to those who read this post.
  8. Trade SOPs?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone was interested in trading SOPs? This is my first time applying and I want to make sure I am hitting everything I need to for this document. Please PM me if you are interested! Thanks!
  9. Hi, I started my M.A. coursework in March 2015, and I finished it in February 2017, and currently I am a 'graduate research student' preparing my M.A. thesis. Because I finished the coursework and didn't take any class in 2017, my graduate transcript covers only 2015-2016. I'll be awarded my M.A. in August 2018, and now I'm applying for Ph.D programs. In this case, do I fill the blank for my dates of attendance of M.A. program as 'March 2015 - August 2018' or as 'March 2015 - February 2017'? I'm still the a research student at the University where I completed the M.A. course, but I'm worried because there's no class record for 2017 on my transcript, as completed the coursework already. Or should I attach the Certificate for Graduate Research Student with the transcript? Thanks.
  10. Hello! I am applying MIT for graduate study. In the application form, applicants can provide more than three reference letters. Should I submit four referees if I can make sure all four rec letters are positive? I read an article which was written in 2009, and in the article the author said admission committees would not spend time to read all the letters if the applicant submitted more than three. Mostly, they would choose three and read. I was wondering if it is the truth. And I appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions on what I should do. Thank you guys for spending time to read my question.
  11. Which schools are feasible for me?

    Hi everyone!! So this is my first round of applying for a Sociology PhD, and I am just trying to gauge which schools of the eight I am applying to seem the most feasible for me given my application criteria. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut with a double major in Human Rights and Anthropology My GPA is a 3.73 with my major GPA being 3.8 GRE scores are 155 verbal, 153 quant, 4.5 writing I have 3 strong letters of recommendation Research interests: Social inequality, social policy, immigration, refugee policy, social movements I studied abroad in London for four months where I completed two internships related to my intended field of study (one at a charitable law center where I was an immigration liaison between lawyers and clients, and one at a refugee center where I taught English and helped with application to transfer from an asylum seeker to the legal status of refugee. I am active on campus with various social justice organizations and am in one major leadership role I have a strong SOP with a clear goal of what I want to study My writing sample is a 20 page comparative analysis of different countries' refugee policies (this was also completed by doing an independent research program -- research experience) Schools I am applying to: Uconn, NYU, Boston University, Boston College, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, Princeton Concerns: Are my GRE scores too low to even be considered for most of these schools? (Really nervous this is going to play a huge role in getting rejected) Which of these schools are most feasible for me simply based on these criteria?
  12. Hey everyone! I was wondering if people had experiences with getting into a PhD program with a master's degree in Sociology? I'm just a bit puzzled that only a few classes will be taken into consideration for the PhD. program. Were you guys set back? Or ahead? Did you have to redo some classes when starting the PhD program? Also, did you end up doing/getting another MA/MS along the way? What are your experiences? Looking forward to your stories!
  13. Hi all, On November 4th, I sent all of my GRE test scores (the general test I took on 10/25, and the psychology subject test I took on 9/16) to every grad program (clinical psych PhD) to which I'm applying. Several of the schools are showing, in the "checklist" of received items in my application, that they have received my verified test scores for the general GRE, but have not received verified scores for my subject test. Has anyone else experienced this? I checked my confirmation emails from ETS which all say that I submitted both sets of scores to the schools. When I logged back into my ETS account, it reflects that both scores have been sent. If the school bothered to update the status as received for one set, why would the other set not be updated on their end, if they really did receive the score? If anyone has encountered this or has an idea as to why this might be happening, I'd love to hear your thoughts before I start jumping through hoops to contact the admissions offices and the ETS before the deadline this Friday... Thanks! Alex
  14. Hi All, I'm just submitting my PhD applications to bioengineering programs, and have only selected those that fall in the top-10 or so (ideally trying to land at Stanford, UCSF/UC Berkeley, MIT, Johns Hopkins, UMich or Duke). My concern is that I may have overestimated my chances at these schools. I'd like to consider applying to a more medium ranged program or two if it seems my chances are relatively weak. Would love any feedback, thanks! _________________________________________ Undergrad Institution: Middle-teir private school Major(s): Bioengineering (B.S.) & Electrical Engineering (M.S.) Minor(s): n/a GPA in Major: 3.43/4.00 (B.S.) & 3.89/4.00 (M.S.) ... I realize my UG GPA isn't ideal, my first two years were significantly worse (~3.2) than my last two years. I'm a 1st generation college student so was kinda just getting used to college. Overall GPA: 3.47/4.00 (B.S.) & 3.89/4.00 (M.S.) Demographics/Background: White, 22 (will be 23 in February), 1st generation college student GRE Scores: Q: 164 (87%) V: 156 (73%) W: 5.0 (93%) LOR: 3 great LOR (2 from undergraduate and graduate PIs who've supervised me for 3 years and 2 years respectively, and 1 from my internship mentor at a large biopharma company) Research Experience: almost 4 years mainly split between 2 different academic labs and a summer in the biopharma industry Publications/Abstracts/Presentations: (1) first author, (2) second author, and (2) third author publications in peer reviewed journals with impact factor >5, another first author publication in preparation but likely won't be submitted until early next year (noted in one of my LOR). I've presented at 4 different conferences (all poster presentations) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: I independently wrote and submitted 5 different grant applications that gave me ~$25,000 of funding for research work in two different labs, associate member of sigma xi research society (not sure this means much?), and was selected for the excellence in research award at my universities engineering awards and honors convocation. Fellowships/Funding: Applied for NSF GRFP Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Worked at a large biopharmaceutical company for a summer Research Interests: Single cell proteomics/genomics, microfluidics, mLSI, medical imaging. Comments: Mainly just trying to gauge how I stack up at these competitive schools, I appreciate any comments!
  15. Anth GPA

    So, I'm currently filling out applications and one of the schools is asking for my anthropology gpa from undergrad. Now, are they asking the GPA of my anth classes (which would rock)?? or the gpa of my major (which would suck)?
  16. Resume for MPH application

    Is there any specific way my resume should look when applying to a graduate program? Is there a template anyone can share? Does it have to be super professional? Can it be modern? Can it have a little color or a little personality? I'm applying to the MPH at UCLA and other several schools. Please let me know what ya'll think or how you all did your resume when you were applying to grad school. Just wanted some feedback before I start making changes to my resume. Thank you in advance.
  17. Submit Chem GRE

    Hi Today I got my GRE Chemistry score back and it was pretty abysmal, a 690 (48%). I was wondering whether if I should even bother sending it as a domestic applicant for Ph.D. chemistry programs, as the score being that low may hurt instead of help my application. Some background: Applying from undergrad at Berkeley, 2.88 cumulative and 2.68 major GPA. GRE scores 162Q 163V 5.5W, 2 summer internships, 1.5 semesters/ 3.6 "full time" months worth of research, no publications, part time job in the chemistry stockrooms since summer before sophomore year. 4 total recommendation letters (where schools allow more than 3) - 3 solid ones from my PI, postdoc now at Genentech, and my work supervisor, and 1 from a postdoc that taught a class. I'm applying to most of the UCs except Berkeley, USC, Scripps, JHU, UChicago, and Northwestern Thanks for any feedback, any advice appreciated!
  18. Like most of you, I'm here because of uncertainties regarding some aspect of the grad school application process. I've read every credible article I could find about crafting the perfect Statement of Purpose. I've read through a dozen examples of what is considered a great statement. My problem is this: I'm not sure if a lot of the suggestions for writing style are applicable to the kind of program I want to study. Of all the statements I read, my favorites are the ones that are conversational and descriptive. They're the ones that read like a story. But is that style suitable for every major? My favorite statements were written for history and English degrees, but I want to go to grad school for International Relations (IR). The general style of IR publications is anything but vivid. It's careful, clear, and concise. It eliminates adjectives and adverbs, replaces gut-punching verbs with their emotionless equivalents, and speaks in the stilted manner of a indifference. Neutrality is key. So, at last, my question. Should my statement of purpose be written in the style of IR--because that's the degree I want to pursue--or should it be written to captivate the reader--because I want to grab their attention and be memorable? Note: I also have to include a writing sample on an IR topic. I wrote three complete versions of my statement (1,000 words each): #1 is written like a story #2 is written more like an article in IR #3 is a combination page one is my "story"/background, and it's written like #1 page two is my reason for choosing that school and that program, what I would like to learn, from which professors, and what I want to do after graduation. It's written like #2. _________________________ #1 - colorful My bleary eyes snapped open at the flash of the overhead fluorescent lights. Seconds later, my retinas drank in the scene and clarified the unusual predicament I had awoken in. I was surrounded by strangers. Surrounded, in fact, by 10,000 miles of them. I puzzled over the shifting words slithering across the LED displays and clung to my bag. I stretched my tired legs and crept out of the narrow tunnel into my new life. My 17 hour flight to Chongqing had arrived. To understand why I was in Chongqing--and why I am applying your prestigious university--it is instructive to know the experiences that shaped me.Before Chongqing, there was Tokyo. I grew up tending to the delicate leaves of my bonsai tree and reconstructing the gnarled lines found in my calligraphy book. At 13, my hazy lifelong interest in Asia took shape in the form of an academic interest: Japanese. I was drawn to the curvy loops of Hiragana, the jagged edges of Katakana, and the serious pictography of Kanji. I promised myself, “When I’m in college, I’ll study Japanese. I’ll even go to Sophia University!” I dreamed of the day I could move to Tokyo, that bustling city lit by the grotesque light of a million flickering billboards and crammed with overworked businessmen, young fashionistas, and everything in between. On the first day of registration, I took my first step and signed up for Japanese. From that day forward, I grabbed every chance I could to immerse myself in the language. Then, seven years after I picked Sophia, Sophia picked me. _________________________ #2 - IR version My interest in Asia originates from my childhood experiences. At that time, being exposed to Asia primarily meant taking care of a bonsai tree and trying to replicate the character strokes in my calligraphy book. Today, my interest is more academic in nature. By the time I was 13, I had already decided that I would learn Japanese. I even decided that I would study abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo. Once in university, I joined Elementary Japanese, Japanese Club, and the Language Exchange Program. Seven years later, I was the sole candidate selected from my university to attend Sophia. _________________________ Thanks in advance for your help!
  19. References

    Has anyone applied to Ryerson's masters of professional communications program? If so does anyone know what type of references they are expecting? Are they expecting references from a tenured prof or a professional that has taught your courses or a contract worker? Thanks!
  20. School Psychology Ph.D. Applications Fall 2018

    Hi everyone, I've been reading the threads from past years for those applying to School Psychology Ph.D. programs and they've been so helpful so I thought I'd make one for fall 2018 applicants! Hopefully we can all go through this process together Where is everyone applying?
  21. Applying for MPP/MPA- Profile review

    Hi, I am applying for MPP/MPA program with following profile- GRE 308 (M-163, V-145, AWA-3.0) TOEFL 96 (R24,L26,S22,W24) GPA 3.7 I am having around 5 years of experience with around 3 years experience in Government of India on large scale projects. I have drafted some major policies for flagship schemes in government. Having good volunteer experience. I am having SOP aligned with dedication for serving people as well as strong LOR from from government officials. I am very keen to get into MPP and shortlisted following Universities- 1) Duke University 2) UChicago (MS-CAPP) 3) U of Austin 4) CMU Heinz 5) Ford School (Michigan) 6) University of Washington Please suggest safe university to apply. Or should I apply to Germany or Canada Universities. Kindly need help.
  22. I submitted my application to the NSF GRFP a week ago and have been really kicking myself every day since. I'll try my best to give a logical explanation of what happened, and my general question is: will this cause my application to be returned without review? After pouring dozens of hours into the application materials, I came to the page asking me to select which option applied to my current situation (i.e. senior undergraduate, final year of BS/MS program or a first year graduate student). My university offers a 5-yr BS/MS program, to which I have been accepted, and I am currently in the 5th year (my B.S. was conferred in June 2017, at the end of the fourth year, and my MS will be conferred in June 2018, at the end of the fifth year). So I selected that I was in the final year of a BS/MS program, because that is honest to god what I thought was true. A day or two passes and I decided to check all of this with the NSF GRFP help line. What they told me was that the fact that I am enrolled in a BS/MS program needs to be stated on my attached transcripts, and if it wasn't I should have attached a letter from my university registrar, to confirm it that way. So I looked at the transcript I attached, and saw that it showed me as a student in the MS program, not the BS/MS program, which initially caused me to freak out a bit. After talking with the registrar more directly I found out that I was only enrolled in the BS/MS program while I was an undergraduate so that I could take graduate level coursework, and that when my BS was conferred I was moved into a full time, purely MS program. So I called NSF back and explained my mistake, knowing that there was no way I could rectify this retroactively, and just wanted them to tell me if this would cause my application to be returned without review. Frustratingly, they just told me they couldn't tell me for certain if that was the case, just that it was possible it could disqualify me, and also possible that the review committee would decide to still look at my application just as a first year graduate student instead of a BS/MS student. Can anyone on here shed some light on this/give me there opinion of whether or not my application will be reviewed. If it's going to be disqualified I'd like to withdraw my application so that I can apply again next year, but if there's a decent chance it still gets reviewed I might decide to leave it. Thanks.
  23. Hello! I just took my GRE this week and my score is: Verbal 162, Quant 165. I am an international student and my TOEFL is 114. I am going to college in the U.S. (GPA 4.0/4.0, senior currently) and I am applying to Ph.D. programs in economics. I was wondering what types of schools is my GRE score competitive for? And should I retake my GRE? I believe I can get a much higher score in Quant if I retake my GRE. I spent most of my time studying verbal because I thought that is my weakness and that Math is easy. However retaking it means I will have less time to do my honor thesis, which is arguably more important. Other facts about myself: I am currently the project manager for a behavioral economics research project with a professor in the department (after having worked for a year on the project). The professor holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. I am also doing my Honors Thesis in economics. I am pursuing a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in Math. Some advanced courses I have taken/am taking are Real Analysis, Topology, Advanced Probability/Statistics, Ph.D. level advanced Microeconomic Theory (a 2-part sequence, we cover choice theory, consumer/producer theory, Game Theory, market equilibrium, information economics/mechanism design), and a master's level course in Macroeconomic Theory. I appreciate any opinion/advice you have regarding my GRE score, my overall competitiveness, and advice on which schools to apply/tips on applications. Thank you very much in advance!
  24. I would greatly appreciate some advice/input here. I'm applying to a few clinical psychology PhD programs this season and all of them have professors who are accepting students for fall 2018 listed on their websites. When I was initially writing my email drafts to POIs a few weeks back, only one of the universities' websites had this information listed and the other universities have since updated their websites with this info. I got a bit busy with working on a publication and my master's thesis in that meantime, so I am just now revisiting my email drafts and application materials. However, I'm beginning to question whether I should even email these POIs now, given that they're already listed on the website as accepting students and my email drafts have followed the format of "I am currently studying X and researching Y at such-and-such university. I am writing to inquire if you anticipate accepting students for the fall 2018 term, as I am very intrigued by your work on Z. [Details about the project and why I am interested]. Short explanation of my previous work and how it relates, blah blah blah. I have attached a copy of my CV for your consideration." (oversimplified, but you get the point.) I actually already sent my first email to a POI last week (literally the day before I noticed the website was recently updated with professors taking students too) and I got a response back almost immediately (within 1 hour). It was nicely worded and enthusiastic, but the professor didn't respond to my question regarding their research, nor did they directly address anything else that I mentioned in the email, just said "It looks like you have had wonderful training experiences and it sounds like your interests could fit well with the ongoing projects here at [university]. It is likely I will be taking students for fall 2018. As you are preparing your application, feel free to check my lab's website for more information at [website]." The font size for the greeting was different from that of the body of the email too, so I can't help but assume this POI just copied and pasted this generic response to my email and others. (It's quite obvious from what I wrote that I had already checked the lab's website and read quite a few of their papers, so that last sentence kinda bummed me out. I was hoping to speak with this professor about their research a bit and if the email interaction went well, I was considering possibly even requesting to schedule a skype meeting or something if they were willing to discuss their work and lab opportunities in more detail with me.) What I'm wondering is, should I even bother sending any more emails to POIs that are already listed as accepting students? I know it's generally a pretty good idea to email POIs, especially because program websites often don't list professors accepting students, or if they are listed, there's a chance the information may not be current. However, in my case, I know the information is current since I have been checking these websites fairly often throughout the last year and noticed the updates, and now I just feel a bit awkward emailing a professor knowing they are already planning to take students. My whole approach to this process was going to be: 1) see if they are taking students and demonstrate good fit, 2) discuss their work and potential projects in more detail, and 3) if all goes well, see if they would like to arrange a skype call or meeting to discuss things further. Trying to write the initial email without asking about whether they are taking students just feels awkward. Taking that part out just makes me feel like I'm skipping a huge step and saying "Hi Professor, here's my background and my CV, I will fit well with your lab." I don't know, I just don't like it no matter how I word it. I also don't think that it will give me any huge advantage in the admissions process if all of them respond in the same manner as the professor I've already contacted did either. I mean, I highly doubt this person is going to remember my name or anything about me if all they did was copy and paste a reply to my email. I can't really blame them for doing so because I'm sure that they get a lot of these emails, but I kind of feel like contacting these professors could even be a waste of my time. What do you think? Should I still contact these other POIs? Do you think it would necessarily decrease my admission chances if I didn't contact them, but rather mentioned a few names in my essays?
  25. Hi all, I am looking to do Ph.D. in Two-phase flows (Mechanical Engg.).I would really appreciate any feedback regarding my profile and how I can improve my choices. Major concerns: Based on my interactions with the professors and some of my seniors, I think my profile is decent for Ph.D. application (Please correct me if wrong, all suggestions are welcome) However, I am concerned about my CGPA, GRE (Verbal and AWA marks) and especially TOEFL (especially speaking) I have gone through the universities mentioned in my list (feel free to suggest changes in it) but I have not really found a clear-cut demarcation for these scores. What do you think? Aim: Get a fully-funded Ph.D. admit. International/Male My CV is attached with this thread. Please go through it, if required. A brief outline is: Current University: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Major: Thermal Engineering CGPA: 8.98/10 (not converted) GRE: Q/V/A: 167/153/4 Toefl: Waiting for results, expecting around 20 in speaking Publications: 2 published, 2 under review and 2 in preparation (Journal) & 16 peer-reviewed conference papers/presentations. All journals are medium to top tier in my field (current RG score with 2 publications 4.65) Tentative schools I am applying to: (in the order of priority) 1. MIT (have not contacted anyone yet) 2. Princeton (positive reply from a professor) 3. University of Wisconsin Madison (okay reply from a professor) 4. Brown University (okay reply from a professor) 5. Imperial College London 6. Cornell 7. John Hopkins 8. University of Maryland I am open to any comments/suggestions/critiques about the list or my profile. More details at: Vatsal_CV.pdf