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Found 20 results

  1. I'm a recent graduate in Data Science, emphasis in Applied Math from UC Berkeley, looking to apply for master's programs in Applied Math/Computational Math. GPA-3.02 GRE General- 157 Verbal, 166 Quantitative, 4.0 Writing GRE Subject Math-Cancelled due to COVID LORs- All three letters should be fairly strong: 1) Well-known professor I researched with in computational geometry, was heavily involved in several projects. 2) Lecturer in a sound computing course I took. I was quite interested in the course and showed up a lot to office hours. He seemed enthusiastic abo
  2. Hello everyone. I've got a bit of a unique situation. I was disowned by my family in the middle of my education, so I have a gap year to explain. I teach math currently to pay my bills, and I really enjoy teaching, but I don't see myself as a middle school teacher forever. I miss the research and the conferences... Undergraduate Institution: Top 300 Nationally ------> Top 25 Best Regional South Majors: Mathematics GPA: 3.29 Major GPA: 3.44 Type of Student: Domestic White Female Courses taken: Math: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I, II, and III (B/A/A),
  3. Undergrad Institution: My own state university in Computer Science Engineering GPA: 3.3 out of 4.0 scale Type of Student: International Male GRE General Test: Q: 162 V: 142AWA: 3.0 Programs Applying: MS - Applied mathematics and statistics Research Experience: 1. Undergrad final year project on unsupervised machine learning 2. Projects on XRD data prediction using supervised model 3. Projects on time series data prediction with neural network model Publications: No research paper published yet. I am
  4. Undergrad Institution: Berkeley Major(s): Math + Computer Science GPA: 3.89 Type of Student: International Asian Male GRE Revised General Test: 170 + 153 + 4.0 Program Applying: Computational Math Phd Relevant Undergrad Courses & Grades: Intro to Analysis (A+), Numerical Analysis (A+), Linear Algebra (A+), Complex Analysis (A-), Abstract Algebra (A), Combinatorics (A+), some lower division courses, and some computer science courses, A+ or A. Graduate Courses & Grades: Numerical solution to DE A&B (A+, A), Real and functional analysis (A, A-), Numerical Linea
  5. Undergrad institution: Top university in Turkey Major: Economics GPA: 3.80(2nd place in my cohort) Relevant Courses: Functional Analysis(B+), Real Analysis (A), Measure Theory(A), Topology(A-), Advanced Calculus(B+), Engineering Math I&II(Linear Algebra, Diff. Equations, Complex Analysis)(A-,A-), Probability and Stat(B+), Number Theory(B), Calculus I&II (A,A), Math for Econ(grad and undergrad level)(A,A), Game Theory(A), Advanced Economic Theory(A), Microeconomics Theory(grad level)(A), Econometrics(Regression Analysis)(A), Algorithms and Programming (B+), Intro to Compu
  6. I am interested in a PhD computational science (developing methods to solve PDEs, specifically) and I want to know how the MIT CDO program compares to the ICES at UT Austin and ICME, Stanford. I have often seen that the MIT CDO/CSE program is not mentioned in discussions about computational science. Is it too small a program? Or not good enough, as, say the CSEM program offered by ICES, UT Austin? (I have a CDO admit from MIT and a PhD admit from ICES, UT Austin. I believe the result for ICME wil come out sometime in mid-March)
  7. Hi! Starting a new thread just in case. I have a bachelors in ECE from an international university, a Masters from UCSD in Signal and Image Processing and been working in the industry for close to 7-8 years in Video Compression and more recently in 3D Computer Vision. I want to apply for a PhD in AMATH(Applied Math) starting Fall 2019(mostly). I am aware that I need to take the GRE Math Subject Exam and the General GRE as well. I do not have any research papers so far. I did lots of high school math competitive exams(dont think they count anymore). I am onl
  8. Hi everyone, I will be applying to PhD programs in Statistics/Applied Math this fall, and am having a hard time in finalizing my choices. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Undergrad Institution: International (Unknown) Major: Physics Minor: Math, Economics Cumulative GPA: 9.1 / 10 Grad Institution: Top 30 Statistics Program (US NEWS) Major: Statistics Cumulative GPA: 3.76 Type of Student: International male Math Courses: Undergraduate: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (Multivariate Calculus) (A), Linear Algebra (A), ODE (A), Prob. and S
  9. Hi all, I recently got my GRE Scores: 165V / 163Q / 4.0AW Those are decent scores but I am wondering whether I should do a retake. I am quite happy with my Verbal . However, I am not sure about my Quantitative. 163 is a high score, but then again, I am applying to Applied Math programs which require high quant scores as minimums. I am also an international applicant; so I am assuming my requirements are even higher. Any advice?
  10. I am looking to start a PhD program in applied mathematics during the Fall of 2018. I have some realistic concerns that I would like to vent on this forum. I created this post because I am unfamiliar with academia and don't want to create a plan that would lead to failure (my personality is INTJ). Background: I am a normal student who is quiet and studious. After I obtained my undergraduate degree, I worked for five years as a software consultant. During those five years, I have a gained a lot of experience in mathematics by reading books and studying math in my spare time. My undergradua
  11. I am a senior student now. I did my first two years in China and then transferred to the University of Toronto. Thus, I have no idea how strong my profile is. Any comments/suggestions/help would be appreciated. My profile is as follows. Thanks in advance! Undergrad Institution 2: University of Toronto (2015-2017) Major: Applied Math in Statistics GPA: 3.98/4.0(overall) Undergrad Institution 1: Top 15th Chinese University(2013-2015) Major: Statistics GPA: 86.23/100(Rank 1/29 ) Type of Student: International Assian Male Courses/ Background: Courses took in China: Ana
  12. Undergrad Institution: top 20 private university Major: Computational Math & Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.94/4 (same for both majors and cGPA somehow) Type of Student: domestic male GRE: 165 Q/163 V/5.0 W (46th percentile on the math subject GRE, did not submit) Research Experience: Have 3 years of research experience in computational fluid dynamics with a focus on computational math; 1 paper in an undergrad journal, then 1 proper journal paper with my professor on which I'm first author. 6-month research fellowship in Europe on CFD after g
  13. I only took the exam once and did poorly. I scored in the 46th percentile (640). My undergrad education was in computational math, and honestly, the exam was quite difficult for me. The questions I knew, I could answer easily. But a lot of the material was unknown to me. I did some self study on those subjects, but focused my time mostly on material I knew I could master. None of my applications (applied math PhD programs) require the subject test score, per se. Stanford's ICME program, which is probably the highest reach school I am applying to, says the subject test is "highly rec
  14. Hi all, After a dreadful application season, I want to start my searching early and have been reading up on University of Colorado at Denver and Boulder, along with U of New Mexico. I'm interested in the Applied Math graduate program and more specifically into Biomath. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about these three schools?
  15. Hi, I am math major and I am thinking about going to grad school doing research in applied math, probably about differential equations or dynamical system. May I know what is a typical day like doing something like that? Is it mainly lots of Matlab coding or you spend most of the time doing problem solving? Shunji Li
  16. Hey guys, Background: School: Liberal Arts College (freshman year), transferred to Columbia Major: History GPA: 3.93 Relevant Coursework: Calc 2 (A), Mulitvariable (A), Linear Algebra (B+), Differential Equations (A), Intro Micro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Game Theory (pass/fail) I currently work at a bulge-bracket bank (think JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, etc.) in convertible bonds origination within investment banking. It's definitely the most quantitative banking group my firm offers. Questions: So I'm planning on quitting my current job after my 1st year an
  17. I am looking into University of Washington applied math program http://www.amathonline.uw.edu/online/. Is anyone familiar with this program? I know that UW has a good applied math program but I'm still nervous about getting an online degree. Do you know where I could connect with someone who is in the program, or graduated from it? Is there any stigma against online graduates when hiring?
  18. Hi, I decided to start this thread, since I haven't seen much dedicated to this interdisciplinary programs, for people like me applying to PhD's this year, and to comment, advice, share profiles... I guess I'll start by writing about me. I have an undergraduate degree in physical Oceanography from Mexico, a small school but the program in Oceanography is well known. I won a Fulbright scholarship to study a MS program in the US in applied mathematics, and thus I'm in my second year in the masters in applied mathematics in a top school (program was ranked #1 in the country last year) her
  19. Hey guys, I'm thinking about applying for PhD programs in applied math, with the goal of eventually working for a development bank or agency. My background is in economics (details below) - are there any programs worth looking at that incorporate econometrics? Right now, my top choice is UT-Austin's ICES program, since it's in-state and they have a track for students without an engineering or pure math background. Background: GRE: 1430 (800 M/630 V), taken in 2009 Undergrad: University of Houston, B.S. Economics and Political Science, 3.3 GPA Math classes taken: Calc I, II, II
  20. I am applying for statistics/applied math programs in grad school. Below are my profiles, can you help me to take a look and comment on my chances of getting in? I welcome suggestions for other schools as well. My plan is to either get into a phd or to getting into a prestigious master's program. My biggest disadvantage is that I graduate with a 4-year degree in 3 years, so I did not take as many courses as others, the courses below are the courses completed by the end of my sophomore year. What are my chances to getting into the most prestigious programs in applied math/statistics (top 5)
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