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Found 12 results

  1. I am about to be a junior this Fall and currently have a 2.6 GPA right now. I also don't go to a very popular college and it's located in the city. I have low grades and I am thinking about either getting into a masters program for applied statistics or maybe applied math. However, I might have no chance because I got a few C grades in my early math classes and I had to withdraw from Calculus 1 twice. I am also interested in economics and I have a B and B- in the first two economics classes so far. I understand that I screwed up bad but I am thinking about changing my life around. I have a total of 5 w grades and I am thinking about trying to at least get into a masters program for higher education as that I am thinking about pursuing a career in data science or possibly a consulting/financial field like quantitative analysis. I have a total of 5 w grades on my transcript so far and I don't want to end up a failure. I just need brutal honesty. I am currently about to be a junior this Fall and if it's not possible for me to get into a master's program, what are some possible career choices for me? What else can I do? I don't have internships yet but I am looking for some experience in the field so that I can get accepted later possibly. Are online master's a good choice because I was just thinking about that. I also graduate in two years so does anyone have some advice for me?
  2. Hi guys, Just wondering. I applied to UMD College Park's MS Applied Econ on Feb 8th for the Fall 2021 term. I received a recommendation via email from the department early March and they said I should expect to hear from the Grad school in 1-2 weeks (counting from March 7th). Did anyone in this program got results/decisions yet? or Any of you applying to Masters go results yet? It's still 'Under grad school review' on the portal. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm interested in the online Master of Science degree in Applied Economics at the University of North Dakota. I currently live in North Dakota, and am curious if anyone has been in this program or knows anything more about it that can't be gleaned from the program website. Thanks.
  4. Hello. Cynics preferred, be honest, hold nothing back. I want to study economics, stats, computational finance or something similar and hopefully connected to data science or predictive analytics. I’m graduating a year early, for what it’s worth. I want to offset the year I’m graduating by getting a better school appended to my name so I have some good long-term CEO potential. Honestly, I’m considering so many options because I’m desperate to get a better school attached to my name. I’ll be entirely up-front about that. I’ve gone to a shit undergrad school because I became homeless my senior year of high school during application season and couldn’t capitalize on the fact or write a decent letter to save my life due to my living circumstances devouring my mental sanity. However, I’ve made the most of what I have here, truly, and I want help in getting the best out of what I can. Truly appreciate all the help guys and gals! Undergrad Institution: Shitty midwest state university, ranked like 200th+ in the USA :-( Major: Mathematics, Economics… (two degrees probably) Minor: Statistics Cumulative GPA: 3.82 Major GPA, Cum.: (mathematics): 3.83 Type of Student: Domestic White male (though in no way “privileged”) Math/statistics and applicable economics Courses: Undergraduate: calc 1, 2, 3 (AB exam pass, B, A), intro differential eqns (A), Applied stat. methods (A), Business Statistics (A, econ), Set theory and Logic (A), intro to linear algebra (A), Linear Algebra (A), Theory of probability (A), Statistical Theory 1, 2 (A,A), Intro to Real analysis (B present), Capstone Math (A), Econometrics 1, 2 (A, forecasting an A, econ) graduate: (Spring 2018) Linear Statistical Models (A) GRE: V: 161, Q: 165, W: 5.5 (88%, 89%, 96%) ... the low quant is why I’m essentially aiming at schools ranked 12-20… I’m a realist. :-( GRE Mathematics Subject Test: N/A Research Experience: 2 NSF funded programs and the Ronald E. McNair Scholars program (national program) ==> 5 semesters total of research experience of 6 semesters in college: -one is research in financial math (SUAMI) which was summer 2017 at Carnegie Mellon, very competitive to get in. -the other NSF funded one was at my University in a small group -Rest was with the McNair program: one of my projects was meh, I made a computer program for calculating Ducci numbers or something, my second one was better studying nonparametric estimation (Kernel density estimation) proving the bias and the expectation, as well as learning some R. My third one is a lot better, moving on from NP KDE to quantreg (simulation and more) I’ll design a user-friendly interface in java for large data sets (never-seen-before type of thing) and I will couple this with a quantile regression simulation and application for value at risk of stocks on the S&P or DJIA. -continuing a research project with my research partners from Carnegie Mellon trading stocks, and doing stuff with quarterly earnings (completely profitable program, 0 loss thus far, quite phenomenal tbh) Leadership roles: Chess club president (3 semesters), Actuarial Science Club president (2 semesters), Table Tennis Club treasurer (founded), Political organization Vice president Awards: Deans list, departmental scholarship(s), McNair program, Mason's scholarship, 3 local scholarships other: Actuarial Exams… P/1 passed 01/2017 and FM/2 sitting 04/2018 Program. Languages… Java, C, Python, LaTeX Software & Tools… Minitab, all Microsoft Suite, SPSS, STATA, & R Recommendations: 3 from research experiences (1 REU at Carnegie Mellon, 2 at my university), and my last 1 from class (he had me in like 6 classes though). I can surely state that 2 of my recommenders will write phenomenal letters, the one from CMU is probably going to be good (mainly affirming my research strength), and my class-only recommender will write a great one, but he has only had me in class so it should be discounted. (2 Ph.ds from Rice University, 1 from Iowa state [rather well-known in math education], and 1 from Washington state) Programs I'm Interested In: Top 20 Stats Ph.D./Masters (better if they have Machine learning classes), Top 5–12 Computational finance programs, Top Economics (not the top 4-5, I’m realistic here lmao) order matters (tentative on the Masters or Ph.D.) Carnegie Mellon (economics masters or Ph.D., MSCF, statistics MSP or Ph.D.)... meet the score requirements except for MSCF Berkeley (Econ masters or Ph.D., statistics masters or Ph.D., MFE finance engineering) UPenn (statistics, economics MA or Ph.D.) Umich ann arbor (economics) Princeton (finance masters) Columbia (econ masters or Ph.D.) UMN (applied economics Ma or Ph.D.) UCLA (econ masters or Ph.D.) Please criticize me or bring in some realism. I'd love to just chat about writing a better application too. I believe I can write a great personal statement since writing is honestly my strength, above all else to be frank, and if people want to call or email about this process, I'd be more than willing (restricting it to weekends though). Just my two cents below... My personal thoughts and worries: ... I know what you're thinking, I got to a small school... its only known for aviation, rural medicine, and hockey. I know this will ding me the most; professor Shreve at CMU in the MSCF program said so, additionally, they’ll have to evaluate my school to see if it’s good enough to even consider me. (ouch) I really want to go to CMU. IDC what for tbh, economics or stats. I believe I have a shot since I did research there and have at least 1 recommender from CMU, informally I could get another. my quant sucks, but I’ve gotten 165 twice so I’m rather shit out of luck tell me if I should retake it, I have a chance on the 26th of October (planned, but may cancel it) my recommenders will be great my research experience is great my leadership experience is great
  5. Hello! I'm looking to get myself ready to apply an Econ or Applied Econ Masters program for Fall of 2019. The goal of this is 1. to make myself competitive for at least a T100 Econ PhD program, and 2. To enable me to move into a career in policy if I decide I'm not cut out for the PhD route. Being 2 years out of grad school in kind of a dead end job though, I'm struggling to see what I can do to make up for some deficiencies in my undergrad. I'm desperate to switch careers to a subject I've been passionate about my whole life, so I'm hoping somebody here can help me. My full background info is below, but I'll just start out with my 2 primary weaknesses/concerns. Lack of research experience. This is probably my biggest weakness, and I have no idea how to remedy it. I'm not in undergrad anymore, I can't easily ask a professor for an RA job, and I also have responsibilities now (I'm getting married soon) which make it much more difficult to immediately upend and move across the country if that's what it takes. Not sure if my goals are achievable if I can't overcome this problem. Shabby letters of recommendation. Not much I can do about this, as it's tied to the first problem with research experience. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll hit it off with a professor at the U through these math courses who can write a letter as well, but I don't know that I can count on that Schools Applying To: I'll apply to the best schools I think I have a shot at. Something like the Duke MA is likely beyond my reach, but I'm looking strongly at the University of Minnesota MS in Applied Economics and similar programs. Interests: I have some wide ranging interests, but urban and labor economics are particularly interesting to me Undergrad Institution: No name liberal arts college (unfortunately) Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 Undergraduate Major: Economics, Computer Information Systems GRE: 170 V, 164 Q, 4.5 AWA (will take again if necessary, which I suspect it will be) Quantitative Courses: Outside of the standard Econ courses (intermediate micro/macro and an Econ department statistics course, all of which were A's or A-'s I believe), I also took econometrics and Calculus 1 and got an A in those. I know that's inadequate, so I'm preparing for grad school by taking more math courses at the local U (University of Minnesota). Specifically, I plan on at least finishing the calc sequence and taking linear algebra, but hopefully I can do more than just that. I'm assuming I'll get A's or A-'s in those, because, well, I kind of have to. Years of Work Experience: 1 1/2 years as an Application Developer at a financial services company, and around half a year as a Business Intelligence Specialist at the same company (my current position). Probably not too helpful for my application, as it's mostly reporting and pretty basic work with financial sales data, not any super interesting analysis or research. Age: 24 LORs: Here's where it gets dicey. I have 1, maaaaaybe 2 undergrad econ professors who I can get to write for me, but I didn't really do much in the way of research in undergrad so they won't be able to speak to that. I tutored for stats and for intro Econ courses, so one of the professors can mention that, but that's about it (other than just saying I was a bright student). For my third letter, I'll likely have to rely on a former manager, or a third professor who may or may not remember me well. And honestly, even the Econ professors who I'm counting on might not have that much to say (after all, I've been out of their class for a few years, and I don't know how well they'll remember me). Any advice would be appreciated! I know I'm in kind of a rough spot, but I'm willing to make sacrifices if necessary to make this happen, and I don't necessarily have to get into a top tier Masters program either, as long as it can still accomplish my goals. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, As the decision making date is approaching, I am becoming ever so anxious. I have received admission offer from JHU (MS in Applied Economics), Umich (MAE) and University of Wisconsin, Madison(MA in Economics). I am unable to make my selection. I understand there's much debate and controversy over JHU program, but being in DC does indicate much better internship opportunity. Besides, words out saying that this program is going to be a STEM program in the coming fall. Umich, on the other hand, has a good reputation for its economics department for a long time. But it seems that the placement of the students isn't very good. The MA economics at Madison is known for PhD preparation. Initially, I would love to go on pursue a PhD degree, but I just received an F for Developmental Psychology class, which makes it seem very unlikely. Advice needed!!!! Other admitted programs: Georgetown (applied economics), BU(MA economics), UIUC (MA economics)
  7. What are your thoughts on Georgetown Masters in Applied Economics program. I plan on applying to the program but have so reservation about the program. Firstly, the lack of information about the program concerns me. On the university's website all you can find is generic information on the program. The career page is non existent and there isn't even a detailed description of the courses offered. I tried a LinkedIn search for alum which was unfruitful. I tried emailing the director of the program and only got the same generic response. Its as if the university does not care about the program and only need it to fund its PhD program. Are there any alum here who could shed some light on the program in terms of the quality of education and the career prospect or students?
  8. I was accepted to the Agricultural and Applied Economics program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, but I can't seem to find too much information about the reputation of the terminal MS program. The website is a little outdated on the jobs page, I know PhD graduates from the school and their jobs are not listed. Does anyone know about their program? I received a full ride, but I am not interested in pursuing a Ph.D and it looks like most people who graduate from the MS program go into a Ph.D program or work for agricultural institutions. My background is in economics and international development but I want to take a more policy focus role after graduating since most of my experience is in non-profits providing public goods in Africa. The school doesn't seem to have a large alumni network. I really want to continue working abroad hopefully for a mid-size NGO or the UN.
  9. Hello there.I’m an undergrad Econ, with a minor in math. I want to do PhD in econ, but I prefer solving practical, daily econ issues, rather than staying in my office all day to build new formula and stuff, thus I want to do PhD in applied econ. Can anyone enlighten me? I have several questions:1/ Does admissions for PhD applied econ require the same math courses and intensity as PhD econ does?2/ is phd applied econ admission less/same competitive as pure phd econ?3/ what’s a successful file of a person who gets into a good (top 50 and above) phd applied econ? Any masters? Research exp? publication? 4/ Is it less math intensive than pure phd econ, or does it require the use of a different type of math (I mean, AFTER one gets in and starts the curriculum)? Is it simply another word for PhD Business as some people said? what're the core differences between applied econ and pure econ? 5/ what're the core differences in the curriculum of PhD applied econ and PhD econ? Thanks a bunch! Deeply appreciate. You guys are most kind to enlighten me! And congrats to those who made it into their top choices for PhD econ also.
  10. I got an admission mail to the graduate program in Applied Economics a couple of weeks ago. In this mail they said that if I intend to enroll, I must complete the Enrollment Form in the Apply Yourself online admissions system but I can’t find it. Does anyone have the same problem or know what to do? Thanks!
  11. Well hello everybody, This is my first post, and I hope you guys can help me out. I am currently completing a masters degree in history, and if everything goes well I will be done this May. Now, I don't want to apply to a PhD program. I would much rather gain a new set of skills in order to increase my future opportunities. I have been thinking about economics for a couple of years now, and I think that a second masters will complement the one I am working on now quite nicely. As I can't possibly see myself pursuing a doctorate; I am interested in a terminal degree. I ran across a new program at the University of Houston. This is a M.A in applied economics. I would obviously need to spend some of the summer and fall semesters taking pre-requisite courses in order to apply, but I would also be able to work at the junior college level by then. So, a short break from the daily grind that is graduate school will be very welcomed. My questions for you guys in the field are: what have you heard of the applied economics degrees? How marketable are they? Has anybody had any experience with this "new" U of H program or even heard anything? Does anybody here have one or is maybe pursuing one? I would prefer to attend the University of Houston program out of convenience and the fact that Houston itself is a very diverse city when it come to industry and future employment. But I would also like to hear what you all are thinking.
  12. April 15th is approaching and I still have a hard time deciding between MA in Econ at NYU and MA in Applied Econ at G-TOWN. Please help me out! Any advice would be appreciated. I am an international student with a bachelor degree from the U.S. in International Relations and Economics. The program at NYU has been known for a long time, but the one at G-TOWN is a new program opened last year. Financially speaking, I prefer G-TOWN since the program there is shorter and less expensive. I plan to work for international institutions or in the field of international consulting in the future. Which school should I pick so that I can better reach my career goal? Thanks!!!
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