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Found 213 results

  1. I wanted to say THANK YOU to this great group of supportive people. I've been working on getting into a PhD program for the last two years, and I finally got in!!!!! Last year was incredibly deflating as rejection after rejection poured in. After wallowing for a little bit (but not too long, I have a family with one small kiddo at the time and another kiddo that was born right in the middle of the rejections, so I was quickly distracted by life), I made a plan to try again. As I told one of my recommenders "As with any setback, I am taking this as an opportunity to regroup, reassess, and improve." Below is a description of what I did, in case it's helpful to anyone else out there who finds themselves in the same position this year (if so, you can still do it!). I reached out to every school that had said no (all 13 of them), and bugged anyone who would pick up a phone or answer and email to figure out what happened. It was really two buckets: Bad fit of program with my research, or I was simply not in the top 2-5 applicants. So, I did three big things to close the gap and increase my odds: First I started from scratch on defining what my research interests actually are by constructing a realistic research topic I could dive into on day one, and then sticking with that in every conversation. This helped me rapidly filter programs that didn't match, and quickly gave me new leads in conversations ("We don't do that sort of behavioral operations work here, but Professor XYZ at school ABC is an expert. Let me send her an email") Next I did something very practical: I retook the GRE. And this time I really studied for it! I actually bought an online course (Magoosh if anyone is interested) and listened to every lecture and did every practice problem (all 1200+ of them). After three months of work on nights and over my lunch breaks, I went from 76th percentile in quantitative reasoning to 92nd percentile. I also improved my other scores (got a perfect verbal the second time), but that quant score came up during my interviews repeatedly. Will knowing how to quickly find the number of non-repeating diagonals in an arbitrary n-gon help me in my PhD studies? No. But I finally had a score that matched my ability to learn and it made an incredible difference this year in opening doors. Finally, I did something radical. I quit my job. Technically, I formed an independent consulting firm to work on non-traditional projects, which I really did do! It just also gave me the flexibility to physically drive to campuses around the East Coast and meet faculty and students in person. I was literally checking doors to see if they were locked and wandering into offices to introduce myself. Forming that company has been a terrible financial decision (man I miss corporate healthcare), but it gave me the flexibility to become a known face when my application came up for review. Face-Time = Name-Recognition = Success The result: Multiple acceptances, including to my absolute top choice, and incredible connections at many fine research institutions that I will be able to use in the years ahead! Plus no wallowing! The entire time, I was looking here at The Grad Cafe and reading about other's work and experiences applying, both failures and successes. The stories here, and genuine heartfelt support and advice was one of the things that kept me going. Thank you all for your support, and good luck to those still reaching for the dream!
  2. Ceramics MFA applicants!!

    Okay clay folks, who has and/or hasn't heard from places? Uni of Minnesota -rejected 2/12 CU Boulder - n/a Edinboro - n/a UO-Eugene - n/a Uni of Nevada, Reno - Process notice 2/15 I'm not counting myself out, but it'd be comforting to know if someone else has heard anything ! Best of luck to everyone!! And congrats to those who have been notified of acceptance & interviews! 😁
  3. Hi! It is 15th February 2018 and I have not received the email about the resolution of my application... Does anyone receive something? Thanks!
  4. Hi folks, Does anyone have any good tips or advice for how to make the most out of an open house weekend and potential interviews with faculty and grad students? I currently have different files on the faculty im supposed to meet, with their main research, publications, and interests. I plan on famiarlizing myself with all of them and preparing some questions. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! Im currently heading up to boston for northeastern's open house.
  5. Not my application season yet, but I'm wondering how much I should be putting aside specifically for apps in the meantime. So, I'm wondering how much you all paid in total, how many programs you applied to, what sort of unexpected fees you ran into, etc. Any and all info is appreciated. Obviously saving up as much as possible is ideal, so I'm looking less for advice about how much I myself should put aside as I am looking for others' experiences and maybe what to expect. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! I'm interested in applying to Masters of Marketing and/or Masters of Management (Marketing) programs. I was wondering if anyone has completed either the Masters of Marketing at Trinity College Dublin or Masters of Management (Marketing) at University of Melbourne? If anyone has partaken in either can you let me know your experience? Did you find that it was easy to acquire work once back in the U.S.? Where did you go to search for scholarships to fund your studies? If you have any other recommendations for schools I should apply to that offer these programs please let me know. Thank you for your help!
  7. So, following the trend of the comp lit & early modern threads, I figured I'd start a topic for the 2018 rhetoric & composition applicants. What are you interested in studying? Where did you apply? How are you handling waiting?
  8. CSUF MSW Fall 2018

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to create a place for people to collectively panic about admissions. Compare stats and say if you were admitted or not. So have at it!
  9. Psychology PhD App 2018

    Just wanted to see how applications were going and if anyone has heard anything from the universities yet ?
  10. Health Communication Programs

    Evening everyone! I'm a potential applicant for PhD programs next year if things don't work out this year. I'm also planning to pursue a dual-title phd in communication at one of the schools I applied to this year. Any places I can use to look for phd programs that specialize in health comm/intercultural comm/social networks? Thank you in advance!
  11. What did your faculty, lab, or person of interest (POI) attribute to your success? If you don't have that information, what do you think did it? You don't have to be humble.
  12. I saw a nice thread in the Biology forum that inspired me. Please feel free to add to this post with your own profiles, or experiences thus far in the 2018/2019 entry phase. I could not find anything similar here, so I wanted to do my best to establish a thread that can stand the test of time throughout 2018. Please feel free to copy the text I use as a template for your post. Here is my profile for evaluation. I am hoping for a Tier 1 research university with full funding. Obviously I won't be attempting to apply to anything in the top 30-40 because of my undergrad school and "not incredible" test scores & GPA. I have some solid recommendation letters from tenured professors; however, my school is not a research school, and I am not a published researcher. I have a lot working for me in terms of work experience, interpersonal & writing skills, and have focused my desires into contributing to academia in a meaningful way. I know that I would be welcomed at a Tier 2 university; however, I would like to hear whether or not you folks think I am aiming too high or too low with my choices as stated below for the Tier 1 selections. Undergrad Institution: Private-For Profit (lowly regarded, not online) Major(s): Business Minor(s): Accounting GPA in Major: 3.9 Overall GPA: 3.89 Position in Class: Top Type of Student: Domestic, White Male, Adult/Professional Graduate Institution: Southern Region Jesuit University Major(s): MBA Minor(s): Finance Overall GPA: 3.80 Position in Class: Top GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 161 (78th) V: 159 (83rd) W: 4.5 (82nd) Research Experience: Low-medium; Independent research study during MBA, focused on predicting outcomes based on statistical analysis using STATA. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Honor society undergrad. Endowed scholarship recipient during MBA. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Significant professional experience and related skills Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Professional certifications from globally recognized entities Special Bonus Points: Strong recommendations, chosen to represent the University in various ways. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Pre-doc candidate at the 2017 Southern Management Association, should have some connections within (safe choice) target universities Applying to Where (I would like to think I could be a strong applicant for this group): University of California San Diego – PhD. – Business – Management George Mason University – PhD. – Communications or Public Policy George Washington University – PhD. – International Business | Management & Strategy (Several school within the SMA conference region as well that would be straight PhD. Business – Management (HR/OB/Entrepreneurship), but I will pretty much know if I would be accepted based on my conversations with the faculty at the 2018 SMA conference.)
  13. Hi folks! Not sure if anyone else is applying to JHU this year, but their portal was malfunctioning over the holiday break and applications could not be submitted for the Sociology Department. The program coordinator just emailed me to let me know that the deadline has been extended to Jan. 3, 10pm EST. Just thought I'd make a PSA in case anyone had trouble submitting the app over the break or is having FOMO and thinking of applying to one more program.
  14. Hi everyone, This is my first post on the gradcafe site. I've read things here throughout the years but finally decided I have a question I can't find the answer to elsewhere! I am currently applying to grad (PhD) programs for Fall of 18 in Rhetoric or Communications with a focus in rhetoric. I am finishing up my applications, but I was really hoping to get more information on Michigan Technological University's PhD in Rhetoric, Theory, & Culture. I know I should just ask the program directly, but there are only so many questions I can send out before feeling like a nuisance. I am really just interested in funding (what kind of budget I could expect while there), their reputation in the field of rhetorical studies, job placement, or the experiences of any former or current students. I'm guessing the program is too obscure to get a response on here, but any information would help. Thanks y'all! --j
  15. Hello everyone, I'm going to be applying to clinical psychology programs and need some advice on deciding what programs I should apply to. Specifically, I want to eventually get a postdoc in neuropsychology and want to get to a place where this is an attainable goal. I've been looking at some programs, but don't know how much is really needed to get the training required to apply for this specialization. Some programs seem to have specific tracks in neuropsychology, but I'm not sure if this this is required? Other programs like Ohio State University of the University of New Mexico don't have specific tracks, but they have neuropsychological clinical opportunities and have faculty members who are doing research (that I'm interested in) with neuropsychological components. Would that suffice? Thanks for your help
  16. Someone made a similar thread last year just to have a separate thread for neuroscience PhD applications for the 2018 cohort. Hopefully it'll help reduce a little bit of the interview/decisions anxiety if we're all in the same boat!
  17. Automatic consideration?

    Hi guys... In American universities, does sending an application makes me considered for fellowships automatically, or does one have to submit additional material or requests to be considered for fellowships?
  18. Advisor gone AWOL

    Please bear with me if a similar topic has already been posted - I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My advisor, the one who would be my strongest recommender, has basically gone AWOL. I asked for the letter about 2 months back and he said he would write it in time for my Dec 15 deadlines. I even met him the past week and he was suggesting some schools that I should check out and stuff. Afterwards, its like he just dropped off the face of the earth. I know that it's ok if our LORs arrive a little late, but in the event that I still cannot get him to submit his LOR, what should I do? And how long should I wait to contact him? I'm a little hesitant to rush him because I'm afraid then he wouldn't write me a strong letter; he thinks I'm not ready for a PhD and asked me to apply for Masters programs and I'm afraid this opinion might be reflected in the letters. PS. All final exams are over now in my university and students have gone for their vacations - I thought he'd have more free time now. I have a "backup" recommender but he's someone I never worked with directly so the letter would be rather generic.
  19. What are my chances?

    Hi all, I recently applied to both Harvard and Chicago's history PhD programs, and of course, now I am wondering about my chances. I am currently on a Fulbright ETA in my country of interest. I speak Russian and Ukrainian at intermediate high levels. My GRE was not amazing (158V, 155Q, 5AW), and my gpa was a 3.48 from undergrad (a semester with 5 classes and mono really messed me up). I did an honors thesis and used it for my writing sample, and almost every citation was in the original Russian. One of my letter writers got his PhD from Harvard, and my POI knew him well, and seemed to respect him, so I am hoping that works out in my favor. I have also begun working with a Harvard professor outside of the history department as a copy editor for a relevant journal to my intended field. Thanks for any input
  20. Trans/Non-Binary Applicants

    Curious to see if there are any other non-binary applicants on this site! I've applied to clinical and counseling psychology PhD programs, and most of them didn't allow me to apply gender-neutrally (i.e., I had to choose a gender marker/title). I'm not sure how to respond to interview invitations that have the wrong pronouns (I use they/them/theirs, my interviews have primarily used she/her) on them -- do I email the department and gently correct them when I respond to the invitation? Or do I just quietly let them misgender me in hopes of gaining a placement?
  21. Safe Schools?

    I've heard a lot of talk of people applying to "reach" and "safe schools." Maybe it's my GRE scores, but I feel like there are no "Safe Schools" in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs. How are you all determining this? (This is my first time applying, and I'm trying to be more prepared in the event that I'm repeating the application cycle next year)
  22. Heyy ! I thought it would be a good idea to start a separate forum for neuroscience PhD applications for 2018 cohort. I know that people have started getting invites from a few places like the Brandeis universities. What about other schools, any ideas?
  23. The background is that I was a good undergraduate student. I graduated from university with a top degree classification and several of the Faculty exam prizes and scholarships. The trouble started when I began a Masters degree at the same university. The course didn't suit my interests and I fell out with my main tutor, who took my bad performance very personally. I know that she contacted all three of my former referees and made sure to involve them. For full disclosure I also left the Masters course with unpaid rent owed to my college and threatened to draw publicity to the case if they pursued debt collection action against me (I had no money to pay the amount they were demanding so this was a last resort). A few years later I want to go back to university (for public policy/development) but none of my tutors seem willing to provide references. One has refused and the other seems very cold about it (as he was my personal tutor I think he is obliged to provide a reference, so I don't want to push him into providing a bad one). I am applying for this round so I don't have time to take a new course to get a reference. Is it better to risk a recommendation from someone who might be willing to sink all my applications, or choose someone who hardly (doesn't at all) remember me?
  24. Hello! Submitted applications for Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs on Dec.1. I'm extremely nervous about the review process. I need opinions from fellow applicants/ graduate students/ anyone who knows what they are doing. Below is a list of my stats and the places I've applied to. Please let me know if I will even be seriously considered by these schools. ------------ International student from India, with a degree from a public university in the US: BS in Neuroscience, Minors in Biology and Psychology Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 Have a semester of withdrawal due to health issues (indicated on my personal statement) GPA scores: 165 Verbal, 162 Quantitative Research interests: Etiology and Manifestation of trauma and PTSD. Interdisciplinary understanding of diagnosis and treatment related to PTSD Research experience: 1 year in research lab looking at immigrant children and how they adapt to society in the US Currently working on senior honors thesis - "An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Subjective Experience of Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder". Will be presenting this at a conference next semester. Clinical experience: Worked with adults with autism Currently working as an autism therapist for children Worked with people from disadvantaged backgrounds as an intern in India Worked with people with long-term mental issues such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia at rehabilitation program in Maryland Research skills: SPSS, Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, other basic computer skills --------- These are the places I'm applying to: (All the POI's are focused on trauma and I got replies from 6/10 people when I emailed them before submitting my applications) UC Berkeley* Eastern Michigan North Texas Binghamton (SUNY) Teacher's College, Columbia University University of Delaware University of Georgia University of Tulsa Northern Illinois University University of Colorado Colorado Springs* Starred are my top choices Let me know if any of you have any questions! <3
  25. Does anyone know whether the order of programs chosen (i.e. first choice and second choice) are reviewed separately for the Sciences Po graduate program? My first choice is the Dual degree Programme with Columbia's SIPA (School of International and Public affairs) in International Public Management + a Human Rights degree from Sciences Po PSIA. My second choice is the Human Rights and Humanitarian Action degree at Sciences Po. In the application, they list both personal statements one on top of the other. I had originally thought there would only be one statement needed. So now I'm thinking I would use the same bulk of my personal statement for each and change details accordingly to the programmes. However, it seems quite glaring and obvious that it's a huge copy and paste and i'm afraid that in comparison admissions may perceive this as lazy and not original enough. But would both be considered simultaneously or only review one after the other (like at LSE) if I don't get placed in the degree of my first choice? Thoughts? I spent an enormous time crafting this personal statement into a narrative and I am quite nervous in having to rearrange and finding a novel way of putting all this info into a concise format again. PS: I've also applied to a one year master's program at LSE for International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies and I've made a typo - despite my proofreading committee - of writing 'bear' instead of 'bare' and I'm cringing extremely hard. It's only one word amid 1000, but what are the chances of the admissions picking this up and looking down at this error? Many thanks!